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knoxville gun show ?

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I just got back, got there at 2 pm, very crowded, prices as always, several major vendors were absent, many empty tables! Hardly any AKs or ARs, think there were 12 AKs and 20 ARs at the whole show! Worst show i can ever remember in Knox. I wondered where the guns where? To many vendors selling the other junk, knives,clothing,belts and all other trinkets.

Did hear several vendors complaining about the money they wasted for the tables! An aquaintence of mine complained to me that he hadnt sold anything depite the fact, that today he had his guns fairly priced and not over priced, like usual! His words, i hope the next show in 4 weeks will be better, but i am concerned that since its a few weeks after the election, that if Obanjie wins, prices will go way up on any AW and mags and ammo! Hope i am wrong!:lol:

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In my opinion, it sucked. I don't know why I keep paying ten bucks to get in. Same stuff every time. Many of the vendors are dealers from this area. And if I wanted to buy clothes, I'd go to the mall. And if I wanted to buy cheap tools, I'd go to the flea market.

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I went...been a couple years or more since I went to one of these, not much has changed.

Gun prices about the same as retail shops in the area, new and used. It seemed about as full as any of the others I'd been to in the last 5 years or so, though.

I guess if I had brought anything to sell/swap, might have done okay, I wasn't really paying a lot of attention to other guys wandering around with guns. Looks like could have done lots of action out on front steps over a few hours if looking to haggle. That's how I swapped an old .22 and a couple of knives for an old .38 Charter last time I was at the Jacobs Bldg.

One reason I made the effort was to check out Georgia Arms. Their 9mm and .38 was higher than local! Their 500 count 9mm was exactly $17 more than I paid at Dicks a couple days ago. Well, you did get a narrow metal ammo box with it. But no option to buy the 500 without the box for less. Same or higher price buying bags of 50 or 100. Quite disappointed there, was willing to drop couple hundred bucks on ammo, but local deals are better.

'Course I threw away about $40 on odds and ends anyway; hey, it's like going to the fair, right?

Best deal, Smith and Wesson hunting knife/hatchet/sheath for both, brand new, $20!

I really needed that.


Bubbie'sdad, I played it (mostly) honest on the carry, left loaded mag in pocket, let them put tie on empty gun, carried it around in holster that way while there.

Gun show or not, you're really not supposed to carry at Chilhowee Park period.

Worth the 9 bucks to get in? For me, yeah, cause it's been a long time since I could ogle so many guns in one place, and lots of new models since last show I was at. Won't be worth it for me to go to next one though, unless I have something to dicker with.

- OS

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To me, and i have been going to knox. shows for yrs. today gun vendor attendence was down about 20-25% from the avg! The lack of AW reminded me of the shows during the ban! I had gone today after a one way drive of 120 miles, with the intention of getting another AK, but there

were mainly wasrs, a few yugos and a few tantals as well as 1 polytech preban for $1475, which is lower than what those usually bring! So i will check locally and get what might be my last ever AW in the next week or two, but i hope not! I do believe that if the devil:screwy: wins the election, it will still be a few month before a new ban will get going!

But prices on all those guns, mags,ammo for them will go up tremendously the day Obamjie wins!!

What i mainly am looking for is a AMD-65 but not by century, always thought they were the ugliest ak ever, but now that ugly, might well make it very desireable!:hat:

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Think I'll be saving my $10 this weekend. Thanks for the feedback guys. Maybe the expo center one will be better.

??When is the next one at the expo center? 2 vendors were talking about 1 being there nov.8-9, but it is not listed?:hat:

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I too had a fairly good trip Saturday. Bought a Don Hume IWB and a mag for my Glock. Actually got the mag for $20. I was happy to get it. If things go south in a couple of weeks, it will be hard and expensive to get a hi cap mag for sure. Found a Springfield 9mm on the 1911 frame. Loved it but the $725 price was hard to take. Found a Charles Daly 12 ga auto for my son for $250. Didnt buy it but hopefully the vendor will still have it at the expo show.

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