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Haven't been to an indoor range in a while and want to go this weekend. Live in west Knoxville so the Lovell Road location is most convenient for me. Has the new ownership changed things at Tactical Advantage or is it the same surly employees with terrible customer service? Last winter day I was at Frontier Firearms it was colder on the range than outside due to the fresh air system. Have never been to Gunny's in Maryville. Recommendations?


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I haven't been to Tactical Advantage, but my wife went to a class there not long ago and said it was fine.  Sevier Indoor Range is nice, but has a fresh air system similar to Frontier so it'll be cold.  They typically have a couple space heaters running.  Gunny's is a functional range but not the nicest place I've seen. 

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I have shot at Tactical Advantage and have been happy with the people there.  It can be cold in there so be prepared for that.  I like that they will let you shoot reloads and lead ammo.  Some of the newer ranges will only allow FMJ  and no reloads - must be a liability thing.

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I went to Tactical Advantage about a week ago.  It was fine and the employee's were much friendlier than the old CCA days.  Range is pretty much the same as before.  I would definitely go back if I I did not want to make the drive to Norris.


I did try the new indoor range at SET in Oak Ridge around 2 months ago.  They make you watch a safety video along with reading/filling out the normal forms.  The range itself is nice and the equipment is fairly state of the art.  They do give you a piece of cardboard to clamp to the target system with a line on it.  It you shoot above the line, they charge $5.  The following is my range report/rant and reasoning why I will never go back:


They have video cameras on the range for each lane.  That is no big deal and did not bother me.  While I was there one of the employees, which I will refer to as Jackass, was shooting an AR15 in the range.  I did not see what it was chambered in, so maybe they allow rifle calibers.  Anyway, I was watching the safety video and could see the range video feeds on a TV that was close to the one I was watching.  Jackass appeared to have a FTE or similar.  Without dropping the mag or putting on the safety. Jackass pulled the rifle back from the lane and had it pointing all over trying to dislodge the casing.  One of the other employees, possibly the owner, saw this and yelled at the range master employee to tell Jackass to put the safety on and get out of the range.  When Jackass came out, the employee/owner let him have it.  He asked if Jackass had any idea how unsafe he was being, which Jackass responded by saying the mag was empty, thus there was nothing to worry about.  Anyway employee/owner kept letting him have it, so I felt they took the safety issue seriously.  I finished the video, paperwork and decided to shoot, which was a mistake.  I was shooting, as you normally do on a gun range, and all was fine.  I was shooting my, new to me, GP100 when right after I cocked the hammer and was getting ready to pull the trigger, someone tapped me on the shoulder.  It was Jackass.  He wanted to let me know he was going to shoot a judge in the lane beside me and did not want to startle me with the noise.  Seriously, Jackass could not wait until I emptied a revolver?  Maybe I am overly safe or possibly using common fucking sense, but I would never interrupt someone shooting when they have a loaded, cocked pistol aimed down range.  It really pissed me off.  I took the last couple shots, packed my back and left the range.  I mentioned to the range master employee that I thought  that was incredibly stupid on Jackasses part.  He seemed a little shocked/stunned at my remarks, but did not say anything back.  I left after that and I doubt I will go back.


Maybe Jackass was just having a shitty day, I honestly just don't know.  I've been at Norris before when dumbasses were blasting clay targets on the ground 25 feet in front of the rifle lane, so I know dumbasses are pretty much everywhere.  Maybe I need to just buy some land out in the county or a surrounding county to have a place to shoot.

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Maybe Jackass was just having a ####ty day, I honestly just don't know.  I've been at Norris before when dumbasses were blasting clay targets on the ground 25 feet in front of the rifle lane, so I know dumbasses are pretty much everywhere.  Maybe I need to just buy some land out in the county or a surrounding county to have a place where all my wonderful TGO non-dumbass friends can shoot.



FTFY.  :)

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