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WARNING! Tisas 1911 is a DO NOT BUY or... (Tanker's Revenge)

Guest TankerHC

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My 2 cents... I purchased a regent r350cr (which i think is made by Tisas) and loved it for the features compared to a $900 dollar gun...


that said I had traded that gun for something a year or so ago and have missed it greatly... So, an online retailer of course has this new 180 day layaway plan, i look and look thru the options for a few days cause I'm like, heck yea i can put a some money down on SOMETHING and have it payed for well before a 180 days...


Well no regent 1911 in stock i want, I want the rail for some reason, they had the Para BlackOps edition of course for a lil over $1000 which I'm sure is a great gun... But mind you I have already owned a regent and compared it to a Springfield at the shop when i purchased it, which the Springfield has a slightly sloppy frame to slide fit and the regent had non...


so i read all the rave about the Tisas and watched videos and so forth...and made the plunge on the black railed 1911A2... lil over $400 bucks and made by the same people the regent's are made...


Haven't gotten it in yet but hopefully it's the same as a regent... SO! i made the mistake after i placed that on layaway to search for a regent r350cr on another website... low and behold someone had one NIB for about $450 shipped... what did I do? I bought it haha! something about the r350cr clings to me lol... So, I'll have a commander and government  :rock: 

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Since this thread has been resurrected, Never heard of Tisas so I checked out their website.  Decent selection of pistols (I like that 9x19 with the 20 round mag) though I'm curious about the "FATÄ°H 13" (7.65mm) pistol.  I haven't seen one before and I'm one of those that just loves to buy something different.  Can't even find one on Guns America or Gun Broker. 

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hum interesting...there web site depicts the 1911 with rail with the front strap stippled, the zig i ordered doesn't have that i don't think, the regent r350cr does tho...

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well...need an edit on that last post ... look like maybe the new Regent R350CR doesn't have a checkered/stippled front strap...weird... wander why they stopped doing that :-/

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Hello, everyone.


This thread was actually the first (maybe it was second, I forget after reading thru it all) search result when I was trying to see if I can find a manufacture date for my  Tisas 1911.


First, I will admit, I did not buy mine new. In fact, it was given to me as payment for some work I did, work that I didn't even put money into, just time, so basically this gun cost me the $10 in gas it took to get it.


The Tisas Zig looks like a cheap ass gun... probably because it is.


Damn thing had a 9pound trigger pull! and this was pretty well used too. I think about 2000 rounds.


So, I stripped it down til nothing left but the grip bushings. I polished and polished and polished. I put at least 4 hours into polishing the sear, disconnector, and hammer alone.


Then I spent another 2 hours + on the trigger and trigger track.


I adjusted the extractor, I put in a 19 pound mainspring, I lubed it up and went a shootin


After a box thru it, I have a 3.9 pound avg trigger pull, a negligible take up and over travel, spent casings flying, and at 20 feet I am driving nails, at 50 I am in the bull probably  8 out of 10.


I have nothing to do with the making/selling/etc of any gun. I just picked up a basically free 1911 worked the hell out of it and have a gun that I would use as a carry gun in a heartbeat if I did not love my FNS 40 as much as I do.


So, yeah, it is a $300 gun, looks like it, and acts like it (out of the box) and not for everyone, and certainly not for those who do not know how to work on them. Because if I had to pay someone to do the work I did on it, it would end up being a $500 gun at least.


However, for someone who does not have much money, is not obsessed with looks and knows what they are doing, it can be one hell of a gun performance wise with work. It will always look like a $300 gun but, I tell you what, mine will shoot as good, if not better than an $3000 1911 , at least in my hands.



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Why should it die?


This gun is getting popularer , wonder if that is a word, oh well, who cares, all the time. The more info available, the better.


And I went to great lengths to tell of its shortcomings, as well as potential and results of the work.  Not just talk about other members and just give a flat out opinion, like I saw in almost if not all the replies.



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Getting Off Topic - - - Has this thread become TankerHC's Revenge? 


Over a Year later and I am now convinced more than ever that this zombie thread is the Revenge of TankerHC!


And for those newer members to TGO..., TankerHC was a flaming A-Hole who just didn't know when to back away from the keyboard.  The SOB would private message you and attack your thread comments.


Then came "The Rapture" where TGO David banished TankerHC to pre-tribulation where he now experiences hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering.


And forthwith Peace came upon TGO. 


And civil discussions on firearms and the topics of the day resumed...... 


...... which gets me back on topic.


I'm not a big fan of cheap 1911s.

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I have learned many times from the school of hard knocks--there are times when you can get a great deal, but more times than not, you get what you pay for.  I trust my family's safety to Sig and Colt and Glock.  I have bought many others, some I like and some I don't.  But I have met very few Sigs and fewer Glocks that do not go bang when I pull the trigger.

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this is my personal opinion, I do not, nor will I ever, buy a gun, where there is even the remotest possibility that the money I pay for it would go to support terrorism.  Girsan and Tisas are both Turkish made firearms, and quite honestly they are JUNK.  Rock Island, while it sounds quite American is not, it is a Philippine made firearm.  I run a pistol range, and I have seen Rock Island 1911's and if you have never fired a good 1911, (Kimber, Springfield, Colt etc) they you might think it is top of the line.  You can certainly make it top of the line if you are a gunsmith or know a gun smith that does not mind polishing all the parts for you, of course by the time you finish, you could have spent the same money and got a good Kimber in the first place.  There are much better, smoother, and much higher priced 1911's which I have had the pleasure to shoot, but, I dont need that high of quality pistol.  Well, thank you for your opinion on the Girsan 1911, I am not surprised by the lack of quality, and please warn others if you buy a Turkish made gun, there is a very good chance you are supporting terrorism.  Thank you 

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I just feel compelled to reply to this thread since it is a piece of TGO history.  And for the record, I have a feeling that the OP was guilty of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story.  Multiple promises of pictures and video, complaints to Bud's, and then decides to keep it because it took him a couple of weeks to get around to sending it back?  I call BS on it.

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I always get a kick out of people who feel the need to bash brands such as RIA by comparing them to the likes of Kimber... Well no kidding there is quite the price spread between the two and quite frankly if I wanted a Kimber I'd buy one but I find them overpriced.... RAI, ATI and CITADELS are all quite nice for their pricepoint....

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I know that this is a very old thread but owning a pair of Tisas 1911's and six Turkish handguns total, I simply want to recount my experience which is totally at odds with the OP's.


While I haven't counted the rounds that I've put through my 1911-A1 (Series 70 type) Tisas, I'm confident that it's between 800 and 1,000. 100% of my cartridges are reloads using cases that have been reloaded many times. At first I had a couple of rounds fail to chamber but I quickly found that they weren't quite sized correctly. After adjusting my taper crimp die, I now drop each cartridge into a barrel chamber to make sure they are OK. Since then, NOT ONE SINGLE FAILURE of any kind after many hundreds of rounds.


Accuracy is more than adequate. Sights are typical GI but I have no problem with them. All controls are positive and GI surplus mags work great. The trigger is creep free, breaking at about 4 1/2 pounds as it came from the box. The black finish is TOUGH and has almost no wear on it. My holster is a Tom Threepersons model from El Paso Saddlery. It fits like a glove.

This is a pistol I would bet my life on and I've been so impressed that I bought a Tisas 1911-A2 (Series 80 type) to go with it. The trigger had a bit of creep so I stoned the hammer and sear to get a trigger as nice as the 1911-A1 Tisas. It has about half the cartridges through it that the 1911-A1 has but both accuracy and reliability are just as good so far.


The only improvement I would suggest is for Tisas to replace the smooth grips with double diamond checkered grips. I've replaced both of mine.


My other four Turkish pistols are all based on the CZ-75 or CZ-97; two by Canik55 (40 S&W and 9mm) and two by SAR (45ACP and 9mm). Only one of them has given even a hint of trouble. The SAR B6PC in 9mm had an ejection problem that was easily solved by bending the ejector tip upward a few thousands of an inch and the trigger axle pin wanted to drift to the right during recoil. The frame is polymer and a small dab of epoxy on the pin hole took care of that. Reliability since has been 100%.


A few years back, an RIA 1911 could be had for about $350. Many avoided them as "cheap" but we now know that they are well made and reliable. The 1911-A1 and A2 Tisas pistols are about $350 now and IMO worth much more. I'm sold on them. Below is a target I shot with 15 rounds of 185 grain and 15 rounds of 230 grain bullets at 18 yards using two hands. I'm nearly 73 and could have done better a few years ago. :)



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