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  2. I thought about what day it was a little while ago. God bless.
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  4. It is not new. It has been federal law for decades. Handgun sales must be made in your state of legal residence and since identifying information is filled out using your DL, that’s the determining document. Rifles may be purchased in another state, but the sale must conform to the laws of the buyer‘s state of residence. In this instance NY state law prohibits residents from purchasing long guns in non contiguous border states. If you live in TN full time, then you need to change your license anyways. If you only live in TN part time then you will have to buy what you want in NYS, or more reasonably, some place like PA and then transport it to TN. If you choose the latter, I wouldn’t go back through NYS on the way to TN. It has been alleged that they do something similar to CA and use state agents to keep an eye on the gun stores in bordering areas to ensure non-conforming guns aren’t bought out of state and smuggled in by residents.
  6. Thank you indeed to all the service men and women, past and present, in war time and peace time who defend our country.
  7. I just moved from NY also,first thing I did was get Tennessee license plates etc. Could not wait to get that New York stink off me. Just do it.
  8. when trying to bu a new hunting rifle recently, I was told I can not because my drivers lic says NYS Im a home and property owner in Tennessee though also is this a new law,? I left NYS to get away from this stuff.
  9. Will add a 3rd magazine to further sweeten the deal...
  10. Good morning all. Today is the 78th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. To all you vets out there, a great big thanks. You are not forgotten and your service is appreciated. It is the reason we sleep well at night because we know someone stands guard each and every night.
  11. Decided to part with more ammo at even lower price.
  12. No worries. Trades I would be interested in are high end 1911’s and .308 AR10 type platforms
  13. "Hornady Hot Deals" @ Academy Sports- Free shipping > $25* https://www.academy.com/shop/browse/hot-deals/hunting-outdoors/shooting--1?facet=adbug%3A"h"&orderBy=3&facet=mfName_ntk_cs%3A"Hornady"
  14. Great gesture, and any local toy drive for kids would appreciate those a lot.
  15. The left isn’t a fan of the 1st either. Like all authoritarians, they were fans of protecting their rights to speak out and protest while they were striving to gain power. Now that they’ve got it, they are doing their damnedest to silence the opposition because they know the danger folks speaking for reason, truth, and liberty pose when they start tightening the screws.
  16. I was there about 30 years ago. Cool place. Great pics!
  17. That’s a good thought. If no one takes you up on them, my wife is a teacher in a school that’s collecting gifts for their own students. I’m certain they’d be appreciated.
  18. Sounds great. I get to go with Dad in a couple weekends. We were the same as I grew up. First day I ever hunted I saw 1 doe too far out for my confidence level. Never saw another doe or buck all the years until last year. Of course I did see a huge buck while I was squirrel hunting as a kid. He almost ran me over. If he had not seen me that .410 single shot with birdshot wouldn't have stopped him. My 14 year old took one a couple years ago with my father-in-law. Has no more interest in it now. Of course I did not bring him up hunting because I didn't have a chance for years. Glad to hear he is improving. Attitude is a large part of it. Hope he is back to 110% soon.
  19. If no one takes you up on them here, perhaps consider swinging by a USMC recruiter station and donating to Toys for Tots... to get them under a tree for a kid. Thank you either way for getting them to kids
  20. Great trip Pop, thanks so much for sharing!!!
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