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  1. I know it's a hard pill for folks to swallow, but there's not a single one of us who is going to make it out of here alive. We've all got a date with the Grim Reaper. It sucks that for some folks he comes as a virus, but there are a million other ways people die every day too and a lot of them have better forms of prevention than what we have for COVID-19. A person should seriously just listen to their doctor, analyze the risks, factor in their own risk profile, and make their own decision. I really hope the bleeding hearts don't hassle me the next time I have a cheeseburger or a glass of bourbon, or inhale some gun smoke. None of those things are good for you either, but I'm taking my chances. "Every man dies, but not every man really lives."
  2. I've never had a problem with an optic fogging, even on open-emitter designs like the RMR. I do put Cat Crap brand anti-fog on my lenses, same as I do my prescription glasses, but I also think the fact that the optic stays relatively warm while carried against my body helps as well. Even still, these days I find myself gravitating toward the closed-emitter designs like the Holosun 509T for a variety of reasons - antifogging being one of them. You might give them a spin if you get serious about the Dot Life.
  3. Hopefully people are listening to their doctors and not the media, politicians, or the Internet. My doctor told me to wait because I've had the real deal. He also told me to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if/when I decide to participate in this ridiculously unprecedented clinical trial. What blows my mind is the staggering amount of "Vaccine Shaming" that is wrapped around this whole issue. Even if I ever do decide to get vaccinated against COVID-19, I'll probably take it to my grave as a secret. And hopefully that'll be a long time after the vaccination and from reasons completely unrelated to the vaccine. This issue isn't just politicized, it's been "socialized" to the point where an alarming percentage of people actually want the government to force their fellow citizens to undergo medical treatment. FORCE. And here we are participating in an Internet community centered upon the one Constitutional amendment that was designed to keep the government... a government... any government... from doing that sort of thing to you. Weird.
  4. I was mainly just testing to make sure that the new database engine didn't puke on a new post, a reply, etc. But now it's just fun.
  5. True Story: I'll make eye jokes all day long and screw with people at work. We once were interviewing a guy who we had already decided was going to be a perfect fit for the team, from perspectives of qualifications and cultural fit. He was a messed up individual like the rest of us. When we took him to lunch, he asked how brutal the on-call schedule really was. I told him, "Look man... I had two working eyes when I started this gig." He paused barely a second and erupted in laughter. We hired him practically on the spot.
  6. I mortify the people at Lens Crafters when I ask them if I get a 50% discount because I only need half of what they're selling. Those poor people don't know how to respond.
  7. Yikes. I forget what the actual statement was by the doctor at the time, but I want to say my dad relayed that I was 4mm away from what would have been a fatal hit. If it had impacted just slightly lower it would have gone through the optical cavity and that'd would have been that.
  8. On the heels of the software upgrades that have occurred over the past few weeks, today I wrapped up some upgrades to our database engine. Page loads, especially those involving traffic to things the majority of our members are doing at around the same time (i.e. searching for new posts, loading the index page, loading the most recent threads, etc) generally seem faster to me. Let me know if you encounter anything odd though.
  9. I'm almost positive that my medical records list me as having been shot. The path the bullet took to get inside my head feels fairly academic other than that fact that the wall bled off enough of its momentum to keep it from killing me.
  10. Yeah man.... safety glasses are a must have for me.


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