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We need a new cooler for camping, family picnics/outings, etc. I've always bought the el cheapo cooler at wally world, but I've started looking at the cool kid coolers(yeti). I know ice is cheap but I'm gonna have to buy another cooler just to carry the extra to get us through. Are the RTIC coolers as good as yeti or Orion? I fill like a 65 would be the right size from a weekend deal but too big for a day, what size does everyone like?

I like that Orion is made in Sparta but they are a lot more expensive than any of the others. I thought Orca was made in TN but I've recently read that they are only distributed from here and made over seas?

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I have a Yeti 50. The size works great fom me since I usually just use it for the day. For camping, a bigger one would be better. I put one bag of ice in it Sunday late morning with some bottled water, and it sill has a couple of cubes floating in the melt. It sat on the back of my truck most of that time.

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The RTIC's are just getting out there, but I am confident they will be just a good as the Yeti.  I have also heard the Ozark brand has excellent reviews and they are cheap.  There are just too many comparable competitors now to pay the price for a Yeti IMO.

I will probably buy an RTIC based on my experience with my two 30oz tumblers.

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I have a 20 qt Pelican that I bought to keep in trunk of car when traveling. It kept ice really well the first and only time I used it. Lifetime guarantee compared to 5 years on Yeti.  Amazon and others have  deals on Pelican occasionally. We were at Branson 4 days the first part of May. I put a couple of ice buckets of ice from motel just before leaving and drinks were cold a day after we got home. I used Blue ice the first night at home on top of the ice I bought to help cool the cooler but left blue ice at home. 

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Ice being cheap, pack a cooler 1 -2 days before needed, add drinks, re-Ice.

Pre-chilling any cooler will help.

Really cheap Styrofoam environmental killer coolers have excellent service time.

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I think the issue right now is finding an RTIC or waiting for them to actually ship, which is supposed to be soon.  I love the Orion coolers all around but they are a hefty price for sure.  


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Learning how to properly pack a cooler is really important, and will extend the service of any cooler you might use.  Likewise, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself and figure out if the primary reason you typically buy a new cooler is because the old one mildewed with all of the stuff you left in it after your last outing.

There are some great coolers on the market that aren't as expensive as the new cool kid coolers.  The Coleman Extreme line performs pretty well when packed appropriately, and aren't nearly as expensive as some of the "cooler" ones.

I've got a Yeti, and it's great.  Truthfully, had it been available years ago, it would have likely saved me from buying a few dozen coolers over the years.

I like the fact that they can be pressure washed.  I also like the fact that you can throw some dry ice and popsicles in there and not have a huge mess on your hands.

I've got a friend that will pack two on 10+ day canoe trips.  The secret here is that you don't open the second one until the first one is empty.

It really just depends on your use case.  

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Thought not a "Yeti", we bought one of those hi-performance Coleman coolers from Walmart a couple years ago for camping... think it was about $65? Get 2-3 days out of the first round of ice (usually 2 bags and some freezer-packs from our freezer). Significant improvement over the old-days, when I was buying 2-bags of ice per-cooler per-day....

Beer cooler still needs a bag or two every day, but it keeps getting emptied, and new beer's thrown in there? :shrug:


- K

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We've had the same two coolers for almost 10yrs. One has sucked since the day we bought it,ie even pre chilling it, it wont hold ice all day, and the other(I picked it up at a yard sale for $3) has a crack in the middle. The cracked one works pretty good for what it is but it is too the point of leaking water in the car now. I always pre chill before use, both cooler and drinks, and air out after use. 

I'm actually leaning towards two, a 45 and a 65, but I don't know if I can convince the wife of the "need". 

I'll check out the pelican. 

Thanks for the info, keep it coming. 

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First I've seen of the atlas. Very interesting, as I've been considering a yeti or rtic. We currently use one of the Coleman extremes and it performs awesome, even compared with these higher end coolers. There was a kitchen supply company that did a YouTube comparison and the Coleman did really well. 

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Cabelas also make one (I think 65qt) under their own name that scores amazingly well compared to much more spendy affairs...

I'll see if I can find the link to a review Field & Stream did.

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Lets face it here. Most of these secondary brands are going to be just as good. What Yeti did is not rocket science they were just the first to market with a product. 

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1 hour ago, Lumber_Jack said:

Lets face it here. Most of these secondary brands are going to be just as good. What Yeti did is not rocket science they were just the first to market with a product. 

Yeah, I wonder how much of the secondary market exists because of the supply line troubles Yeti created for themselves by letting every gear store and boutique in the world be a dealer and not being able to keep up with demand?

It ought to be a cautionary tale about small companies taking their manufacturing to China. The price per piece looks great, but the total cost of getting it here - measured in dollars and time is totally different.  You  couldn't get a 20oz. Rambler back in the fall to save your life.

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We carry the Orca coolers at work and they seem to be as good as a yeti. Although I have used a Styrofoam cooler that are vaccines are sent in and it made it a week in FL tent camping without thawing it's contents.

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Ive got several Orca coolers. We use the 75qt the most. It keeps ice all weekend even in 100* weather even being opened and closed all day.

Lifetime guarantee, headquartered here in Nashville, TN, and made in the U.S.A.



This is the 75QT Orca next to a 60 QT Igloo Cube

the Orca has my 4 year old in it..


photo 20150730_211314_zpsdb3zke10.jpg

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I was looking/considering an RTIC, but an empty mid size one weighs 25#, meh.  I use Igloo Marine ones and throw a 1 or 2 liter frozen bottle in with the ice and the ice stays for a couple days,  Good enough for me.  

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On ‎6‎/‎1‎/‎2016 at 6:40 AM, DaveTN said:

Well it’s good to see those that like to buy American Made products certainly are not lacking choices when buying a cooler.

Orca are made in the USA (Not sure where but their HQ is in Nashville and that's where they do all custom logo printing) and have a lifetime warranty

Orion are made in Sparta, TN with a 5 year warranty

Grizzly are made in Iowa and have a lifetime warranty

Pelican are made in the USA (Iowa) and have a lifetime warranty

Cabela's Polar Cap aremade in the USA (don't know where). Unknown warranty

Coleman Extreme may be a mix. I know some models are made in USA, but I don't know if all of them are. Unknown warranty.

Yeti Tundra series are made in the USA and the Philippines. (Yeti Hopper are made in China) with a 5 year warranty

RTIC are made in China with a 7 year warranty


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