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My life has been threatened what do I do

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long story short a guy my fiancee has been talking to online with has fallen in love and has threatened to move to tennessee and stay here long enough to get a gun and use it on me if i try to get between them, he currently lives in michigan and has no job, its hard to go into details about this, so if you have questions please ask in pm, im just asking what i should or need to do? im thinking of getting these aswell as a carry permit when money permits


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Ditch the fiancé pronto.

Mr. Michigan is likely all talk, don't aggravate the situation by responding. You don't need the drama or BS. Don't think for a second you owe him an explanation on the sudden dropped comms either. Just start saving any threatening or criminally incriminating emails. I imagine you can report him to both the local police and FCC, but I'd be willing to bet that he won't hang around stalking you once he gets the idea that you're not going to play back.
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Long story short your fiancé has been essentially cheating on you with a dude online. The real problem isn't the guy.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

Agreed and trust me " stay off the internet"command won't work.. Never does. Tell her to blow off Fabio or change ID s,if it doesn't work time to send her packing. This won't get better...

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Cut her loose.


Take any evidence you have of the threats to the police.



Spend a little bit more ~$40 and get a Smith and Wesson SD9VE. Much more practical pistol for defense and way easier to find holsters for.

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Guys will be guys so if your fiancé didn't make it 100% clear the guy will assume there is a something between the two. And if your fiancé didn't make it clear then she is complicit and IS likely looking for greener pastures.

A guy isn't going to think there is something there after a week or two of chatting so no matter how long your fiancé tells you they have been chatting assume it is a lot longer.

And going out on a limb, I bet pictures were exchanged and if you do little digging you will find more than you want to.

If you have access to her cell phone account, if it is on your account, you can look at the chat logs. The chat logs will let you see how bad it really is. And I would keep copies of anything you find.
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If my wife told me she had been talking to a man in Michigan online and now he's threatening me, the least of my worries would be the dude in Michigan That said, if you have his real name you could at the very least file an order of protection providing you can prove the threat. Otherwise I'd deal with the other 50% of the problem Edited by Lumber_Jack
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Maybe your fiancée is complicit and maybe not; that is something that obviously needs to be considered and acted on if necessary. That said, my gut tells me she is the cause of the problem and I'd consider finding this out while she is your fiancée to be a blessing in that at least you aren't married to her yet.


Moving on, whether she is or isn’t complicit, I would suggest that you absolutely cannot assume that this guy won’t follow through on his threat. In my opinion, anyone who is willing to make such threats is mentally off kilter enough to act on the threats even if your fiancée dumps you or you her and he knows it...you have to take him seriously and prepare.


As others have said above, report this guy to police, both your local agency and the agency closest to where he lives (assuming you can nail that down). Keep detailed records and gather evidence. That may all be a waste of time but if this guy every tries to make good on his threats such evidence/records will be worth its weight in gold.

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Buy her a one way bus ticket to Michigan and live happily ever after.


Fixed it for you.


Luke, I'm sure this is hard because you love your fiance but this is obviously a bigger problem than being threatened. What has she said about all this?

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Well I'm on my 3rd death threat this year, so I've kinda got it down to a science. 


1. Document EVERYTHING.

2. Notify law enforcement.

3. Notify your employer if you feel you can.(If it gets serious, varying your daily schedule may become necessary and your work will need to approve/be involved)

4. Have a place to crash other than your home planned in advance for a night or two if necessary.(strongly suggest a trusted old friend's place, perhaps one the fiancé doesn't know too well)

5. Keep your guard up.(always a good idea but especially pertinent if someone might actually be targeting you)



Unique to your situation- Ditch the girl ASAP.

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This has gone past a romance issue....it is a trust issue on several levels.....if you two get by this episode another one awaits, and another and another......there are other women available....better pick another one.....trust me I know 

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If you know about where he lives and have saved the threats you should report it to the local police where he lives. Chances are, he's just another internet tough guy. We have all seen plenty of so-called bad a$$es, kung fu masters and Bill Hickoks on the internet when in reality those people would have a negligent bowel discharge if they were faced with a real life confrontation. Anyway, I would take a death threat seriously and the guy should have some legal consequences for making them.

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