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  2. TGO David

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    Go ahead and show me where I labeled anyone. Meanwhile I'm sitting here asking myself why you're barking so loudly against this.
  3. TGO David

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    YEP. The younger generations are increasingly blind to differences. This is a good thing.
  4. TGO David

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    You may not care who wields a weapon but do you care if everyone feels welcomed at the Second Amendment table? What are your thoughts about blacks, Latinos, Muslims, gays, lesbians, transgenders and anyone else who doesn't look, talk, worship, live or vote like you grabbing hold of the Second Amendment and exercising it as well? Do your actions bear out your feelings and thoughts? A key point that *I* thought came of the conversation was the realization that the NRA and a lot of other groups are trying to make themselves more inviting and inclusive and then seem to be at a loss when "the other people" actually believe them, take them up on it, and show up. You can almost see the, "Oh hell... they actually showed up!" look on their faces. It's both hilarious and sad at the same time. I go to the shooting range a lot. Pretty much weekly, if I can. Maybe it's just the range I go to and the fact that it's squirreled away in a rural corner of my county, but the vast majority of the shooters there every single time are men. White men. There's one rough and tumble older black USMC vet that shows up and brings a variety of toys with him each time, but he's the exception to the norm. He's probably the 1% as far as I've noticed. Women show up, but usually accompanied by a male shooter who is there to "instruct" them. It's always the same old stuff, too. The male shooter knows everything and runs his mouth the entire time. The female shooter listens attentively, gets frustrated, and often leaves with a look on her face that I suspect means she's going to give up on learning how to properly use a handgun, let alone be accurate with it. It burns my ass to the point I've said something to the guy on more than one occasion, and thought it was going to come to a fight the last time I did it. The point I really want you to consider is this: We're not as inclusive and diverse and welcoming as you think we are. Even TGO, which is a small microcosm of the Second Amendment world, is insanely biased toward the male population. We've got a few women who browse, and even fewer that post, but the statistics here favor the XY-Chromosome pair. We shouldn't assume that it's because women don't know how to use computers. We might assume that they don't have much use for the fact that they aren't treated as equals in gun circles. Ever been to a gun shop? Ever watched a female consumer get mishandled by the dope behind the counter? Need I say more? So back to your previous statement, I actually WANT YOU TO CARE about who owns a gun. But in the positive way. We all need to be ambassadors of the Second Amendment, not just indifferent to whether the black single mom who needs a gun to protect herself and her children from the drug dealers down the street feels safe buying a gun or asking for training gets what she needs. I really want people to think about this. Being inclusive isn't a passive activity.
  5. Gotthegoods

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    I have one of them millennials in my basement. Whether it's generational or how he was raised, I've never detected the first bit of exclusiveness based on sex, orientation, religion, skin color, heritage, etc. He includes or excludes based on words and actions, individual by individual. I believes he subscribes to the notion that judging a person by the group is for peawits.
  6. Yesterday
  7. The ACS stock is brand new. I put it on a rifle for 10 minutes and it’s been in the closet ever since. I have the packaging it came in and some kind of but and bolt it came with. The moe is basically brand new. It came off of a factory rifle right after I bought it. Both of them are for MILSPEC buffer tubes. $55 for the ACS and $15 for the MOE Located in Franklin/Green hills.
  8. #1 (3 1/2" blade) is sold.
  9. n0rlf

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    Interesting ideas. Should they expect the same thing their parents and grand parents had? Why? Fair? So as it was mentioned in the podcast coming out with an attitude will get you nowhere. Interesting outlook. They are correct when they talk about the pandering. So do we pander to the millenials? Nope. Do we tell them to suck it up? Nope I think a big part of it is not so much that millenials want what boomers had. It is that they want it without working for it. That is why so many are behind Bernie. So the question is how do we get the message across to them when they do as Tiffany said and come out with attitude first and just shut down. As usual that seems to be the same, NRA should not have done this or that and how they have not really changed with the times. That is a valid point but maybe not all that popular. It was intereesting but to me a lot of the same old same old. I did like the stop labeling points! I agree that is a big part of the issues. Labeling. Not just racial, religion, sexual identity, political, or class but think of all of the other labels we box people into. Disabled, gun owners, gun haters, millenials, boomers, c-nex, stars, antifa, as well as a myriad of others. Funny you talk about not boxing it in and call it stupid even yet do some of the very same. I love the idea and think it is a great way to start getting people to think. There are a lot of us that are certified by the NRA and have been for a long time. It is easy for me to sit here and say I have held classes and training that was very inclusive. As most of the classes I did were in Minnesota we did get a lot of variety. One point we heard almost every time was folks takinig classes for no other reason than to get a permit. So we stuck to the NRA course but after the 2 day training we gave every single attendee the opportunity to join any club that was represented. We had a lot of takers on that offer. A lot of folks were introduced into shooting at those classes just so they could carry and are now recreational shooters. So being an inclusive training program is more than ignore the NRA logo as mentioned. This podcast comes across as more NRA bashing then being inclusive. Not that it is wrong in this modern time and after the attacks on the NRA lately maybe not a bad idea. So again, without the NRA piece what is the solution? You asked their advice to people that are disenfranchised with the NRA. And the answer, build a bridge and discuss the history of it's message. So here we are boxing and labeling again. Want to get further and advance gun rights and inclsiveness? Get away from the whole label idea and start fighting the battle with the same tools the advesary is. And I do agree Uncle Ted and Dana need to go away. Very bad optics there. As for reaching out to people I almost never include any discussion on the NRA or any other lobbying group. Which is indeed what the NRA has become and to Tiffany's point that there are 2 pieces, the training side and the political side.
  10. jwhjwh54

    ad closed SOLD

  11. I have traded off my T-Rex gun. I have the following components available as well as some ammo: 1 Box Hornady Match 285 Gr ELD 20 Rounds 1 open 8 lb jug of Accurate MagPro powder (Stored correctly) four 50 count boxes of Sierra GameKing 215 gr Spitzer bullets unopened 1 open box approx 50 bullets Hornady 225 Gr SST About 60 empty IMI brass 30 rounds reloads with the Hornady SST bullets. 1 set of Lyman Dies Price at this point is $400 which is about 2/3 what it would be at retail! I will entertain offers and trades. Never know what I might take so do not be afraid to ask. I am building a house so feel free to off building materials! Thanks
  12. TTT with a price drop. I will be traveling over towards Murfreesboro at some point this week.
  13. I thought the same until I actually shot it and easier carry inside the waistband.
  14. leroy

    Taurus Raging Hornet Performance at 100 Yards?

    Side.. I would live ta have a 10 inch Contender Hornet...! That's where it's at Brother.., Leroy...
  15. I am selling a set of Used CZ 75 Diamond Backs Black Gray G10 Full Size Grips. I am asking $45.00 FTF sales or $48.00 shipped. For payment I prefer Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order only please. "No Paypal" Thanks for looking.
  16. I'm surprised this ad is still up......

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    I've said it before.. the weapon and the ammo don't give a tin weasel who wields them. The NRA was originally founded (Wikipedia excerpt) "to advance rifle marksmanship, the modern NRA continues to teach firearm safety and competency." If the TGO site charter could be posted or linked to, I feel certain the issue of welcoming by this group would be properly addressed. The millenials and sjws and other such are perfectly within their rights NOT to own a firearm, and to say their say about those of us that do, within the limits of the law. Taking ours, after having acquired them through legal channels... THERE is where I have a problem. I served my military service to protect ALL of the Constitution, not just the first amendment, but the second and the rest as well. AND their use of them, not just mine. I do not give a rancid lenin about the characteristics of a fellow gun owner, save that he obeys the same laws as I. Thaddeus Stephens' cornerstone, "Equal Under The Law" says it best.
  18. Ronald_55

    Anybody got a CZ-40 or CZ-RAMI full size?

    From what I know tge CZ-40 was a Colt colaboration. Not tons of info on it that I find. I really need to discuss the CZ-40 magazine.
  19. sumigeshi

    for-sale Sig 226 magazines - 9mm

    If the magazines are still available, I'll take them.
  20. bersaguy

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    Well I know I am not smart enough to go very deep into this topic so I will tread lightly. I think that the Millennials are entitled to the same opportunities the Boomers had. I think that would only be fair. Thing is what I see is they are not and probably will never settle for what we boomers had or have. They want much much more. Thing I see is they want it but don't want to work for it. Like I said I am not going to get any deeper than that because my high school education expired and went obselete about 35 to 40 yeats ago.
  21. hipower

    Anybody got a CZ-40 or CZ-RAMI full size?

    A Rami i 40? That would be a powerhouse!
  22. MacGyver

    Diversity and Inclusion in the 2A Community

    I’m long on Millennials. But, it’s worth thinking about - what if they just want something close to the same deal the Baby Boomers got? How many Boomers do you know who graduated from high school - maybe went to college - but got a job, provided for their family, bought a house, took an occasional vacation, and was able to retire after working for one company their whole career? I’m a Gen X’er and most of my peers would take that deal if it were available. The global economy is 25x what it was at the end of WWII - but all of that profit is going to management and shareholders today - and not taking care of the people building the company. I know what it takes to build a company - and I could do it a lot faster if I did it on the backs of my people instead of making them partners in the effort. I may be leaving some money on the table - but at least I can sleep at night. But, I’m really tired of this argument Boomers make that Millennials should just suck it up and get to work - for most that ship has sailed. And, Boomers running the companies they work for are mostly responsible for it. As for this thread, like Erik, I’d encourage you to listen to the podcast before commenting - and instead of turning this thread to the easy person to bash - “the liberal” - think about what it means for people who don’t look like most of us to own a gun? Maybe ask yourself a question - is TGO a welcoming community to the black gun owner? What about the Hispanic gun owner? Maybe even the Muslim gun owner? Think and discuss.
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