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New Colt M4 6920 AR15 $699 @ Walmart, 8/7/2015


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As of yesterday (8/7/2015) most Walmarts have put on clearance all AR15s including Colts, and it looks like most black rifles including the black 22s too.  I snagged a Colt M4 for $699.   This one I bought today had been in their inventory since 2013.This rifle was not on my radar, not on my horizon, not even in my dreams, but I cannot pass up a new Colt at this price even if Colt is bankrupt.  They had some DMPS in 308 for $899.  Many others.


Seen this same posting on other message boards, a Walmart in Oklahoma had put on clearance their black rifes yesterday too.  Walmart must be getting out of the black AR biz!  My local Wally even has all AR accessories including bags 50% off.  Those Surefire lights are 50% off too. 


If you are on the fence, now is the time to buy.  Especially a Colt. 

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The fever has died off and the market sooo saturated I bet they have a huge inventory that hasn't moved much.

I agree about fever and market, but I don't think Walmart keeps much inventory, store only, and what gets me all "black" rifles were on clearance.  Walmart red clearance items usually means no longer to be sold, or its a seasonal item.  My bet, someone finally convinced Wally leadership to get out of the black gun market.

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A friend of mine at work told me yesterday, that Walmart is getting out of the tactical gun market and selling off all their ARs and tactical shotguns. I was at the Walmart in Halls (North Knoxville) earlier today and they only had one tactical shotgun left and no ARs. All their AR and Pistol accessories are red tagged, including compact pistol lasers.

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Why are they getting out of the market for black rifles? Why? No profit? Political pressure? Who knows WHY? It matters.


Wally's inventory decisions are always determined by spread sheets in Bentonville.


If public perception or political pressure could have affected them, it would most certainly have happened back around Sandy Hook span.


- OS

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That's my closet, I hate cleaning guns!!!
No really its a company call ratworx, there a colt distributer in Illinois..

Well what kind of deal can we get on a group buy some one has been holding out on his friends lol
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Well what kind of deal can we get on a group buy some one has been holding out on his friends lol



What he said^ :up:


Looking at their web-site there are definitely no deals but on sturm they list from time to time decent deals here's a good example


My buddy bought his from the OutPost for $11.5k 4yrs ago + a free case of ammo (80rds) because they felt bad for him , I bought mine exactly 3yrs ago from a out of state dealer for $8.5k on a TN tax free weekend  :shhh: .


Just found this...


I have this gun, if anyone wanted to SBR a rifle "this" would be that gun...its a 308 multi caliber host 

1) cut the 308 upper down to 11.5" or ?, proprietary upper so nothing else will work....

2) uses any milspec 223/556 upper 7.5"-14.5" with the furnished adapter block..

3) 300BLK

4) Low shelf lower :dirty:.



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Wally's inventory decisions are always determined by spread sheets in Bentonville.


If public perception or political pressure could have affected them, it would most certainly have happened back around Sandy Hook span.


- OS



Could be a combination of factors at play. I doubt they're selling much with the current market saturation so with numbers being theoretically down it could be a good time to pull the unprofitable inventory and at the same time appease the anti crowd to a level. 


Not sure I buy that quite yet though as I would imagine they would be waiving a rainbow flag of peace and and good will all over their social media if that were the case. Maybe they're waiting until they can officially announce that they are no longer stocking any inventory at any location ( i.e.; they've sold it all and "put it out on the streets"). 


Maybe their corporate buyer realized they were dealing with outdated and currently over priced goods and they're clearing house to bring in newer stock?



Either way they can do what they want, fee enterprise and all that. I like the idea of being able to buy guns at walmart a lot better than actually doing it.

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Been reading other forums, and this is for sure all across the land.  Theories abound!   I wished I had stumbled into a SOCOM.  One fella I read about in West VA found one less than a G. 


 Anyone else score? 

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The story I'm getting now from a friend who talked to a WM Sporting Goods Department Manager in the Camden store is that this is just an inventory reduction and that WM isn't actually getting out of the black rifle business. My friend got a Colt LE6920 for $688 + tax and background check. The friend that went with him also bought one.

A nephew went to a WM store in Bristol, TN yesterday, 400+ miles east of the Camden store, and found a thousand dollar Bushmaster reduced to $750, and found many accessories reduced to half price or less. So I guess all the initial reports were spot-on.
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Was at the Walmart on South Rutherford in Murfreesboro today, saw lots of red tags all over the gun section, and a lot of empty slots in the isle with grips, lights, and such.  No Colt's in the display case, but did see the $750 Bushmaster. 


Also I apparently missed out on getting the Blackhawk shotgun stock kit for a Mossberg on red tag clearance at about 45% off as they only had Remington compatible kits left.  I'm going to look at the other Walmart's tomorrow based on that savings deal.

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I went to 2 WMs over here in East TN today. One of the Johnson City locations and the Erwin location. The one in JC only had a Mossberg 715 .22, and the Erwin location had zero ARs. Interestingly, the Erwin location had a Colt AR-15 airsoft rifle marked way down as well. This would seem to validate the claims of WM getting out of the "black rifle" market.
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UPDATE:  I was at my local Walmart today, and they appear to be restocked with ARs again including two Colts, one at $699 and the other $899 (Magpul edition).  Last week, they sold out of everything I know I came by a couple of times.   Hmmmmm..........I wonder if they have commitments, or moved inventory from one store to the next.  I will pass this time, don't need another one.  Wife still not talking to me right now. 


Recommend you call before going if you want the Colt, Madisonville Walmart (423) 442-5237.   They had about 5 models there at 1pm today.  Enjoy!

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UPDATE:  My local walmart is now sold out, and tags for where the rifles were, are all now gone, an end of era has come.  Talking to someone in sporting goods tonight, she said that about Tuesday this past week, they reduced all black gun clearance items another 25 to 50%.  She said they had a 308 AR that went for $400, that had been well over $1200 just a couple of weeks ago.  I hope some TGO'ers got'em!



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Yes, Wal-Mart is getting out of the AR business, at least according to my local sporting goods folks. They have even put the Federal Fusion MSR ammo on clearance. My Wal-Mart has the 223 Fusion for $11 and the 6.8 for $13. 

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According to TTAG:




CONFIRMED: Walmart Stops Selling AR-Style Rifles and “Personal Protection” Shotguns. Responding to Church Lawsuit?
By Robert Farago on August 25, 2015


We’ve spoken with the Pratt, Kansas Walmart [not shown] regarding reports that the store had stopped selling AR-style rifles and certain shotguns. We can confirm that Walmart HQ sent the store – and others around the country – an email stating that the retail giant would not be replenishing inventories of AR-style rifles and “personal protection shotguns.” The communication went out in March. (How this story flew under the radar is a miracle of modern PR.) Again, we’re awaiting official confirmation from Walmart, along with the reasoning behind their decision. Meanwhile, the end of Walmart AR-stye gun sales may have something to do with a related development last March when . . .


Trinity Church filed a lawsuit in Manhattan’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit challenged Walmart’s refusal to allow a shareholder vote on Trinity’s proposal to stop sales of, you guessed it, AR-style rifles and “non-hunting” shotguns. From the Episcopal church’s website:

The proposal asked that Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors oversee the development of policies to guide management’s decision whether or not Wal-Mart should sell products that are 1) especially dangerous to the public, 2) pose a substantial risk to company reputation and 3) would reasonably be considered offensive to the community and family values that Wal-Mart seeks to associate with its brand. For instance, the decision to sell guns equipped with high capacity magazines seems inconsistent to Trinity (and we presume like-minded shareholders), given other merchandising decisions that Wal-Mart has made to protect its reputation and the public . . .

To be clear: ours was not an “anti-gun” proposal, nor a proposal to end the sale of certain products. We simply asked that shareholders be allowed to consider whether the Board has an obligation to assure that the company’s standards and values are uniformly considered and applied when the sale of certain products can have momentous consequences.

Note: in April, a federal judge tossed the lawsuit, preventing the proposal from going to a vote at Walmart’s shareholder meeting. Even so, did Walmart have a sudden change-of-heart/cut a secret deal with Trinity? Meanwhile, back in Pratt, the salesperson tells us she sold their last Bushmaster AR-15 last week. The town’s local gun store should be over-the-moon. As well as the civilian disarmament industrial complex.

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