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  1. No idea off the top of my head, but I'll check on options for it to Athens and let you know.
  2. Yep, it's still available. I have sold a firearm in-state before, person to person, shipped.
  3. That is, in fact, the NY1 trigger spring chassis. BLEGH!
  4. I'll let you know. He was very responsive up until this past weekend. Coincidentally I paid him for the work done, last week. Going to send him another email tomorrow and see what the deal is. I received a photo of a grip module last week, so if that was mine, it should be on the way to me by now.
  5. for-sale

    That looks like it was made for an older square-body Chevrolet 1500 or Ford F-150. Not many vehicles this day have a perfectly flat front facia like the older trucks did.
  6. Participants would have to be heavily vetted, but yes - this seems like the logical choice.
  7. Since my epiphany with my M&P M2.0 9mm, it has become my go-to for concealed carry. It will likely remain my go-to until I receive the Mike's Special IWB holster that I ordered for my CZ P-10C from TT Gunleather earlier this week. It'll probably be late July or early August before I receive that holster, so I will have plenty of time at the range to continue getting to know the CZ in the meantime.
  8. Nice Osprey! And those wait times are seriously the stupidest thing ever.
  9. It's taken way longer than he said it would, unfortunately. Quote was 4 weeks. I'm sitting at nearly 8.
  10. Ya'll are some comedians aren't you?
  11. This is an interesting read... Source: http://americansuppressorassociation.com/hearing-protection-act-language-incorporated-into-comprehensive-sportsmens-package/ Since the re-introduction of the Hearing Protection Act by Rep. Duncan and Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) in January (H.R. 367, S. 59) the American Suppressor Association (ASA) has met with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on multiple occasions to discuss technical amendments to the language. As a result, we were able to create several technical amendments that were incorporated into the current draft of the SHARE Act. These include: Sec. 1702: Removing suppressors from the National Firearms Act, subjecting them to the same instant NICS background check as long guns, and issuing a refundable tax credit to anyone who has purchased a suppressor since the HPA’s original date of introduction Sec. 1703: Ensuring that suppressors will remain legal in all 42 states where they are currently legal, after suppressors are removed from the National Firearms Act Sec. 1704: Preempting states from levying taxes or registration requirements on suppressors. However, this will not make suppressors legal in any state where state law currently prohibits them. Sec. 1705: Granting the ATF 365 days to destroy all suppressor related records from the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) Sec. 1706: Developing a “keystone part” definition, and requiring that such keystone part is serialized on every suppressor. This will ensure that individual suppressor parts, like pistons and endcaps, will not require serialization. Sec. 1707: Imposing a 10% Pittman-Robertson excise tax on the manufacture of each new suppressor, a tax that is currently imposed on all Title I firearms “The inclusion of the Hearing Protection Act in the sportsmen’s package highlights the commitment of the Sportsmen’s Caucus to make the hunting and recreational shooting experiences safer and more enjoyable for all,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association. “We know for a fact that exposure to noise from recreational firearms is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, which is why the CDC, NIOSH, and the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) have all recommended using suppressors as a tool to mitigate the danger. We look forward to working with the Sportsmen’s Caucus to make this legislation a reality.” More available at the linked source.
  12. If I find myself there, I will indeed.
  13. If I hadn't recently thoroughly cleaned it and prepped it for sale, I'd take it out and put some holes in paper and show you what it's capable of. Instead, I think you should do it.
  14. It's very easy to ship inside the state!
  15. While not professionally lead training, I feel that this falls into the category of "Knowledge" therefore I humbly share it with you. Earlier this year I made another foray into the world of the Smith & Wesson M&P series. I have owned numerous of them over the years and always liked them for not being Glocks, and the new M2.0 design piqued my interest. I've found it to be an excellent blaster, but still couldn't quite figure out why it wasn't as natural for me to shoot as other handguns are. And I *really* wanted it to be. For as long as I can remember I have opted to run the Small sized palm-swell on the M&P 9mm and .40SW as they allowed me to more easily manipulate the mag release without breaking my grip. I have also found it challenging to refrain from pulling my shots to the left (not low-left, just left) unless I paid careful attention to where my finger went on the trigger. This past weekend I made an assessment and then made a change. The assessment being: Statistics show that the vast majority of shootings involving LEO or Civilians do not involve magazine changes. The M&P 9mm carries 17+1 rounds. It is more important for immediate proper trigger-finger placement than it is to keep my grip perfect during a mag change. The Medium size palm-swell perfectly positions my trigger-finger every time. After swapping to the larger Medium palm-swell, my shots were 100% where I wanted them, every single time, immediately from a draw. Additionally, I am able to get more purchase on the grip with my support hand, aiding in what is already an incredibly flat shooting 9mm. This may seem like a trivial thing or an obvious foregone conclusion, but consider also that I have been shooting for over 30 years now, have been carrying a handgun for over 15 years, have attended numerous classes, attend the range at least twice a month (frequently more) and have used the M&P platform since it was released in the mid 2000's. NONE of this is new or even a revelation to me, but it demonstrates how we can become so myopic in our own thinking that we might disregard an obvious solution with an elementary challenge with our equipment. The M2.0 is now one of my primary carry weapons and has finally edged out my Glock 19 for regular duty. Lesson Learned: Be brave enough to experiment on the range where your life doesn't depend on it. You might discover something surprisingly simple yet extremely effective and it could save you from spending money needlessly.

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