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  2. Airsoft guns are affordable and a very realistic analog. $100 vs $400 for a training/real gun.
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  4. You would be correct. However, this AOW is. Not much else is, if anything. It goes on our pistol permit vs using a trust or something. I wont be here long after I obtain it, though. But yes, these are legal. They are unappealing to most so its rare if someone buys one here. $1000 (or more) for a 3 shot 12ga? Im odd and can wait, plus the post office throws away money like its trash. Its been on my to buy list for years.
  5. I thought NFA weapons were not allowed in any form in NY. Am I wrong on that?
  6. Everyone got your seeds started for this summer?
  7. she gone
  8. Now THAT'S special. Never owned one, but had a friend that did and it was a hoot to shoot. Never ever let that one go.
  9. I traded a perfectly fine S&W Bodyguard .38, my first revolver, for a Century Golani Sporter. New in box with 4 mags. I included some cash in the deal too. After 2 gunsmiths worked on it, it finally runs reliably. Before it was a single shot, stovepiper that made me curse Century every time I looked at it. It's cool wall art essentially now. As soon as I can get the funds for a real Galil, I'll sell. For now I'll hold onto it as a reminder not to buy junk. I'll lose my ass on the deal when I do sell after investing so much $$ into getting it to fire reliably.
  10. It's a weston 2300 comercial. I've thought of adding a vacuum port to the top cover and a small valve. Just haven't gotten around to it....
  11. I don't "fit in" anywhere . . . by design, volition, and just plain ornery-ness . .
  12. If course, the noob (me) hasn't read it all . . . . yet . . .
  13. Cable's commercial unit fanboy here. Went through 2 or 3 foodsavers. All broke and you can't fix them. Bit the bullet and bought a cabelas commercial model. Built like a tank and you can order parts for it. It is the last generation version. Pretty sure Weston made it for Cabela's. We usually buy a whole cow and a whole pig once a year. The processor puts the cuts in cheap bags. We reseal them in good bags. We also dehydrate a lot of veggies and meat. Vacuum packed and stuck in a chest freezer it has an expiration date of forever... rumor has it you can make a bag long enough for an sks, then stick it in a pvc tube that is sealed and put away for that special day... Sidecarist, they said mine wouldn't vacuum seal jars either but I do it every week. Let us know your model number and I will look it up and see if the same trick will work for you mark
  14. What exactly will a chrony do? Unless you know how velocity for the SAME load compares between your gun and their test gun, velocity really tells you very little. Any change in any component can have an effect on pressure/velocity--including the lot number of powder used. The two real uses for a chrony are (1) to achieve a specific power factor for action pistol sports and (2) to generate external ballistics for long range shooting. If you are shooting a XXX gn lead core jacketed bullet, then use the data for the same xxx gn lead core jacketed bullet as in the manual. This is why you start at the start load and work up. If you have a plated bullet, the standard has always been to use lead bullet data. I prefer to check several manuals and use the lowest starting load. If you look at the number of bullet manufacturers out there, if you HAD to have specific data for each bullet, reloading would not exist as no test lab can test all bullets. It used to be that manuals had load for "jacketed" bullets and for "lead" bullets and that was all any one needed.
  15. Sessions has refused to recuse himself from overseeing Trump campaign/Russia connection investigations, even though he himself was part of the Trump campaign team. Seems "just", eh? Sessions was responsible for Trump hiring Carter Page (another Big Oil connected guy), who resigned in Sept. after he was investigated by US intelligence. Interestingly, his name surfaced numerous times in the Christopher Steele leaked "report". Also interestingly, apparently Page's last known public appearance was in Moscow in December. I'm on dialup for a while, so hard to get around, but anyone interested, read up on the ongoing Dmitry Firtash saga, and the Paul Manifort tie in. Beginning to look like there may indeed be some there there, here and there. Previous admin wanted him back to prosecute. Will Sessions? Hmmm. - OS
  16. I am not a 1911 guy but do have a Dan Wesson .44 Magnum that I love. Are these mostly the CZ owned Dan Wessons or the pre Cz models (or is there a difference)?
  17. How about .45ACP for $10.99/50 I wish I had seen this earlier today... https://www.gunbuyer.com/sellier-bellot-sb45a-45-acp-full-metal-jacket-230gr-50rd-box-sb45a-gb.html
  18. That has probably been posted on here a dozen times; and I still laugh every time I read it.
  19. Music City Tactical Shooters will be holding a Falling Steel match this Saturday and Sunday (02-25 and 02-26) at our outdoor facilities in Dickson, TN. Setup begins at 7am, shooters meeting at 8:45, rounds downrange at 9am. We will have 5-6 stages of challenging fun. One stage will be par timed and color coded boxes. We offer a safe and fun atmosphere. We welcome new shooters and offer instruction and coaching during the match. Come out and bring your friends. Divisions Saturday: Pistol Shotgun Pistol caliber carbine Hope to see you there!
  20. Fortunately, it can be loaded with 45acp dies and is a handloader's cartridge. A 230 grain bullet at less than 825fps, which is basically standard pressure 45acp levels, is actually fun to shoot. I have shot exactly one full pressure factory load, and it was eye opening. This was a 260gr bullet at about 1100fps out of the three inch barrel. I did have a little bit of stinging afterwards, but I would have no problem lighting one off to get a grizzly off of me.
  21. thanks! please do. does anyone shoot at the Gun Room?
  22. Occasionally. My favorite is my 75B Omega which occasionally falls under, "has gun, will travel." Go to EDC is a P01 SDP.
  23. If you need any help I can PM you my number.
  24. Yup, Going Heavy for this match.
  25. Perhaps this is what you recall. There was a significant lawsuit in the news recently regarding this. http://archive.commercialappeal.com/news/suburbs/desoto/gaming-officer-killed-in-tunica-during-training-exercise-ep-890340353-324481221.html
  26. Thanks All! lots of good info. FYI, I did load 12 rounds ea of 5 loads, (starting to max). ran them through my VP9, 3 rounds at each of 5 targets, on a rest, repeated 4 times. Key holing got better toward the upper end, but not good enough to consider loading. I have been looking at Chrony's, and will most likely have one this month. I think it will help a lot, as I am sort of an accuracy freak (loading and shooting). I also took apart several different commercial rounds I had in 115, and found that most were conical base, which makes sense. I will try DO's comments which should help me get closer. thanks again all, will let you know how it comes out.
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