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  1. KNOWN SCAMMER ACCOUNTS The following accounts and email addresses have been banned from TGO for attempting to scam our members. Member: JuWon Email: juwonalex2@gmail.com Member: AlbertZip Email: zmatthew1922@gmail.com Member: Jason411 Email: smithja908@gmail.com Email: MerrillKieferxzq25@gmail.com
  2. BE WARNED: SCAMMERS ARE ACTIVELY WORKING AGAINST THE GUN COMMUNITY ON TGO AND OTHER INTERNET FORUMS IN THE BUY/SELL/TRADE AREAS. Folks, lately we have seen a significant uptick in scam attempts that go like this: You post an ad for an item for sale or wanted. A scammer contacts you about the item you are selling or looking for and offers to put you in contact with a friend or relative in Texas or some other state. Throughout the whole thing, your Spidey Sense is tingling and telling you it seems suspicious... because it is! We stro
  3. Using TGO is free. Buying from someone on TGO is free. We don't charge for either of those things. The only way I can imagine we would charge anything for the ability to view Trading Post listings is if we had to charge some silly low fee like $1.00 per year in order to make you a "member" to work around egregious laws. Am I forecasting that or predicting that it will happen? NO. But I'm not stupid and I've been involved in businesses for a few decades now and I know that sometimes legal loopholes exist for businesses that operate as a fraternal organization and charge a small me
  4. I've said it before and I'm saying it again: Those people are stealing. No one is entitled to the fruit of someone else's labor. Someone spent time and money to provide that service to the gun community. Whether you like them or their practices or not, they get to set the rules for their service and the rules are that people pay a fee to sell or trade. It burns me up that people think this sort of petty theft is OK. I also question the sanity of dealing with a seller who will steal a few dollars from a business. If they're willing to rob the website of pocket change, are they g
  5. I mean, if only we knew where to find the consistently best buying/selling experience for private transfers in Tennessee.
  6. Almost my experience. I fell asleep at 3-something A.M. with my head against the wall near the toilet. At some point I was really wondering where it was all coming from.
  7. Baofeng radios can generally be programmed to use analog. I haven't tried them with digital yet. With them you're talking about a radio that generally costs less than $100 per. Yes, we use surveillance headsets like these. This is the one I use, personally: Klein Patriot K1. You have to be careful to order the one that works with your radio's style of connector, though.
  8. Business-band digital radio, if your church is willing to spend the money or has a donor who will front the small cost of the FCC license for you. It's really not that expensive and it keeps your communications from being easily eavesdropped upon. Business-band analog works also, but it's easy to find with a scanner and then be privy your team communications. This site has put together a pretty good overview of it. http://businessradiolicensing.com/applications/fee/
  9. We use a rotation. But most of us are mic'd up and carrying every service regardless. Yes, we require both firearms qualification and situational training throughout the year.
  10. Apparently a very contagious variant of the stomach flu is making its rounds these days. It hit my household on Sunday and by Monday morning everyone had it. I'll say that this was worse than my encounter with COVID-19. At least COVID didn't have me sitting on the toilet with a trash can in my lap. I am pretty sure I puked up my own socks by the time it was over. 10/10 would not recommend. Avoid it at all costs. Save yourselves.
  11. HEY! Them's fighting words. Don't call my baby ugly!
  12. Oh now... no one is immune. We've booted moderators before, even. I really hope there isn't a TGO circle jerk. Yuck. But if there is, can we all agree to unite against them from a safe distance?


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