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  2. I got a buddy has some tables hes unloading some merch for me....I am gladly giving him commission to avoid that brain drain. I've never heard as much stupidity as you do listening to all the rambling conspiracies at a gun show. Not to mention Covid be rampant. That being said I hope my friend gets top dollar on my treasures.
  3. I have read about that once . It's pretty neat ! Tanker guys getting Ruger P-Series. Very cool.
  4. They are getting to be few and far between buddy !
  5. I was just kidding with my daughter earlier when test firing this pistol. I told her it's the Tonka truck of the pistol world. I got to thinking and I believe that's the best thing to describe the Ruger P-Series. The Tonka Trucks of the pistol world. Big , tough , fat, clunky and reliable.
  6. I hope they do bury him but I bet he will get off with probation or a warning and slap on the wrist. These judges seem to be way to soft on these record criminals that do the same thing over and over....JMHO
  7. The famous "its not my fault" defense. It ain't gonna fly. Not only do I want to see Baldwin lose the lawsuit, I hope he gets charged criminally.
  8. "If they have it listed". Exactly. It would be a lot easier if people just put it in their listing.
  9. So not only did a felon sell this guy a gun, he knew that the buyer intended to threaten someone with it. A criminal act in itself. They're gonna bury this guy as well they should.
  10. I had a long talk with my insurance agent which by the way is Pro-Gun and she said I could add a rider to my Homeowners/Renters insurance that protects me and my firearms in the event I had to file a firearms claim. My policy did not increase by adding it. I did this quite a few years back long before this San Jose deal came about. I had a friend shoot a burglar in his home and the guy sued him from jail and almost won. If it wasn't for the fact the guy had a long history of arrests he might have won but my friend was still out the attorney fees. My insurance will cover any attorney's fees and other expenses. I realize that driving a car/truck etc is not a Constitutional issue but we still have to have liability insurance by law to operate one on the highways legally....JMHO
  11. Wade195


    Ahh. Now that makes a lot of sense. All I have is my phone and iPad. Also trying outside. I never thought of that. Thank you.
  12. Turn your phone sideways and it will show location if they have it listed.
  13. What I would like to know is why people don't put their city in their listing. If I'm on mobile I can't see your location and some people don't even list their location in their profile to begin with. This should be common sense. I can't call you how many times I've seen someone have to ask what part of the state they are in.
  14. TNW INC Aero Survival Pistol in 9mm. 5 Glock 33 round mags, Sight Mark reflex sight. $1000. Fired very little. Trade interests are revolvers, 1811, Tikka/ Kimber rifles and other toys. Knoxville area.
  15. Palmetto PA-15 Multi lower. RRA 5.56 Nato upper with 1/8 CM barrel. 1 mag $625. With Vortex Crossfire red dot $725. Maybe 1 mag fired. Blackhawk stock. Trade interests are revolvers, 1911, Tikka/Kimber rifles,, other toys. Knoxville area.
  16. It is nothing more than a use tax on the 2nd Amendment-every judge that's worth being a Judge should shoot this down with extreme prejudice-but we all know better-
  17. GLWS love my Dan Wesson CBOB...even after 10 years still my favorite 1911 ...the bobtail makes a world of difference and the Dan Wesson's build quality is just incredible....much better than 1911's i've handled that were $1000 more.
  18. Thanks for the comment. I've been looking into those as well which might be slightly more practical for 14.5. Also emailed Dead Air and they responded saying the flash hider should be on the market again soon. Stupid pin and weld thing I'm doing making this decision harder than it should be.
  19. CZ P-10C in FDE. Bought this one brand new in May of 2017, my records show a total of 1,975 round through it. Zero issues. I installed a HBI orange trigger as well as Night Fision sights, blacked out rear and orange front. Has Talon grips installed, one of the first sets I did and not a great job but the wrinkle never bothered me so I left it as they are. Easily removed if you prefer. Comes with box and the 2 factory mags. One of my favorite handguns ever and one of the ones I've owned the longest. Carried a few times but mainly has been my nightstand gun for the last several years. Only selling to help fund the purchase of the P-10F that Legion has up for sale right now, if he sells it before I sell this one I'll close the ad. PM with any questions. $550
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