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  1. I miss the chat function

    I used to spend countless hours in IRC. The developers at Invision Power say that chat wasn't just unpopular on TGO, but on the vast majority of the forums on which it was provided. They would know since they hosted the chat feature on their servers for us all. I guess killing it off was just economically smart for them.
  2. Dark Theme

    OHHHH... so you're coloring the text of your posts? Why??
  3. Dark Theme

    Yes it is.
  4. Dark Theme

    I wonder if you need to do a force recache of everything on screen at least once when switching to the Dark Theme. Like, hold down SHIFT and then refresh the browser page. Maybe it's caching the editor code from the light theme. *shrug* I will try to replicate the problem and report it to the theme's author.
  5. I miss the chat function

    Sorry man. It's gone. They aren't making it available again as far as I know.
  6. Dark Theme

    Stuff like this is why I hate using multiple themes. It's a bitch to support them all.
  7. Check this out. Pretty cool. Once again, capitalism and the private sector prove that they can do anything the Government can do, faster and cheaper. Without rule changes, regulation amendments, politicians or legislation, a partnership between the U.S. government and a small private industry group has dramatically changed the process in which National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled items are transferred between individuals and entities. There is now a system in place within the BATFE’s NFA Division, that will allow nearly everyone who files a Form 4 to transfer controlled items, such as silencers, a genuine chance at receiving approved forms in a few short months. Alongside the ATF, three silencer industry stalwarts spearheaded the best modernization of the registry in 83 years: Dead Air Armament, GEMTECH and Silencer Shop. The goal is to have wait times down to a fraction of current levels. Read more here: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/08/18/nfa-process-modernized/
  8. Now is a great time to do so. Some folks are losing their minds about the drop-safety issue, so I am sure deals are to be had.
  9. In what sense? Size? Feel? Accuracy? Performance? I love the Glock 19 but if I had bought this first, I doubt that I would have bought a Glock 19. It's that good.
  10. Bumping this to the top and lowering the price to a mere $90. You won't find a better holster for your Sig P320 Carry or Compact model at this price!
  11. Bumping this to the top. Price dropped to $60. You know you want it!
  12. I chuckled at the reference to a mountain outside of Franklin, TN. Fantastic looking place to go shoot or just get away from people for a while, though! It would be great to take this class. Tom is renowned as one of the best for a reason.
  13. Inforce APLc LED Weapon Mounted Light

    Here you go. HolsterCo's "Stealth" holster built for the Glock 19/23 with Inforce APLc light and the Concealment Claw added.
  14. Inforce APLc LED Weapon Mounted Light

    Let me find the dang thing. I ordered one, it came in, I tried it and made sure it worked... and have no idea where I put it after that.
  15. Inforce APLc LED Weapon Mounted Light

    I have tried it on my and my friends' guns and so far we know it fits... Glock 19 M&P 9mm M&P 40SW M&P M2.0 9mm HK VP9 CZ P-10C CZ P-07

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