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    This is a long winded story but I just spent 3 days on a river without seeing another person except for my paddling partners. I just wanted to share it with someone. I just got back from Jasper Arkansas after doing a 5 day canoe trip down Missouri's Eleven Point River. Clear emerald green water moving rapidly through a rugged, remote area in the Ozarks. We saw some fishermen the first day and some John boats the last day and didn't see a soul for the rest of the time. We then went to a cabin near Jasper Arkansas and did two day trips down the Buffalo River. I left my truck at the put in on the Eleven Point River for 5 days with fishing rods in the back. Nothing was missing. Luckily my CC permit was honored in Missouri and Arkansas but I drove for 10 miles through Illinois. If I had gotten pulled and they found my handgun, I would have been sent to jail. Isn't that amazing? The photo below is of the Buffalo River near Ponca Arkansas. This river was very scenic but we saw dozens of people. My choice of handguns was my Glock 19. It was kept in a dry bag while paddling. The drive home was about 1000 miles and took me 18 hours. It was worth it. Here is how you do it. First get a canoe that will hold camping gear. It is a 16 hour drive from Durham NC, so split it in half and drive I-40 west until you get to Edgar Evins State Park. They have these wooden platforms that you can park your truck on and set up a tent for the night. The next day you drive through Nash Vegas and up I-24 into Kentucky. You have to go through Cairo Illinois, for 10 miles. They had a Zombie Apocalypse there a few decades ago and the once thriving town is now mostly deserted. Big old mansions over grown with vines and the roof caving in. Stores boarded up. Now that they have the highway repaired you may will miss Cairo. You then cross Big Muddy into Missouri. You will need to find Alton Missouri. That is the nearest town to get supplies. You will take hwy 160 east to get to the river. Cross the bridge over the Eleven Point and turn left into the boat launch area. You will leave one truck here to be waiting for you when you take off the river. I left my truck with two fishing rods in the back and no one messed with them. Now you pile everything onto and into the vehicle that will take you to the put in, upstream. Hwy 19 is the place many people put in. This is dependent on the water level. Park the put in vehicle load your boats and you are off! No fees, no problems. There are designated camping spots that have an outhouse, picnic tables and tent sights above the high water mark. They are first come first served but you can camp on a gravel bar, if the weather says no rain. The river has many springs that flow into the river. Greer Springs is one of the biggest in the state with 350 cubic feet per second of crystal clear water. Greer Springs is about a one mile hike to where it comes out of the ground. Go to the Eleven Point in the Spring before the ticks and skeeters come out. Also, put on the river on a Sunday so you can miss any weekend campers. You can buy a fishing license but after all the fees, you will be paying a dollar a cast. NOTE: I saw more Confederate flags in Southern Missouri than I have ever seen. Damned Missouri Ruffians! They are nice people though and very country. They remind me of my kin. Their fried chicken is off the charts. Paddling the Buffalo is much easier. Just go to Jasper Arkansas, they will help you with the canoes and then get a cabin at Bluff Dwellers Cabins. http://www.ozarkbluffdwellers.com/ This is a secret! These cabins are on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Buffalo River Valley. They face west into the sunset, which can be breath taking. The cabins are isolated, you can't see one cabin from the others and not very expensive for what you get. The put in for the Buffalo is at Ponca. Then you can take out at a number of places down stream. Don't pass the Low Gap Café without stopping in. It is a hidden gem with a great chef, a local guy. I asked him "where the heck did you learn to cook like that?" he said "In the kitchen......" (dumb question) The Buffalo is one of the most scenic places to paddle I have ever seen, with towering cliffs up towards 500 feet overhanging the river. This is a very clean river with clear water and no trash. They have some pretty strict rules about paddling the Buffalo. No glass, all canned beverages must be in a huggy that floats, all coolers must be have the lid secured and be tied to the boat, nothing should fall out of the boat if you tip over and you must carry a mesh bag for trash and there are no trash cans anywhere. You bring it in and you take it out., This is not me in the picture but that canoe is what yours will look like crammed with camping gear. Make sure your canoe is balance and not bow heavy or stern heavy. In a tandem canoe if one person is paddling it, turn the boat around backwards and sit in the front seat. This puts you closer to the center of the canoe and will give you better control. Always get on your knees when paddling through rough water, unless you want to swim with all you gear.
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    It’s not a win. I don’t need an FFL transfer to cover my ass on a firearm sale; I’m fully capable of doing that without adding any cost. I’m absolutely sure background checks are not going to keep killers from getting guns. Most of the mass killers we have seen so far either passed a background check to get their guns, or they would have. I’m also pretty sure background checks will become a Federal requirement on private gun sales unless they are ruled unconstitutional. However, this is 2018; there is no reason to require going to and paying an FFL for what amounts to a criminal background check. I expect it to be done online and I expect it to be done for free. It’s already just a feel good move that will do nothing; it doesn’t need to be a money grab also. My local FFL needs to make his money by selling product; not getting a free handout from the government.
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    Bought a 1909 Argentine off a guy this past week, and don't know a ton about it yet. Thought everyone would appreciate it. I'm wondering what the differences are between this one and the 1891. I've loaded up 50 rounds of 7.65x53 to try out. She's a tall one Crest The bayonet looks like something Inigo Montoya would use to avenge the death of his father.
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    Here's a Waffle House shooting that occurred on Thursday, April 19th that none of us heard anything about... http://www.ksla.com/story/38007080/man-shot-shot-inside-waffle-house-arrested-for-armed-robbery NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans police have arrested a subject in connection with a Third District armed robbery. Ernest Thomas. 19, is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery that occurred in the 2900 block of Elysian Fields. Thursday night, two men entered the Waffle House restaurant located in the armed with semiautomatic handguns. One man jumped on the counter and demanded money from the cashier. The perpetrator took $8 dollars from a customer. Thomas stood on the side by the counter covering the staff and serving as a lookout, police said. A customer who was armed with his personal firearm drew his weapon as the perpetrator approached, then ran from the scene. Thomas turned toward the armed customer and pointed his weapon at the customer. The customer fired several times and Thomas fled from the business, police said. The armed customer informed the detectives he believed he shot the subject. The witnesses saw the subjects flee in a white Chrysler south on Elysian Fields Ave. Detectives located a blood trail outside the business to the area where the waiting car had been parked. Detectives alerted local hospitals for any recent gunshot victims. A short time later, detectives learned a someone with several gunshot wounds to the back and arm had been dropped off on the emergency ramp at University Medical Center. Officers determined the man who was shot was Thomas. Detectives recovered the suspect’s bloody pants and sneakers which matched the description of the perpetrator. Hospital security footage showed a white Chrysler which matched the description of the perpetrators vehicle pull on to the ramp at a high rate of speed and the suspect exiting the vehicle and walking into the emergency room. The subject had been shot in the lower back, hip, and arm. Detectives checked with NOPD dispatch there had been no reports of gunshots in the city for the time period. The investigation remains open and active. More charges may be filed against Thomas.
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    Avoid the D's? Don't go dumb places with dumb people doing dumb stuff at dumb hours.
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    This is made from 3/16" 1084 carbon steel that sports a hamon. The blade is 5" long with an OAL of 10 1/4". It has a bronze finger guard with green G10 and 1084 steel accents and copper pin and lanyard tube. The handle is beautiful Ambrosia Maple and comes with the awesome slightly antiqued leather sheath that compliments the knife perfectly. The sheath is made by a fellow forum member 1911alltheway. This blade is $160 shipped.
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    I have a message in to the seller. As soon as I get a response (confirmation of item/shipping v. pickup) I will follow through with the purchase. It is NIB, but a picture is not included. It is the kind of item that you know what it is/what you are buying though. It is just half of the battle though. The work involved to get it to where I need it is the rest. It will be a good investment though. Enough of the vagueness though. It is a Left Handed Savage MKII-FVT. It will be getting set and bedded in a Boyd's AT-ONE stock with a Lowey sled. The desire is to use it until the need of an Anschutz is required. The Savage MKII-GL is more readily available, and we have acquired one of those already, but that only fills the 'Sport Rifle' role. The MKII-FVT is the same action, but with a bull barrel and Williams Peep Sights. This fills the 'Target Rifle' role. I am determined this route to get out of paying college tuition shall be seen through to fruition.
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    I'm going to suggest that he start at the beginning. For most people, that means a 22 rifle. Since you already have some experience with firearms, I'll suggest either the Ruger 10/22 semi-auto, or the Savage MKII bolt-action. Both are well made, reliable, and will give good service. Another factor is that both of those rifles are inexpensive (under $300) and can be easily sold if you loose interest. A 22 rifle will be welcome at any shooting range, even indoor pistol ranges. Start there. It's where we all started. And you never outgrow a good 22 rifle. No matter what other guns I take to the range, a 22 rifle will be in the group.
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    Thanks for the kind words. My wife did all of the research and put that newsletter together after hearing my lament, one too many times, that I really needed to do a newsletter for TGO. She'll be happy to hear that it was well received.
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    Anyone ever saw one of these? Neat things and a neat story. 5 shot .45 that is hand cycled. At its widest point, the gun is 0.8125 inches across. Overall length is just 5.3-inches with a respectable 3.75-inch barrel. I am thinking that since it was for deep cover that the hand cycling to eject the brass might be to avoid leaving evidence. Size comparison to a Khar PM45c The story. http://www.amderringer.com/lms.html http://www.guns.com/2013/05/17/the-semmerling-lm-4-pistol-sleek-strange-secretive-sought/
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    This is made from 3/16" 1095 carbon steel with a satin finish. The blade is nearly 6" long with an OAL of 11 1/4". it has a bronze finger guard with turquoise true stone, bronze and black G10 accents. The pin and lanyard tube is made from copper. The handle itself is made from Tennessee Pecan and comes with the custom leather sheath shown that perfectly compliments the blade made by fellow forum member 1911alltheway. This is $180 shipped.
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    They don't care. They want civilian disarmament and don't care what it takes to get it. At least they are finally being honest about it. For YEARS they hid their true agenda. Now that former Justice Stevens has come out for doing away with the 2nd all the kooks are being a little more vocal.... But they need to really think this through.....they run the risk of a political backlash like in 94 or worse a cultural backlash and armed insurgency if they actually try to implement this stuff......
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    Well, I don't know if the stars lined up of what butwent out to Gordonsville to Visit SIL and daughter and do a little testing. My Samsung 7 Sprint phone worked 100% sitting in their living room. He got his Dell Laptop out he uses for work and plugged in my AT&T Go Phone unit into the USB port, it down loaded itself like normal did a complete down load and put up 4 bars and we did google searches and he check his work sheets and did everything including sign me into East Tennessee Fishing Forum and it was actually faster than my desk top and his Dell laptop is about 8 years old so I will be good to go with internet service with AT&T Go Phone Broad Band and he is getting ready to buy a super duper High Definition out door TV antenna like a neighbor did down the road from him and the guy gets about 40 channels a lot of the good programs that we enjoy watching on it so thats the route we are going there and no monthly bills for TV service. He is going to begin remodeling the inside of the house next week and we looked today and there is room at the end of the kitchen sink counter for a built in dishwasher so I am buying one of them from Lowes through a Contractor friend of mine and get it at Contractor cost and my friend that installed the one I put in here is going to install it for me. Had I known what the future held for me here I would have never put one in here. So I guess the stars just lined up!
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    I used to have a rule as an administrator. I'll look at an account crossways once, but generally not twice. I've loosened that up a lot in the last couple of years due to feelings running high in politics. But, I think I've seen every post you've made in the last couple of months, and not a one of them has anything supportive or positive to say. I think you've probably got some knowledge, but would rather tear people down than help them out. I'm really busy right now - so I'm going back to my previous rule. There are plenty of gun communities that are all criticism all the time. Good luck finding one that fits you. OP, congrats on the new rifle.
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    Not sure where you are in east tn @Erik88but Ive had several legal matters taken care of by what I consider my "go to" legal advisor and he's right here on TGO. That would be @JReedEsq. My father wanted to get a will drawn up and while it wasn't very specific or highly detailed he would have NEVER agreed to having one done online. I've used Mr. Reed several times and he's always attentive to your needs and doesn't try to rush you back out the door for the next guy in the lobby.
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    I would just politely ask them to finish the job that you paid for and clean the gun.
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    I speak as a guy that was in general not an M&P fan. That changed when the .45 Shield appeared. Dumped my G36 for one, and never regretted it. I would pick the Shield over the 43, easily.
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    I'm obviously biased but I would much rather live in Knoxville or Chattanooga. I went to Nashville in 2015 for a job interview and was absolutely blown away by how bad traffic is now. I thought I'd somehow teleported to Atlanta. Knoxville is small enough to avoid some of the headaches found in bigger cities but still big enough to never be bored. Downtown continues to get nicer as well. Plus I can drive in just about any direction and find a place to go hiking.
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    This is 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel with a satin finish. Blade length is about 6 1/4" with an OAL of 12". It has a Chakte Viga handle with 1095 finger guard and accents as well as green, black and white G10. It has SS pin and extra large lanyard tube. It comes with the beautiful custom black leather sheath made by fellow forum member 1911alltheway. This will be priced at $190 shipped to your door.
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    Winchester's Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative 30-30 Rifle and Carbine. These did not sell as a set, at least not to my knowledge, but I am selling them this way because they have consecutive serial numbers. The rifle features a 26" octagon barrel and the carbine a 20" octagon barrel. I do NOT have boxes, papers, etc for either gun I personally believe they've never been fired but since I am not the original owner I will only say they've seen very VERY little use. $1600 Not really looking for trades FTF in east tn but other arrangements can be made
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    I am just an average shooter. My Heathen on the other hand, with proper training and guidance, she has the desire and excitement to be much more. I can offer money, inspiration and guidance to help her achieve the best she can be. That picture was from the first meet of last year. She received several 1st Place trophies, but that picture was just the easiest available to express my intent.
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    Check this organization out: https://www.pcsforpeople.org/ High speed internet is available for about $10 per month if you qualify. The service is provided by Sprint from their obligation to fulfill the contract originally assigned to Clear Wire ( I might have the name wrong ) after Sprint purchased that network a few years ago. They use either a Franklin 850 or the newer ZTE hotspot, and of course there needs to be Sprint cellular service in the area, you can check coverage on the Sprint website maps. The link above outlines the financial qualifications for eligibility for this program, from reviews online it seems to work well in areas with at least a decent Sprint connection.
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    Why do you do this to me! I must have dark! Why do you hate me? Thank you for all you do.
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