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    Funny how two states dropped us as soon as the 18 year old exception was added, even though the training stayed the same. Point being, there is no guarantee how other states will see this ... they might well simply lump all TN permits together as far as their decisions -- which might be to not honor them due to lack of training. I can understand how a state wouldn't want to put up with their LE having to distinguish between two types of permits on the spot, eh? Again, Nashville excels at doing badly what need not be done at all. - OS
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    You are, of course, free to do as you wish in your listing. However, it's quite likely that you requiring the ability to take a photo of someone's ID is throwing up a wall against any potential buyers. There are a number of reasons I can think of that a buyer would not want someone taking a picture of their ID. If, for your sake, you really, really want to "cover yourself" in terms of liability, might I suggest you offering to pay the $20-$30 fee at an FFL? You may gain some interest by doing that.
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    The enemy we know rather than one we don't. Change in the NRA is a definite need. Scrapping it totally would be a disaster for us and the country. jmo
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    Pretty pleased with myself. Not the most conventional way to hunt a Turkey, but I guess you do what you know best! I stalked it for about an hour and a half keeping the wind in my face, then used a tree between me and him before sneaking up Ninja style! I showed myself, it looked at me, I see a beard and boom. Was a pretty crappy shot to be honest, looked like only one BB got him, but right in the brain! The Turkey was 15lbs in weight, beared was 9 inches long! I processed it at home as it was cool enough today to drive back home, kept the spurs, beared and fan and will have those mounted as its my first! Very happy chappy!
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    Using a "money is like drugs in various forms" analogy, some senior members of the NRA are at full junkie status. Making a lot in salary is like weed...feels good, tends to become a lifestyle enhancer, an individual may or may not be sated based on their personality. Making a lot of salary, and being able to decrease your taxable income by running expenses that brush legitimacy through a corporation is like cocaine...much more of a rush than weed, but leaves you wanting more. Making a lot of salary, and having personal expenses taken care of (or at the least a lifestyle funded) in a way that never even hits your income before expense reduction or equalization...that's the heroin right there, and you're always after the perpetual high. Going back to a mundane life of the first two options, no matter how much better you have it than the small-folk, is to be avoided like the plague. No surprise to me that WLP is ready to go to the mattresses to keep his status and what it enables. Wouldn't bat an eye if call girls are brought up before it's all said and done...certainly it's about the only routine thing left in a situation like this. I will concede that the NRA needs to pay some folks a high salary. For those living in the DC Metro area alone, you need to pay commensurate to the market. For top level people, you need to pay them in the ballpark for their sector of work, though working for a cause like the NRA should count for something (you would think). But that only enables the weed stage as described above...the NRA has ventured far into cocaine and heroin, and that's going to take a lot of institutional willpower if they want to take the road to recovery. NY State may throw them in a metaphorical detox before they get to that point, however. Having bashed the NRA for their behavior, I'm not really shocked at this because it was always about the money to me. But just how fast and loose they are playing things is a bit surprising. I expected the usual stuff like using an expense policy to fund vacations, generous vehicle mileage, or even organization vehicles assigned, things that you are far more likely to sign off on when it's not your money at stake. Seems there isn't even a modicum of adherence to some guiding rules for their own protection. I mean, seriously...paying the President of the organization through the PR firm is flabbergasting. Non-profits are always going to be under a microscope with financial accounting, and that's a good thing. If they didn't see this day coming, they were idiots. This isn't a private partnership taking expenses at the depletion of their own payouts, it's a non-profit using money raised from the public because [INSERT BOOGEYMAN HERE] is coming for your guns.
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    Some of you may remember THIS THREAD from last fall. It was asked who would be the TGO test subject and buy one. Well i'm your sucker volunteer. So now I'm gonna tell you all about it. Here's a link to the manufactures web page with all the details. Extar EP9 Also note that the price is $419. That's pretty cheap for a gun like this. That's also why they're so popular. First off, the thing is kind of hard to get a hold of. They restock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00pm Mountain Time. And you better be there then because these sell out real quick! I talking the whole inventory is gone in less than an hour. It took six months, but I finally happened to catch it at the right time and ordered one. The website also mentions that it takes 1 to 2 weeks for shipment. Believe it! It was two weeks exactly from the time I ordered until I had it in my hands. I have no idea why it takes so long, but it does. Here's how it comes in the box. You might note that the brace was already on it when it arrived. All the info says it comes separate and the web site even includes instructions for putting it on. Oh well, I ain't gonna argue about it. Here it is after I added a few things: First impressions: Its a neat little pistol. Compact, light weight and it even looks kinda cool. It handles very well. The trigger is a bit heavy at just over 7 pounds. However, it breaks very clean and crisp. Once I got used to it, I could handle it quite well. Of course that's easy enough to fix. But I think I'm gonna leave it as it is. Magazine issues: The gun comes with one Magpul 17 round Glock magazine. It works perfectly, no problems there at all. However I also ordered 4 Glock factory extended magazines for it. two 24 round and two 32 round. They had issues. all the mags fit ok, but none of them wound drop free when released. They were just a little too tight. I ended up having to sand the sides down a bit in order to get them to drop free. I remember in one of the You-tube reviews I saw that that guy mentioned that he had to do that too. Not really a big deal, but it was irritating to have to do it. Since I don't own any Glock pistols to try, I can't say if the regular pistol mags work or not. It may just be an issue with the extended versions. When shooting the gun I also discovered that it is entirely possible to shove the mag in too far when inserting the mag on an open bolt. When this happens, the bolt hangs up on the back of the mag when trying to close. This only happens if you shove the mag in very hard. Plastic on plastic I guess? Anyway, I learned to insert the mag and then give it a slight downward pull as as it seated. Again, not a big deal but irritating until you get the hang of it. maybe the gun just needs a little break in time? IDK? Range Report: Ok. so I took it out today and shot it. I started shooting off the bench at the 25/50 yard range. I needed to sight it in and I wanted to shoot some groups. Overall performance was good. Here's a few targets. Bear in mind that I'm a shaky, half blind old man. A younger shooter and a better trigger would probably get better groups. MALFUNCTION!: It seems that one of my reloads was out of specs. It wouldn't go all the way into the chamber. When that big, heavy bolt rammed into it, the cartridge got stuck big time! It wouldn't fire because the bolt was slightly out of battery. OTOH, the extractor had a death grip on the cartridge and I couldn't get the bolt open to clear it. I ended up having to separate the upper and lower receivers and putting a wooden dowel down the barrel and hammering the stuck cartridge loose. But this was the fault of a bad round, not the gun. After getting it sighted in and shooting groups, I then moved over to the Action Shooting range. I had a bay set up with 7 steel round plates, 1 popper and I added three IDPA cardboard targets. From there it was all run and gun! I'd put in a magazine and start banging steel as fast as I could go. I got good hits every single time and was able to stay in the A zone on the cardboard consistently. The little gun performed like a champ! All in all, I put 500 rounds through this thing today. Except for the malfunction already mentioned, it fed and fired everything I put in it. Factory ammo, my reloads, FMJs, HPs and LRN. But be warned, this little sucker will burn through a whole lot of ammo real quick! One more little item to mention. When you start dumping 32 round magazines through this thing, the handguard tends to get hot! And that little quarter inch exposed section of the barrel nut behind the handguard gets real hot! I'm thinking it will be a good idea to add some sort of forward grip to this thing. Not sure if I want to go straight or angled? Opinions here would be welcome. Final thoughts: Ok, so I got one. Now what? Honestly, I don't know why I bought it? Looks cool and sorta appeals to the inner operator in all of us. But does it really serve any real purpose that my current handguns and rifles don't already fill? I just don't know. If the S should ever HTF. I know what I'll be grabbing and this ain't it. Granted, for what it is and at its price, its a darn good little gun. Yeah, it has a couple of little quirks, but nothing bad enough to say don't buy. I enjoyed shooting it as it is a lot of fun. But somehow I get the feeling that I'm just gonna play with it for a while and eventually send it on down the road. I'm gettin' a little bit too old to be playing at being an operator.
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    Going through the safe and seeing what I don't use much Winchester super grade 30-06 Got it last year and used it this year a couple times. About 80 rounds through it. I took it to the range and went up to 500 yards and back and then hunted. Comes with original box and papers Located in nashville $900 for rifle $1400 for package Steiner GS3 2-10x42 4a reticle. 30mm tube Leupold rings I have the box and papers for this too
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    Man. A whole lot of lives changed in one stupid, avoidable incident. You owe it to society at large to keep your weapon secure.
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    WORKS as tested! The rest of the story. Got the welder to my sons house, wired up the supply power. Used jumper cables for ground and stick lead. Used a coat hanger for a stick and the machine welded with 35 amps on the input line from the breaker panal. Still have to get a proper ground lead, argon gas bottle, and some TIG componats to do a proper TIG test. I want to thank Terry for the gift of the welder.
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    This was a good move by a local range I never even knew about....I will be dropping in ! Security Academy & Supply/ Bullzeye Range May 2 at 2:03 PM · ATTENTION RANGE USA MEMBERS! We at Bullzeye Range feel badly about you losing your memberships with no recompense, so we have a deal for you! We will be honoring your memberships as our own! Bring proof of your current membership and we will give you our member price until your Range USA membership expires!
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    I guess making people pass a driving test to be able to legally drive on public roads is an unreasonable imposition too? If people who have no interest in learning how to properly handle and use a firearm want to "bare arms" on their own property they are not really a danger to anyone but their own family (and maybe their next door neighbors). But if they then decide to carry out in the world then they now will potentially effect everyone out in public "down range" from them. If they don't know how to safely handle a gun on a "one way square range" is it really a great idea for them to try to learn it on the fly on a 360 degree "hot range" which is what the outside real world is. Fortunately we do not see many instances of accidental discharges reported (but how many people actually report that though?) but I do know of one in Chattanooga where a young woman was killed when a negligently discharged bullet came through the wall of her apartment and hit her. And before anyone thinks they are going to "question my commitment to the cause" I have carried a gun on my person on a daily basis an average of about 360 days a year for the last 26 years (before some people on this forum were even born). If I'm awake I'm armed unless I have to go through a metal detector or unless I am outside the US in a country where I can not take my gun. I have actually used a gun to defend myself in public. I'm a founding member of my church's security team. I've spent 20 years working in the firearms industry. I am an NRA member, I'm an NRA instructor. I am a TN Handgun Carry Permit Instructor who started teaching the class in 1999. I have voted against anti gun candidates in EVERY single election since I turned 18 in 1990 and I not only shoot competitively as a hobby but also teach people to shoot and to defend themselves with firearms while working for a nationally recognized training company for the last 15 years. And before you even say it ...no... "profit motive".... is not the reason I suggest people actually learn how to safely and effectively handle firearms before they carry them in public. It is simply what conscientious adult humans do. They do not potentially willfully, arrogantly and ignorantly endanger themselves and others out in public. I get it. We all want the 2A to be an absolute written on stone tablets handed down from on high never to be infringed with law of the land. But the other side of that is the old "with power comes responsibility" thing. IF you are going to carry loaded guns in public you really should also be civically minded enough to learn how to use and safely handle them. Not just so that you are far more likely to actually effectively hit the bad guy in a lethal force incident but also so that you are far less likely to hit anyone OTHER than the bad guys.... or not hit yourself or others accidentally from a negligent discharge while handling the gun. (We saw something a while back where some guy shot and killed himself holstering his pistol while sitting in his car. ) I come down on this side of the argument. People have an absolute GOD GIVEN natural law of nature right to defend themselves. Period. On the other hand if they are using projectile weapons that can kill or wound people outside their physical reach they REALLY need to learn the safe handling of the weapon and proper use of it. On their own property they are far less likely to endanger others. Out in public now everyone within range of the weapon is potentially in danger if the carrier does not know how to safely handle the gun they are carrying. Part of being an adult is recognizing the world does not revolve around us and that other people are effected by our decisions and actions. As such it is imperative that we (as defenders of the 2A and frankly just as conscientious adults) learn to safely handle objects that can cause crippling injury and death if we are going to carry them and possibly use them out in public. What I'd rather see than this watered down sad attempt at "pro gun legislation" is a 2 tiered system where a minimal amount of safe gun handling is covered and a minimal accuracy standard is required for the "basic permit" and that might be only $25-$50 ....or heck maybe even free ? (not sure how that unfunded mandate would be carried out). Then have a REAL enhanced permit that requires a bit more training that really is actually ENHANCED where you can carry ANYWHERE (signs or not) and go about your daily life without having to worry about whether it is OK to carry here or there or in this business or that business or in this park or that. At a bare minimum they should remove any legal penalty for carrying past signage for people with a permit. The signs have never stopped the bad guys from carrying so why should the good guys be disarmed if the bad guys are not and if the location is not providing armed security and limited access? If businesses don't like it they can still "trespass" you if they ask you to leave and you don't. THAT would be an actual PRO 2A piece of legislation.
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    Because complicating things is what the TN legislature does when it comes to permits.
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    I went out looking for a cheap but reliable gun for my mother that would be reliable and such for a home defense gun for the house. I was looking for the Ruger P-Series and revolvers and such. Then I pulled in to my favorite gun shop. They usually only carry 7-10 used guns. I found a Glock 17 Gen 3 in awesome shape for an awesome price ! After detail stripping it , it seemed like new. Hardly any "smilies"on the top of the barrel. Plus it has 2 regular mags plus a factory Glock 33 rd mag. I am a happy camper ! $328 for it all . The Gen 3 guns are so great. Seeing how others are buying cheaper quality guns , I figured I couldn't go wrong with a good ole G17 . I think I'll keep the 33 rd mag for myself . Mom don't need that .
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    I've made some changes to my formerly-stock Gen5 Glock 19 and more changes are on the way... I had good intentions of leaving this one stock. And then I had the frame stippled by Jeck at Rocket City Stippling. That was clearly the gateway drug to yet another pile of OEM parts left lying on my workbench.
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    Dan Wesson Valkyrie with less than 1000 rounds thru it for sale. Getting out of 9mm and selling everything as great package deal - $1000. Everything in near perfect condition. All ammo purchased within the last year. Gun has upgraded front fiber optic sight. Along with the two factory 8 round magazines, two Wilson Combat ETM 10 round magazines and another 8 round Wilson mag, two holsters (a galco and a Stoner Leather), and 750 rounds of various 9mm ammo including some high end defense stuff.
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    Below you'll find my very loose interpretation of some Viking/Saxon knives. All come with a custom leather sheath and display stand shown for each one. The Birch display stands have a finish of beeswax and oil. I'm thinking they will run $150 shipped per package of knife, sheath and display stand. #1 Shaped Buffalo horn handle with custom antiqued bronze. Hammer forged look on blade. It has an OAL of 11 1/2" and blade of 6 1/4". 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #2 SOLD!!!! Hand sculpted handle made to look worn/used with antiqued custom bronze finger guard and pommel. Hammer forged look and hamon on blade. OAL of 12" and blade of 6 1/2", 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #3 SOLD!!! Hand sculpted plum wood handle with antiqued custom finger guard and pommel. Hammer forged look and hamon on blade. OAL of 11 1/2" and blade of 6 1/4", 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel. #4 Slightly heavier and thicker hammer forged look and tumbled blade in media to get a old worn look. Handle has custom hand made finger guard and pommel make from brass and the handle is wrapped in leather. 12" OAL, 7" blade made from 3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel. #5 Hammer forged look with hamon on blade with custom hand made 1084 steel finger guard and pommel, Hand carved dragon and rings on spalted maple handle. 11 1/2" OAL and blade is 6 1/4" made from 1/8" thick 1084 carbon steel.
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    Up for sale is a classic. A Series 70 MKIV Government Model 1911. This gun was made in 1980. I have other 1911's that I shoot and this one just sits in the safe. Time for it to find another home. I do not have the box and it comes with one magazine. $900
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    I've created targets that are free to download. They can be printed on 11x17 paper. FPS-1 link FPS-2 Link
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    I think we need to place a ban on "importing" idiots to DC.
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    I was afraid to open this thread - thinking they were somehow marketing a new membership level to evangelicals. At least it wasn’t that. I’m to the point that I really believe that the NRA may simply have too much baggage to continue to represent gun owners without spending at least as much time defending themselves. This wouldn’t be a terrible situation if there were other groups that could muster the resources to fight court cases while the NRA takes the heat. It’s clear that what got the NRA to this point won’t get them where they need to be in the future. I’d love to see an advocacy organization that’s as diverse as the gun community is. But, it’s also clear that anyone that wants to boot LaPierre and the current leadership structure better get up pretty early in the morning. Oliver North just found that out the hard way. There’s still a lot of money - and a lot of power at stake. They care about that more than they do the second amendment or anything else. They’re not going to give it up without a bloody fight.
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    I'm sure my wife is going to kill me but I could not help myself. Two Swedish Mausers (Model 96 and Model 38) and three South American Mausers (Bolivian, Chilean and Argentinaen). All the numbers appear to match. They're all in excellent condition. I also picked up a pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 (serial number points to a 1949 manufacture date). Looking forward to taking these to the range--hopefully next weekend.
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    I picked this rifle up at the TMCA show in Franklin the Friday before Easter. When I saw the crest I knew it was going home with me. Bill
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    Food for thought: Most anyone on TGO who feels that mandated proficiency is a violation of the Second Amendment is most likely already operating at a higher level of proficiency than the State's minimum requirement. Meaning, you might be viewing the requirement through the lens of being someone who feels that they are being condescended to by the government.
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    Hi! I am not totally new, I have been a member as a “civilian”, lol. I cannot find a post where I introduced my business, although I did post a few events a couple of months back. So, here goes! I join you as a new business owner! AK Virtual Arms Training LLC opened its doors to the public March 1, 2019. We take firearms safety training into entertaining new directions with the realistic firearms simulator. Although we teach the usual TN Permit Class type stuff, we stretch out into interesting new directions like virtual firearms competitions, 2A parties, youth training and bucket list scenarios! We are technical people and we create our own scenarios from scratch. We can do that for you or your business too! Here is the website. Visit the videos page if you have never seen a firearms simulator before. Sincerely, Andrea, Owner https://AKvat.com
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    I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I bought a Browning HiPower that I was planning on fancying up. As a reminder, this is where she started out. Just a standard, MkIII produced in 1990 for commercial sale. Heres what she looks like today now that she’s back from my gunsmith. She’s had new sights (tritium front, blacked out rear), new hammer, sear, sear lever, trigger job, new grips, all new springs and various internal parts replaced. Original painted finish stripped off, polished and rust blued. She’s soooo much prettier in person than these pics show.
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    All steel, heavy. Not using climbers anymore. Come get it, Mt Juliet/Old Hickory area.
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    Reviving this old thread.... since I brought one home today. I have been eyeing them all this time and got an offer I couldn't pass on so....
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    Admit it, you would have the same look on your face. ...
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    And if the guy had been able to LEGALLY carry the gun ON HIS PERSON and not be FORCED to leave it behind then this would not have happened either. I'm not saying he bears no responsibility. I'm saying if it had stayed secured ON HIS PERSON then this could not have happened. But because people (legislature) thinks that an otherwise law abiding person suddenly becomes a craven killer if he carries his gun anywhere near a school event he is forced to leave it unattended. Now should it have been better secured? Of course. But it does not get any more secured than when it is secured on your person. This is a good argument for an "enhanced permit" that would allow those so permitted to carry ANYWHERE so that they are not being forced to leave guns unattended in public when they enter areas that otherwise do not allow guns.
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    Yeah concealed carry...implies you are carrying it. Not leaving it lying around in a crowded place. First rule parents should teach kids: "Kids if you see a gun don't touch it and get an adult" Failure all around. That kid will rightfully need therapy no matter how mom's conditions ends up.
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    I just installed a Larue trigger on my truck gun, and it's GREAT. I bought it because they are selling for $87 right now. So, I thought, why not? Coming from a guy that owns 5 Geissele triggers, I probably won't buy any more Geisseles until the price of the Larue goes back up. Somebody asked Mark Larue why they were selling them so cheap. His response was that he wanted to get 50,000 of them in the field by Christmas. When it hit the market, it was $250. So, if you have ever wanted a Geissele, but just couldn't bring yourself to drop that much cash, buy these with confidence. There are reviews out there comparing the Larue to the Geissele SSA and SSA-E. Everybody says the Larue falls between the SSA and SSA-E. I agree. Anyway... helluva deal!
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    If I’m not mistaken dealers buy the stamps from the state then slap them on whatever size container of ammo. Tax paid. It costs the state $19k to run the program that results in $436k net income. I call that highly efficient and a ROI any business would be envious of.
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    I've as much told the poor people when they call me I'll donate to the NRA again when they become a pro-gun organization. They...don't know how to respond to that.
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    Anybody collect fishing lures? I did, long time ago, not into that anymore. FTF Mt Juliet area
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    Wilson modified 92FS Compact Inox with Rail. Frame cerekoted Elite Midnight, all parts high polish Titanium Nitride coated by Brazen Firearms, all components and springs done by Wilson, including Fiber Optic Front sight. Palmetto Leather Brown Alligator holster, custom for CMR206 Green Laser. Receipts exceeding $3k Never fired, brand new. Ordered as a show piece for grandfather, he passed while work was being done. Parts list available. Trade or sell, no rush, willing to meet for inspection. Must have TN Carry Permit
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    May the Fourth was great, today is definitely Revenge of the Fifth, I'm a wee bit sore from all the frivolities of yesterday. Best part - we had a first time attendee, both with Randy and the Group as well as his first class with an instructor. His biggest concern going in, anxiety from the fear of the unknown. He claimed at the end class, he felt welcome and very comfortable with us and is planning on attending future classes. Being a rifle class, we were shooting at 50 - 100 yards, on 1/3 IDPA steel targets. Changes the perspective to 150 - 300, or as Randy told me, "that may be your actual target size at 50-100 if the BG is using cover / concealment. 7 ARs represented, no two alike, and one Mini-14. I was very please with my SW MP Sport 2. Upgrades include a Magpul grip, Burris FastFire3 with mount, and $3.99 1" Allen sling. The budget sling worked fine, but a heavier duty 1 1/2" sling would be a good investment. Started with dry fire and manipulations from standing, kneeling, and prone. Valuable for me being left handed and low time with the AR. I think I want to add an ambi charging handle. Worked totally from pockets, specifically 5.11 pants. The cargo pocket can hold 2 mags and I can access pretty easily. They are not secured as Velcro can't be fastened. I didn't have one fall out from changing my up / kneel / prone position or moving to and fro between shooting stations. The back slash pocket makes it easy (for me) to stow mags and re-access if partially depleted and I just shot to slide lock. Note to above, shooting 1 1/2 mags and needing to reload with your first mag in a civilian defensive rifle gun fight will get you on the national news and probably into the encyclopedia. Sights and Optics I did shoot a few rounds from my M1 carbine, the front blade was about as wide as 1/3 IDPA targets at 50. Hit it a few times, so I feel pretty good about myself. I have a 3 moa dot and it makes a difference for my aging eyes. If I did more rifle shooting and routinely shot to 100+, I would probably invest in a some kind of dot / magnifier setup. As it sits now, just the FF3 and mount represents $300 - $400 on a $499 rifle. Breathing is hard. Many of the afternoon drills included changing position and shooting stations, as quickly as you cared to go. I put forth some effort and got my out of shape hamster running on his wheel. Here's what happened to me when I was "ready" to shoot after I got into stable platform - that little dot was moving in time with the hamster. Deep breath and exhale, and again, and again and...what are you waiting for, Alice? Very eye opening, if I must take that long shot, what's around and beyond my target? I do need to work on my standing form and best placement of my support arm and hand. A 30 round AR mag can hold 31, just in case you lose count when topping off. Great way to carry an extra bullet, but they don't function too well. Best practice, count and load 27 or 28. Slinging my rifle to transition to pistol. Very comfortable flipping the sling over my head and allowing the rifle to drop down my back. Once I was confident with the action and where the rifle ended up, I was good to go. For this class, when I was shooting, the rifle was not attached to my body via sling. Gave me the ability to switch rifle to right side and shoot one handed. Not optimal. Drop it on the ground (I did) better, two handed pistol grip, but less than optimal, do I really want to "leave" my rifle anywhere? This was a good class for me, with the nature of the targets, there was less range valet'ing and more opportunities for me to shoot. I learned how to run this rifle and what my current skill level is.
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    Hi, Everyone! It's @Tiffany Johnson here from Citizens Safety Academy. Our last NRA Women on Target instructional shooting clinic sold out, and we had a blast! We've got another one coming up next month in Murfreesboro. Any female (teen to senior) who might be interested in learning a little more about handgun safety and operation is welcome to join us. Doesn't matter if you're new to guns, an experienced shooter, on the fence, or completely terrified -- all ladies who can be safe are welcome. NRA Women on Target Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 Time: 8am to 1pm Location: Citizens Safety Academy, 752 E. Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 (with live-fire done at the OK Corral) Cost: A modest, measly, mere $45 - and that includes a bag of souvenirs! Click here to download the flyer. Click here to see photos from our last WOT clinic More Info and Registration: https://citizenssafety.com/event/women-on-target-jun-2019/#section-course-details/ (or you can register on Eventbrite) Contact Email: Tiffany@CitizensSafety.com We'll go over the fundamentals with an emphasis on safety rules, and then we'll relieve a little stress on the range. No judgment, no pressure, no intimidation, no egos, and no politics. We hope you'll join us for a morning of empowerment as we strive to keep all Women on Target!
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    Man am I glad to be in Kentucky. TN just keeps complicating it. I have my CCDW up here, but in July we go Constitutional Carry. I will keep my permit for reciprocity though.
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    Just finished reading " Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper", a lot of interesting history about the area of The Land Between The Lakes. Was not aware of a lot of this history. Used a 50 cal special made Kentucky Long Rifle to do his sniping. We used to fish some of the areas that are mentioned in the book. If you are a Civil War fan this is interesting reading. Book was republished in 2018.
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    Whelp, here’s the functional, but not quite complete build. It’s got a Franklin Armory binary trigger on the way for it and I might swap that Holosun for an Eotech I have on a different gun.
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    I think it might be a good thing if everyone that is an NRA member also become a member of the GOA also..........JMHO
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    Finally, a Henry with a loading gate It comes in 30-30, 38-55 and 35 Rem. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/04/26/new-henry-side-gate-cowboy-carbine-review/
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