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  2. I have had really good luck with Merrill boots. They have pretty good insoles to start with. Peejman said it true. Good insoles make all the difference.
  3. Run is a word that's no longer in my vocabulary.
  4. 100% agree. As as a collector of these types of firearms... please leave it as is. Sell it and put the proceeds towards one in the condition that you desire. It has more value as is... than it would after a refinish.
  5. Howdy, name is Mike. I moved to Hixson October 2023 from Montana. I'm a Army Vet, hunter, fisherman. I have an AAS in firearm technology. I'm into more modern tactical guns and training. I am very knowledgeable with AR platform. I'm new to the forms, so bare with me if I do something wrong.
  6. Safety Reminder for Buyers and Sellers This is an automatic reply meant to protect you as a buyer and a seller on TGO. Use the Buyer/Seller Feedback feature to research who you are dealing with. Please come back and leave feedback for each other after the transaction is complete. Your experience will help others. Never agree to use an electronic form of payment to buy or sell a gun! None of the electronic payment services will protect you against fraud in a firearms transaction. They all have terms of service FORBIDDING the use of their services to buy/sell guns. DON'T DO IT. Be very wary of anyone who insists on brokering a deal in private or outside of TGO. Scammers almost always prefer to operate out of the public eye. The complete Trading Post Rules and also some more helpful suggestions can be found by clicking this link. Everyone should read them at least once! ~~~ This was an automatic reply ~~~
  7. High-Standard Mfg Co. (Armscor) M1911-A1 in 45 ACP, $400 OBO, Chattanooga, TN This pistol is like new and fired very little. Has the "APINTL-PAHRUMP NV PHILIPPINES" stamp indicating that it was produced in the Phillipines and imported by Armscor. Very nice 1911. Must be legal to purchase/own firearm. Prefer to meet near Chattanooga, TN.
  8. Low tennis shoes dont support your ankle, if you are actually doing some real hiking you want boots high enough to support and protect your ankle while walking up and down steep, rocky trails. I'd hate to twist my ankle and have to walk several miles (or farther) back to the car. You also want to wear the boots around your house a few times to break them in. My every day shoe is a Hi-tec Altitude boot, I wear those hiking also.
  9. When you start hitting roots and rocks on trails it makes a difference. Walking of running on asphalt or concrete, I'm definitely using my running shoes. When I say hiking I'm talking about places you need hand holds.
  10. I'm checking a place near work Monday. If it doesn't pan out, I'll call th e guys in Franklin and Lebanon. Thanks
  11. Today
  12. Jeff at Rusty Oak Armory in Lebanon does good work.
  13. I just hike, like I do most everything else, in my Red Wing Pecos pull ons. I never really understood the purpose of hiking boots. If a person is used to wearing tennis shoes, or whatever, why not just wear those? I once saw two gals sitting on a bench at Clingman’s dome, rubbing their blister covered feet, with two brand new pairs of fancy hiking boots sitting beside them. That left an impression on me.
  14. I don’t, I’d ship at buyers cost.
  15. It's kinda funny. It doesn't matter how much they cost, there's a video on YouTube of them falling apart and full of water. LOL
  16. I'm a big fan of Columbias. I'm in a pair as I type this. They are similar to the Newton Ridge models and can be found new on E bay for less than $100 . I've learned to save the money and just buy new more often vs buying a pair of high end every couple years. $200 plus makes me feel obligated to keep them until they are wore slap out. And if you have the extra to throw around thats great but I'm cheap as hell0 lol.
  17. I wore some hi-tec boots in the 90s when I was in the military. I liked them at the time. I’m healing from my broken ankle and am hoping the doc takes me out of this medical ‘boot’ soon, so I’m looking for some boots too, mainly for ankle support. Don’t hike and really don’t do much walking either, bug my ankle needs support. I’ve got a pair of Merrill hiking shoes that I really like so I may look at their boots too. I hate ordering footwear online as I can almost never get the sizing right, so I got these at Sports Academy. That’ll be my first place to look.
  18. I could at least come in 2nd.
  19. Bushmaster brings 450 to mind. Barrel looks small, caliber .223, 556, 300?
  20. @gregintenn Oooooo..... you're gonna be SO mad when l finish with the primary, timing & trans covers, horn, coils, fender struts & belt guard! The sight of my abbreviated rear fender may cause you an actual conniption! I'm not even going to mention the tanks....
  21. I have a pair of Hi-tec ultralight boots that are great for day hikes, I can really notice the light weight. They are probably 10 yrs old and still look and feel great. But I dont hike a lot-lol, couple times a year. If I was doing a multi-day hike I'd do a little research before buying a pair.
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