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needing suggestions on micro 9mm pistols


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i've owned quite a few 9mm pistols but almost exclusively full size or compact, and im looking to skip right past sub compact to the micro or "pocket" 9mm .. my wife recently expressed an interest in getting her carry permit so i'm trying to have a few options for her to get some trigger time with (already picked up a LCR in .357) and i recently acquired a Sig 290RS in trade and im impressed with the little gun .. but she doesnt care for the "feel" of it very much, and the slide is just a touch stiff for her as well, i'm seriously considering giving a M&P Shield a chance (she really likes my full size M&P 9mm and .22LR) but was hoping for a few suggestions to look into, she's very responsible and safety conscious BUT i'm very paranoid and she would be new to carrying lol ... so i would prefer either a long double action trigger pull, a very affirmative safety, or a da/sa gun with decock like the CZ2075  

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Of the S&W M&P product line the 9mm P Shield is the only one I like. With that said the only SA XD I ever liked enough to actually purchase is the XDs 9 which I prefer to the Shield. Now that the G-43 has been around long enough to see how its actually working out I see myself inclined to purchase one soon enough.


What all of the above pistols actually offer is a slimmer profile which when coupled with a good quality IWB or high rise OWB holster means is less carry bulk on your waist. While this is factual its also not that big of a deal as a gen 4 G-26, aside from the factory Glock trigger pull, is a powder puff to shoot.

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thanks for the input guys and i have looked into the Glock 43 and the Kahrs .. but like i said im paranoid and she will be new to carrying and likely purse carrying at times (i hate the idea of purse carry but i guess it's better than not carrying) .. so if i go with a striker fired gun i really would prefer one with an affirmative safety i.e the shield 

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My wife has a Shield and we both really like it.  It's a bit big to be considered a "micro" to me, but its also the softest shooting small 9mm I've ever shot.   The manual safety is quite small and would be difficult to disengage under duress.  After a bit of time, I've convinced my wife to carry it with the manual safety off (it still has the trigger safety).  She's also slowly migrated to belt carry from purse carry. 

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The Shield is an amazing firearm. It carries like a small gun but handles like a fullsize range gun. A very good friend talked me out of mine and I may have made a mistake letting him have it; I honestly prefer a J frame for pocket carrying anyway. I did pick up a G43 just so I can do a long term evaluation, but I have rarely carried it.

The G43 carries just a little better and doesn't recoil that much more than the Shield. I do group slightly better with the Shield, but it may be because the Shield has a better trigger. The Glock has slightly cheaper mags, has the $100 TLR6 available, appears to less prone to snag because of the smaller rear sight, and breaks down easier. The one advantage that may appeal to your girl is the fact the slide appears to be easier to pullback and release on the G43.

I did own a XDS and I wished I would have kept it, but I so much liked the Shield better. My XDS was a 45acp though. No way would I pay $100 more for the XDS over the Shield to have one again. I do not think the Glock is worth more than the Shield either but I anticipate seeing the price come down on them. The Blue Label price for the Glock was $410 OTD so it was close to the price of a Shield.
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I she carries in a purse, it should be in a holster that covers the trigger, retains it, and holds the gun in the same position all the time. You can modify one of the suade-like holsters like a Remora and sew it around the trigger guard to get a snug fit. Then, velcro the holster to the side of the purse. 


I have a shield, but I agree the manual safety is too small. You could fabricate a wider safety with J&B Weld. I've thought about it. 


I owned a Sig P238 (the 380) and really liked it. The safety is bigger than the Shield. I've read that the P938 is just as good and it's almost identical to the P238, except a little bigger and in 9mm. You might want to consider it. On my P238, the safety was very definitive in switching, so there was no chance of accidentally tapping it and knocking it off. 

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you have 3 main choices.

1) a long, heavy triggered DAO ... there are over a dozen of these, but they are all about the same to me since I can't shoot any of them.  That does not meant they are no good, it just means hand problems & heavy DAOs don't mix too good.   Personal opinion, heavy trigger isn't good for women, old folks, or wimps like me. 

2) shield, which is excellent (sorta the glockish variety). 

3) colt mustang & clones (includes mine, the sig 938) which have short, light single actions (micro 1911 style).


I love my sig.  Can't recommend it enough.   It has an ambi safety, which helps me as I am a lefty.  The safety has a ball-spring indent system so its not likely to slip.   Bonus: external hammer ... cock it, then rack it, and its really light on the slide that way.  Pulling the hammer back with the slide is harder.. the recoil spring without the hammer isn't bad.   You literally only have to rack this gun once per cleaning -- shoot it empty, hammer is back, repeat... safety up when done.


The cz rami is not quite small enough for pocket, but its pretty small.   I carried one and very, very large pockets, you can do it (think men's dress pants) but its really a small end compact as far as sizes go.   Also an excellent gun, since you mention the cz 75, its the same thing in a reduced frame.

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"Micro" = "pocket" to me.


And at least for me, the only pistols mentioned in this thread that are really pocket friendly to the normal humanoid is the Kahr PM/CM 9 (MK is same size but significantly heavier) and that DB9.


- OS

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"Micro" = "pocket" to me.


And at least for me, the only pistols mentioned in this thread that are really pocket friendly to the normal humanoid is the Kahr PM/CM 9 (MK is same size but significantly heavier) and that DB9.


- OS


The difference between those and the sig or shield are fractions of inches in any given dimension.    Weight is another story -- the lightest vs heaviest is nearly double, and worth a mention.   However, even the heavies are 1.3 pounds fully loaded maybe... any real belt can hold that much, even a cardboard cheapo can do it for a while.   The bigger stuff is sort of "advanced" pocket carry for folks with massive pockets and a texas sized belt and "pocket or bust" stubborn streak (guilty!).

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Try a variety, and actually rent and shoot them if you can. You would be surprised, sometimes the one that feels best in the hand doesn't shoot best for you.

Also single stacks don't necessarily hide better than double stacks depending on your frame. I am 5'7" and 165 and my G26 concealed better for me than the shield despite being thicker with my preferred carry method (IWB 3:00-4:30) because of its shorter grip.

If you want to combine a short grip and thinness of a single stack, then the G43 fits that nicely or a kahr cm/pm 9, and those would be more suitable if you really like pocket carry, but as others have said you will have to try it to see if you like the trigger and how it shoots.

While I ended up getting rid of my shield, I think it's an outstanding value at its price point Edited by Refleks
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I have a Kahr PM9 and a Glock G43. For most practical purposes, they're the same height and width with their flush magazines, but the Glock has a longer barrel. That extra length means there's no way I would consider it for pocket carry. The PM9 is about as big as I can see trying to pocket carry. The Kahr's trigger is smoother than the Glock's, but it has a lot more take up with a longer reset and not much feedback on when you're going from taking up the slack to BANG. Both have been flawless, handling any FMJ or JHP I've thrown at them. The grip stipling on the Glock is more aggressive. That's nice for shooting, but less so for IWB in a holster w/o a sweat shield. I trust my life with both.


If I had neither and was buying one of those two, I'd get the G43. The extra barrel length doesn't bother me with IWB and I like the trigger better. It's almost identical to my G26 and G19, so all my carry guns have the same trigger feel.


Don't be surprised if her opinion on external safeties evolves over time as she carries. My first carry gun was an XD-40 subcompact. I bought it because of the grip safety. That made me more confident in carrying. The more I carried, the less I felt the need for that and the more I realized just how much freakin heavier that gun is than a comparable Glock. You may start with a Shield to get that safety switch, then later find that she wants a G43, or that LCR, perhaps in .38 for the weight reduction.

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Depending on the cut of my pocket, I can and do carry an MK9.

My first carry gun was a SP101, I currently rotate between the MK9 and a CZ P01 SDP, handgun weight is a less important factor for me. With a good belt, holster and proper fitting pants it is amazing how much stuff you comfortably carry on the waist and/or in pockets.
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My buddy and I took our wives to the shooting range and rented every small 9mm and .380 they had. This was a sizable list of guns including most of the ones mentioned above, but a few more. We let the ladies shoot compact and subcompact and micro. My wife, who is recoil sensative, chose the 9mm Shield. My buddy's wife chose the .380 LCP. She liked the Shield, but wanted something smaller. If possible, take your wife to the range and let her try a few. 


I recently traded for a Shield in .40SW and the recoil isn't as bad as I expected. Very managable. 

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.....I owned a Sig P238 (the 380) and really liked it. The safety is bigger than the Shield. I've read that the P938 is just as good and it's almost identical to the P238, except a little bigger and in 9mm. You might want to consider it. On my P238, the safety was very definitive in switching, so there was no chance of accidentally tapping it and knocking it off. 

I've carried a P938 for over a year and been happy with it.  I usually don't fire more than 100 rounds thru it during a range day.

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