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Urban Carry holsters


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I have a new one, though want to wait before commenting on comfort.  They make a point of telling you that the holster has to be broken in which I haven't done. Right now it isn't comfortable, but then neither is a pair of leather footwear until it gets broken in.


The draw is nice.  It pops up and presents the gun very nicely.  Also, you can wear a shirt that is completely tucked in.  I work around a lot of folks in a dressy / business casual environment where a collared shirt that is tucked in is the norm.


The folks who make it are a small company that is very customer focused.  All emails have been promptly returned.  They ask for customer feedback and take it into account.  For example, the first model had their logo stamped on the part that shows.  I told them I wanted anonymity in carrying.  


They got back and said they are about to launch a line that has them without the logo and they provided one to me with no logo.


Also, I'm left handed and it works like a charm from that perspective.

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ok, I'll provide some updated info.  I need a full week to provide complete feedback, though let me share new info.


I followed their instructions to break in the holster and it made a big difference.


I like this holster and it is fairly comfortable so far.  This holster will definitely have a place with me.  Not sure yet whether I'll use this one all the time, or a kydex inside the waistband when I don't need a tucked in shirt.


This is not a holster for a full size gun.  I'm using it with an M&P Shield.  You could probably get away staggered clip the size of the M&P Compact.  I would try to use it with a gun that uses the medium sized holster or smaller.


It's fine when standing, though someone who walks all day may find that it irritates skin.  It's very comfortable when sitting, though pants have to be loose fitting or a size more than needed.


Questions from posts above:


"I'm cautiously curious but would have to see one in person before considering a purchase."  I'm happy to meet for coffee or can bring it to the next TGO get together.  


"how it feels when you're driving."  It feels fine as long as there is room in your pants.  One thing I don't like is that it's pointed at your leg sometimes.  I have an M&P Shield, which I trust not to go off.  The gun is completely surrounded by leather.  At least it never points at The Boys.


"How do you draw when seated? Or crouching?"  When seated, you would have to straighten your body enough so that the angle between your torso and thigh would allow you to draw.  I would think you can't draw it while crouching unless you can reduce the torso / thigh angle outlined above.


Here are some more thoughts.

  • This is a great option for use when you have to tuck in your shirt.
  • I suspect this is better than an ankle holster for most applications.  I've never used and ankle holster, though have heard that they make people feel unbalanced.
  • The smaller the gun, the more comfortable it will be.
  • I'm going to suggest to Urban Carry that they at least look into whether they can do holsters that are specific to gun models.  That would allow for the holster to be smaller.  
  • The leather is pretty thick, it may be that thinner leather can be used.
  • They sew a piece of leather on the back where you can keep your HCP.  I'm going to email them and ask if that is needed for support.  If not, I'm going to remove it.  

I'll keep you all updated.

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Heck you really have no clue that's a holster.  


What's the width of the grip at its widest point on those guns and the size of the holster you bought?  Mine will be 1.2" on the grip, the website says that gun is 1.2" but the grip sure doesn't look that wide.

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Heck you really have no clue that's a holster.  


What's the width of the grip at its widest point on those guns and the size of the holster you bought?  Mine will be 1.2" on the grip, the website says that gun is 1.2" but the grip sure doesn't look that wide.


Sam, I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.  The width of the grip on my S&W Shield is a little more than 3/4" at the widest part. The length of the grip at the widest part is about 2".  I bought a medium holster.


They have a page on their website that tells you which size holster is needed for specific guns.


Here is a link:




Thanks for the pictures, especially the one showing how low the gun sits. That looks really uncomfortable to sit down. 


Oh, one question. Does it interfere with the use of your pocket?


I was surprised at how comfortable it is sitting down - once the holster has been softened.  Part of the solution is figuring out how to adjust it once you sit.  I'm guessing one key is wearing pants that are baggy.  Those jeans are 2" larger in the waist than I need.  They fall right to the floor without a belt.


I'm not sure if the holster rubbing against my leg would be uncomfortable with a lot of walking.


One other thing that doesn't relate to the quoted posts is that I don't think anyone cole do a quick draw in their car with the seatbelt on.  If the belt locks when you move you'll be in trouble.  In my case, I have a full size M&P in the car, so I wouldn't count on it.


One final point, count on some time carrying the gun unloaded.  I've noticed that I'm much more prone to point the gun at myself as I'm figuring out how to use it.  This is new relative to any carry system I have ever used, so it will take some training.

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ok, here is todays update.


I needed to wear a pair of slacks today.  They fit, though would fit better if I were to lose a few pounds.  I didn't make it out of the house.  When I sat down it was very uncomfortable and it was rather obvious that something was in my pants.


This isn't a knock on the holster - you have to have pants with plenty of room to use this holster.  I'm liking this holster so far.

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