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  2. My first deer rifle was a Savage 110. They are great, accurate guns. Looks like a great project.
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  4. If you thought the 38 was crazy you completely overlooked the Standard CCI 22lr they were selling for $0.40 a round . Gun owners at large on the left and right are their own worst enemy. It appears no one bought the last 10 years things have been dirt cheap and now it’s conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory in gun forums like this one driving typically sane people to justify spending exorbitant prices for ammo instead of just sitting and waiting for prices to come back down as they always have. Practice your dry fire, take up a different hobby, go dust off the red Ryder or that old pain
  5. Here is the OEM stock after the 1st rub of tung oil. Some of the checkering is missing the diamond tops, I will not try to raise them for fear of messing up the good checkering. I do not have the tools anyway.
  6. A few weeks back I ran up on a deal on here for a Savage 110 LH. Being a correct handed shot I jumped. It was a barreled action with out a stock. Another member was looking at the action as well, he went looking for a stock, in the mean time I bought the action. I have meet the other member in the past, we talked about the action, he turned me on to an OEM stock. I have been fitting the stock in what little spare time I have. Today I striped off the old finish, sanded with fine steel wool, and started to rub on tung oil. In the 2nd pic is another stock I picked up to play with. The finish on t
  7. I do believe it will eventually. However, I am really starting to question how long that's gonna take. Its already gone longer than I expected and there's really no let up in sight.
  8. I call that non-sense, in that they have NO sense. I may shoot less, shoot .22 and pellet guns, but I refuse to pay stupid prices. I thought the last go round in '08 I had seen some crazy stuff, but this out does it. I have seen 30-30 for over $4 per round, SPP at $325 plus shipping, plus lots of common ammo go for crazy prices. I really feel sorry for the new gun owners that for whatever reason age etc, they didn't get to enjoy the cheap prices of yesteryear. I know things will never be as cheap, but hopefully one day this storm will pass and some normality will return.
  9. I bought a box of it Friday morning at my local store.
  10. I'm pretty sure his mindset and previous training also contributed to him living through this. But I agree with what you're saying.
  11. He seems to have a great attitude about it. He's even selling "Just Put A Thumb In It" shirts.
  12. Did I mention it was a middleastern pig with mental issues that just needs help ...
  13. Which 7 mm are you looking for ? 45 brass Lpp or SPP ? Mike
  14. And then the 3rd little pig was prosecuted to the fullest extent that federal regulations allow, left penniless and incarcerated for violating the civil rights of the Wolf.
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  16. I’d like to see some of these states, counties, or any other jurisdictions passing 2A sanctuary feel good resolutions and laws actually stand behind their citizens that might run afoul of current and future ATF regulations. That’s not going to happen either.
  17. If you want the bestest and mostest in M14 accuracy, my opinion is you will be much better off spending your money on a quality barrel first. Then time your gas system with shims to get the most bolt dwell. For the money, Wolfe barrels have Kreiger performance for 100 bucks less. Their 5R/20 barrels have become very popular. Regardless whether you do Wolfe, Kreiger or a Medium weight Criterion, they all shoot circles around most Springfields. At least, if you are looking for 1 MOA or less. The Sage EBR works by greatly reducing barrel whip with a bolted op rod guide and tightly g
  18. I’d love to see some of these states that are passing laws that are designed to “protect” the 2A from the feds welcome companies that build parts, receivers, etc. If all these restrictions go into place, then allow them to continue production, sell, protect them and thumb their nose at the BATF. Poke them in the eye! Let the states flaunt their power in the face of the Feds! We all know it ain't gonna happen, but wouldn’t it be something to see the states tell the Fed to come and take ‘em. If the current trend is not stopped the Fed won’t stop until they are all illegal.
  19. Nice looking Sig! Interesting about your G20 recoil. I have a gen4 and don’t find it bad at all.
  20. Greg: Get him one of the Tennessee Specialty license plates for TTU to go on his vehicle. It is a cool gold color and really stands out.
  21. That is entirely dependent on condition, manufacturer, and originality. If you find a USGI mixmaster for less than $1k you’ve done very well. I bet these will start around $1,400 if not more for the lowest grades.
  22. What do these carbines usually sell for. I like the M-1.
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