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April 19 Knoxville Suarez Training Group

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We had a good group of guys, Randy is a great instructor and the weather really wasn't too bad if you don't mind getting a little bit dirty. I was very appreciative of the easy-ups and glad I was wearing some waterproof boots. I think everyone had fun and a few of us learned a bit about where we might be able to improve.

The FAM course is humbling. I can get my rounds in the box OK, but my times are a smidge high. Of course Randy was right to suggest a lot more dry practice. My initial thought was that I have enough margin with some of my rounds that I might be able to speed up a bit and still keep rounds in the box. Then I considered what someone like TimCar86 can do. That guy was fast and was shooting through one ragged hole! Bottom line is, I need to do a lot of dry work to improve my draw and reloads.

One thing I'm really proud of... Apparently I have a natural ability to consistently throw a stripped magazine into the mud directly upside-down. Happy to say this technique maximizes the mud getting into the top of the magazine for equipment testing. Glad to be a natural at something! :) Edited by JReedEsq
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Thanks for the compliment! But alas, my score wasn't high enough to qualify. There's really no room for error with your shots even though all of my times were fast enough. It was good to meet everyone and I hope to do something similar soon. I wouldn't be opposed to hosting a session at my range. It's very similar, minus the livestock.
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Thanks for the compliment! But alas, my score wasn't high enough to qualify. There's really no room for error with your shots even though all of my times were fast enough. It was good to meet everyone and I hope to do something similar soon. I wouldn't be opposed to hosting a session at my range. It's very similar, minus the livestock.

A little directed dry work and you will make the times AND the scores in very short order.


 And if you are interested in hosting something let me know.....

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Yes, Yes it is. Doesn't sound that hard until you get out there under the timer.



I was the old goat running the timer...it can induce a bit of pressure can't it? :pleased:


You did very well JReedEsq. It was a pleasure to meet you train with you. The same for all that attended.



I always enjoy training with Randy and gain a great deal from each and every class. I appreciate Randy's skill and ability to impart his knowledge so effectively.I have much work to do after this weekend. .



Yes..the FAM COF can definitely be humbling...but it gives a measurable focus for skill development imho.



Pleased to meet and train with Timcar86 as well. Great shooting and gun handling skills Sir. :up:  My apologies for enlarging the groups on the targets we shared. LOL



Prag aka Jamie

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As always when Randy comes so does the rain.  It's almost as if the weather knows he is going to teach and so it's time to get everything wet and muddy.  But if you can handle with how the weather and environment were this weekend you will be good to go when it's a nice and sunny....


This was a great day to brush up on skills and to identify weak points in everything from draw stroke, to grip, trigger control, sight alignment, and many more.  We touched on almost everything that needed to be touched.  It flowed from one drill into the next without it seeming a jumbled mess.  This says something about the how Randy is able to bring it altogether.


Being that I have not added firing under the pressure of a timer this was a wake up call.  For some reason I decided to work at a pace that would make a tortoise proud.  Also, I need to make sure when in that type of environment, or any other type, that my mags are seated so that I can prevent premature magazine ejection...

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For those thinking about training with Randy but still not 100% sure, I'll try to cover that angle...


This was a training day which is more of a skills assessment vs. a "formal" class


Day starts off with admin / safety briefing then on to fundamentals and dry work (grip, trigger, draw stroke, etc)


Randy includes his abbreviated version of PESTS EAT FAST,  complete dissertation here: https://homeguntraining.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/dealing-with-pests/


I personally like both the "pre-shootin" stuff; fundamentals review with a professional allows for immediate correction. Whether the full version or abbreviated, PESTS EAT FAST is a stark reminder that a BG will get as close as possible to assault you or your loved ones.


Attendees gear varied from modular belt systems to minimalist EDC set-ups. It's not a tactical fashion show - have a good belt and holster, comfortable clothes, hat / eyes / ears, an extra mag or 3 and ammo you are pretty well good to go.


The rain brought an interesting dynamic with extra cover garments and a sloppy deck. Learned to work with extra cover and I believe it was Timcar86 who brought up drawstrings and holstering. Randy gives out no prizes for fastest to re-holster and I think we've all seen the Youtube videos where a frog was caught in a trigger guard while holstering and BANG...The muddy deck made you think about stable / secure footing as you made the decision to draw.


I think JReedEsq rubbed off on me - I too mucked up my mags. Since I carry what is considered a military and law enforcement duty sidearm, I wiped my mags on my pants to get as much mud out as possible and keep on going...I am pleased to announce no feed/eject malfs and I don't think anyone else had any issues with their pistols. (CZ, G-lock, Sig, Springfield, Smith)


I noticed as my mags / mag well got gritty, I couldn't "cheat" and rely on gravity for my mag to free-fall, first time I've actually seen the need to strip a mag...good exposure to the reason one should develop this habit.


The FAM Exam...Everyone in the class is watching...is the shooter ready...3 second delay...exhale...BEEP...shoot...repeat...failed to qualify...this time.


Cool parts...seeing former training partners, making new friends and putting screen names with real people, realizing what an interesting cross-section of folks show up (novice to expert shooters, health care providers, educators, professionals, service providers and the oddfellows like me and Prag...


The Randy Review - low key, non-type-A personality, qualified to teach (dude can actually do what he is teaching) life-long learner/student, king of the analogy; I would consider him a Professional Expert. Having exclusively trained with Randy since 2010 (yikes) I am a fan, consider him a friend and consider myself a client...so I am biased.


I hope all the attendees felt the event was a valuable investment of resources and time, I know we are trying to schedule some stuff up for the fall, but we can discuss summer events...


I thank you all for allowing me to open the Sunday session with my favorite prayer!


Dear Jesus,


Please make us an instrument of your peace,where there is hatred let us sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy!


Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love.


For it is giving that we receive,

in pardoning that we are pardoned

and in dying that we are born to eternal life!



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