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My 1858 New Army arrived

Guest C-ya

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Here's a couple of pics. Looks like any other 1858, I'm sure. It's Italian, made by the Palmetto company. Never heard of them, but she is sturdy and straight. I'll see how she shoots in the very near future.

Sorry for the hasty pics - I just wanted to get a couple up.

ETA: I forgot to mention that I got it from The Possible Shop. I ordered it Monday, and it arrived Fed Ex today around noon. $211.95 delivered. Look in the Cap & Ball Revolvers On Sale section.



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I guess if I would have read the description better I would know where you got it from.

NP. I just added that because I forgot and I figured someone would ask. You prolly looked as I was editing.

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I really wish you hadn't shown me this! I was at the range the other day and the guy next to me had an 1861 Colt that blew out smoke that was, well, Aromatic.

Even for all the trouble of loading and cleaning I may just have to get me one of these.

How's the quality? Go out and shoot it! Let's here how it runs.

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Thanks for the compliments, guys. I plan on shooting this weekend, if possible - but you know how that goes! She seems very well made. Of course, only time will tell.

Mike, I have checked on the cylinders, but I'll have to figure out which one the Palmetto is closest to. I may carry the cylinder into Cabelas or Bass Pro or wherever they sell a conversion cylinder (or spare cylinders) and compare them. At the very least, I want to get a spare cylinder.

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I am not sure about spare BP cylinders for a Palmetto revolver. You may wish to contact Possibles Shop about it since they deal with Palmetto. My spare BP cylinder and my R&D cartridge cylinder dropped right in. I doubt you will be able to know for sure about putting a cylinder in the gun that is made for Uberti or Pietta just by comparing cylinders. Off a red hair might as well be off by a mile.

Keep your loads on the light side and the gun should hold up fine for years and years. My Pietta '58 shoot fairly accurately with about 20 grains of fff. The cylin der is big and will hold a lot more. Mostly over filling just wastes powder. I use corn meal to get the ball near the end of the cylinder. That also raises accuracy.

I think you have motivated me to take mine out to shoot this weekend too.

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Thanks for the tips, Mike. I was shooting 30 grs of FFFg and Pyrodex P. Accuracy was good. I'll try a smaller amount + cornmeal to see what that gives me.

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Mike and I had a chance to shoot together a while back. I was very happy with the groups I was getting from my '61 Navy. I was using, I think, 18 grains of fffg behind an oxyoke wonderlube patch. Lots of fun - we'll have to do that again sometime, Mike.

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we'll have to do that again sometime,

next time you get a chance to jump ship! Looking forward to it. I think my favorite was the black powder firing line we had at one shoot, too much fun.

I picked up some BP .45 Colt cartridges, have not shot any yet but I am looking forward to seeing how they work in the Remmy.

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