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  1. TGO David

    Emojis locking up mobile browser

    I haven't experienced this yet. Perhaps worth noting is that a new version of the forum software is forthcoming. It includes a lot of new features, but also bug fixes from this and previous versions.
  2. TGO David

    for-sale Sig Sauer P229 Nitron 9mm - $600

    Beautiful gun! Sig's metal handguns are a breed unto themselves and cannot be compared to their polymer guns. This is a really nice blaster. Hopefully it sells quickly for you.
  3. TGO David

    Colt 1911 help??? ASAP!

    Value is also going to be affected by whomever did the work. If it's a no-name smith from years past, I wouldn't expect any additional value. BUT... if it's a well-known smith, value might skyrocket. Say, if it's a build that someone like Armand Swenson or Jim Clark did or contributed to.
  4. TGO David

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    WOW. Very thankful for you and your family that this turned out well.
  5. I read the hell out of these growing up. Nothing made me want a 44 Automag more!
  6. TGO David

    Feds monitoring online gun sales

    I wonder if the list of online sources they comb could be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
  7. Another plus with the Stones River center is you get to shoot with the locals, which sometimes means being shot at by the locals. Accidentally, of course. Invest in body armor.
  8. TGO David

    Tn. Lottery winners

    Already taken.
  9. TGO David

    Angled foregrip opinions

    Hmm, I guess you're right. I was under the impression that the ATF had said that AFGs were not allowed either, but hand-stops were. Good to know. Still, AFGs suck. Almost as much as the NFA's nebulous web of contradictory statements sucks.
  10. TGO David

    Angled foregrip opinions

    AFG on a pistol is a no-go with the ATF unless the overall length is over 26 inches, or it's already registered as an NFA item and you paid the government their pound of flesh for a stamp. ... EDIT ... Seems I was mistaken. F the NFA.
  11. TGO David

    TGO David's Gucci Glock Build - Gen 4

    This is how it looks today...
  12. TGO David

    Angled foregrip opinions

    I have one on a carbine length AR. I don't like it. I'll go back to a stubby VFG or nothing at all once I update that rifle with a more modern, lighter handguard than the 15" quad-rail on it currently.
  13. Yep. That and they have a vacant restaurant property next to them which is even MORE parking.
  14. Royal Range is a significantly larger facility which gives the impression that it's not as crowded. I'd wager they run as many or more shooters through on busy days as Nashville Armory, but Royal Range has the facility to support the volume. More lanes, more options, more square footage.
  15. TGO David

    TFA, Awareness of Bill Lee

    I hope folks will list them out. It would be an interesting exercise to attempt getting on his calendar to discuss 2A issues.

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