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Man's best friend, asset or liability?

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So....in a survival situation, is a dog going to be a liability or beneficial?  On one hand,  it could serve as great protection and could alert you if someone or something is coming.  On the other hand,  it's another mouth to feed and it's barking could alert others of your position if you were in hiding.  Thoughts, opinions?

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I would choose to have at least one, but your choice of dog can make a big difference.  A medium terrier may be a good choice, he/she can alert, hunt small game and sense many things we can't.  A larger breed can be used as a guard to defend you, or your family if you need to go hunting.  So I guess you need to decide if the benefits outweigh the extra mouth to feed.

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My dog would definitely be a liability. He's a 65 lb bowling ball that can out run any human for 20 yds then he needs a nap. He snores louder than any human I have ever heard and barks at everything that moves, that includes his own shadow. Oh yeah and he was born deaf. But I will guarantee you one thing, that dog will follow me off of a cliff and I wouldn't hesitate to take him with me.
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A good dog would be a great asset.  The thing has to understand being quiet though.  It is one thing to alert.  if it could do that with a nudge rather than a bark it would be invaluable.  


Our dumb ass dog does not understand "shut up" and if I tell it to stay when it is on alert she takes off like a rocket at whatever it is.  Forget coming if called.


But one that is smart and obeys would be invaluable.

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So....in a survival situation, is a dog going to be a liability or beneficial? On one hand, it could serve as great protection and could alert you if someone or something is coming. On the other hand, it's another mouth to feed and it's barking could alert others of your position if you were in hiding. Thoughts, opinions?

On the bright side, in a survival situation that requires you to flee to the forest, the forests will be slapped full of people with the same idea. Like deer season times 1000. In that situation, there will be so many people out there you won't be hiding from anyone. Everyone will already know where you are.

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Every time I purchase items to add to my survival stock I always buy food and supplies for Kasey. She will go with me if I have to take flight but I will most likely make my stand right here since I feel safer here than in the woods. I would never be able to take my supply of SHTF survival items with me.


With that said I have also built another stash at another undisclosed location that is  far out deep in the country in a safe location that is checked on often and certain products replaced as expire dates get close. If I had the time I would load what I could in my Jeep and make the move to the # 2 location but Kasey would still be with me.................jmho

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My Husky, Tobie is a bit of a moron but for morale, and detection Id take him - he never barks but when he senses something is wrong he just changes.

We have a Belgian Mal in our pipeline when we move - but Id take both.

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I have a Malinois.  I don't recommend owning one unless you have a lot of time to work it and don't have any small children.

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One of our dogs is old and in terrible shape.  She is out of gas after about a 1/4 mile.  I would probably just put a .22 in her head if we really had to move on foot.  Our other dog is young, smart, listens well, and would do anything in the world to protect my wife. He would certainly be an asset.  

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My hound can sleep thru anything but hear a refrigerator door open during a tornado.

Haha, mine too! He sleeps upstairs with the kids but will come running from a dead snore if I open the fridge downstairs :rofl:

In a survival situation, he would chase the first squirrel, cat, rabbit, etc. he sees, and that would be the last I see of him :wave: He's a Redbone Coonhound, so he thinks that's his job.

Plus, he barks/howls at every little thing, so my position would always be compromised. Edited by Wingshooter
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Haha. Yep, mine hound is better than a weather radio because I can tell when a storm's coming when he gets stressed and won't leave my side.

When Kasey was a lot younger she loved sleeping in her dog house during major thunderstorms. Since she has gotten older it can thunder 20 miles away and she is scratching at the door wanting inside. It can be sun shining at the time but by the way she follows me around the house I know a storm is coming. Most times within an hour it is raining buckets out side.

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