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What's with shipping costs?


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Did I miss something? I wanted to order another mag for the PF-9, so I first went to the Kel Tec website. Mag: $22, shipping: $12 and change...what? Then I went to CTD. Mag: $19.99, shipping: $12 and change. That's crazy! 50% of the purchase price? Ordered one off EBay with free shipping and saved a few buck, but man...
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If the truth were known:


Mag,  $22

Extra profit for putting item in box with packing peanuts, $5

Time it takes to sweep up spilled peanuts, $1

Post office or FedEx storage charge, $4

Actual cost of shipping, $2

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Yeah, shipping can be a little nuts. I was possibly needing something shipped to me from SiriusXM. They were adding taxes to the shipping cost. I didn't realize anyone did that. Heck, I didn't realize shipping could be taxed.
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For the 18 years I was in the hand pour bait business I always shipped priority mail w/ tracking. I had pretty much learned how much it would cost to ship a package just by it's weight which I had a set of postal scales. I had a customer in Piedmont SC I shipped to regularly so has his costs down to a science. Well, last week I had to ship him a package. Weighed it on the postal scales in priority mail box as usual and calculated what it would cost. Should have cost about $13.50. When Connie at the post office put it on her scale and typed in zip code it came up $20.89. I asked her to retype it again and she did without question and it came out the same. I paid t and moved on. Postal prices have gone up almost 78% in last two months. They are talking about raising stamps for envelope postage to .$50 Cents and they wonder why the internet emails are being used more and more. Heck you can send Christmas cards from Hall Mark Card site now in emails. I will be avoiding post office a lot now since I sold my business 3 weeks ago.............jmho

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Noticed this too.

Seem some ammo for a good price and was going to buy, but for one box, shipping cost made it not worth buying.

I'd had to buy 4 or 5 boxes to average out the shipping to make it worth buying.

This has caused me to skip buying ammo online more than a few times if I couldn't buy in bulk.

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I've sold a few items on ebay lately and found FEDEX to be the cheapest.. USPS to be the highest..

In my experiences, the USPS delivers much faster. I've received several packages from California within 3 days via the USPS. UPS and FedEx seem to take far longer.

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In my experiences, the USPS delivers much faster. I've received several packages from California within 3 days via the USPS. UPS and FedEx seem to take far longer.


that's possible, I tracked my sales and all but one made it to the purchaser in 3 days. and the one that didn't make it in 3 days was over the Thanksgiving holidays..

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