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I'm late to this thread but here's my input.


I have a YHM 7.62 Phantom

Osprey 45

Sparrow SS

SWR Trident 9


I have friends with;

YHM 5.56 Phantom

YHM Mite 22LR


Spectre 22

YHM 45 pistol can (forget the name)


We have a truck load of different hosts from 22, 9mm, 45, 223 300blk, 260, 308, 7.62x39......


We get together and shoot on private land all the time so as to not be bothered by unsuppressed shooters. There is also a local range (Manchester, TN) that is usually pretty empty. It isn't the greatest, but it works.


The rest of this month is crazy for me. I'm available about half the Sundays starting next month though.


To the OP. Getting a 22 can will net you the most fun. Mine was my 3rd can and I shoot it the most out of all of them. I love it. I can fully recommend the Silencerco Sparrow. It is crazy easy to take apart to clean. This is a VERY important feature for a 22lr can. My buddy with the Mite always has trouble trying to take his apart. He ends up soaking it for a few days and every day working the threads back and forth a little. It was cheaper yes, but I'd pay the extra $200 for something that is more durable as insurance against an additional $200 stamp and a year wait. The new Spectre II looks good too.

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fstbk65, I'm not clear on your post. Are you saying you'd like to join a demo and can bring your cans, or are you offering to host a demo on that private land?





To everyone: I don't think that we're dead set on Gallatin Gun Club. I'd prefer a piece of private land somewhere for both privacy and access issues. GGC seems to be our best alternative to that at the moment though, in order to handle the size of the group.

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I guess that did sound confusing. I wasn't trying to take over the meeting. I was just saying that I would be interested in going if I can and would see if my friends would want to too. As far as the range, I wasn't familiar with it or how crowded it can get so I was just mentioning the Manchester range.


Now if everyone wants to shoot on private land, I can check with the different land owners that I normally shoot on and see if they care if a larger group shows up. My own land isn't the best for shooting anything more than handguns but some of the land I shoot on can go 1000+ yards. I always have to time my shooting with harvest, livestock and how tall crops are because they are all working farms. I haven't been able to shoot lately because the crops were too high but they are starting to be harvested now. Maybe by next month I'll have some options again.


I do not have the time to organize this but I am willing to try to locate some land and be there with my hardware. There would be no amenities and what you bring will be all there is. There are trade offs to not having a built permanent range but I still prefer it IMHO. Any place that I have to shoot is in Coffee County. I-24 between exits #105-114 so it's a ways from Nashville (about an hour).

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Private land or a private/reservable range would ideal.


Is anyone who is interested in attending a member down at Charlie's in Spring Hill? His upper range would be great for this. If not, maybe someone could give him a call and explain what we're up to. He's a pretty agreeable guy and may say "come on down." He knows what TGO is as we've had a couple of meet-n-shoots down there before. He'd probably charge us $10 or so each if he's willing to let us come without having any members.



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I'm a member at CHMR and plan to stop by there tomorrow if I get the time. If I do and he's there I'll ask him about setting up something up. Note, the upper private range is handguns or rimfire only. I think he lets the PD get away with a bit more, but he's not keen on centerfire rifle up there.

I'll ask what he thinks, if he's not completely opposed, I'll try to grab contact info to put you two in touch as while I'd have no objection to having you all as guests, I can't put this thing together right now.

MonkeyLizard, I'll reach out to you and let you know.
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If I'm not mistaken, I can Reserve the Entire Range for 1 Day, that would Guarantee We would have plenty of Room and Nobody else (or Member) would be shooting a 30-06 or 9mm Handgun while we are Testing Suppressors!?
If you Guy's would like me to Check the Calendar for a few Open Dates, I'd be more than Happy to do that?
There are several other Members here on TGO that are also Members of the Davidson County Sportsmans Club like me!
Big Dave our Handy Dandy Ammo pieces, parts & Particulate Distributer is also a Member of the Davidson County Sportsmans Club, I believe, Unless I am mistaken? I know that He & his Daughter have a Busy & Non Stop Schedule.
The Range is 200 Yards Long & Cut into a Hill Side, I am going to attempt to post a picture of the Range from the Shooting Bench, and another from the 200 Yard mark where the Steel Targets are located & Looking back at the shooting Benches! It is Located just off of Eaton's Creek Road & the HWY 12 & Briley Parkway Intersection. Everyone would have to abide by the DCSC Range Rules, and I am pretty sure Reserving the Range for a weekday would be Easy!? Weekends would most likely be out of the question?!

I'm Going to try to Post the pictures from my Laptop, I'm not able to get anywhere with my iphone!?!
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Any progress with this? 


Yessir, we all shot yesterday ... had a damn blast... best shooting ever, all the major manufacturers turned out and gave everyone free suppressors and ammo.....ATF was onsite doing instant no-tax approvals on them too.... blue angels flew over... Hooters girls there with free wings... great day man... everyone was asking where Verne was??? 


Ha, sorry V, couldn't resist yanking ya.. hope you've been doing well.


We do need to breathe a little life back into it.  Wife just had double knee surgery last Friday so it knocked me out of this past weekend had it taken place.


Guess we're back to planning another date... be nice to see everyone though. 

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DAMN IT!!!! I missed free wings!!!!!!!!!!!!

All kidding aside, hope your wife gets up to speed quick. I'm still off work for another month due to surgery myself.

My schedule is pretty much open till the middle of November. So let's make something happen before it gets cold.
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