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  1. Sig MPX ‘pistol’ with folding brace

    Great great great gun. I have one and love it. The flash-hider is a minor inconvenience. Most folks end up putting something like a Lantac Dragon on them anyway, so this saves the buyer one extra step.
  2. A New Forum Maybe

    It's not a bad idea at all. I will see about getting it added soon.
  3. Introducing myself, joined today.

    Welcome to Tennessee and TGO.
  4. ad closed Vertx EDC Satchel New New price

    With a ton of room to spare.
  5. New S&W M&P 9mm 4 Compact 2.0

    Grabagun.com had them for $409 just a few weeks ago. They're back up to the mid $400's now on their site. Watch them tomorrow as I expect they may drop pricing again for Cyber Monday.
  6. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    Belated Day Five for me... Today I am thankful for all of the many blessings that God has mercifully granted to me, starting with the gift of His son, Jesus. I know that not everyone on TGO is religious or necessarily follows the Christian faith, but it is the lighthouse on the shoreline of my life. There are times that I let my eyes drift from it as I navigate these waters, but normally I quickly realize it and scramble once again to put my focus on the light that I know will guide me safely home.
  7. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    Day Four for me... I am thankful that, by divine providence, I was born in and live in the United States. We have our problems but we are still a great place to live and with God's mercy we will continue to be a great place to live for generations to come.
  8. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    Day Three for me... Today I am thankful for my wife. She has an indomitable spirit, is incredibly talented and creative, as smart as they come and my best friend. I'd say the only thing wrong with her must be her eyesight since she made an assessment and for some reason decided I looked good enough to have to look at every day. She's the best mom that our kids could ever hope to have and sacrifices of herself daily for them (and me). I see so much of her in our daughter already, and am sure I'll see it in our son as he grows up, that I know they will do just fine in life and genuinely be good people. That's all any of us can hope for, for our kids, I think.
  9. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    Day Two for me... I am thankful for having been raised by good, strong, God-fearing men. My father and grandfather are the male role models in my life. I learned about boundless, unconditional love and support from my grandfather. I learned about forgiveness and the value of presenting yourself as a humble, broken sacrifice to God so that He can do good things with you and through you from my dad. I learned about honor and service to our country, and about the value of hard work and the endless possibilities of what can be done with your hands and a little bit of knowledge from both of them. It is not bragging when I say that I can build or fix almost anything, teach myself or learn from others almost anything, and be a figure of calm and order in almost any chaotic situation. I say it humbly and with great thankfulness and some reverence toward my dad and grandfather for pouring themselves into me over the course of some 30 years. Were it not for them, I wouldn't be a fraction of who I am. I can only hope and pray that I am able to pass these things along to my own kids.
  10. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    As we rapidly approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am going to challenge myself to come back to this thread each day this week and post something that I am thankful for. I hope that maybe some of you will join me in this and post about things that you are thankful for as well. Even if you can't do it every day, perhaps try to do it as often as you can this week? To start off, I am thankful for the health of my wife and children. 2017 saw the addition of another member of our family. We've had more bad experiences than good with bringing children into this world, but God has been merciful and given us a beautiful daughter and son along the way. Zeke is the newest and he is a constant reminder of how amazing and precious life is. How about you all?
  11. Amateur Radio Help

    With a Technican class license, the starter license, the most common bands you are going to have access to are 2-meter and 70-centimeter. This puts you in the 140MHz and 440Mhz bands which are fairly well covered by local repeaters and local simplex traffic. This is where you'll be able to communicate with folks all over the mid-state area by using local repeaters, participate in local ARES nets, etc. ARES nets are activated during emergencies and severe weather, which can be both fun and useful. When you say you're wanting to go with a portable unit, that generally refers to a handheld walkie-talkie style radio. Is that what you had in mind or were you thinking about a mobile radio for your vehicle? Bear in mind that a portable unit generally broadcasts a maximum 5-watts and has pretty short range. A mobile unit generally broadcasts between 50-100 watts and has a much further range.
  12. A sturdy purpose-built gun belt is mandatory for any concealed carry to be successful and comfortable. My go-to has always been The Belt Man (http://www.thebeltman.net) for gun belts but there are competing products of equal quality now too. With experience gained over time, I moved away from complete Kydex holsters and prefer either complete leather or Kydex/leather hybrids for quality and longevity. Comp-Tac still makes the Minotaur MTAC holster which is a really good Kydex/Leather hybrid but my preferred holster for IWB carry for the past ten years has been the Mike's Special leather rig from Tim Thurner at http://www.ttgunleather.com . When it comes to belts and holsters, you really need to buy once and cry once. Suck it up and buy the best you can afford. Don't skimp. Don't spend $500+ on a handgun and then expect that a $40 holster and $20 belt are likely to be up to snuff. Chances are good that they won't be, that your gun won't ride comfortably or securely, and you're going to be miserable and blame it on the gun instead of the gear that you chose to carry it with.
  13. Church security

    The people are going to begin, if they haven't already, expecting their churches to provide security to prevent a shooting from occurring. What I am hearing is the churches that are stepping up to this expectation are establishing "Safety" Teams. The duties of these Safety Teams generally include the provision of First Aid as well as response to any other emergency situation that might arise during church activities, such as fires, tornados, earthquakes, and yeah even active shooters. In my opinion, there is no certain size of a congregation that begins to necessitate the establishment of a Safety Team or at the very least safety protocols. If you are gathering people together at an appointed place and time on a recurring schedule each week, you have essentially told all criminals when and where they can find a group of people to do bad things to. To be frank, this applies to any organization, not just churches. Scout meetings, fraternal meetings, council meetings, and so forth all have the same inherent problem. A person who wants to visit violence upon you knows when and where to find you, so you should have a planned and well-trained response for that. I predict that the churches and other groups that either ignore this problem or willfully refuse to do anything to prepare for it are going to begin to see a decline in participation. People are going to start looking for the presence of "Safety" Teams or asking whether the group has established protocols, before deciding whether to put themselves or their loved ones into the congregations. Should these people be carrying their own guns and first aid as well? YES. But some folks will always rely on others to carry their slack and the desire for personal safety is no different.
  14. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    I'm going to leave fundraising for assistance for the victims' families to the organizations closer to them where it makes the most sense. I do respect the desire to do something for them, though.
  15. ad closed Vertx EDC Satchel New New price

    I have one of these in black. Really good bag!

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