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.303 British

Guest Astra900

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Guest Astra900

Hello, new guy here. I was just curious if there were any die hard .303 fans here in TN. I love the .303 British. I don't want to labeled as a trouble maker, especially on my first post, but I challenge most of these new fan-dangled cartridges to outperform the 100+ Year ol'e gal by any real measure. Well, as far as TN distances go.

I sure wish someone like Ruger would step up and offer that chambering in a new rifle. A Ruger action and a good stainless barrel with a bit of weight to it...then we could really see what it is capable of. I have seen some one off custom builds on P14 actions that were incredible. Sadly, I'm not man enough to push my luck very far with a SMLE.

I like to load mine on the soft side, w/ a 180g bullet on top of AA2520. I have found that Pakistani surplus SUCKS! but you guys' knew that. Greek surplus is some of the best surplus brass I have ever worked with. Too bad I can't find any more. Headstamp HXP. Anyone know where I could find any? Live or fired, I don't care.

Well, this is a nice looking forum. I wish I had found it a long time ago.

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Guest Astra900
Got a spare stock laying around?

I will look, I think I have a rear stock.

"We caught them and we shot them under Rule 303"

Enfields rule.

Still got another 800 or so rounds of HXP here to shoot.

Interested in selling, or trading that brass????????????????

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Guest Astra900

I'll see about getting a pic posted. It's a No4 MkI. It's "changed" alot, but NOT , NOT NOT modified. It can be in original condition in 30 min.

I made a brake for it {set screw held} I bought another butt stock for it so I could graph a walnut cheek rest on it with out ruining the original. I bought a scope mount that uses the rear sight screw holes and a wedge locked in the charger guide. If you don't know, here's your heads up. DO NOT BUY THAT ALUMINUM CRAP!!!! You can get an aluminum one for $20-$30. It's a waste. I bought a machined steel mount, cost me right at $100. So what, It is ROCK solid! I went really weird with the optics and topped it off with a Russian military PSOP from Belarus. I liked the targeting chevrons on my RomakIII so I tried it again. It is a very good working set up, even if it does look strange to the sheeple.

In case it wasn't clear enough, I despise butcher jobs on old war horses, so EVERYTHING I have done to this rifle is 110% reversible. Just wanted to make that clear in case there are any purists out there:) I feel the same way...kinda:p

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what kind of rifle is this i think i have one just like it. my dad left it to me when he passed away and i have always wondered what it is. I am really sure that my rifle is chambered in .303 and i will get a pic of it up soon.

Its an Enfield. If yours is chambered in .303 then its an English rifle.

also known as an SMLE or "smelly":D

This served the British empire for well nigh over a century. as improvements were made they were incorporated in newer models of the rifle, hence the designations of mk1 mk II mk 3 mk4 and mk 5.

you can research your proofmarks, and the model number to find out not only when it was made but where it was made, what military units owned it, etc.

they are fine battle rifles and in their era were pretty good! not as good as the springfield 1903, but they were "minute of man" accurate...which is all ya need in a gun fight.

Mine is an Indian (dots not feathers) version that was actually designed in the .308 caliber. For me, my battlesight starts at 240 yards or thereabout.

post up a pic of it! chances are someone here will identify it from the picture for you. :)

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Guest Astra900

Darn right they were fine rifles!

Now the SMLE action is not as strong as say a 98 Mauser, so handloads to the extreme should be avoided, but IMHO the No4 had some of the best sights of ANY battle rifle. I have seen some ole boys at Knob Creek competing in the old military bolt gun comp. using a No4 and they were just vicious! It has a smoother faster action than the other mil surps, with the exception of the Krag of course. AND with the exception of the trench mag for the Mauser, it has the highest capacity I know of.

I have heard it from a soldier's mouth, that had served in Afghanistan, that the tribesmen there w/ a .303 SMLE are something to be feared. I have been told that more than one good soldier has lost their life, at ranges of 4-500 yards easy, and those cave men over there don't have optics. THey are just that good. Sad to to give them any credit, but it's interesting to know how well that gun can perform.

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I love my No4 Mk1*; it is US made by Remington I thought but it I found an iternet article that says Savage. Anyway not the most accurate rifle as it has the two grove rifling but I like it none the less and the wood it pretty nice for a 66 year old rife. My father bought one the same time I did and still uses it to deer hunt.

For those interested Guns and Ammo has an article this month (Nov) on the sniper versions.

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Here's one of my #4 Mk II rifles. I just got one even better a couple of weeks back.


Is this one that was made in the 50's and sold as un-issued. Originally from the Royal Irish Constabulary?

I have a original BSA Shirley made No 5 jungle carbine. I like shooting mine. Anybody got a source on small parts? I need a screw and nut for the middle barrel band.

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Is this one that was made in the 50's and sold as un-issued. Originally from the Royal Irish Constabulary?

I have a original BSA Shirley made No 5 jungle carbine. I like shooting mine. Anybody got a source on small parts? I need a screw and nut for the middle barrel band.

Try this site, I had to replace the rear band and this is where I got it.


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