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My life has been threatened what do I do

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I'm sitting here in total disbelief that the OP is even discussing such a personal matter on a public forum. Well, y'all sure gave him plenty of advice to follow. Now it's all up to him!



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I'm sitting here in total disbelief that the OP is even discussing such a personal matter on a public forum. Well, y'all sure gave him plenty of advice to follow. Now it's all up to him!


That's what the internet is for!



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As painful as it is to respond seriously to this, its my understanding that there is no common law in TN. So he'd be safe from that regardless.

And at least 25% of the gay couples I know don't actively participate in sexual activity so its really just a roommate situation at that point.

I know :(
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Been there, done that, have the tshirt, coffee mug, a Glock 19 and a HCP :)


But, nothing compared to helping out with computer forensics in a divorce case...  Talk about pissing people off enough to stalk you and confront you walking out to your car late one night...  I don't be divorce cases anymore because of that.


Never understood how a 45 year old could be sending pics of his privates to the college aged babysitter, and somehow believes it's my fault his marriage is ruined :)







As for the OP, dude stop kidding yourself, she's a lot more in the middle of this than you're giving her credit...  be glad you found out before getting married...  time to exit stage right and cut off all contact with her...  obviously if you have proof of the threats, I'd contact local PD near you, and wherever he lives.


I speak this from experience; not sure about 2.0000's professional position, but any time you are in a position of authority regarding the termination of employees, you rack up death threats like old ladies rack up bingo chips. The threat itself becomes much less of a big deal, though you have, certainly, a very heightened awareness for a while.

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[quote name="Dolomite_supafly" post="1173459" timestamp="1406664846"]So I wonder which caliber is best for the other boyfriend to use when he comes to "visit"? [/quote] I thought these types would be into medieval weapons. This is based on my observation of larpers at the park.
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[quote name="mikegideon" post="1173488" timestamp="1406667238"]Or, they could call one more buddy and seal her up air tight. :) There's a number of ways this could turn out. i suppose ending up gay ain't out of the question, given the captivating personalty of the guy from the north.[/quote] Three more guys and she could check the block on a successful starfish.
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Neither of us are paying rent we both live with my grandparents while I am searching for work she makes some money but not enough and I make a little bit aswell but only enough for my car loan, we are going to try counciling for the month of August and if don't work out or if things don't get better we are done and she's going home hurts me to do it but it needs to be done for now I will reply to her at the end of August and let you all know how it goes, I am also contacting police etc about the threat once I have more info

Well, let me put on my grandpa hat here a moment and just tell you what I'd tell my own grandson if he came to me with this situation...

From everything you've said here I know that there is no damn way either of you is remotely ready for marriage, to each other or anyone else.  Further, that you would could come onto a public forum, ask a question like this and explain the details and after all the (surprisingly :) ) good advice you've received think that "counseling" is in any way a reasonable response to what has happened I find pretty incredible and sad.


I'm not trying to be mean here but damn...you asked for advice and got some really good advice; do yourself a favor and take the advice to heart.

I wish you well...I really do.

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Am I missing something here? She wants you to fight for her by getting a job when the guy in Michigan is also unemployed according to your original post. So she will dump a guy she as been with and talking marriage to but wants him to get a job to keep her or she will drop him for another guy with out a job that is 800+ miles away. I say buy her a 1 way ticket to where ever the guy in Michigan lives and let her tell him to fight for her by getting a job.................JMHO

So, maybe, just maybe, this is a ploy to make the OP get a job instead of hanging out playing games all day? Doubtful, but hey...
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[quote name="Clod Stomper" post="1173583" timestamp="1406680015"]I'm sort of afraid to ask exactly how that would work.[/quote] Stars have 5 points of contact. A starfish is like making her airtight, only she's doing the cross country skier whilst being thrice penetrated.
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This thread keeps reminding me of a song.



You have been warned. :rofl: :devil:


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