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  2. Smith & Wesson 15/22 Pistola

    I agree...just too much going on right now for me to snatch it.
  3. for-sale Heckler & Koch USP 45

    +1. I haven't shot it in about four years & have put less than 100 rounds through it in the time I've owned it. It's just collecting dust & needs a better home.
  4. Smith & Wesson 15/22 Pistola

    This is really cool
  5. Browning Nomad from 1962

  6. H&K USP 9C-v1 Threaded

    Somebody needs this
  7. Today
  8. Browning Model 52

    Bump for a nice gun
  9. Daniel Defense DDMV9

    Only trades would be vintage Smith’s and Colts in excellent condition. I’ll entertain offers
  10. Finally got a AK-47

    well i doubt it will happen any time soon i visit the range once a year or less when i can, dont ask, so i will probably put 50-70 rounds through it and put it back in the case for a couple of years before going to the range again
  11. TWD Season 8

    Yes I was getting tired of Neegans longevity in season 7 already and Rick has become such a little girl even WAY more in season 8
  12. I don't wield the one I have much. I usually carry 9's.
  13. While moving from CA I moved with a Stevens 200 (30-06) I procured (bought a grip of them) before they were discontinued and for fodder in customs (poor mans Model 12 projects). Have used most of them and sold off the short actions not utilized. This is the last NEW on left. This L/A rifle still has the tags on it. Ive not handled it, been in the safe since purchase. its unfired and NEW factory NEW. A picture will only show you that its as removed from the Stevens cardboard box. Very accurate cheap rifles, add a fat barrel and trigger/stock improvements and wham-o, instant model 12 on the cheap. I REALLY haven't a need for it, Ive gone down the insane road of antique single shots and have zero plans on a rebarrel/custom on this one. Its your typical synthetic Stevens 200 like the other million sold. Simple, effective, excellent platforms for building on and bookoo cheaper than Model 10/12 for such purpose. Id trade it or sell it, either way. Sale $275 FTF in Memphis Area Will need a bill of sale and to see your ID. or if you find me a deal on firewood ready to burn this side of Jackson then Ill drive to at least that area but there MUST BE SOME GOOD CHEAP OAK FIREWOOD ad an f250 Diesel full of it! Wont trade for firewood, that will get me to make the partial drive east! trade ONLY for a Stevens Favorite in 32 Rimfire, Stevens 44 or 44 1/2, rolling block #2 in 32 rimfire, USED dillon 550 complete w/o dies or conversion kit, low wall in 32 rimfire, 32 long colt, etc or low wall in a small cartridge NOT 22 RF, 22 WCF OK, 22 Hornet OK, etc. NO MODERN RIFLES. Stevens Tip Up in 32 RF is OK too. You should get the picture. Maybe you have something not listed (no trap doors, can't afford a sharps, don't need another 45-70), no #4 RB, #6 RB, NO 22 RF anything!! Do you get the idea I like the 32 colt/ S&W short/long and variants?? Love the 32 cal plinker/bunny guns Ill be at the Memphis gun show (Germantown/Agricenter) this weekend on Saturday for sure and maybe for a couple hours on Sunday, that works too.
  14. TWD Season 8

    Well...this is all news to me. I stopped watch 2 seasons ago. I just couldn't take it anymore. Way too many inconsistancies in all areas of the show. It got to be that the Talking Dead segments were more entertaining than the show. And that was just too much for me, so I left.
  15. for-sale CZ 40B

    Really nice, buddy. I like it. Hopefully...someone with money will also.
  16. TWD Season 8

    It's kinda got to be background viewing for me now. The limitless ammo & sudden supply of ARs & AKs, yeah. Hollywood. Bullets bouncing off jeep grills I can handle. NOT killing Negan at EVERY. SINGLE. Face to face encounter....no. It makes so little sense it's not even amusing anymore.
  17. for-sale CZ 40B

    This is a CZ you do not see to often. It was a collaboration between Colt and CZ. Colt wanted CZ to make them a .40 cal pistol and told them in needed to look like a Colt 1911 and the rest was up to them. The gun CZ produced was the Colt Z-40. Colt backed out of the deal in the first year. CZ continued making the same gun but changed the name to the CZ 40B. The 40B is an all-metal pistol with an aluminum alloy receiver and a steel slide. It’s a large pistol that’s easy to hold, with all controls located in what any 1911 shooter would consider a “conventional” arrangement. Size wise it is the same size as a commander sized 1911. $500
  18. My new varmint rifle for 249.99

    Savage bolt guns may be the most underrated value in the market today. You might find somethings close in price here and there. But nowhere will you find such consistent shooters straight out of the box at anywhere near that price.
  19. TWD Season 8

    Getting rid of Carl is a good thing for the show, although I was skeptical they would do it, so it's a plus that the producers were willing to be a little imaginative. They have some interesting things to explain about the "old man Rick" flash-forward from the first episode this season, which implied that Carl is alive. I'm still annoyed by the lazy writing and bargain-basement special effects. How did Carol know to drive to the Sanctuary and rescue Rick when he and the trash people starting taking fire and the trash people cut and ran? Why are all long guns (except Morgan's Remington 700 with the crookedly mounted scope) now full auto? And how did they obtain the limitless supply of ammo they now have? I guess there's still a slim chance the show could become great again, but history is against it -- once shows begin to slide in quality, they are almost always doomed. The slide here is unmistakable. Like Oh Shoot, I'm mainly watching now just to see where the story goes; not because the show is compelling or exciting any more. Cheers, Whisper
  20. for-sale WTS: AAC Brakeout 51T 5.56 1/2x28

    I’ll take it. Follow Me
  21. My new varmint rifle for 249.99

    Killer deal guys ! Those savage's are a lot of gun for the money in today's market. I miss the days when you could buy a pencil barreled model 10 in Wally world for $209.
  22. It didn't have wood grips, just the S&W standard rubber grip which I will Include. I swaped it because I like how the Hogue grip feels alot better.
  23. Like new. I haven't shot it. I can't remember if the previous owner shot it much. Looks beautiful. Hate to sell this but it's just gonna sit in the safe. Looking for $1000. 615-552-3513NO TRADES AT ALL
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