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  2. Y’all put your money together, and I’ll meet one of you in Jackson Saturday.
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  4. I am not sure if you may be exaggerating a bit to make a point or justify passing, or if its simply that some real tools previously owned some of the guns mentioned. But my smallish representative sample of HK's dont do what you're claiming to have run into. P30S, HK45CT, and USP45 Expert. The P30 has exactly zero movement on its right release. The HK45 has just under half a millimeter. And nothing on the Expert. The right release is what comes off when removing the slide. If you dont seat it all the way, it can wobble on the shaft and result in some play. I did see one genius on the HK forum complaining about it being "too tight" and sanded down the splines, and then complained about it being loose. I can imagine there could be production variance that could be excessive, but in most cases I think its fair to say the problem is a person who thinks they know how to work on guns but may not be the case. Wouldn't be too surprised by some just not pushing them on all the way just because they think its far enough or leaving it a looser will make it easier to strip. Either way, I put mine all the way on, and they dont wobble, flop, or move around. My only complaint is they tend to make the left side (being right handed) release levers too darn long so they can get ridden, and trigger reset is long. Grays has a great short reset kit, and their factory match hammer and spring combo tend to interchange and give a basis for a very nice trigger (expect for P30). The P30 out of the box took a bit of trigger work, more than others. All worth it in the end, great running pistols. The USP Expert is a tack driver out of the box,
  5. There’s a lot of levels to this photo.
  6. That second part. So much that second part. Her absence should not hinder the flow of regular operations.
  7. Safety Reminder for Buyers and Sellers This is an automatic reply meant to protect you as a buyer and a seller on TGO. Use the Buyer/Seller Feedback feature to research who you are dealing with. Please come back and leave feedback for each other after the transaction is complete. Your experience will help others. Never agree to use an electronic form of payment to buy or sell a gun! None of the electronic payment services will protect you against fraud in a firearms transaction. They all have terms of service FORBIDDING the use of their services to buy/sell guns. DON'T DO IT. Be very wary of anyone who insists on brokering a deal in private or outside of TGO. Scammers almost always prefer to operate out of the public eye. The complete Trading Post Rules and also some more helpful suggestions can be found by clicking this link. Everyone should read them at least once! ~~~ This was an automatic reply ~~~
  8. Virgin WPB Linx AK pistol parts kit 7.62x 39 . Bought it off Arms Of America a few months back. Comes wit chrome lined barrel , staked gas piston and its already head-spaced . https://armsofamerica.com/wbp-lynx-pistol-kit-headspaced/ Im new to TGOF , but my profile is on AKFiles , M14forums.com and Calguns.com with lots of feedback . Asking 840$ . Can meet around Knoxville
  9. nah , I have the CZ I want. I just wanted to try out the H&K hammer guns. Looks like I'll skip them now.
  10. I’ll take it and I’m located in Chattanooga, if available. PM inbound.
  11. Thanks, "A Gun for Each Hand." That's a very nice one, , but I'm going to reluctantly pass on that as I picked this one up last week. It was a really good price, though it needs just a wee bit work before I go knocking squirrels out of trees. When you're retired, ya have to keep busy you know. Appreciate the PMs.
  12. Hey all. I moved to East Tennessee last year from Pennsylvania. My current edc is my sr-40c. I also have a couple others depending on what I am doing.
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  14. In this day and time when .gov is looking down its nose at us in a bad light. I for one am not wanting to have .gov giving me to much attention
  15. Most days anymore its a Hellcat RDP in a Crucial Concealment carried appendix. Case Seahorse Whittler pocket knife, Bic lighter, and a Fury Concealment kydex card wallet. Leatherman Surge on the belt or a Leatherman sidekick clipped in my pocket. Streamlight Microstream light in shirt pocket. That takes care of pretty much everything I do day to day.
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