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    No, my angered reaction is just to the way these stories spread like wildfire, with little to no verification of the facts, because it's the narrative that the mainstream media wants to propagate. I'm troubled by the society that my kids will be growing up in.
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    Sometimes things happen and a couple did on Christmas for me this year. To begin with my land lord showed up at my home on Christams Eve to wish me a Merry Christmas and handed me an envelope with a card. I thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas and we shook hands and I bid him a safe trip home. I had some new neighbors move in on the other side of my place. A young couple, He is the one with that big Camper he is trying to sell for a friend. Well, I noticed that has was making a few trips with a pickup truck to move their things from their old place and his wife was trying to help him move some of the furniture in and I had a few friends stop by about that time and I asked them to help them so they jumped right in and helped the young man unload the trailer he had behind the pick up and his pickup. I ask him if that was all he had or was there more to go get and he said nope, this is it. He reached in his pocket for his wallet to offer to pay and we all said no and glad to help and as we were leaving I heard his young wife say she would try and get supper made if she could find cook vessels. I had just finished up a 3 Quart Crock Pot of Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup and a pan of Corn Bread so I put about 1/2 of the soup in a tupperware container and wrapped up about 6 pieces of corn bread and I also took spoons and bowls. I walked it over to their door and knocked and they came to the door and I said it's still hot so enjoy. He took it and I said hope you like it and I turned and left. They both work so have not got to actually visit much but we wave when we see each other outside. So yesterday he came over and knocked and I opened the door and it was my neighbor and he handed me a card in an envelope and wished me a Merry Christmas and we shook hands and I told him Merry Christmas in return and we shook hands again and he left. Ok so I opened the card from my landlord and in the card was a $20.00 and in the card from my neighbor was a $10.00 bill. I was not expecting anything from anyone except family. This has shown me one thing there are still people who actually do understand the spirit of what Christmas is and giving. I just wanted to share this experience with folks here because this is something that I would have maybe expected from folks here because folks here are caring about folks but have never had a landlord give me a gift and was surely not expecting my neighbor to do what they did.......................
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    Well, another year has come and gone and I find myself wondering about the future. Sometimes I feel we are doing great, then I see something happening that convinces me we are going straight to hell at top speed with no brakes. Then I read the content here and realize the caliber of men and women here and see some hope. There is goodness still in this world and it lives on TGO. I see the friendship, the love of God and county, and the sacrifice made by some to keep us all safe. I see belief and faith in God expressed freely and openly in times when it is not always PC to do so. I see and am amazed at the help, love, and concern freely given from member to member, usually without the need to ask. I see the compassion given in times of pain. I see congratulations given in times of joy. All this and so much more. I feel truly blessed to be here, not just on this world and this country, but in the midst of good men. Men I strive to emulate and deserve the friendship of. Lastly, I feel grateful to know and be known by men who expressed concern for me in my prolonged absence recently. For friends like MacGuyver, Steelharp, Bersaguy, TrickyNicky, Kharman, gothegoods, TrippleGGG, prag, and gregintn, just to name a very, very few of the good people here that I can call friend. Yes, I am blessed with a loving, caring, and good wife, who puts up with me and my antics. A family though widespread, that accepts me as I am. A home and reasonably good health. A future that many in this world would envy, and so very much more. So to family, friends, my TGO family, all our military, and first responders, to those who stand in harm's way for others... I wish us all the Merriest of Christmas's and Happy New Year's. May God continue to Bless us and our nation. Amen.
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    I've resolved not to resolve to do or quit or start anything. I know it will be tough, but I think I can do it.
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    So my uncle passed last month. He told my aunt before he died to make sure I get a certain revolver that was my grandfather’s. He already gave me my grandfather’s .SW 38 special which SW dated back to 1964. So I was surprised to hear about this one. I never saw it growing up and had no idea he owned it. My father said he owned this one first but it was just to big to carry everyday. He worked as a constable and at parchman prison in MS. I contacted SW with the serial number and they dated it 1926-27. Very well take care of. Looking forward to taking her out. Going to get the holster repaired as well. proud to have it looks good to be 90years old
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    I don't post a lot but let's face it, there are plenty of gun laws on the books now that aren't being abided by the crooks and thugs. Look at the facts, when I was a kid in the 50' & 60's you didn't hear about folks shooting up schools. The AR's made in the 60's are just like the ones made now, they haven't changed. PEOPLE have changed. Start by putting God and prayer back in schools, whipping a kid's butt if he/she needs it, ban all the stupid computer games that encourages shooting people etc. We don't need any more gun laws, we need to change the idiots that abuse them!
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    Well with Christmas only 4 days away I want to take this time to say: I want to wish everyone on TGO a Very Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year And please remember the reason for the Season and Please remember to Keep CHRIST in Christmas!! Bersaguy
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    @Grand Torino well gentlemen I've tried to come up with words but there are none. Let's just say GT smashed one into the atmosphere. All I can say is thank you GT once again. Ill just let the pictures talk.
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    Merry Christmas to all. How can you not love TGO? We're like one big dysfunctional family. We fuss and fume amongst ourselves and are looked over by David and Mac and the rest of the crew who make sure we don't mess our beds too badly. I just wanted to take a moment to thank the moderating crew and everyone who's contributed to the discussion this year. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday and I hope everyone finds some joy in the season. I'll have a drink for all and hope you do the same for me.
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    Full size Beretta 92. Put your leftovers in the Tupperware and get a real gun.
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    Dang. I'm somewhere between really impressed and "I don't know if I would have shared that."
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    Hey Bill, sorry sent ya an email. I dropped this and I apologize for that. Bad at reading stuff at night on my phone with intentions of coming in next morning and responding. Trust me, annoys the wife too ;o) Comcast has my phone all jacked up so I'm not getting any voice messages. Still here, in Oliver Springs now but as Bryan said I haven't been able to browse the site like I use to but happy to help you all if I can. Miss you guys! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
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    I'm leaning against mandatory BG checks for private sales. What I would support, is free, voluntary, access to the BG system for those that chose to use it. No paperwork, no records, just a go or no-go. And I'm not willing to give up anything, to get back a right that was taken away, illegally IMO, in the past.
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    To spend more time talking, texting, and visiting with my father. He's getting up there in years, and the vicissitudes of aging are slowly but surely making their presence felt.
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    Since moving the shop to OS several years ago, I've been keeping pretty steady hours of 8:30A-5:00P M-F I've been doing quite a bit of machining/labor jobs for other FFL/SOTs across the country but I still do general smithing as I always have. I do still ask folks to text me before they make the drive so I can confirm I'll be around. (803) 517-5448 is my cell. And of course email is welcomed as well Thanks guys
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    Background checks are coming; and I doubt there will be much negotiation by anyone. However, I wouldn’t be for allowing trading background checks for a Federal Carry permit. As soon as you take the carry permit process out of the hands of the state and turn it over to the Feds; the Feds will determine where, when, and what you can carry, and what “reasonable restrictions” are on the 2nd amendment. That might be a good thing if you are in NY or CA, but it would suck for us here. Background checks and state gun carry laws don’t have anything to do with each other; I would like to see it stay that way.
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    You can download an Affidavit of non-dealer transfer on line or pick up a copy from your county clerks office. The top of the form has 2 options. First is a Relative transfer and to be tax exempt it must be from a spouse, sibling or any other lineal relative. Option 2 is gift transfer or low selling price to a person other than tax-exempt relatives. I’ve done a couple of these and they were quite simple. The county clerks office can walk you thru and my suggestion is take the existing title there and tell them what you are trying to do.
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    These were given to me by a member who was moving out of state. I never got into reloading and forgot these were in the garage. Some of the bottles are full while some are not. I was told to pass them on to someone who could use them if I couldn't. They are available for pickup in either Brentwood or Bellevue.
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    Despite what the media tries to tell me I meet many more good people than bad.
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    My very personal, humble opinion. Rock Island. You can get pistols from the standard GI level up to some very nice models with features like see on 1000+ pistols. All for about 600. Disclaimer. I do own Sigs, Springfield, Smith, and Rock Island 1911 pistols.
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    Merry Christmas everyone. May each of you be Blessed during this season of celebrating Jesus birth.
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    If you own a gun only for display, you don't own a gun. Shoot the balls out of it.
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