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June 5 Knoxville Civilian Use of Force Continuum

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AAR: Dealing With Pests-Civilian Use of Force Continuum and Solutions.

Date: Sunday June 5 2016



First off, Thank you Randy and GTG! We had an information packed class, actually very little rain, and I had the opportunity to meet Erik from TGO and see/train with my bud roar-k, a very dialed in and motivated gentleman. And of course having the chance to train with my friend GTG and 3 of the members of our local group was a plus!


Outstanding class folks!


Randy wasn’t kidding when he said “This is the class your CCW class should have been” !

John Steinbeck wrote “The final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental” and Randy laid the foundation for the class on this concept, opening with Jeff Cooper’s “Color Code” and Randy’s excellent “Dealing with PESTS” lecture . A fight you've avoided is a fight you've won...

The Devil is always in the details, and this class was very detailed and focused heavily on Concept and Context…something often lost in many training classes. This reflects Randy’s comprehensive subject knowledge and teaching ability.

From a “Gun Centric” background many suffer from the Hammer & Nail illusion…we can’t always have a gun on us and not every situation is a shooting situation…actually, going for your gun at the wrong time can be the worst thing you can do within certain contexts…you must have physical control and space in order to initiate this option…if it’s even the correct option. I promise, Randy can enlighten you on this!

We used a variety of training tools… NOK training knives, folding training knives, foam padded baseball bats, and a variety of striking pads.

This was not full on contact, but rather the tools were utilized in a low percentage speed mode in order to develop foundational skill sets. Randy utilized his “Crawl-Walk-Run” methodology to tie these concepts together for us.

Where I found this class particularly unique was Randy method of tying in these foundational unarmed concepts with live fire training towards the end of the class, especially his method of teaching shooting from “position two” of the four count drawstroke. I have been to quite a few classes and have never seen this technique utilized before. I am impressed and will definitely be practicing this in my future training sessions.

I hope, and will encourage Randy to build on this class with a next level follow-on class. Actually I would gladly pay for and participate in this type training from Randy with no live firearm training in order to allow more reps in the foundational concepts…without hesitation.

I think I’ll pester Randy for both! :)

When this class is again offered I plan to attend and bring other members of our group with me! This information and these skills sets are needed…whether you are a “Gun Guy/Gal” or not…Don’t miss this one folks!



Thank you again Randy. Thank you again as well GTG for hosting this class.

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A huge thanks to AJ (GotTheGoods) for providing the place and to Prag for helping facilitate the class and to everyone who attended who came out and braved the rain (which was minimal) and worked hard on skills that just are not taught many places.

Hopefully this will change some preconceived notions about what a likely criminal assault might look like and what skills actually are needed to deal with them. Training with former Delta dudes in full kit doing  team drills is cool but learning how to keep from getting stabbed and how to foul an assailant's draw and perform a disarm are far more useful skills for the armed citizen than doing bounding over watch or center peels. 

I will be offering this class again later this year so keep an eye out for the announcement. 

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What I got out of it:

learned alternative ways to defend myself against an unarmed assailant who may not need to be shot.

Got a free magic spear and helmet

Learned basic building blocks for how manage an up close and personal armed assailant and aggressively make space.

Mr. Miyagi was right, wax on wax off... simple blocking moves work at slow speed. With practice, no reason to believe it won't work in real speed.

Made a new friend, Erik88, and knew everyone else from previous training events.

Rained, kept it cool, add an extra training dynamic focusing on more positive footing and foot placement,  at no extra charge.

Reminder to practice mag changes, especially in my MK9

Winning a knife- on- knife fight probably means you lived 3 more days.....knives, when used as a weapon, are scary.

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