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  2. I have 145 unprimed and 70 primed .308 Winchester cases and 150 Hornady Match 168 Gr BTHP free to a good home. Since I live in the sticks of Lascassas I will meet in the surrounding area if you don't want to come to the house.
  3. I’ve visited the USS Midway as well, but I need to get the kids out there too. Very interesting
  4. Kinda late to plan the trip. Gonna go to Destin in October
  5. What jeep do you have? I have an 18 JLU Sport S.
  6. Hmm... I can’t say I agree with the last sentence. Nothing fires up the base like the prospect of 2A infringement. He needs his base to be fired up FOR him on election day. I for one would lose a lot of my motivation for Trump if he backs down on protecting the 2A whereas right now I’m all in to give him another term. I know I'm not alone. I’m certainly not a single issue voter, but guns are part of the foundation. If he blurs the lines between himself and the dems in a big way on guns, then he’s toast IMO
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  8. I have a recommendation. A nice, used Leupold M8 4x. I usually find them on ebay.
  9. NightForce https://nightforceoptics.com
  10. I've got a Trex Arms sidecar and I was surprised how well it conceals. I can carry a Glock 19 with a 15 round mag and a 19 round back up. When I bought the thing I was about 225, I ballooned up to 245 and could not carry the holster until recently. I've lost around 15 pounds on a Keto diet and have started carrying the Trex arms holster again. Like you said it really is a quick draw from concealment, just keep the ole trigger finger far away while drawing
  11. You traumatized me...I thought I was looking in a mirror.....and I thought I had lost weight.....damn.... Nice looking rig.
  12. Reminder: this Saturday (August 24th) at midnight is the deadline to withdraw and still receive a 1/2 refund of you match fee. Any withdrawals after Saturday will receive NO REFUND.
  13. Some folks say that AIWB is only for skinny guys to brag about being skinny. I’ve come to realize that it really is the method of carry that allows for the fastest and most efficient draw. It works really well, there’s just one real problem with it. The longer I drive a truck, the bigger my belly gets. I’ve tried multiple AIWB holsters with varying degrees of success between fail to middlin. Some were better than others, but nothing was ever really that comfortable. Now I think I’ve actually found a well made and quite comfortable AIWB holster. It’s made by Tier 1 Customs. It’s a sidecar style holster that is two pieces attached with a laced bungee cord that allows the two pieces to flex and curve around mah belly. Here’s a few pics of me with, without, and with shirt lifted to show the rig. The gun is an M&P 9 2.0 Compact with a 15 rd in gun and a 17rd as a spare. I can sit down and stand up without it digging into my legs or restricting my movement and making me move like I’m 90 years old because it cut circulation from digging into my thighs. Without gun: With gun: I’m sorry for this next one and its view of my pasty white belly, but it’s useful for showing how it sits in the pants. Here’s pics of the rig by itself.
  14. I might have to drag the family down there this weekend. We have taken our son onboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego several time. I retired from the Navy in 05, still don't miss is though. It would be interesting to see and tour this piece of history.
  15. This is correct. It is the law. The addresses on the ID and on the 4473 must match. It is considered a violation if the ATF catches a discrepancy between the two in an audit. When I worked at a gun shop I helped plenty of folks fill out change of address forms online with the DoS so that we could print a copy to file with the 4473.
  16. I get the feeling my go to brand is out of the running here (NF) so I’ll say that @jpx2rk is on point with his rec. go check out the Vortex options. They have excellent offerings in the quality / price = value equation. Otherwise, of the 3 options you listed, Leupold would be the pick. Still, go look at the Vortex.
  17. Academy requires the address to be correct on the ID or have a valid alternative.
  18. Sometimes people have a brain fart and put down their previous address.
  19. I can't recommend a Simmons for anything but a beginners 22RF so when it gets dropped or kicked, no loss. I would go with the Leupold, I've got a couple of those, good clear scope for the $$. Being out in CO and your scope goes wonky would be bad. Never had a B&L but have read positive comments on that brand. Another one to throw in for consideration would be a Vortex Diamondback, clear glass as well, same price range IIRC as the Leupold, but you should look through all of 'em, and go from there. I have a Diamondback, glass is clear but I don't care for the huge rear eyepiece (IMO).
  20. Yes. Why would I put an invalid address down?
  21. Have you purchased any other firearms from an FFL holder since your address change AND put your new address on your paperwork (as required)? Because that is the law, according to the ATF. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/what-form-identification-must-licensee-obtain-transferee-firearm Other places may have missed it, but that doesn't mean the current place is wrong for abiding by the regulation.
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