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  2. Good score! They are a hoot to shoot. The triggers on my MPXs are pretty bad, worse than most AR milspec triggers. Fortunately it looks like Timney finally released a more reasonably priced trigger than the Geissele. $200 is still rather pricey but it beats $350. As for optics, I think I have an Eotech 512 on the carbine and a Vortex Sparc with a riser on the pistol.
  3. Nice one! I had a nickeled one that I traded away a few years ago. I was loading hard cast lead at about 900 FPS, which were pretty pleasant to shoot.
  4. I've overheard people saying that voting for a Democrat was a good thing, but that doesn't make them correct. There is no modification to the HCP and self-defense rules involving masks that I'm aware of.
  5. Why would you bother with lemon pepper and salt when the dragging across the grill just scrapes it off?
  6. I see those stats as a relative measure of success due to Tennessee's overall response thus far. Even so, at current practices, IHME is predicting about 2.5x increase in deaths through Sept. At which point we might well see the second game of the double header begin. Wry, but fatuous. The masks to some extent protect the wearer of course (would you rather be misted with or without one?), but their prime effectiveness is as a prophylactic, to protect others, particularly by limiting the transmission from the asymptomatically infected. But altruism is not among our strongest virtues as a species. - OS
  7. You made me hungry just reading your post...….
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  9. If this has come up in a previous thread, please lock it up. Overheard someone a work saying something to the effect of "wearing a mask and carrying is illegal". I get an over the head mask with your beety red eyes poking out saying stick-em-up is bad, but if I'm doing my daily business a usual while wearing my "COVID" mask, is there any legal consequences that arise? I'm always concealed and won't be made unless something hits the fan. Just didn't know the legal side of masking up while carrying.
  10. I have been in that same situation on several occasions and didn't enjoy any of them so I know where you are coming from Fox. You just keep preaching cause some people just don't listen till it's to late and then they want to blame their getting sick on someone else when they were informed and just didn't listen!!!!
  11. Guess this is not really a good place the sell Musky Lures even though there are a few good populations of those toofy critters in a few in east Tennessee lakes!!! I'm a member of a fishing site in East Tennessee. Send me the pictures in my email listed below and I will post them on that site and see if I can move them for you. Doug aka Bersaguy drichards.sr@gmail.com
  12. Not policing, merely want to point out a mistake. I only go out when I need to. I needed groceries. I fend for myself and don't count on other people to do for me. Yes, I am responsible for my own health. So I am careful, social distance as much as possible and do wear a mask. You see, I've been there. Not covid, but other health issues. I've been confined to a hospital bed, on oxygen and fighting for every breath. I never want to go through that again. Anti-mask people can't imagine what that's like. I hope you never find out.
  13. I try to keep my house stocked with food items and my daughter shops once a week and when she shops for them she takes my list and shops for me at same time. I always have a fairly good size list and buy extra stuff to put in inventory. I am well stocked now.
  14. Smith


    One post from Boston Mass on a state gun forum and this is the thread? Interesting.
  15. I just wear them if I can't social distance, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  16. Take them bad boys and put a little lemon pepper and salt on them, while charcoal grill is getting to the white hot stage. Lay steak on right end of grill stick two pronged fork in left side and slowly drag across grill, flip over at end of dragging on left side insert prong on right side and slowly drag across grill remove let rest for 5 minutes and enjoy. Will be rare as steak is intended to be eaten. Have a good 4th
  17. Great condition Glock 19 Gen 4 with XS Big Dot Sights, three 15 round mags, case and manual. $550 would trade for Glock model 45 TN resident and Bill of sale required.
  18. 47,000 confirmed(ish) cases state wide in a state of 6.8 million. The thing that strikes me is that actual current and past positive cases are likely MUCH higher than the 47,000 number that is being reported, because of the large percentage of people who've had Coronavirus without any symptoms, or have attributed symptoms to a cold or allergies. Therefore the % chance of death to Tennesseans from Covid-19 is likely half that of what is being reported. If the masks also protect against shark attacks and lightning, then they may be worth wearing.
  19. Agree on the Keltec 32. I had one and sold it during the "it ain't enough gun" period I went thru. I'm regretting it more and more. Never owned a Tomcat, but have the Beretta 81/84 from the CF sales. Nice guns, shoot well. Can be a bit "snappy" if having arthritis issues. Also have and have owned since late 90s, a Browning BDA. Great little pistol. But some of the most felt recoil of any small pistol I own. Perhaps it's just me. IDK. Doubt my comments really help, but just sending my own observations out. Good luck to you and your wife, sir, in finding the right handgun. Last thought, I appreciate the comments on "wadcutters" from everyone. I remember my Dad shooting them during his competition days, in fact, I may even have a few boxes he loaded back in the 60s. I sorta kept them as keepsakes. I think I'll look into the wadcutters again, especially the 147 grains. Thanks all for the ideas. Proof again that TGO is the best! Always recommendations and ideas for all ages.
  20. That's in great shape. Mine shoots well, but isn't nearly so pretty. Those bayonets can be hard to find.
  21. Interesting data, I'm glad to see some demographic info. Funny that the news never reports any of this. 84% of those who've died were over 60, 65% were over 70. Only 6% of postitive cases have been hospitalized. Id be curious about the duration of the hospital stays compared to the outcome.
  22. If my math is correct 9.7% of the Tennessee population has a carry permit. 4.8% for Texas.
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