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  1. 25 minutes ago, Jamie Jackson said:

    Power came back on before I finished my second cup. Now I have to reset the friggin clocks on the stove and microwave.

    Definitely First World problems... 😉

    Just had our first here in Chattanooga. About 10 minutes. the worst was listening to our 8 year old whine. 

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  2. 25 minutes ago, JohnSutton1980 said:

    I have used a red dot on my M4 while in the sandbox. Its more of a "reflex" style sight. Not needing much time to get your sight picture stable. With a pistol in a defense style situation, within 15-20 feet most people, as I would also, just point and shoot! Maybe I am over thinking it. In Iraq, generally you were within a  few hundred meters or even less but almost never within 100 meters. The red dot helps you find a target quicker. Perhaps I will find a range that rents guns in or around Knox and just go shoot for a bit with one on a pistol. Maybe I am thinking about it the wrong way.

    This is what I did. Picked up one for my 22/45 and spent some time at the range. That sold me on them.  Much quicker and easier to pick up a single dot. You do have to learn how to “find” the dot, but once you have that down you’re good to go. 

    Something else I found easier was leaving both eyes open for aiming. Have always had a hard time using irons that way, but a red dot made all the difference. 

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  3. No specific experience, but I do have a friend (don’t we all) who used a Hill People Gear kit bag when in bear country hiking around. He loved it and the fact it was more versatile than a typical chest rig. It carried comfortably over or under a jacket. Will definitely keep the brush out of the way. Not sure what it would be like with an orange vest during hunting season. 

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  4. Good luck and have fun. Beautiful country out there. We were in Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon last fall. We were lazy and flew to Vegas like one of your daughters. Really just didn’t have enough vacation time to take longer. 

  5. While I try to cook most meals at home or hit up locally owned places, sometimes you just have to hit one of the fast food joints. 

    Our local Arby’s is pretty good and convenient to my son’s school so I can grab it on the way to his baseball or soccer. 

    If I want chicken sandwich I hit up Wendy’s. 

    Popeyes for a taste of Louisiana. Love their red beans and rice and their jambalaya isn’t bad. 

    And anyone who disses Krystal, well you just ain’t from round these parts. Not that I need to eat there often to get my fix, but every now and again they hit the spot. 

    For Tex-Mex it is usually Salsaritas or Moes. Moes used to be all my some would eat out, but he’s moved to Salsaritas which has better chips and quality of food. 

    I also agree about food trucks, but they are not any better priced in Chattanooga. I can’t eat any cheaper there, and often more expensive and takes longer. 

    But hey, first world problems if all we have to worry about is which food place gets my money. At least we have options. 

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  6. Only grill I have owned for the past 20 years was a stainless Charm Glow. Rebuilt the burners once in that time just a couple years ago. Use it 3 - 4 times per week. 

    Been looking at something for the camper and research has led me to the Camp Chef Explorer two or three burner. I like it because it and the other Camp Chef models are modular. You can get a griddle, grill or even a pizza oven. They also get great reviews on whatever your preferred site is. 

    Based on that same research the pellet grills above are great options. The Pit Boss and Camp Chef are both well reviewed. 

    Good luck and let us know what you get!

  7. Loved my boxer who was with us for 11 years. Rescued new pup yesterday, because can’t be without one for too long. Appears to be a hound - looks a lot like a cur or one I had never heard of, Treeing Tennessee Brindle. She’s already made herself a part of the family.  Figured y’all would appreciate this here.




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