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  2. Matt Just let me know where you are gonna stop for lunch after a range session with these. I promise to leave you a receipt on your windshield. Honestly, I think it is a great looking setup, but there is probably enough in there between hardware and stamps to pay off my car.
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  4. The bigger question is what is your budget. Start there, not the other way around. You will quickly narrow down areas that are truly achievable or not. Also make a list of 'must have's' and don't deviate from them or you will regret it. Don't confuse must have with would like to have. There are some basic things I will always require for any house. Time changes must have's, but go with what you must have now. You will certainly sell and buy again before it is all over. West End is unfortunately the absolute worst place to have to get to and from on any day, so watch commute times from any location, not just distance.
  5. Thanks DaveTN!
  6. free

    Is this still available?
  7. I am, and have been looking for, a CZ75B SA in a 9mm. Everybody, keep your eyes and ears open if you hear of a gun shop that has one for sale.
  8. I was just kidding you man. I just knew you have some of those revolvers I’m looking for.
  9. I am in the process of building a new 1900 sq ft home right now. If you can find one you like already built it will be much cheaper. I am building one because I had lakefront property and wanted it on the lake. Mine is all brick, lots of glass, steep roof lines, hardwood and tile floors with 9 ft ceilings. It is supposed to run about $250,000 when finished. My neighbor is building one right next door, same size but stone with giant stone fireplaces and timber beams. Same builder told him it could not be built for the $300,000 budget he is working with. I have another friend who used the same builder and got a 1850 sq ft brick house with 8 ft ceilings and got a very nice house for $187,000. So I would say price is going to run anywhere between $110 to $150 per foot depending on what style home you want and how exotic you taste is.
  10. Very nice but it makes me think of a classic proverb. Never keep all your eggs in one basket.
  11. This needed it own thread. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/102687-state-gun-dealer-licensing/
  12. A link to this story was posted in another thread. I thought it deserved its own thread. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/04/john-boch/springfield-armory-rock-river-arms-trade-opposition-to-illinois-ffl-licensing-scheme-for-carve-out/ Liberals are such idiots. This article.... http://www.chicagonow.com/reflections-chicago-life/2016/05/why-illinois-needs-hb1016-the-gun-dealer-licensing-act-and-what-you-can-do-to-make-sure-we-get-it/ makes a lame azz attempt at explaining why they need this. They claim it will take 20-40% of guns used in crimes (I assume that’s what they mean by “Crimes guns”) They claim that four local dealers supplied 20% of the guns found at crimes scenes. So I assume their “fix” for the problem is to close those four dealers. Do these morons think for one minute this will stop criminals from getting guns? They also claim that this won’t cause the price of guns to rise or any gun dealers to go out of business. That's ridiculous. Especially if some of them make legal gun sales that end up at crime scenes. They claim a lack of oversight because they apparently think that the BATF isn’t doing its job. I do not believe that if their stats are true, the BATF is not investigating and auditing these dealers. The President himself and the Attorney General of the United States are trying to address the murder rate in Chicago; I’m sure that has rolled downhill to the BATF. What they do not tell us is how many of these guns they recovered were improper or illegal sales; my guess would be very few if any. If they acknowledge the truth; that people in Chicago (and Memphis, and Miami, and LA, etc.) are shooting each other because of lack of jobs, a poor economy, and a collapse of morals and the family unit, they would have to do something about it. It’s easier to blame guns. As these poor economic and family conditions expand from the big cities to engulf the smaller towns and rural areas; we will need more guns to protect ourselves. It’s easy to say “It’s Illinois” or “It’s California”. But the fact is it’s a big problem for us all no matter where we live.
  13. That was a fun match! It might not had been intended, but the "dancing steel" plates in the wood line of bay 5 while looking into the sun was AWESOME! One of the hardest things to do in a fight is to acquire your target. People can be getting shot at from a general direction and won't return fire because they can't see a clear target. We become conditioned to look for that bullseye or cardboard cut out and our brain under stress just won't allow us to focus on something that is different from what we wish to see. We all wanted to see nice round white painted steel plates with a dark green background. Its not what we all got..., we got that "different" that under stress (a timer in this case) caused all of us to work harder than we wanted. Outstanding!
  14. Colt RO923 Clone, Transferable Select Fire M16
  15. Instead of a gumball you might have to do the ones that drop out the little plastic capsules. Unless you only need .22lr. Automatic Sharper Image Ammo Dispenser
  16. I suggest you find some new homes FS that you like, then talk to the builder to discuss some prices/options. If the builder can build one that is "pre-sold", it may be a bit cheaper $$ wise or you get a few upgrades, etc., maybe a "freebie" or two but it really depends on the market. And be prepared to be total frustrated with the builder no matter what they appear to be while just talking to them. They are two entirely different people (split personality ???) from the "discussion" phase to after you've signed the contract/building phase. GL in your search.
  17. At 30 mins of West End you will be paying 200,000 to 300,000 for a good place in a good neighborhood. If you get out further look to pay more, land is gone way up. I do not know how much money you bring home, I do know mine and I could not afford the payment. Well I could but would have very little left at the end of the month. Now if you can find a older place and get in for less than 150,000 to 200,000, call it a starter home, get it paid off in 10 to 15 years, then move up to a bigger place or more land.
  18. You're working on paying for your own personal ATF agent just in tax stamps! Very nice setup, I like that.
  19. That's a Gen 4 North Korea cruise missile
  20. Location will make a big difference. Huge in this area(middle TN). Amenities make a big difference in price and can add up quick. Tiled in shower, recessed lighting, better cabinets, quality of floor coverings, type of trim work, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, light fixtures, etc. At 2,000sqft, you could double the price going from bare bones to luxuriously appointed. Also if you build and wanted home automation, I would look into having that installed when it was built instead of an afterthought.
  21. Once you nail down your floor plan, start on the things that really matter the garage "if" you think you need a 1 car garage you really need 2, if it's 2 you need 4, if its 3 it's really 6.....depending on roof height that could increase your square footage = bonus room or man cave....
  22. All in: rifle, scope, brass, bullets & dies $850 I'm pretty much giving the thing away at this price....... Hell, I'll even throw in shipping, if you can't be bothered to drive a couple of hours! I'll happily. HAPPILY drive 2 hours from Tullahoma to meet up.
  23. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/04/john-boch/springfield-armory-rock-river-arms-trade-opposition-to-illinois-ffl-licensing-scheme-for-carve-out/
  24. Another option would be to try to find a spec home early enough in construction to have the builder customize it as you like. There's an awful lot of neighborhood options within a 30 minute/ 25 mile radius of West End. From Hendersonville to Cool Springs. Depends on what lifestyle you wanna lead.
  25. The Jimmy John's workers and bike delivery folks on 5th Ave in Nashville are always super nice to my family. We always comment that they seem really happy at work. I don't know if that's their corporate culture or if it's unique to this store, but it's a pleasure doing business with them. Just wanted to take the chance to give props to jj's.
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