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  2. for-sale

    Is Friday for vendors only?
  3. Welcome
  4. I've had the occasional run in with sketchy white, brown, and black guys over the years, and not a one of them looked or dressed anything like me or any of the people I associate with. I honestly stereotyped each by their dress and their swagger and the overall ways they presented themselves and ended up being correct in my assumptions. On the flip side of that, I have also had numerous occasions (pretty much daily) where I have stereotyped individuals and kept a more watchful eye on them and nothing has come of it. I really don't see any harm in that as I am not imposing on the person or affecting them in any way. If I'm right I'm ahead of he game tactically, if I'm wrong then nothing lost for anyone. For an additional perspective on this, I pretty much equally distrust a white guy in an executive suit and a black guy with his pants sagging around his knees. While I might consider myself more likely to be shot by one, I will presume (based on my life experiences) that I'll probably get more screwed over by the other in the long run.
  5. This is probably gonna sound strange but could you post a picture of what it's gonna look like completed? I can't picture in my mind what in the heck it is, lol, as I only go to one range and that's Bud's in Sevierville, an indoor range.
  6. Nice! That's gonna be stout.
  7. We have several of these at the club. They are one concrete blocks. They do not move. Also we made some out of wood. In the long run the wood ones were better. Can move them and wood does not eat up you gun like concrete can.
  8. wanted

    Can you PM your asking price and a few pictures?
  9. wanted

    You won't be sorry
  10. Do you think that would be enough firepower?
  11. I figure about 300 or so. Going to set it on some concrete blocks. Probably have to pour some footers.
  12. that would be great for Chicago these days.
  13. Wow that is gonna be heavy. What are you using for the base?
  14. Gotta love the pre-missle days. No way that would make it today.
  15. Anti Aircraft Motorcycle Patrol
  16. We are on a roll. Mobile Police Machine Gun.
  17. Finally got the mold finished, hope to get it poured tomorrow or Wednesday.
  18. sale-or-trade

    Pics aren't showing up.
  19. Instersted please call 8657425352
  20. for-sale

    Ain't no bait and switch here Red. Except for the two ARs which are already listed, we have stopped selling guns until the show. Everything on that list and more will be there on the tables on Friday afternoon during set up. If they're still there or not when you walk in the door is anybodies guess.
  21. I will say I forgot about one attempted robbery by someone who was a minority but the rest have been people who look and dress similarly to me. Just trying to say we should not judge someone by how they dress or the color of their skin because not everyone who is different is a bad person. We have plenty in our community that do not confirm to what our community has deemed "normal". When we start alienating everyone who is different we will end up alone because we are all a little different. Anyone who has never seen Murgatroy would probably cross the street to avoid him but you will not meet a nicer person. He has been to my house and is always welcome. Spots is a towering guy, with the eyes of a lunatic, covered in tattoos, rides a bike and is in motorcycle club but he would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I can promise you that both of them are some of the best people you will ever meet but if you start off judging them you will never get the chance to find out.
  22. I'm about as far away from the Air Force as one could get but welcome any way
  23. wanted

    Thanks! I chose a Liberty safe from Town and Country Safes. The are going to deliver and install in the morning.
  24. Welcome from the western end of the state
  25. They do. All sorts of stuff to hide a gat. Heck, ii could have got an ar15 in several costumes and props. All foil covered and hail-mary passes
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