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  2. What to do with your eclipse glasses (seriously)

    Their high darkness would exacerbate the durability and sun tan issues. You'd have to get really close to see what you're doing.
  3. Going to ruffle some feathers

    Stoeger M3000 inertia driven in 12 gauge. I shot it and it really does not kick much at all. My VEPR seems to pound me compared to the Stoeger. It has sold me on the system.
  4. What to do with your eclipse glasses (seriously)

    They would work until the first splatter hits them and the film melts to your eye lid or the paper catches on fire.
  5. Scope installation

    The leveling kit is included in the scope mounting kit above. When I look back, I would have been money ahead buying the whole kit at once. FWIW, I like the Tipton vice the best between it and the Lyman. I have both
  6. AR pistol Sights

    I recently got my first AR pistol in .223/5.56, 8.5" palmetto State armory with a melonite barrel to be exact. However I'm having trouble sighting it in at less than 50 yards. I tried some cheap flip up irons and a sight mark red dot. Since then I've put a laser and wrote it off as a hip fire spray and pray fun gun. Next I bought a Palmetto AR 9 10.5" barrel that accepts Glock mags. I mounted the same two sights to it and could not zero them on this set up either. I recently ordered some MBUS sights and a bore sight to see if that helps. What would be your preferred red dot? I would like to not splurge on a EoTech but still have something reliable. The more low profile the better also.
  7. Total Eclipse in 4k UHD!

    Very cool! Thanks for making that video for those of us that only had the glasses to watch it by. Here in Cleveland we had 1 min 3 sec totality and I was giddy watching it happen.
  8. Section 343 Row V Seat 5 & 6. Not great seats but these games usually aren't very crowded and you can sit wherever. $40 for both firm. Pickup in Brentwood
  9. What to do with your eclipse glasses (seriously)

    They would work I suppose, but you would have the world's goofiest case of coon eyes. Not to mention any "spill" for lack of a better description getting to you.
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  11. Going to Vet today!!

    Prayers are there for you and Kasey Doug. She's Blessed to have you for a "Dad" Good Sir.
  12. What to do with your eclipse glasses (seriously)

    If they block the sun I wonder how they would work for welding, specifically TIG.
  13. Total Eclipse in 4k UHD!

    Your videos are always awesome. Thank you for sharing!
  14. What to do with your eclipse glasses (seriously)

    My local optometrist is collecting them too for the same reasons.
  15. Total Eclipse in 4k UHD!

    That sir....is awesome!!!
  16. Shields on sale

    Got a MP 2.0 2 weeks ago and love it and saw today a Shield for $299. so I got it also! Now I will be waiting on Rebates for both, each will be 2 boxes of Hornady critical defense ammo, 2 mags & a speed loader and S&W says each Rebate is worth $180. but I figure each to be worth $150. I do wonder will I receive a e-mail when Rebates are received/shipped and will I have to sign for each delivery since it contains "AMMO"? Thank's
  17. Going to Vet today!!

    Good to hear. Hopefully that helps out. I am not even a cat person and I sorta miss the 16 year old cat we just lost. So I can understand. They asre mpre family than some blood relations. Btw, you couldn't pay me enough to be the one to "express" glands!
  18. I have a take off stock from my Rem 700 SPS Tactical .308 for sale. It has the heavy/varmit barrel and is in really good shape. $50 face to face, can ship if you pay shipping. Shouldn't be much, I can ship from work for better rate.
  19. Scope installation

    I'm gonna grab it with a vise (as I don't have one and that needs to change) and the reticle leveling kit. All told, about $180 worth of tools that I really ought to have.
  20. Going to ruffle some feathers

    A 4.10 shotgun is a great gun for shooting just about any kind of birds from clays to Ducks over decoys and Pheasants. Quail can be a challenge but it can be done and if she is busting 20 + I would say she would give Quail a run for their money also. I loved the challenge hunting birds with my 4.10 Pump gun back when I was able to hunt. Hope she likes her 12 gauge. What kind of 12 gauge did she settle on and buy?
  21. Lake Douglas

    Welcome. We sorta like it here too. Eric88, you stole my favorite line. Actually was watching Shooter (movie) the other night.
  22. Bass Pro straw purchase

    I can't remember when BPS opened in Nashville but I can tell you exactly how many times I have been in it. 4 times and every one of those I was rding with someone else and they just decided on a spare of the minute to stop in for something. I have made a purchase each time. OutBoard Motor oil for my Skeeter Bass boat. They do have a good price on it. As far as me driving to BPS to actually shop will never happen. I have heard to many horror stories about them like this thread by OP right here.
  23. Lake Douglas

    Douglas is a great lake. One can hit downtown Knoxville within 20-30 minutes from parts of Douglas. Welcome to the "patron state of shooting stuff". We're glad to have you!
  24. Lake Douglas

    Just spent a week at Lake Douglas. I will be moving down to Tenn. in a year or so, doing a recon last week. We had a great time, talked to a lot of folks and just relaxed. Love your state can't wait to be a resident. Went to Bud's, Smokey Mountain Knife Works. Nice to see Gatlinburg is recovering, a lot of burned buildings still.
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