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Best Camo Options


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I'm looking at upgrading my camo. Is the under armour stuff really worth the price? I don't mind paying for top of the line stuff as long as it's top of the line in function. What brands are good? Bad? Thanks so much. Note: I currently use a camo system from Walmart so most higher end systems will be an improvement.
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Where?  What?  


ie. What location (scrub, meadows, hills, valleys, west, east, pine forrest, ... etc.  ... and what are you hunting/hiding from?)  


Give us that, and I bet you will get some great ideas thrown your way.

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^^ and down wind.  With that said,... for deer, any certain variation of camo is mostly for us - especially in  gun season when we wear blaze orange.  


We have a lot of browns in West TN during deer (gun) season, and I wear RealTree AP.  -- just couldn't see the benefit of paying more or shopping longer.


Cabelas has "Zonz" with a mix of in focus and out of focus elements. ... interesting idea.  Enough money and "research" has gone into the major brands that any of them which closely match the colors in your woods will work fine.  Choose one and learn how to move without moving.  I went temporarily nuts a few years ago and purchased Desert and original MARPAT jacket and BDUs.   They would work fine for turkey or deer,... but are incredibly dorky around the other humans.

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For deer anything that blends in is good, they notice movement, noise and smell more than color. But they will notice things out of place too, so keep close to trees and tall grass more often than in open areas with any camo.

Birds on the other hand are much better noticing movement so you have to blend in better. I use overhead cover for doves, trees or a camo tarp does good. I haven't hunted turkey, but have run across them often enough to be confident in saying that they are like dove since they react the same. If they allowed hunting with multiple weapons (used to be against regs) I could take all kinds of turkey from my deer stand.
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I myself just stick to basic Realtree AP most of the time. When it's really cold I usually have on my big brown Carharrt jacket and an orange vest though so it doesn't much matter. I do have some of the scentlock underwear but I'm not sure how well it works. I do get them in close though.


The trick is to go outside nekkid' the morning of the hunt and roll around in the yard.  :rofl:

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I stick to Realtree AP exclusively but have two different sets.  One for mild temperatures and one heavy duty set (freezing your butt off weather).  The biggest factor as mentioned above is keeping movement and noise to a minimum and down wind.  Being scent free as much as possible is just as critical as the camo. 

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i use multicam myself sinces its cheap and there's a surplus of it LOL

 Ha, I use BDUs, multicam, realtree, mossy oak and what ever else I happen to have clean and scent free at the time.  In CO, I used to wear jeans, a red or green flannel shirt and a tan jacket with orange vest and hat.  Since now I am in a large redwood color hunting blind I can get away with just about anything even skivvies if I want.

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If you want to save a LOT of money but still always have camo, get a lightweight/partial mesh leafy suit.

In warm weather you can wear it over Shorts and T Shirt and in the winter you can wear it over cheap thrift store wool sweaters and insulated coveralls....and NOT have to buy everything in camo.


I have the ASAT Leafy.

Use it all year.

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I have different shades of Mossy Oak and Realtree. The camo doesn't have to match for you to be hidden.
In fact different patterns and shades can even be better camouflage then a single pattern.

Never used Under Armour stuff. I just buy whatever for base layers, but spend a bit more for my heavy outer layers. Walls makes a good coat. Edited by jonathon1289
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I laid all my different camo out in the yard to take pictures for you to choose from.....now I can't find them  :shrug:


But seriously, I have several different kinds and when I choose one that doesn't exactly match my surroundings I just sit more still lol. Movement and smell as far as deer go are more important. My  :2cents:

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I think I'm the oddun here. I freakin' DETEST the RealOak/MossyTree type camo.
Deer don't see color & all the photo-realistic camos turn into a big,dark blob at 20yds.
I like big, open patterns like Predator, ASAT &the Kuiu patterns (both the Verde & Vias) Unless I'm hunting turkey, which I don't, camo really doesn't matter much.
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wanted to bring this back up again as I was sitting here watching the hunting channel today there was a commercial for HECS. I looked it up on line and there was about as much bashing it as there was praise for it. That was over on a bow site, and of course it is something that I have not heard of but sort of makes sense so it raised the question in my mind as to if anyone here on this site has tried it, or thinks it is a bunch of whoee. Hope there is some feed back, as there was another point made as well that scent blocker lost a law suite due to have a monopoly on the market. feedback
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