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    almost 2 weeks old now but Thankful for a new healthy baby boy
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    Antifa protesters burn the American flag in Portland, Oregon (2020) Immediately following the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 back in 2001, you couldn't buy a United States flag in the Nashville area. The same story played out across the country. Store shelves were wiped clean of them as the people united together as one nation and proudly displayed the Red, White and Blue everywhere. Flags flew from homes, businesses, construction sites, fire trucks. Remember when a fire department could put the flag or a flag sticker on their trucks and not be crucified for it by anti-American activists or gutless politicians? You couldn't drive a mile without seeing flags that clipped onto your car's roll-up windows and slid onto your car's radio antennas. Ingenious folks rigged up ways to hoist our country's colors from flag poles secured in pickup truck beds and from trailer hitch receivers. Many of those things found second-life and now get sold to fly college and pro ball team flags at tailgating parties. 19 years ago you couldn't find an American flag to burn. And if you did, you would have needed to go into hiding for your own safety because a multi-cultural, multiracial crowd of people who loved this country would have kicked your ass for it. It didn't matter what color your skin was back then. Briefly, gloriously, we were just Americans. The fact that we have forgotten so much, become so divided, and that a whole generation of lost kids has been taught to actively hate our country since 9/11/01 causes me immeasurable pause. I realize that our society has the attention span of a toddler, but it saddens me that we have fallen so far, so fast.
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    I might have made a huge mistake, boys. Could lead to a divorce. I stopped in my LGS (Crossroads Guns, in Fountain City), for some HV .22LR for my Stoeger Luger. I walked out with the .22 rounds and after putting a Walther PPK/s in lay-a-way. It’s a beaut, a Interarms Stainless steel pistol, with both mags, box, manuals cleaning rod... all for 5 bills plus tax and BCG. Lay-a-way for 12 months! Oh Lord, what have I done??? Looks like this!
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    Have a 1 of 1 Romanian AES-10B RPK in 7.62x39. Absolutely gorgeous condition, super clean inside & out. All of the wood furniture has been re-finished, accommodated by a beautiful, battleworn Cerakote job on the full weapon system for a nice patina finish. Comes as pictured with the 75rd drum magazine (runs flawlessly), and possibly some ammo for the right deal. Mainly interested in other quality AK47/AK74 variants in pistol or rifle configuration.
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    Ordered a Shadow Systems MR920 optics-ready Combat model tonight. I should have it within the next 21 days according to the terms of the sale. Everyone is so damned backlogged due to the volume of sales lately. This will bring me almost full circle back to a Glock 19 sized gun. I've got a few G45 models still that I won't part with, so that covers my 17rd Glock platform needs, but I have rediscovered the desire for the G19 size during some recent training. Oh well... it's not like you can take money with you when you go, and my kids would just spend it on something other than guns. Now I need to decide what I am thinning out of the herd. I've got an idea in mind but I need to take some current photos so I can go ahead and list it on TGO tomorrow.
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    Carrying a gun is a constitutional right and a natural right, even though this state doesn’t see it that way. It is a persons own responsibility to be trained to deal with a deadly force situation. The CCP was put in place for those that can’t afford training. The HCP class is not a training class and many can’t afford real training classes that runs hundreds of dollars for the class and ammo. But many of them can still get trained by friends or family. They have the personal responsibility to get trained, and we have no idea how many do. Are untrained people shooting others a big problem? I don’t know. I know that many instances of bad shoots or negligent shootings come from those that have been trained. Again, its what the number crunchers desire the numbers to show. My thoughts come from my experience of dealing with the victims of violence that needed the immediate ability to carry a gun, in a state that would not allow that, trained or not.
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    Went to an estate sale yesterday and picked up this Stoeger Luger .22, with an aluminum frame. I think it’s one of the best examples of one that I’ve seen. Really a bit surprised by the size and heft. It’s very close to the only Luger P08 that I’ve ever fired! Hopefully I’ll get to shot it tomorrow.
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    We are as prepared as we can be and have been in this mode since the late 90's. I expect it will get even worse than it is now. We live out in the country with like minded neighbors so there is that. I think there will be a problem with supply of goods as well. I don't think there will be a riot problem out here but if goods and services are disrupted that could make it a whole new ballgame. I'm disgusted with half the people in this country and have more compassion for my dogs and treat them better than some scumbag that will try to take our stuff that we have worked so hard for. They say most countries only last a few hundred years and it breaks my heart to think we've fallen so fast since the greatest generation to the weak kneed fools of today.
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    This was a trait I hadn’t really noticed until I married. Luckily, my wife is gracious enough to point it out on a regular basis.
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    I’ve been talking about this with family friends and coworkers more lately in hopes they will better prepare. If Biden somehow wins I see it being a bit more of a slow burn on the fuse, maybe 2 years until enough see what direction things go and then civil war. If Trump wins I see it being almost instantaneous, with the far left reacting in widespread violent hysterics. Basically what we are already seeing in major cities but on steroids. I do think that Trump will feel a bit more emboldened to step in and handle it, which I am fine with if the local authorities won’t keep their people safe. Im not doing anything different. I think most of us on this forum have been ready for this for years. I would prefer this kickoff now while I’m still somewhat able to physically do something about it. I absolutely hate to think about the state of the country our children will be inheriting.
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    Selling my Brand New Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver 10mm. I am asking $875.00 for the revolver. This is brand new never fired except from the Smith & Wesson factory. Not looking for any trades please. Will through in two boxes of Sig Sauer 10mm ammo. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. Thanks for looking. “Gun must be purchased by a resident of the State of Tennessee, must have a TN HCP, Fill out Bill of Sale”
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    This case is worth watching as it hits on some things that not many involved in firearms social media are likely to be innocent of themselves. Jake Gardner, a white bar owner in Nebraska, has been indicted by an Omaha, NE grand jury for killing James Scurlock, a young black man during a BLM protest in June of 2020. The grand jury determined on Tuesday that Jake Gardner, 38, will face four charges including manslaughter, attempted first-degree assault, use of a firearm, and terror threats. Part of the justification from the grand jury came from things that Gardner had posted on his own Facebook wall prior to ever coming into contact with the victim. "There was evidence that was gathered and presented to the grand jury about activity that Jake Gardner was engaged in prior to even coming in contact with James Scurlock," said Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin. "Evidence to reasonably be construed as an intent to use a firearm for purposes of killing someone," he continued. "You will want to know what it is, and I can't tell you about it. But what I can tell you is that that evidence comes primarily from Jake Gardner himself." Reportedly Gardner had shared on social media FBI statistics and a screenshot of the President saying “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Again, this before he ever encountered Scurlock. As we often remind people here on TGO, the Internet has a very long and indelible memory. We advise that you not say anything here that you wouldn't want read back to you in court. Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/amberjamieson/grand-jury-indictment-james-scurlock-killer-jake-gardner
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    This argument doesn’t sound any less ridiculous in this context than when the Bloomberg shills try to use it to claim that the 2A only covers muskets. If you have to jump through hoops and ask for government permission to exercise a right, it isn’t a right.
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    It was finally time to get a second sharpening on my CRKT M16-14T Last time was 10 years ago at an RK Show. Decided to give @willis68 a try, others have reported quality work. This blade needed it, trust me. Contacted through PM, was given turn time (extended in my case, Mr. 68 was heading off shore) Completed within promised window and contacted via email. During this exchange, I asked about the quality of this particular steel; not great and and substandard bevel on factory edge, especially at the serrations. In my case, it was a gift and I have sentimental attachment. It's sharp, I wish I had thought of before and after pics. When I am ready to upgrade, @willis68 will be my first stop to shop and buy. Thanks for the great quality of service!
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    I support training, but the Constitution doesn't require it to bear arms. I believe owning, carrying in any way, is a God given right.
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    I wonder how our forefathers ever got by before firearm trainers came into being? Yes, that was sarcasm.
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    SOLD!! Madagascar Ebony with Padauk and brass accents. First picture it what the finger guard was cut from. Comes with kydex/leather combo sheath. 3/16 thick 1084 carbon steel...finger guard same material. OAL 14 1/2" blade 9" $175 shipped. Thanks for lookin'!
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    Timely topic David. My wife and I were discussing this very thing earlier today. I too am quite pessimistic about the aftermath of the upcoming election. The potential is for things to get rough no matter what the ballots show. I think the video you linked on another thread regarding the descent into communism was very prescient. We live in a suburban area of West Knoxville. We've been here for close to 14 years. While I would love to be rural and on some acreage, this meets our perceived needs. We have been steadily increasing our pantry and food storage since the whole COVID thing began. Replenishing and rotating, but we had been a bit slack on the replenishing side of things. We have a well stocked pantry and a couple of chest freezers. For a number of years we've purchased in bulk quantities when items were on sale. It's just a prudent way to save money and be prepared for lean times, whether financially or a disruption in delivery. Snow storms anyone? We garden using raised beds. But it is supplemental, not subsistence. We also do rain catchment (water barrels) and have a Berkey Water filtration unit we use daily. Best water I've ever tasted and it's my primary "beverage". Love the stuff! I taught myself to can, dehydrate, and store foods. We incorporate those items into our everyday lives. It's kinda of nice to know where at least some of your food comes from LOL I work in Health Care. I'm an RN and I've worked ICU and ER for 38 years. Strictly ER the past 14 years. I was a Corpsman for 9 years prior to that. I am a certified Old Fart. We have our own PPE's pretty well stocked because, as an ER RN if I wanted quality and ready availability I've had to supply my own. Yes, the hospitals have adequate PPE's, marginally, and not to the standards that have been the norm for many decades now, but adequate nonetheless. I worked neck deep in COVID from March until 3 weeks ago. I'm out of the ER arena now. I'm glad. I know COVID is a politically charged issue and prefer not to discuss it on an open forum. As the saying goes "You do you, I'll do me" and stay in my own lane Thanks. We have masks, gloves, disinfecting supplies..." sanitary essentials" (I like that phrase) and protocols we've already had in place and been using because of the 12-13 hr exposure I had in the ER each day at work. I'm a "gun guy". I wouldn't be on this forum if I weren't. I'm comfortable with the gear I have. I'm no youngster any more and feel it every day. I've trimmed down what I have on hand the past few years and reinvested those funds into other like sustainable items. Love my little Honda gennie and we've used it a few times already. I have adequate ammo to allow me to shoot what I want and when I choose. But I've accumulated what I have over time. I only shoot 2-3 times per month and dry fire 2-3 times per week. I need to do more of each, but that's on me. The coming clouds have put a bit of urgency on that. I, and the folks I handload with (as a group we have cast and PC'd handgun bullets and we're starting that back up again) have an adequate supply of components. As we've discussed many, many times on this forum, the past few years have provided incredible purchasing opportunities for all of us. I certainly heeded that advice and took advantage of the Black Friday sales as did many here. On most levels and to any sane person it seems odd that we'd be discussing the possibility of a Civil War. But reality sometimes shifts. I pray we never come to that. But I'm not certain I have much of a say about the matter. I am blessed for the professional training I've had in the past. But I'd be happy to live the rest of my life without having to utilize those skills. But we do live in "interesting times" Gear is great. But skills and knowledge are probably the best investments we could make. Just an opinion.
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    After being in storage for almost 2yrs, I’ve just about got it organized. Not the flashiest but comfortable to be in. If feels good to be at this point
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    CBS, why would I believe them for real news?
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    Well done Sir! I know you'll love it. I sorta have a thing for the Walther PP series myself.
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    I’ve been talking about different aspects of reloading, presses, benches in other threads so I figured I’d start a new thread to show the product of those discussions. This one is 2’ deep by 3.5’ wide. I’d have preferred 4’ but space is limited and I feel like this gives me plenty of working space without being too large. Top is 3/4” MDF doubled to 1.5” thickness. Coated with about 7 coats of poly. I haven’t decided on what I’m going to do with the bottom “flooring” yet. More than likely just painted plywood. I just have to make it to the store. I built this mostly out of a recycled larger bench in the shop that stayed cluttered with junk. I had to buy a 4x4 for the legs and 2x10 for the shelves. It seems to be plenty heavy and I can’t move it with the rock chucker. I may eventually add smaller shelves within the top for die storage but for now I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Once I get my Forster Co-Ax I’ll probably get an in-line mount so I can swap back and forth between them if needed.
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    Finished up my AR10 build tonight. Although I originally wanted a 308, had to settle with a 6.5 Creed chambering. I like how it turned out . Shes a heavy heifer but the 20" pipe should produce a decent accuracy.
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    If you like a SBR, whats not to love about a handy 6.5 lb mini sized gun that can still reach out fairly well in a mid cal. With an Enhanced permit, this is a no brainer in the cool toy category. The barrel is 10.5 SS Wylde chambered from Bear Creek Armory. Originaly, I thought you might loose too much velocity and thought a 12" might be best but the 10.5 caught my eye at just over 100 bucks and it only looses about 200 fps from a 16' barrel. The $47 handguard is from Wish and I really like it. One thing that is a super tabo for me is a stock that is not rock solid. This SBM4 unit is a slip on and it would have needed a lot of tape on a round pistol spring tube to come close to being non movable. The fix was to put an old fixed stock tube (no position holes) in the lathe and turn the bottom rib down to make it only about 1/8th high on the tube body. Also, you can see I milled a rectangular hole in the bottom of the brace. This hole matches a higher part of the tube rib that pops up threw that hard rubber hole I milled. Now this fixed SBM4 brace is like welded to the tube. The SBM4 brace does infact have a very comfy wide cheek surface for those that would tempt ones luck and not be seen by a federally as you might shoulder a quick shot. The little guns balance point is at the forward portion of the mag well. Needless to say, it swings up and points exceptionally well with the pop up sights. I like this configuration so much, I started putting parts together for a copy of this one but it will run a finned Thompson SMG barrel inside the same hand guard and feed off grease gun mags. That should be a fun project.
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    I have a limited edition Caesar Guerini Sporting Shotgun that I am upgrading from. The current retail on this is $5,935. This gun is in beautiful condition, very tight action, knockout wood, you have to look REALLY close to see a couple small handling / safe bruises. I have shot about 6K rounds through it at sporting clays. It's good for at least another 14K before you can send it back to Guerini for a free Pit Stop service. Includes a full set of extended chokes, choke box, velvet barrel and receiver sleeves, Negrini hard travel case, and all paperwork. Original stock specs, not modified in any way. Specs and details can be found here: https://gueriniusa.com/shotguns/magnus-sporting-limited-limited-edition/ SOLD
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    Any time I get a bit overwhelmed over the news, antifa, rioting etc. I just mosey down to the basement and crank out another 100 M80 .308 and the world is at peace once again.
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    Yet another reminder of why I carry a pistol with me at all times. I have close family members that just do not get this and thing I'm being paranoid. They think nothing like that is ever going to happen like this, to them or me or my family. I'm sure this couple thought the same thing. Edit: As a matter of fact, I am working from home and I have one on my hip right now.
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    When the 22 shortage hit a few years ago me and my teenage son seen the exact thing happen at walmart with them being on the phone posting them for sale immediately. So us both being night owls anyways would go there way early and spoil their fun buying the big bulk packs instead of them. We'd get off work at midnight, play games on the PlayStation or watch TV, head out at 6am and be sitting there watching Netflix on my phone, when they arrived grabbing chairs from sporting goods. We'd bag the buy then head home to sleep. They at first acted extremely annoyed that we were cutting into their business and tried to cut the line but the sporting goods manager knew what we were up to the first day after talking to us and shut that down hard. It became a fun game three times a week, over the next three weeks. They tried to one up us the second week and came in at 6:15 but we were already there, so we came in at 5 the next time and they came in at 6 and asked where they had been. We told them we was late due to stopping at the waffle house and was hoping they hadn't got there first. The annoyance to them and lesson to my son was worth the time, and the entertainment of their frustration was well worth it. It got to be more fun then watching TV etc just to screw them over. We ended up giving a bunch of it away at the time or selling at cost to people with kids.
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    Yep. My takeaways from this(without actually having witnessed it) are: keep vehicle doors locked keep a gun on me or at least in my vehicle, as much as possible. At minimum, I ALWAYS have my Protech. simply drive away. The chances of him shooting you inside a moving vehicle are lower than if he's made it inside. Getting taken hostage is the worst possible scenario. At that point, start thinking about how you are going to kill said person.
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    Just want to say that I absolutely despise those at the front of the line reselling. And I mean ALOT
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    Trump and Barr both need to quit making threats they aren’t prepared to back-up; it shows they are weak. These places don’t need military action; they need their local Police to be uncuffed. Those who ordered them to stand down; need to be charged criminally.
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    I agree with most everything stated here so far. I am well prepared in the Firearms, ammo, food cash, (and tradeable goods) spread around in multiple locations in 2 states. I can travel by land, sea (well river) or air if needed. We (my wife, brother and daughters/SIL) have plans and contingency plans that we've discussed. Multiple ways to communicate if needed. Never in my lifetime did I think I would need to be this prepared living in our great country, but here we are. Another thing I do have is a list of people I know who I would trust and associate with if things truly went off the rails. Many of whom are on TGO. To think you could stand by yourself during an off the rails situation would be foolish. Now more than ever we truly need to come together, put our differences aside, and stand firm for the greatest country that has ever been. This country or its people aren't perfect. Never have been and never will be but it has always been a beacon for hope. Let's not let that change.
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    Second time hunting Maine and I finally got my first bear. 33 yard shot with my Smith and Wesson 460xvr using Federal 260 grain Fusions. Full pass through. The sow made it maybe 10 yards. Weighed between 150 to 170lbs. Couldn't have been happier.
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    Things have changed. In over 20 years in this house I never felt the need to carry at home. But I did when the protests were going on here. My own personal rules for the use of deadly force were always pretty tight. But knowing now that charges are race based, I’ve even tightened them up more. Staying out of jail, but being financially devastated by a DA run amok is not something I see as a win. We need changes in the deadly force laws here, and across the country.
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    Remember these times friends and stock the hell up when prices come back to reality so you won’t be searching the next time (there’s always a next time).
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    I still have room for a few more.
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    I love the scenery in that whole area. Threatened for years to buy some property in Wyoming. I bought a plane in Montana years ago and a guy who was over coyote control needed a ride to Rapid City, SD so I told him I would drop him off. He was well connected and asked have you ever scene Mt Rushmore from the air? Told him no. He gets on radio with air traffic. contollers and gets permission and we basically do a couple of close passes checking nostrils. Absolutely thrilling.
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    My take of a 1918 trench knife. It took me weeks off and on. No CNC or waterjet machines here....just my normal tools and lots of patience. All 1084 steel with antiqued hickory handles. The pins are SS but I did that purposely for contrast. It went to a businessman in Texas. He's bought several of my knives over the years.
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    Freedom means assumed risks, like those who probably shouldn't be carrying firearms if they choose. I don't see the situation getting better, but I have to be willing to assume that risk if I believe everybody in compliance with our rules as a society has the right to keep and bear arms.
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    It sounds like he shot a truck driver in the face. I haven't seen more detail on that, but I suspect he wasn't able to get in that truck and shot the guy for it. The other folks that he hurt and the one he ended up killing were all stuck in a traffic jam that he caused by killing someone he was riding with in another car. You're not simply driving away from anything in a traffic jam. Agreed. As the late Dr. William Aprill once told me, you need to know where the line is that you won't allow to be crossed. He told me that his line was being forced into a vehicle with someone against his will, because the place they are taking you to is most likely the scene of your murder.
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    ****To be on the actual topic**** I too am glad the murderer is dead. These stories are why I carry. The murderer’s death, the effectiveness of the legal system, and all the other issues are secondary to the fact that a wife and child are now without a husband and father. I can’t be a provider and a protector for my family if I’m not alive. That’s not to blame the victim, but a self reminder to fight with all I’ve got to be there for them.
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    I live in the sticks. Any unrest will not likely affect me unless I choose to drive to it and participate. Since I am often wrong, we are well armed and reside on a property that geography makes fairly easy to defend.
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    Yep! And now is a great time to buy other things. Magazines, accessories, even some guns. People are focusing so much on ammo right now that some retailers are offering smoking-good deals on the other stuff.
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    The following opinion is expressed at the risk of stepping on tender toes, what the heck, I've always excelled at taking risks. Through my personal experience with both child and animal "adoption / rescue" services I have found that many if not most (not all) have become more interested in the money than benefit to person or animal. They speak the warm fuzzy obligatory feel good verbiage to support their money mission. The complexities and available money is a big reason, not the only one, why the foster/rescue systems are over run with children and animals simply needing a loving home. I know several people who have contacted area senior centers and put the word out that they have a home to offer the right pet. They were able to connect with a senior that was having difficulty caring for their pet and wanted to find them a home without contacting shelters or rescue services. This allowed for sit down discussions as to the personalities/needs of the animals and and gave both parties a level of comfort as to the future for the animal. Again, personal opinion, not argument bait.
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    We truly don't deserve dogs but I believe they were put here to show us a little about unconditional love. I am so sorry for your loss, Doug.
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