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  2. Jamie Jackson

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    There are some seriously crazy people out there. While I can appreciate the anger the gentleman must have felt, confronting a crazy asshat known to have a gun just isn't the smartest move. That's a slippery slope towards "mutual combat". Just call the police and file the compliant. If you have to fight for your life that's one thing, if you can disengage just do it. My preference is being deselected as a target in the first place. Not saying the guy can't wear what he wants. I don't care if he puts daisies in his hair. I'd just rather stay a bit more gray... Avoidance-Deterrence- and De-escalation is still good advice. I hope this idiot gets solid jail time. The left will use his being an HCP holder against us, the law abiding gun carriers, and conveniently avoid the actual facts.
  3. Grayfox54

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Crazy liberals are starting to arm themselves and they're a thousand times more dangerous than we ever thought about being.
  4. volshayes

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    If he literally stuck the weapon in the guy's face, he's lucky he didn't end up eating the barrel of his own weapon. A person can be disarmed in a split second if they are too close.
  5. East_TN_Patriot

    Recommendation on safe movers in Knoxville

    After getting a couple estimates, either I figure out how to move it myself or it stays put. Cost to move is almost half what I paid for the thing brand new!
  6. LngRngShtr

    Red dot sight placement for Veri Focal glasses

    Red dots are a target overlay sight usually the focus is target based so I would say you want it to appear in the "distance focus" segment of your progressive,.. I have the opposite problem I am still trying to use Iron Sights and as long a I remember to change out to non Rx glasses I am ok if I forget I get Misses and NoShoots at the local USPSA match after about 12-15 yds.
  7. Jamie Jackson

    Red dot sight placement for Veri Focal glasses

    Thanks for the explanation shaggy. I see better with medium to longer eye relief on my RDS sights. I'm still looking through them but feel less "crowded" at that distance They tend to be set about the same distance as my RMR at extension, as a point of reference, since "medium to longer" is kinda subjective LOL. What RDS are you running?
  8. SWJewellTN

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Dude needs to go to jail for a long time but he'll probably get probation.
  9. Raoul

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Did ya notice the eyes?
  10. Aurora Il convicted felon murderer passed 2 background checks..... https://www.foxnews.com/us/aurora-shooter-passed-2-gun-background-checks-despite-felony-conviction
  11. bersaguy

    sale-or-trade 1997 Chevy Suburban 4x4

    I cannot believe you still have this SUV.
  12. Magiccarpetrides

    for-sale Trijicon ACOG

    lol whats with the unpopular girl names link at the bottom?
  13. The target is blurred though, or was so I ended up moving the red dot about an inch foward and now I’m good. The are 3 zones in my glasses so I had to make adjustments accordianly!
  14. bersaguy

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    He better lose more than his HCP. He better lose some money in fines and do some jail time. He was evidently a Liberal with an HCP that took offense by someone supporting our President and country................JMHO
  15. Today
  16. Omega

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Never owned one, but I'd not let these idiots deter me from wearing one.
  17. MikeW

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Wacko's like this guy are the reason that my MAGA hats collect dust....
  18. DaveTN

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    That Moron needs to go in prison. Kudos to the guy for standing up to that idiot. Although it was kind of stupid; he could have been shot.
  19. R1100R

    for-sale Belgium Browning HP

    Is it blued or epoxy finished.
  20. bubbiesdad

    KIss your HCP goodbye.

    Moron. https://www.wbko.com/content/news/Man-arrested-after-alleged-incident-at-Sams-Club-in-Bowling-Green-505971901.html
  21. dralarms

    Hot Sauce

    I got some of that pineapple habanero sauce. Not impressed. What little bit of heat is drowned out by the sweetness.
  22. SWJewellTN

    31 caliber revolver

    That looks like it was put together by an 8th grader in shop class.
  23. Read it again. If the vehicle is locked then it's not a problem. Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates a Class A misdemeanor of leaving a firearm or firearm ammunition unattended or with a person under 18 years of age in a motor vehicle or boat, if the firearm is not locked in a trunk, glove box, or interior of the person's motor vehicle or boat.
  24. I went to a local gun show Sat. and came home with a new toy. I spotted this ugly chunk of metal and wood way back on the back of a table and when I picked it up, it was even uglier but couldn't pass it up for what they wanted for it . It's a Dixie Gun Works kit and looks like whoever bought it originally just took it out of the box and put it together. I either got a diamond in the rough or a gun shaped paperweight but I'm going to see what I can do with it.
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