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    About the Trading Post

    TGO David

    Tennessee Gun Owners Trading Post


    What Is The Trading Post? 

    TGO's Trading Post is largely recognized as one of the best ways for individuals in the state of Tennessee to legally buy, sell, and trade firearms and accessories via private party transactions.  Our trading post generates perhaps more traffic than the rest of the site and has proven itself to be a tremendous bargain for the seller and a great resource for the buyer. We are extremely proud of that and continually look for ways to improve the experience for everyone involved. 

    TGO is not an FFL and we do not broker transactions between members.  TGO is a disinterested third party that provides a place where community members may legally trade in accordance with their local, state, and Federal laws.


    Why Can't I Post New Threads?

    Are you a Benefactor member?  As a thank you for supporting TGO, we typically give our Benefactors elevated permissions in some of our forums.  When you buy a Benefactor membership, you're paying for a media service (TGO) similar to paying for a magazine subscription.

    You aren't buying the "right" to buy or sell anything on TGO.  We merely make those areas available to you as a Thank You for helping us provide this forum to the public.  It is our gift to you.  (click here to become one) in order to post threads in the Trading Post. 

    Access to the Trading Post may be revoked for members who become disruptive, fail to trade with one another honestly and ethically, or fail to observe the relevant laws of the land.       


    Rules for Participating

    1. Members (You) acknowledge that TNGunOwners.com (TGO) does not participate in the sale or transfer of ownership of any items. TGO merely facilitates meetings between members who wish to legally buy, sell and trade.
    2. You acknowledge that you must observe all Federal, State and Local laws at all times.
    3. You understand that you must complete any agreed-upon transactions within seven (7) business days unless both parties agree in written form via our forums that an extension of this deadline is acceptable.
    4. You understand that you may only list items that you own. You may not offer up items on behalf of a friend or other third-party.
    5. You understand that you may not post an item for sale or trade until you are committed to releasing it from your possession.
    6. You understand that you may not agree to buy or take possession of an item until you are committed to doing so and have all of the resources (money, items for trade, etc.) necessary to complete the deal.
    7. You understand that you may not make a public reply to a Trading Post thread designed to interfere with the sale or trade of an item. Examples are replies stating that an item can be found cheaper elsewhere, or that the price is too high, or that you have a similar item for sale for less, etc. If you wish to haggle, do it privately with the seller. No one cares what you think about the price or availability of an item.
    8. You understand that unless otherwise stated by the seller or trader, all transactions are final and all items are provided as-is with no warranty stated or implied. Inspect items before closing the deal. This is absolutely for the safety and legal protection of all parties involved.
    9. PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay and most other online payment services each have a list of things you may not use their service to pay for.  TGO's expectation is that our members follow their rules and use another means of payment for anything that falls into those categories.  Cash, cashier's check, money order, etc.  Obviously you may use those services to pay for goods or services which are not prohibited by their terms of service.

    Final Words of Wisdom

    As a buyer or a seller, your word is only as good as your last transaction. Keep that in mind and always strive to protect your reputation by carrying through on every transaction in a timely manner.

    Second, and in conjunction with the above, the Staff encourages everyone to use good communication at all points of a transaction. Describe items for sale as accurately as possible. Do not over-sell the quality of an item if it has blemishes. Be honest and forthright.

    Also make sure that you stay in communication with the other party in a transaction. If there will be delays, communicate that to the other party publicly per the rules listed above. In this age of e-mail, cellular phones and Internet forums, there simply are very few valid excuses for not being able to communicate delays to the other person and therefore we will be extremely hard to persuade that you couldn't.

    As always if you have questions or concerns, feel free to privately contact a Staff member to discuss.



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Before engaging in any transaction of goods or services on TGO, all parties involved must know and follow the local, state and Federal laws regarding those transactions. TGO makes no claims, guarantees or assurances regarding any such transactions.

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