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    Aw man, don't go there. On another forum the video had barely come out when a bunch of Internet "experts" started critiquing everything the security team did wrong. Muzzle sweeps, poor movement, lack of cover etc. Bottom line is the BG was stopped as soon as he got started. No further injuries. Nobody was shot by accident. Sure, they probably could have done better, but there's no point in bringing it up now. This was a win!
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    Just wanted to show off my new (made in 1966!) Browning SA-22 complete with original box. I've wanted one for a long time as it is a great lil .22. Just wanted to brag a bit! With special thanks to Garufa for leading me to the serial number page so I could authenticate the year it was made.
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    Selling my CZC Custom 75 BULL SHADOW 9MM OPTIC READY 9mm. I am asking $1375.00 FTF sales or $1450.00 shipped to your FFL. "Price is Firm" I have a total of 414 rounds through the gun and it is in excellent condition. Thanks for looking. The Gun Comes With: CZ Custom trigger job with Competition hammer, Short Reset, Short Reach DA 85C trigger without overtravel screw. Two Factory Magazines Two CZ 75 Mec-Gar Base Pads Take Down Tool Cajun Gun Works 11.5 lb Hammer Spring Installed (stock available) For payment I prefer USPS Money Order, Bank Certified Check. "No Paypal" For FTF sale the purchaser must be a resident of the State of Tennessee, Must have a TN HCP, Must Fillout & Sign Bill of Sale.
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    I moved here (I live in Jefferson City) from Massachusetts in September. Not a lark, my wife and I spent a year and a half choosing where to go, eastern Tennessee was the choice for MANY reasons. We're glad we're here, we're not going anywhere. I told her "when I die, have me cremated and sprinkled on the hill in back." Anyway... I know people personally that now live in Virginia. One of them has been going to "Lobby Day" for years. She's active politically and articulate, and when she tells me they're concerned about what will happen when the legislators come back I believe her. Libs WILL create laws and enforce them as they see fit, regardless of constitutionality. It takes YEARS to get a case to SCOTUS, even assuming they decide to hear it. In MA the federal assault weapon ban never sunsetted, MA copies and pasted it and made it state law. For years we just lived with it. Then on 7/20/16 our (theirs now!) Attorney General "reinterpreted the law and decided that "copies" or "substantially similar" firearms were not to be sold or possessed and were felonies. Those in possession were essentially "felons in waiting". Gun shops statewide stopped selling them. Private sales became expensive, a "pre 7/20 ban" AR essentially sold at a premium. There were no prosecutions, but it became increasingly difficult to buy a rifle. Many vendors won't ship ANYTHING to MA. Hats, tshirts, nada. Forget about complete or even 80% lowers. Some companies won't ship SPRINGS. So it happens, burying your head in the sand almost guarantees it will. Once the law is in place fighting it becomes harder and more expensive. This #### needs to be stopped BEFORE it happens, not "fixed" later. Who would have thought 20 years ago we'd be arguing about bathrooms and wedding cakes? We are now. You think that the landscape will be recognizable 20 years from now? Lol. Go watch "Idiocracy". Virginia is the canary in the coal mine.
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    This came in yesterday. I hope to get to the range next week. I'm hoping I may find another gun I'm looking for at the gun show this weekend. Ruger Mark IV Competition
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    Boy I feel old with what you guys had for first cars. My first car was a 1949 Crosley Station Wagon that I bought for $100 when I was 13. I spent the next 3 years rebuilding it mechanically. Had it tore down to just a frame on a pair of saw horses then cleaned and painted and assembled. Never got beyond a rattle can paint job for the body when it went on the road to drive the last of my high school years. Here is the hook, I still have it. Rebuild mechanical a second time in the 70s and it is on jack stands in my shop waiting for me to get to a third rebuild.
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    Who peed in your corn flakes....
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    I do. It’s too bad that a thief got killed while trying to steal a cell phone from an innocent victim. That’s their fault for not understanding that you can’t shoot fleeing criminals. Most people know that. If you shoot someone and there is some question about the legality of it; you will be tried in either criminal or civil court, or both. You can find these kinds of stories all over the net. We hear all the time about how most HCP holders are so safe and living at the foot of the cross. That’s laughable. Should we pick out the cases where HCP holders committed murder and judge all HCP holders on those cases? Of course not, that ridiculous. We live around animals that will kill us and eat us. We live around thugs that will kill us for no other reason than to take our car. Disarming us is a crime. Don’t take this as me saying people don’t need to be trained; I am trained and I expect others to be. But that’s your responsibility.
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    Thanks for the kind words but I'm no connoisseur, I just stumble along & go with my gut. I believe that owning PM's, bullion & coins is good insurance against inflation & always has been & always will be a great store of value. The illustration of buying a gallon of gas with a silver quarter is the same today as it was back in the 60's, actually a silver quarter will buy more than a gallon of gas today. A silver quarter is worth $3.26 @ todays spot price. I've never been a coin collector & I see that going down in popularity as many collectors are getting old, just like the vintage gun collectors, interest is waning.
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    Also a measure to keep the trolls out. Believe it or not many anti gun people aren't gainfully employed and spend their time infiltrating groups such as this and then causing disruptions at any live events that the group may hold.
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    I agree, Tom's book is excellent. And I'm so glad it's now also available in digital format! :-)
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    I’m not a reloader, so I don’t usually pay attention to reloading supplies. But this caught my eye at the Sportsman Warehouse in Murfreesboro yesterday. This was the was the powder section. Both sides of the isle were loaded with reloading supplies and tools.
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    If everyone sells a can of DR PEPPER at $3, you’ll pay $3 no matter what. If the guy down to road starts selling them at $2 you can either adapt or watch him outsell everyone ten to one. Eventually everyone will sell it at $2 to $2.40. PSA has always given great value to try and make prices better for everyone. That is the owners mission statement. They have sacrificed their own resale value to achieve this. PSA has always put out good quality, low priced items. Not CHEAP items. This introduction is another bite in the market that is needed because Glock has always given less for more. Plastic sights, plastic guide rods, no safety means less parts - yet they charge you more while Smith & Wesson has given you stainless guide rods, steel sights, and safety options (also metal) on guns for less $ this entire time. PSA is about to make things better for everyone, even if you don’t want one.
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    First rule of gunfights: Have a gun. Second rule of gunfights: Only the hits count. Third rule of gunfights: Physics cannot be ignored. Bigger faster bullets will usually stop fights sooner than slower smaller ones. Given similar shot placement. Having said that, while I usually carry a .45, there are times when I have to make do with a much smaller weapon. My little Keltec P3AT with SuperVel .380 is better than trying to poke them in the eye. It's all about compromise; ideally I would carry my .44 Automag. But in the summer it's impossible to conceal when wearing shorts and a t-shirt. For that matter, it's pretty hard to conceal the rest of the year, too!
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    Just picked this up the other day, now rides in my truck.
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    Really can’t imagine shooting +P in my LCP. It’s not fun to shoot with regular .380.
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    I saw this and thought it was cool. I didn't find it on here and thought some of Y'all might be interested. Enjoy! -southernasylum See Through Suppressor Slow Motion
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    Maryvull should be on this list.
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    Will pray for you Grayfox. Like I always say, if I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of my body. But that is a lie because I would have done the same stunts. Hope you get to feeling better.
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    I'm not entirely sure whether "Rosesimin" was illegitimate. Oftentimes you will see a label generated but it make take days for the pickup or drop-off to occur. I haven't researched them to see whether other people have had issues or not, but keep in mind that PSA (Palmetto State Armory) itself has been the subject of such discussions simply because they took weeks to ship in a world that expects Prime equivalent shipping on everything. Regarding @flyingtiger1825@gmail.com, at first I wondered if it/he may be an attempt to legitimize Rosesimin (as in, Rosesimin searches the internet for topics such as this thread and posts on them in an attempt to make it seem like Rosesimin is legitimate). But it doesn't make sense in any form, and is not even specific to the thread itself. I wanna know how @flyingtiger1825@gmail.com knows @TerryW's pants are waterproof in the first place.
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    The folks in Virginia are doing a great job of standing up. I hope it works. I think this is the latest map...
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    I am betting there have been some really great cars that ran thru our hands. 1965 Buick Wildcat. Nailhead 401 Bought for $400 from a little old lady my mom knew. Fun, but dangerous in the hands of a teenager. Use to tick my brother off to no end it was faster than his 73 Roadrunner. Had a real problem with right rear wheel tire wear though.
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    Other than them recognizing the individual right to keep and bear arms; no it does not. You research the states you want to carry a gun in and you understand their laws. We absolutely do not want something all states would agree with, or the Federal Government having authority over. We don’t need “help” from anyone else.
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    My girlfriend has the LCP and the original LC9. They both have long crappy triggers. The LC9S had to be a major improvement.
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    I sometimes carry a Sig P238 Legion, especially in warmer weather when I wear lighter clothes. I have complete confidence in it and my ability to hit exactly what I aim at with it. Shot placement is everything with it, but it is with a 9mm also. Modern .380 defense ammo has come a long ways in the last few years. I use Hornady Critical Defense, and it is an effective round at close range. Having said all that, it is not my caliber of first choice, but I do occasionally carry it, and it can be effective if you use it and practice with it.
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    True. I mean all minorities though. Tons of the Puerto Ricans I met in Orlando owned guns. They are catching on.
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    That 390 4bbl would flat out run, especially the Interceptor pkg. Remember it quite well.. My wife's first car was a Galaxy 500 that had a 428 HiPo engine in it. The engine was a beast and leaked oil like a sieve. I found it odd that they'd put an engine like that without some version of posi-traction differential. The car would absolutely roast the passenger side rear tire.
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    Same old conversation. One cannot be for constitutional carry and assume one is suddenly trained anymore than assuming a ECP class makes one qualified to carry routinely. I have taught a couple thousand students, and there is a very small percentage I would be comfortable with being downrange. I think the class has some excellent legal information. Classes of a tactical nature are strongly recommended/necessary.My opinion doesn’t solve anything. But many of the posts contradict themselves.
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    Round Two, I'm leaving and can't take my privately firearms with me, so putting them out there instead of putting in storage. I have a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special in 45ACP in extremely good shape, comes with all you see. I have had this weapon for numerous years laying in the safe. The night sights date it to 2006 and the serial number is 03xxx along with having Les Baer's original Hillside, IL address on it. I am by No Means a Les Baer expert, but I know this is not the re-release 25th Anniversary model if that even matters any. I live North of Nashville but can and will meet within reason, I am willing to ship also for an additional $50 $1600 OBO cash only, I love to trade but I cant take my firearms where I'm moving to
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    I know who wears them in my house, and some times I want to get into them!
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    Henry Small Game Rifle in 22 WMR / 22 Magnum. Model H001TMRP. With Skinner peep sights. Large Loop with paracord wrap. In like new condition. Fired less than 50 rds. Comes in original box with manual. I'll even throw in a box of 50rds. $450 Clarksville
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    Have my brother-in-laws Dad's Colt in 38 super in my gun safe awaiting me to work up some loads for it. Have 500 pcs of Starline brass, need to get her done. Nice nickel Colt, will be passed on to me when brother-in-law passes, no body on his side of family wanted it. Sad for them.
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    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this on TGO yet. What are your thoughts on the matter? I think it's long overdue. I keep reading remarks from people who are younger than some of the shoes I have in my closet, to the effect that we don't need to be sucked into another conflict in the Middle East. Some of these kids weren't even swimming in their fathers' loins yet during the late 1970s and don't realize that Iran has been at war with the US since 1977 and we've just not really done much to publicly recognize it over the last 40 years.
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    Ive carried and shot Underwood Ammo's LeHigh Defense load .380m+P in my LCP for a while now. It is snappy yes, but after a 13# recoil spring replacement Ive found it more than manageable. Out of the super short barrel it still sees 1000ft/sec+ typically https://www.underwoodammo.com/collections/handgun-ammo/products/380-acp-p-90-grain-xtreme-penetrator?variant=18785708113977
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    I'm sure a lot of folks will try to talk you up to a better sight and, at some point, you'll probably want to upgrade. However.... I have that little Fieldsport red dot on my dedicated hog/HD shotgun. It's never had anything but slugs & heavy buckshot loads through it & I must say, the sight has held up FAR beyond my expectations! It's still functionally perfect after several hundred, HARD recoiling rounds. The dot isn't perfectly crisp & it's far too large for any sort of precision (4 or 6 moa, I believe) but inside of 100yds, or for CQB plate smacking, it's great!
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    I have thought the same thing. But whatever I invest in, the next day, it will become obsolete, and they will be handing it out on the street corners for free.
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    I'd prefer a carry handle.
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    I’ll take it. I’ll send you a pm
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    My guess is, he never had one. I carry my HCP in my wallet at all times. I've carried mine since back in the 90's, never been asked for it.
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    Only? Wow! We have 5 vehicles, and altogether they wouldn’t be worth $40k. Heck, I could add my boat, 4 wheeler, and my son’s street bike and still don’t get up to 40k. That’s quite a sum to have tied up in a depreciating asset.
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    Meh, I shoulder mine all the time. ATF has deemed it is ok, and until they officially change their mind I will keep doing it.
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    But I had to put new tires on the truck, new tires and bearings on the camper, traded the wifes Street Bob Harley for my buddies Road Glide, and promptly wrecked my truck in Texas. Add to the fact I put three more guns in the safe last year. I better slow my roll a bit or the wife will have me looking for a job. (For the record I am retired USN and a stay at home Dad. A job/Position that I never want to give up )
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    I don't want to say that I've completely and utterly given up on the NRA, but whenever I see them post... anything... my reaction is usually severe eye-rolling and violent gagging. Until the NRA board is absolutely purged of the Old Guard and WLP is unemployed, I will have no faith in the organization's ability to do anything effective for the 2A or to be relevant to the modern gun owner.
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    https://foreignpolicy.com/gt-essay/irans-deadly-puppet-master-qassem-suleimani/ He has been on our radar as a possible target for a very long time.
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    2011 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, Metallic Gray, V6, Automatic, 4WD, 118,000 miles, one owner, never wrecked, all scheduled maintenance performed by dealer, keyless entry, sliding rear window, power windows/door locks, backup camera, alloy wheels, bed liner with deck rail system,$16,500 Call or text 423-646-5382
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    Agree. While I know it's a "shooting game", the few times I've shot IPDA matches it's showed me how much more time based and movement shooting I need to do. Every time I've done it, I come away more humble than when I arrive.
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    I pulled this from the Foxnews web site, I feel it says a LOT!!! https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/walter-williams-the-second-amendment-is-under-attack-in-virginia Virginians must heed the words and capture the spirit of their two most distinguished citizens, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. These resolutions referred to the federal government but are just as applicable to state governments in principle. They said: "Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government ... and whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force." James Madison, in Federalist Paper No. 46 wrote that the Constitution preserves "the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." Thomas Jefferson wrote: "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms." Too many Americans believe the Second Amendment grants Americans the right to own firearms only to go hunting and for self-protection. The framers of our Constitution had no such intent in mind.
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