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  2. Thanks for the recommendations, seems a shame the parts have no value to anyone, excluding 3rd world scrappers.
  3. I have a Taurus G3 and it is fairly easy to rack the slide. Pistol has been reliable and accurate.
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  5. Other than them recognizing the individual right to keep and bear arms; no it does not. You research the states you want to carry a gun in and you understand their laws. We absolutely do not want something all states would agree with, or the Federal Government having authority over. We don’t need “help” from anyone else.
  6. Garufa

    Tube TVs

    That was basically the fate of my 55" rear projection tv. I "disassembled" it (what couldn't be unscrewed was beat apart with a hammer) to get it out of the house and hauled the big pieces off to the dump.
  7. If you hadn't read what's allowed lately then take a look at: https://handgunlaw.us/states/tennessee.pdf
  8. I went today about 1PM. Like Grunt said it was packed, and that's no small parking lot. I was about to leave when I lucked into a parking space. But when I got up to where I could see inside; I decided I didn’t want to deal with that. I figured I would let the door busters die down and I would just waltz in; I was wrong. But if you like nuts to butts slow moving crowds; you would have liked this. I saw an unusual amount of gun cases going in. So I assume they were selling; but I don’t know that, or what, if any, the rules were.
  9. I have an AR 9mm barrel up for sale, great condition less than 100 rounds through it. It's an ADCO 7" 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel, made from 4140 tool steel with a black nitride finish and 1:10 twist. They guarantee to be concentric within ±0.001. Very accurate barrel - I had to order an 8" version though as my can diameter was to large to recess inside my rail. $95 shipped (Paypal or Apple pay).
  10. Did you spend twice as much on an MCX? ——- Regardless of one’s feelings about any specific offering, I have to commend the company leadership on what they’re attempting to do here with these products. According to all of the PSA folks I’ve seen interviewed the CEO has taken the “common use” portion of the Heller decision as a mission statement for the company. The less expensive these offerings are, the more folks will buy them, resulting in higher numbers in circulation, and the harder it will be to claim that they aren’t “in common use” thus making it harder to ban them. You gotta respect that kind of ethos for the running of a firearms company.
  11. There were a few standing around with guns, don't know if they were selling/buying or not. It was so crowded, I spent much of my focus just making it thru the aisles.
  12. Heading down to the show in the morning just to stroll around and browse. Not in the buying market for anything but haven’t been to a Gun show in a couple years and I miss going.
  13. A bit off-track, but anyone still have/use one of those type range boxes? I still have one my Dad made(needs a lot of tlc though) and a Packmeyer as well. Pretty much just a conversation piece for me. I found them getting just a bit too heavy after I turned 40. lol
  14. hipower

    Tube TVs

    I've been told the Trinity lane location takes them and electronic devices. From my experience, the location off Two Mile Parkway, near the Cumberland River, is pretty restrictive on the amount of stuff you brine, the type of waste materials, and dump prices were pretty high. But my last contact with this location was almost 2 years ago.
  15. Grunt67, did you see many individuals selling? Or any sort of restrictions mentioned? Thanks.
  16. Went to the gun show this AM. The place was packed! Largest crowd I've seen there, and I've been to most. Parking lot was running over into the streets. Cheek to cheek inside, line all the way back to the corner of the bldg when I got there, and same way when I left. Bought nothing, but did find a rifle similar to the one I've got on my bucket list ( Henry 45/70 Gvmt. carbine ). Like the feel, goes right to my shoulder, sights line right up. Gonna have to wait a while, finances you know, LOL. Have a great weekend..........
  17. hipower

    Tube TVs

    Last tube model I had was a console unit. Got industrious/crazy with it. Removed all the guts and made a strange looking stand for the first flat screen I bought. As screen sizes got larger, I found the stand not to my liking anymore. It finally got knocked apart and sent to the dump with other wood products. The tube? What tube? No stinking tubes around here. lol I had an accident moving the parts. And well...they sorta got swept up into a big trash bin.
  18. We've hauled off a tube TV and a couple of window unit AC's to the Knoxville Waste Management Facility on Elm Street, They are a curious bunch with tons of restrictions, rules, and regs, but one of the only options locally I know of my friend. I'll try and link some info below. Crazy world isn't it? Mike's suggestion has merit imho. Someone I know might have done something similar...maybe... 1033 Elm Street Knoxville, TN 37921 Office: 865-215-6700 http://knoxvilletn.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=109562&pageId=200230
  19. Not to beat a dead horse but SC says nothing about "enhanced vs Non" for the state of TN. Other than the one website I dont see any state other than North Dakota and in fact when I called SC they said good to go over the phone, their only concern is resident vs non resident permits. http://www.sled.sc.gov/Reciprocity1.aspx Something really needs to be done about the confusion of differing state laws on carry. It amazes me that a state can supercede the constitution.
  20. Im fired up about that PSA5...mainly for the simple fact it uses the delayed roller blowback like a normal MP5...my AR9 kicks harder than my 5.56 cause its standard blowback instead of DI...my PSA KS47 with a 7.5" barrel (and DI) shoots softer than my AR9 or my AK's, most of these 9mm sub guns are running direct blowback...except the MPX and the HK's causing them to kick harder than one would expect for such a "small caliber"....this PSA5 is gonna sell like hotcakes if its reliable...and if its not PSA will at least stand by it with their lifetime warranty. That JAKL....oh my....
  21. They’re going after Sig’s MCX as well with the JAKL. Expected MSRP of around $800. .300 BLK monolithic upper, 7.5” bbl, long stroke piston, non-reciprocating side charging handle, 3 position adjustable gas system, attaches to a standard AR lower.
  22. Here's a new TRIJICON MRO. I bought this last year and purchased a LARUE Quick Detach Mount at the same time, also included is the original MRO Mount and paper wok that came with it. I mounted this on my SIG MCX then removed it. I like the MRO but I want to go a different route for my SIG. I'm asking $400 Shipped and Insured or $375 CASH FTF PAYMENTS for Shipping USPS MONEY ORDER/PERSONAL CHECK(must clear before shipping) FTF in the Whitehouse, Goodlettsville, and Hendersonville area but I can drive a little ways if need to. Please PM me any questions you may have. The last two pics show the Dot at the brightest, and lowest setting and the last one shows it mounted on my MCX to give an example of how it looks, this mounts it at 1/3 CO WITNESS. Thanks.
  23. This is a gun you plan to carry, right? I hope it never comes to it, but potentially this is a gun that could be used to kill someone, right? In that event, do you think the serial number isn't going to be run? Then what? Assuming you, your wife, and your father in law can all talk your way out of the criminal exposure, you've given the plaintiffs in a civil case one more way to paint you as the bad guys. (They're running illegal guns across state lines!!) Spend the $50 or whatever to do the transfer correctly, chalk it up to a small CYA/ law abiding gun owner cost.
  24. My last one went into the trash can. It took a hammer and reciprocating saw.
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