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  2. Friends from day one, inseparable. Coal and Sadie.
  3. The first time we did a remodel of the bath room got the water backwards, had hot water going to the toilet. Was nice and warm for a few days.
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  5. Snaveba, son you have a problem, I am so proud of you.
  6. Ok, I’ll let you know if I’m gonna be out that way.
  7. Sort of looking for another TX22 since my wife took mine. But Lordy!! I ain't never seen that before! LOL! Really am thinking about it though. Might a Walther P22 interest you? Just a thought.
  8. Safety Reminder for Buyers and Sellers This is an automatic reply meant to protect you as a buyer and a seller on TGO. Use the Buyer/Seller Feedback feature to research who you are dealing with. Please come back and leave feedback for each other after the transaction is complete. Your experience will help others. Never agree to use an electronic form of payment to buy or sell a gun! None of the electronic payment services will protect you against fraud in a firearms transaction. They all have terms of service FORBIDDING the use of their services to buy/sell guns. DON'T DO IT. Be very wary of anyone who insists on brokering a deal in private or outside of TGO. Scammers almost always prefer to operate out of the public eye. The complete Trading Post Rules and also some more helpful suggestions can be found by clicking this link. Everyone should read them at least once! ~~~ This was an automatic reply ~~~
  9. The 2024 12-month, 13 prize East Hickman Volunteer Fire Department gun calendars are printed and on sale now! 12 chances to win firearms as well as a chance to win a 75 qt Orca Cooler. If you win, your number goes right back in the hat for following months' drawings. All proceeds go to operational costs for our small town fire department in Lyles, TN. $40 each or 3-for-$120 We accept cash, check, venmo, cashapp, paypal. January 15th Rock Island 10mm 1911 February 15th Mossberg MVP 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action March 15th Sarsillamax Over/Under 12 gauge April 15th Ruger 1911 .45ACP May 15th Doublestar AR15 .223 June 15th Dickinson Arms Stainless 12 gauge pump + 75 qt Orca Cooler July 15th Mossberg MVP 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action August 15th Mossberg Patriot 30-06 Bolt Action Wood Stock September 15th Ruger American 243 Synthetic Bolt Action October 15th Sig P320 9mm pistol November 15th Smith and Wesson .38 SPL Airlight Stainless Revolver December 15th Remington 700 .308 Bolt Action Synthetic $40 EACH. I can ship. Makes great Christmas Presents.
  10. Outpost Armory has some Rossi 357’s or check on Kygunco.com
  11. Unfortunately williamv's safe won't work out for me but I appreciate the heads up. I've been browsing around the used sites but haven't found much. I'm keeping an eye out but might end up having to order one shipped. Home Depot seems to have free shipping on some not too heavily marked up options, but their shipping makes me leery after some prior bad experience.
  12. She's gonna make a fine trapper. I have the replacement forend on the way. I received the short mag tube with the dovetail stud. I plan to re-blue the rifle as is. I actually really like the texture left by the rusting. Maybe I will re-blue, then distress the bluing for a worn look. Who knows. It's all new territory to me. I will post more pics once either make more room or TGO Dave increases our allotted storage space. I guess I need to pay for the 45-70 and then start saving for a 30cal suppressor (maybe a Harvester EVO) for the trapper. I think a suppressed 30-30 will just be way cool.
  13. I think originally, the 45 Colt wasn’t chambered in lever rifles because the old balloon head cases couldn’t hold up to the extractor in the rifles. At least that’s what I’ve read. Anyway, that is no longer a problem with modern brass. The 30-30 is a high power rifle cartridge, and is superior in performance to most any revolver cartridge. Depending on what you expect of the rifle, you may not need all that power. It is neat to have a revolver and rifle that shoot the same cartridge. Cool thing is that if you decide you don’t like it, they sell like hotcakes. Both cartridges are expensive, at least to a cheapskate like me. I reload, so cost isn’t as big a factor as it would be if you were buying factory ammo.
  14. The toilet socks is actually a pretty good idea!
  15. Bump, back up, potential buyer has fallen through.
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