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Gun Show Knoxville Sept. 13-14

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Good is relative. This venue (Merchants I-75 Expo) has the best shows in Knoxville, IMO.

This show will likely suck only because of the home football game.

Saturday will "suck", but Sunday will be packed. So if you don't like crowds don't wear orange and go to the show on Saturday. :D

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looks like gas will be $5/ gallon if you can find it! But I would bet that if the gas were $15 / gal those crazy Vol fans would pay it to get there! Oh and not to mention those skyrocketing ticket prices and then $10 bucks to park. The university may have to put more bike racks in for all those folks that will be coming to the game on MoPeds!

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I missed the first quarter of the UT game for this show! In my opinion, not worth the trouble. Typical show. Same dealers, same guns. Not enough of either. One dealer with ammo cans, plain, no markings.

There are opportunities for some new gutters or siding for the house just in case you go to the gun show looking for such things.

With $1 off coupon to get in, my M1 carbine mag cost $24 by my accounting.

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Went today,SUCKED!!

I tell you these things are getting to have more of the feel of a cheap flea market.

Was wanting to trade or sell my like new 870 to get a .22 pistol.Offers of 125.00 or give me the Rem and 150.00 for this very worn Sigma.

I stated looking at knives,joke there too.Guy walking around showed me a Benchmade Mini grip (45.00 brand new on ebay) and after I told him I was into Spyderco and BM I asked him how much. 100.00 and thats a steal,dude over dar has um fur 125.00 :D

Left without buying anything.

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Why is it, where ever you are, the gun shows somewhere else are always better? I took one of my SVT-40's out to the show in case I saw something I couldn't live without. I hardly could make it down an isle without someone trying to talk me out of it. I saw one other there at the show in pretty rough shape for $875. I was ready to paw out some money on a Walther P22 but the guy didn't seem to want to talk to me about it, and acted like my questions were wasting his time, so I moved on. I was thinking if there were enough people interested we should do a board wide swap meet to get rid of all that stuff that you have sitting in the closet.

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Don't forget the jewelry dealers too. :D

And please don't forget about the guy selling car battery chargers and the other guys selling knife, spoons and forks.:D

As far as the show for me I viewed it as a buyers market. Best deals I found were from guys walking around.

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Sounds like a repeat from previous shows. What is the deal? I'm glad I didn't go. I was going to look for a nylon belt (1 1/2" to 2" wide) for my gear at IDPA matches. I would like one of those with the velcro and the stiffener sewn in. Anyone know where I can get one, and I don't mean one of those $75 versions? Just need a belt and not the guys first born and his mother in law! :rofl:

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Guest Gun Geek
I was thinking if there were enough people interested we should do a board wide swap meet to get rid of all that stuff that you have sitting in the closet.

See I looked at doing a BBQ hawt dawgs and burgers type thing, bring a dish your spouse and kids, where local owners and a SELECT few dealers could come and get together to buy sell & trade. But the problem is getting people to show up. I probably could get a rather nice location, not one we could shoot at but a nice grass field and put up shade and all. Throw up some horse shoes etc. I would be doing it in Sevier county though. If anyone is interested I can start getting things in the works... We should probably start something in the get together thread though.

Probably should look at the laws on this stuff too huh?? anyone know?

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