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I get home Friday. Then I am free to shoot Saturday tell... The foreseeable future. Someone just name a time and place.

To this poster and the original poster...I'm just outside of H'ville and have a 50 (or so) yard range with a mountain for a backstop. I also have a few suppressors you can demo in .30 cal and .22lr.
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Anyone feel free to PM me and we can set something up. I just let Dmark shoot my AI Covert suppressed the other day. He can attest to how nice the can is and how quiet the loads I made for it are. I'm going to be getting busy soon with a little
Something something coming to the shooting community. So the sooner we do this the better.
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This is to the Original Member that posted this question, wanting to try shooting the Suppressor First before Buying one? And 173rdABN, WDave and anyone else that may want to attend depending on the amount of people interested? Week days are the Best for a quiet range without many shooters, especially if we want the Range to ourselves to test suppressor sound from different manufacturers.
As a member I can take 2 Guests with me to the Range at any given time. If there are more than 2 people that want to go, I will have to get approval for that day? Never done that before, so I don't really know if it'd be a problem or not, but I'm willing to give it a try!

The Gun Range is about 3 miles from Briley Parkway & the HWY 12 Exit in the West Nashville & Joelton area. Lit is a private Range fenced off from public access. There are 6 or more shooting Tables with 1 stool per. Covered area has a concrete slab & Ceiling fans to cool you off, if it's Not too Hot!
The Range is 200+ Yards Long with several steel targets at 200 Yards & a few more at Maybe 150 yards & 75? There are places for paper Targets at 50, 100, 200 & 210 or 220 Yards. There are Smaller stands available to place at any Distance for pistol shooting.

It's a really nice place and I go quite regular, because I Love to shoot!

Let me know if you all are interested?

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I'm very interested in hearing various supressors. I'm a member at the Gallatin Gun Club up at the TVA steam plant. There's no particlular limit to the # of guests I can have, but if it's more than say 3 or 4 I'd want to run it past Ron Jackson first. It's plenty big enough to handle this and goes to 300 yards. As long as everyone agrees to abide by the range rules, I'd be willing to participate.

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When it's not hotter than Satan's balls outside.




Seriously though, Saturdays are usually blocked out with rifle or IDPA matches, but some of those will stop when the weather turns a bit colder. Right now, the November calendar shows Saturdays as all available, but that could just mean that the calendar hasn't been updated. Sundays are good as the only scheduled events are up on the trap stands. Weekdays are of course much quieter. Having the place to ourselves is a crap shoot. Sometimes I go and it's empty. Other times I go and there are a few other shooters. Outside of matches and the annual picnic, I've never seen more than 6 other people there.

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I just sent Ron Jackson and e-mail. I'll let you all know what he thinks.


We should be OK on the member-to-guest ratio, assuming Ron and the board think this is OK to do at GGC. Counting Hershmeister, I can just about guarantee that we'll have at least 4 members (Hershmeister, D3VO, myself, and a non-TGO buddy).

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I heard back from Ron.


First: The Gallatin Gun Club doesn't have anything to do with this. This is NOT a club sanctioned event. It's just some club members getting together with some guests for a day of shooting.


Second, I think we should try to limit this to no more than 2 or 3 guests per member to keep it manageable. Members are responsible for their guests and we should be respectful of any other members who happen to be there whenever we do it. Right now, we're at 4 members, so we could add in 8-12 additional non-members.


Based on the comments in the above thread, it looks like this may be our group:

  • Members: Hershmeister, D3v0, myself, and a non-TGO buddy
  • Non-Members: Photoguy67, 173rdABN, Lumber_Jack, Hozzie, John Wells, LawEnforcementSalesTN, Verne
  • Maybe: Tooreal << I couldn't tell if it was a definite "in" or not from the above comments.

All non-members planning to attend, read the range safety and TVA rules here: http://gallatingun.com/info.asp#miscinfo Note that automatic or bump-fire are not allowed.


I'm assuming we'll need to look at weekends. Saturdays are booked up for rifle matches through October. After November 1st, the calendar is empty.

If Sundays work, they're all wide open through the rest of the year. http://gallatingun.com/calendar.asp


I propose Sunday, September 28th, and Saturday, November 1st as our 2 options. Those are sort of randomly chosen. I just need to give us a place to start.


Please reply back here with your intent to attend, and your preference for a date.


Mike has the longest drive, so we'll let him set the start time.


Once we have the attendees and dates finalized, I'll get directions to the non-members and we'll plan on how to get everyone through the gate.

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28th I have company in from out of town. I'd probably be out. But, option 2 works for me.


How about Sunday, October 12th?


September 21st is out for me, and any earlier and I think we may not be giving everyone enough time.

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I think that we're all clear on this, but to eliminate any misunderstandings, this is a suppressor demo. It's not a free-for-all shooting day.


We'll need to fine tune some details about exactly how we'll structure the demo, but I had something in mind of having two or three lanes to setup on (more if needed), with only one operating at a time so that we can all hear each can. Maybe setting up two similar rifles side by side with different cans to hear the difference between them when that's appropriate. Perhaps Mike can weigh in on this and what may be a good way to setup.


What I don't want to happen is to have us scattered along the range all doing different things. I say that for a few reasons. First I know I want to see and hear every can in every caliber that's being demo'd and I suspect I'm not the only one. Second, we members are responsible for our guests. It's hard for us to be good hosts when we're all scattered around. Lastly, this is not an official Gallatin Gun Club sanctioned event, so we won't have the range reserved just for us. We need to be mindful of any other GGC members who happen to show up.

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If anyone's a member at CHMR (formerly Owl Hollow), maybe they could check with Charlie about getting use of the upper range by his house. It's further away for some of us, but it would give the most private setting that I can think of. I know that it's only 25 yards, but there'd be nobody else on that upper range.

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