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My 14-year-old daughter is SAFE AT HOME

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Let me start off by thanking TGO David and everyone else who took the time to spread the word. The outpouring was truly amazing, and I will be forever grateful.    The nearly 24-hour period that pas

Glad she's back home TDR.   Though.... these boys... they are dead yes?

Good ending to a bad story.  Now... the little bastard that convinced her to stay the night at his house...    

I haven't been on in a couple of days, so I'm just catching up. I'm so glad she is home safe! I have a 14yo daughter myself, and I would have been going crazy. You did the right thing getting the word out. Wow, glad you found her.
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So glad your daughter was returned to you, safe and unharmed. There is an old cliche that goes... when they're little they will break your back, and when they're grown they'll break your heart! I realize 14 is not grown, but 14 now days is more like 24 when I was that age! Hopefully, respect, trust, and honesty, can be restored between you and your daughter and you never have to go through this again in your lifetime. Raoul probably nailed it...it appears there's a lot of work to be done. There's a great organization & book called "Tough Love"...in the Nashville area, I believe. The best to you and your family.

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I am very glad this all turned out great and your daughter is back at home. I think one thing you might do is sit her down in front of your computer and let her read every post that was made to you about how much help was offered to help you find her and get her back home safely. It might give her something to think about just knowing how many friends you do have willing to step up and help when a friend is in need..............jmho  I know you were going through Hell or none of us would have ever known a thing about it. Everyone here has made a very good point. We all are more than a web site. We are a family...................jmho

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The boys didn't force her into anything, so there is nothing that can legally be done about the part they played in the whole ordeal. Even though at least 2 of them lied to the police several hours before she was found, they get to walk. Because I eventually filed a runaway report, they issued her a citation. Guess who's gonna get stuck with the court costs and fines? In the end, I am the only one that will truly pay for all of this. I'll find a way for her to work it off, but the cash is coming out of ol' Dad's pocket.

I have a 15 year old daughter. No doubt every penny of the cost will be the best money you ever spend.
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Nothin' I can say that hasn't already been said, 'cept that I'm really relieved, now. And yea...let'r see all this and know how dumb that move was AND how much she is "loved" by her dad. Guilt can be a great teacher of lessons. I know my girls have learned that.

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As everyone else has said, I'm glad this ended as it did. I've seen TGO and TNJeeps members step up time and time again when a fellow member is in need. I bet we collectively reached 100,000 people within a couple of hours of the original post. That's what it's all about, folks. Edited by jcj
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TDR- Thank you for sharing on the story.


Very very glad that she's back home safe and sound.


Great restraint on your part for not naming names and addresses and telephone numbers of the little #### perps. What goes around still comes around. All in good time. At the very least, the police know their names and circumstances and they will surely be watched more closely and when squirrel-ly #### happens in the neighborhood they'll have a police cruiser in front of their house - over and over again until they get sick of it and move.


Regarding the crisis response: It's all an exercise until it's real. 

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At least invite them all over to watch you clean a shotgun or 2.

Or have all the TGO members at your house cleaning all of their guns too, and THEN invite them over!


TDR, so glad she was found soon, not as soon as you'd liked, but I know that was a relief when she was finally home. And as everyone else said, you are to be commended for your self control and the way you handled it. Everyone here was worried with you and they spreading of information through media and emails was awesome and another reason to love this group of people on this forum!!

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Paul, I am so thankful that ALL of us could come together, and do something to try to help. My joy is in knowing that everything is ok, that all of you are together as you should be. This is the BEST of our community here on TGO; everyone involved deserves a pat on the back.


Now, go waterboard that little heathen as David suggested.  :rofl:  :up:

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With three young daughters of my own, I pray that I'll never have to go through what you went through. I prayed for a good outcome from your first post and will continue to pray that things will get worked out and that you'll never have to go through anything like this again. I am greatly relieved that everything turned out good.


Thanks for relating the details that you could, brought some closure to it for me.

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Good ending to a bad story. Now... the little bastard that convinced her to stay the night at his house...


I have 2 girls, i think i am going to frame this picture and put it in the hallway of our front door where every young suitor who walks in the door knows without a shadow of a doubt, that the man that lives here is bat shat crazy. My child might still find a rebellious bug and i fully expect it. But the boys that know my child will know me and every waking moment they "think" about my child, they will see me in the background, wearing a butcher apron and a dead carcass of some variety being readied for the sausage maker.

Sorry for the off topic discussion

I was refreshing the thread for hours and praying with every new post. I just got a lump in my throat thinking about it again so i can only imagine your ordeal. Praying for your family and hoping there is positives to be found here, namely how much this young lady is loved by her friends and family.
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