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'More guns in fewer hands': US study charts rise of hardcore super owners


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While I'm sure The Guardian, not to mention the universities that did this survey aren't what we would call gun friendly, they do seem to have laid out an objective summary for someone to make their on conclusions about, and as interesting a read as this was, I look forward for the full survey data set to examine.



Bottom line up front takeaways:

  • Gun ownership is growing in raw numbers, but not faster than growth in the population, leading to a net percentage decrease
  • Women are a growing demographic of gun ownership, but not to the point of statistical relevance
  • Pistols are still far more prolific than rifles


Fair point at the end about how some gun owners are reluctant to talk about their firearms to a survey, but I don't see anything too far out of wack when you realize that this is a national snapshot.  As to the "super owner" aspect, I think we have enough people here with multiple guns to give the idea credence.  Even though I'm one guy shy of that "super owner" metric, my list of firearms is well above the average of my real life friends, most of whom only have one or two guns, if they even have one at all.  I think that's important to remember on a site like this where the average amount of firearms owned is well, well above the average.

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disclaimer: I have never liked statistics very much

I also want to see the whole study but it seems to me their selection criteria has a real potential to be skewed. If I read it correctly, at least a portion of the participants had volunteered beforehand to be studied. 

Last census had US population at almost 324M.  Under 18years old at about 23%. With a little fuzzy math, almost 250M adult population.  They sampled 0.0016% of population. Seems a little small to me. For comparison, the last Gallup poll on satisfaction with healthcare sampled 119,931 randomized individuals. About 0.05% of population. 

Lastly, self reporting is not the highest standard in data gathering. Although, I doubt you could design a double blinded study on ownership of anything, especially firearms. 

It was nice of them to document that they were going to target the roughly 50% of gun owners who only own 1-2 guns as this is where they believe they can make a difference. 

Interesting read. Thanks for posting. 


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3 hours ago, musicman said:

So what is the number required for "Super-duper" gun owner?  How many do I need to unlock the next achievement level?!

17 is the magic number according to the article. I passed that in my early teens.:D

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9 minutes ago, gregintenn said:

Not sure, but I can tell you that if you know how many you have, you don't have enough.

If it takes a while to add them up is that a disqualification?


Also, if you have 17 small arms and 17 long guns do you get a gold star? Trying to decide how hard I need to push...

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Like some others here I had a tragic boating accident losing the few that I had, and I was uninsured. I have never recovered from my loss. I am hoping Obama will issue an executive order offering affordable gun insurance before he leaves office so others don't needlessly suffer like I and my family have.  Those of you who believe in socialist redistribution please send me a message letting me know what you have to offer so I and my family are no longer defenseless and unable to exercise our 2nd Admendment rights.

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23 hours ago, musicman said:

So what is the number required for "Super-duper" gun owner?  How many do I need to unlock the next achievement level?!

That's just the starter achievement you get for participation. Later on it gets difficult.. Wait till you get to the 360 no scope....

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15 hours ago, Scorpion Equalizer said:

Next executive order from either BHO or Billary is to redistribute those guns from super owners to the poor and helpless democrats.:confused:

Ooooh, I hope so!  I will start with some of these democrat version:



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Ohhhhh..., Ahhhh..., I was in a panic there for a second or two.

17 TOTAL firearms makes you a Super Owner.......

I misunderstood it at first to mean 17 of the Same Type of firearm - - -  was thinking I was short a couple of 1911s!   :dunno:  

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