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  1. Frank beat me to it. Unless OP has it in stock, don't trust their estimated arrival dates or lead times.
  2. I'm skeptical about their delivery timelines. Hopefully that's accurate! The 508T took forever to actually ship last year, but maybe they were working through delays in the overall supply chain that have been resolved.
  3. Do you a YouTube search for Sage Dynamics' reviews of the Holosun 507c and 508T. They hold up to abuse as well as the Trijicon RMR and in the top group of optics he recommends. Watch the abuse he subjects them to. The Vortex sights aren't in the same ZIP code.
  4. I grew up in a family that used CB extensively on trips each summer and to keep in touch with my father during his commute to and from work late at night, lonnnnnnnnnnnnng before cellular phones. CBs are still widely used by off-roaders / Jeepers. And of course truck drivers.
  5. I think the 407C Micro Dot is going to be compatible with the Shield RMSc footprint, based on what I am seeing in those photos. You've got this footprint, right?
  6. https://www.kenziesoptics.com/product-category/red-dot-sights/holosun/ They're all listed over on Kenzie's Optics site.
  7. SHOT Show 2020 is this week and that of course means that manufacturers are trotting out new products. If you're at SHOT you're getting a chance to fondle new things. If you're like me and stuck at home, you're seeing new stuff on the Internet. This thread will help you spend money later this year, because Holosun seems slow to get things actually into distributor channels after they announce them. Or at least that's how it was with the 508T last year. Anyway, they have announced a crap-ton of new optics so here are some things that you probably want to know about: A lot of their mini red dot optics have gotten a refresh for 2020 and now include a side-loading battery design that Trijicon should be kicking their own ass for not adopting yet (Seriously, Trijicon... what's up with that??) as well as improved, larger control buttons. 407C V2 Elite Red and Green Dot Versions 8MOA dot reticles powered by a CR1632 battery and solar cell, housed in 7075 aluminum bodies. 507C V2 Elite Red and Green Dot Versions 2MOA dot with 32MOA ring reticle design, powered by a CR2032 battery and solar cell, housed in 7075 aluminum bodies. 507K Micro Red Dot An alternative to the DOCTR and other such small red dots for your diminutive pistol! 6MOA dot reticle powered by a CR1632 battery and solar cell, housed in 7075 aluminum bodies. 508T V2 Elite Green and Red Dots A successor to the 508T already? They beefed up the body on these and it looks like it could now go toe-to-toe with the RMR for crush resistance now. 2MOA red or green dot and a 32MOA ring reticle design, powered by a CR1632 battery and solar cell, in a Titanium body. 509T Micro Red Dot If you wanted an Aimpoint ACRO that had actual battery life, Holosun is releasing one for you. Shame, Acupoint. Shame! 2MOA red dot and 32MOA circle reticle design, in a fully enclosed body, powered by a CR1632 battery and solar cell, in a Titanium body. Battery life is rated at 50,000 hours as compared to the 32 minutes and 6 seconds (exaggerated) that the ACRO gets.
  8. While I'm opining on things, let me offer my thoughts on the spectrum of scenarios: 1. Train for as many possibilities as you can. Focus on the most likely, but include the absurdly unlikely as well. When the day comes, the bad guy will have chosen for you which scenario you get to address. It's going to be a pop-quiz. Stack the deck in your favor. 2. Train to intercept potential threats before they get into your building. You want your safety team at the doors being the friendliest people a visitor has ever met. Invasively friendly. Don't let a guy who is obviously dressed in a wig and fake beard, wearing a coat that isn't logical for the weather outside, like the shooter in White Settlement, into your building until you've made sure he isn't armed. Learn to be "professionally impolite". By that I mean demand to look inside bags, under coats, inside boxes or backpacks, etc. As an agent of the church, it is "your" property and you get to turn people away if they refuse to disclose what they might be concealing. It can save lives, and people will get over it if you're wrong -- or they'll find a new church. They found yours and we shouldn't presume that God needs us so much that He can't lead them to another church. We aren't that significant in His plans. He's very adaptable. BUT... be prepared for a fight if by stopping them and searching or asking or turning them away causes them to change their plan and start doing harm with you instead of with the congregation. Be prepared for that eventuality. It could happen. If you think it might never, you're essentially just a door greeter who chose to carry a gun for some reason. 3. We have mercifully been spared a wholesale terrorist attack on a church or synagogue in this country. So far. Just because it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean it won't happen sooner or later. If you've read the Bible, you know that things aren't going to get better in this world. They just get worse. See point #1.
  9. Every Sunday that I serve, I carry 18rds in my handgun and 34rds on my belt. On Sundays that I am not on rotation, I am still "serving" and only pare that back by reducing to 17rds spare on my belt, simply because I know I'll be sitting for a longer period and losing the extra mag makes that a little more comfortable because one less thing is jabbing me in my dad-bod. I say this because at even my lightest load-out, I am +4 rounds (at least) over the capacity of a 3rd 9mm PDW's first mag. Now I'm asking what sort of protracted engagement we're planning for if a single guy on my team is going to expend more than this. The decision to bear the burden of a heavier load-out and responsibility of babysitting a PDW needs to be offset with something that makes it a desirable burden. For me that's going to come down to caliber. I'm not wasting that effort on a 9mm PDW. It's going to need to be a rifle cartridge for it to make sense. And even still we're talking about an item that is going to have a small niche to fill in a nightmare scenario. It's not my go-to as a member of a church safety team. That's still my sidearm because it's quickest. YMMV.
  10. "Just south of Frankin" would be Charlie Haffner's range on Owl Hollow Road and I'm guessing that is the one you didn't care for, for some reason. That's a shame for Charlie, but good for me because I hate crowded ranges. Other than that, you've listed what is available.
  11. The White Settlement, Texas Church of Christ shooting was approximately 6 seconds in duration from start to finish. These types of scenarios have historically been ended as soon as the good guys with guns responded. Your team's response needs to be about speed and decisive, overwhelming action. That's why we carry a handgun. It's right there with us. Sending someone to acquire a carbine is going to temporarily reduce the size of your responding force and lengthen the amount of time it takes for them to respond. As for the question about engaging a violent actor from a distance: If possible you want enough team members spread throughout your facility at the entrances so that you don't have enormous gaps in coverage that make a 25-yard shot necessary. If you can, lock the doors that can't be manned. For everything else, God gave us two legs and a heartbeat, so we use those things to run toward the threat and engage from a closer distance. I wouldn't want to have to take a 25-yard shot through or over the top of a crowd of panicked people and am doubly sure I wouldn't want to have to deal with the legal "what if" quagmire that would arise from not being able to clearly determine friend or foe and the nature of the threat at that distance. With that being said, is there utility in carbine use for CQ scenarios? Yes. Multiple points of contact onto your weapons system makes for a much more stable platform, and I'll take 30 rounds of faster-moving, more precise munitions any day. If you can figure out a way to have a team member or two discretely toting an AR style weapon on their person, it might make sense to have in a pretty nightmarish scenario. An AR "pistol" or SBR with a dot sight, bright weapon light, and collapsible brace/stock (think Law Tactical Folder mechanism) in a very nondescript backpack would be an easy way to bring something substantial to a room-clearing or a hostage situation until the police arrive. My requirement of a safety team with these in use would be that they were manned at all times. Not locked in closets or safes, and never left unattended for even so much as a potty break. The method of carrying them discretely would have to be such that it is comfortable and non-fatiguing, and extremely discrete. It also couldn't be their primary weapon. That still needs to be a handgun, for fast access.
  12. Almost can't go wrong with a Holosun 507C these days for as cheap as you can get them.
  13. The most important thing is that you're alive and kicking. But thank you for investing into TGO. I appreciate that as well. Hopefully you're here for a good long while and that Lifetime Benefactor membership takes on a whole new meaning for you.

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