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Bee killer loads

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Well, what's your load recipe? I'm thinkin about 6.1 grains of Accurate #5 with a capsule of #12 shot running about 1000 FPS out of a .38 Special case. Or, well, maybe not. :devil:

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I'm shooting crushed walnut media over 2 gr of Bullseye, cardstock wads over the powder and shot. Not a recommendation, just info. I killed 50+ last year. I do miss occasionally, so I loaded 100 rounds this year. ;)
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I will shoot every carpenter bee alive.  I hate those things.  I would love to use the walnut media loads, but still too loud to not draw interest from the neighbors.

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Not if you live in a log house. I use walnut media for carpenter bees and wasp. Years ago had a friend, Walt Riggs, that was origionally from Maryville that used a spray from the co-op for them, I believe it was Diazon, but believe it has since been outlawed, think it contained Dioxin. Walt passed away from cancer last year and was returned and buried in Maryville, don't know if the bee spray had anything to do with his death or not but seem to remember "agentt orange" had Dioxin in it. Maybe my memory is getting fuzzy like my eye sight, getting old kind of does this to you.

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I use Wisdom from TSC. Anything I've ever sprayed has died instantly. Wood boring bees? Spray the wood and never saw them again. Wasps? Dead on contact. Scorpians, fleas, etc, dead. Spray around the house once a month and don't even see ants.
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I used 1 grain of bluedot over crushed walnut. I now load them with .8 grain. Since there isn't a crimp and no compression I have much less unburnt powder blowing in the win.

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Know your target, and what's beyond.


Bumble bees have a fuzzy yellow abdomen (like pic above) but some also have black fuzz. The carpenter bee has a hairless, shiny abdomen. (And will be drilling the crap outta your deck).
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Bees have been quiet so far this spring, most likely due to the cool weather. Hit a few (with a tennis racket) during their mating dance & caught one in a trap. No attempts to nest yet and no shots fired.

My shoulder hurts too much for that tennis racket method! Edited by enfield
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Yep, it's that time of year where the Carpenter Bees destroy my pole barn and back deck. 


The most effective and least expensive method I've found is a $2.50 racket ball racket I found at a yard sale and :30 minutes of my time everyday for a week. I can't believe how tough those little buggers are! I've hit them with a 100 MPH fastball and then stepped on them. And a few minutes later I hear this buzzz and look over and see some dust stirring on the ground and the CB takes off again  :wall:


I have a few of those bee traps and they work reasonably well however... Like mentioned above they are indiscriminate and catch any kind of bee so I don't use them anymore. I've noticed there's not many bee's around here anymore and without bee's pollination, it's a serious problem to us all. 

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Although shooting them sounds like fun, this is how I get rid of them:


1. Locate all the holes you can

2. Go out at night and plug holes with cotton balls soaked with acetone (fingernail polish remover with acetone works)

3. If you still have some, you haven't located all the holes yet.  :cool:


This will get rid of all of them, including the queen.

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had been planning on building some traps for these little buggers but this just sounded like to much fun. So, 1gr. unique, crushed walnut, and out of my wifes S&W bodyguard 38 i killed 3 outa 5 shots. She said i was having to much fun. Now got to load some more. he he he!!!!

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Have shot more than 500 bee loads this year. Cool and wet, not as many bees out. Wife says I can't get any work done because of shooting bees.Using my Ruger security six, a couple of times reminded me of a good dove shoot,fast and furious.
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Either my skill in recent years or the weather has kept the bee population down around here this year.  I've trapped and sprayed more than I've shot.  I even got 2 or 3 with a tennis racket during the mating season while they were 'pre-occupied'.

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I found something as good as my bee loads. I use #4 blanks from Home Depot. It will stun them from about four feet. And there is no chance of media damaging something.

Works equally well with pistol as with a rifle.
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