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Is there any help for Glockitis?


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I don't get it, I have nothing against Glocks, I own two and they rotate as my EDC guns.  I trust my life to them.  That said as far as shooters I don't care for the Glocks at all.  I get much more pl

Actually, it should be Glockosis. Unless you have an inflammation of the Glock.

If you remember the episode from Sanford and Son, when Lamont was trying ween Fred off of TV, he placed this picture on top of the TV. This might work too, the next time you want a Glock, just place t

I like my G19 and G30....I am a fan of 45acp and 9mm so I will probably just collect variations of those pistols in those calibers...would like that 17 and 21 to have the full size versions on hand...
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The 2 newest versions helped me with mine. I will probably buy more later but I can live with what I have for now . Currently I have 1 of every size except the 34 / 35 ( and now the 41 and 42 )  and have not been in a hurry to buy one of those . I have 1 in 45 GAP , 1 in 10mm , 3 in 45ACP , 2 in 9mm 2 in 357 Sig and 2 in 40 S&W . I had really been hoping for something other than a larger 45 or a single stack 380 that is bigger than several other brands that are available.


 I still believe another intrest will help more than anything. I am hunting for a rifle that I have not been able to find and I know if I spend the money I have set back for it , I will find one the next day . So for now I am in remission , but a single stack 9mm the size of the new 380 would have probably caused a relapse.

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What can I do?
I LOVE the .45 auto...

Drink some HK Koolaid, the full size HK45 and USP45 are two fantastic firearms, set up with a LEM trigger they won't be much different than the glocks you already have.
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Drink some HK Koolaid, the full size HK45 and USP45 are two fantastic firearms,   "" set up with a LEM trigger they won't be much different than the glocks you already have.""


Why?? We already have Glocks.    :rofl:

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I am currently inflicted with two viruses of the lever-actionitis . These two viruses are a strain from Marlin from 1954 and 1963 . I just can't seem to shake them and I don't want a cure either   :rock:

I too have the lever-actionitis.  I have 12 old Winchesters.  Three are shotguns.  Just can't stop myself.  Glock?  What is that?  I don't have one. Glocks are ubiquities.  I prefer something rare.  But, as long as you have a gun-itis I am ok with it. 

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