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  2. Those were on the radar as well. May actually be more valuable in a hunting situation but less so in a “ work around the house/property situation.
  3. No specific experience, but I do have a friend (don’t we all) who used a Hill People Gear kit bag when in bear country hiking around. He loved it and the fact it was more versatile than a typical chest rig. It carried comfortably over or under a jacket. Will definitely keep the brush out of the way. Not sure what it would be like with an orange vest during hunting season.
  4. I’m all in on this one if it is a BHP clone.
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  6. Decided to keep this in the same thread… does anyone ever use a chest holster when hunting, hiking around property, etc? I decided to go ahead and get the slide milled and run a dot. (I’m wish washy I know) I’m thinking that an already large gun sticking off of my hip may end up grabbing every branch I walk past. A lot of people online recommend the Gunfighters Inc. Kenai chest rig but for $150 I’d have to really love it . It does seem like it would be handy for maneuvering through the woods but also in the side by side, the tractor, deer stands etc.
  7. I've looked at solar a couple times over the years and the payback is just too long for my taste. We have the benefit of cheap TVA electricity, so it's hard to justify solar.
  8. I thought about the tri-fuel adaption kit for my Honda EU6500is. Not so much for the LP as for the NG. I could hook up to my house gas line and have unlimited fuel during a power outage. Not gonna help much if we have a true EOTWAWKI, but running a genset would be the least of my worries then. Truthfully, I'm beginning to think that the best way to generate electricity in an outage is to not have an outage. I've been considering solar panels with a power wall (big battery for the house). Way more expensive than a genset, though. The breakeven on it for my needs is about 20 years . . . and the panels are good for about 20 years. . . . . I want to see if the Tesla roof will finally be released. It's an interesting way to go. I'll need a new roof in about 10-15 years. Hopefully it will be available by then.
  9. ... with a weird (lap steel?) bridge and sound hole. Unique.
  10. 100% gas is must have for anything with a carburetor. 100LL is a bit of overkill as no power equipment needs anywhere close to 100 octane, 87 works just fine, but it does last a long time. The trick to long shelf life is no air exposure. A full, sealed container will last quite a while. Don't put 100LL in anything with a catalytic converter, it'll clog it up with extended use.
  11. This is a wireless flash to be used with the Flashpoint/Godox system. In a nutshell, it won't really do much unless you have a wireless trigger. Flashpoint is an Adorama branded Godox. This flash system is rather impressive and a drastic improvement over AA battery based flashes from even a few years ago. If you already have a trigger for this then you are good to go, if not you'd need to buy a trigger for your specific camera system. Includes everything in the photos. Sidenote, the barndoor grid has a slight bend in the honeycomb, this happened the first day I got it and I didn't realize how malleable the metal was. Unit is used but battery still shows excellent battery life. Shows minor wear but only used in home/studio settings and it's never been dropped/knocked over. Including a brand new video LED head (provides constant light). Adorama lists this setup (barndoor kit with video LED head too) for $327. $280 Shipped but open to any trades of any kind Here is the product on Adorama: https://www.adorama.com/fplfev200.html
  12. I think it is a shift light, when the revs get to a preset number the light comes on. Thanks for sharing the pics
  13. Bump with a new price and possible trade interests added. Willing to separate the new in package mags from the sale if buyer doesn't want all 10.
  14. The gun "shortage" is definitely over. Everywhere I go places are packed full of guns and ammo is nicely stocked. Can't say that for the car and truck situation.
  15. Killed my first two deer standing while standing in waist deep brush on a hot fall day at Naval Weapons Station Charleston. Was as worried about getting snake bit as much as anything, until I heard another "hunters" load of 00 Buck slam into the trees overhead! Place here where I retired from, SCSC Wallops Island, is LOUSY with deer. They used to allow hunting, but the base is a NASA owned facility, and their director had a head-start on "woke" many years ago, I guess...
  16. They've updated the site and the platform but its still free. PM me if you need help @Sidewinder
  17. My wife would do just about anything to own that!
  18. Sure he did. I hear music...something about Brandon?
  19. And here I'd gotten all hopped up on the Turkish clones! I just meight have to sell something and buy one...if it's what you think!
  20. If it is a Springfield version of the BHP, I WILL buy one!
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  22. I posted a gun on there a few days ago. When you log in and go to publish the ad it will let you list a few each month free. Like you I was a bit concerned about the $2.99 charge but it did not ask me for any info or credit card information. I believe it is still free for occasional listings just more complicated. I just went over there. Went to top of page and hit PUBLISH button and it took me right to the listing page. Try it. I think it is working.
  23. Like many of you, probably, I enjoyed years of the original GOC (Gun Owners Club). I enjoyed buying, selling, and trading on a simple platform. It was easy to post items. It was easy to find items. And many of us have enjoyed transactions on there and met some nice people to boot. I noticed some time back it had switched over to Gun Broker lite. I got on there today, with the intention of posting some items for trade or sell. It looks like now days you have to pay to play! If I understood it properly, it was $2.99 to post an ad for one month. Also, there seems to have been restrictions prohibiting marking an item as being over priced. I don't think I have encountered anyone that likes the new Gun Owners Club. What do you guys think about it?
  24. I’d love to see anew one come out!
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