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  1. TGO David

    Glock 19 - Two Questions

    I will add... my Gen 5 frame is going out for stippling as soon as the guy I prefer to use has his books open again. I want it to be as grippy as my M&P M2.0 grips are.
  2. TGO David

    Glock 19 - Two Questions

    I would pick up a new Gen 4 and call it a day. I have all of the Gens from 1-5 and the 4th Gen is still my favorite. The lack of finger groves on the Gen 5 isn't really a plus, in my opinion, as the RTF texture still isn't rough enough and the finger grooves on the Gen 4 actually help you get a more secure grip on it. Again, my opinion. The nDLC finish on the Gen 5 slide is nice but it's also super slick. The Gen 5 needs front cocking serrations because of that. I've got a scar on my left hand as evidence of this, from where my had was slightly damp from sweat on the range and slid off the slide and across the rear sight, violently, while chambering a round between strings of fire. The average Joe may never encounter that problem, but Murphy's Law is a bitch. As for ordering a new barrel for a Gen 5... I have to ask: WHY? The Gen 5 barrel is purportedly an improvement over past Gens, and has an obvious crown to the barrel to protect the rifling. I have found it and any of the other Gen G19s that I have to be more accurate than I am at combat distances. Not once have I shot a Glock 19 and thought, "This damn thing needs a more accurate barrel". Just some honest thoughts on the subject.
  3. TGO David

    Ladies-Only Shooting Clinic

    @Tiffany Johnson very glad to hear that you and the students had a safe and very productive class! I saw some of the photos you guys posted on the Citizen Safety Academy Instagram feed and it looked like everyone had a great time and you all had some fantastic shooters in the class.
  4. TGO David

    ad closed Make Me Sell My CZ P-07 with Extras

    Yes it is. I've been snowed under with work lately, so my apologies for the delayed response. I'm in Nashville near the airport this week tomorrow (Tues 10/16) and again on Thurs (10/18). I'll be out of pocket until next Monday after that, however.
  5. TGO David

    The Moon

    Really, watching him lash out at the INGO members who were basically asking the same questions about his presence is what told me it was time to preemptively snipe his account. No sense giving him a chance to lash out at our members the same way.
  6. TGO David

    Saturday's Howitzer shoot

    That's the best use of a Dodge Omni that I have seen in a very long time.
  7. TGO David

    ad closed Make Me Sell My CZ P-07 with Extras

    Damned if I didn’t already have one...
  8. TGO David

    ad closed Make Me Sell My CZ P-07 with Extras

    I’ll try to do that later or see if I have one already taken.
  9. SOLD: CZ P-07 9mm Handgun This is the Czech 9mm that is hailed as the "Better Glock 19" by media, and the "Best Pistol No One Knows About" by former Special Forces operators. Very low round count (under 300 rds) in excellent condition. With the following extras included: CZ Customs fiber optic front sight and CZ Customs "Combat" plain black rear sight ($90 value) Two extra 15rd Magazines (four, total, $70 value) TT Gunleather "Mike's Special" IWB holster, Right Hand, Black Leather, 1.5" Belt Loops ($120 value) Total package represented is around $680 retail. You can own this for $525. That is more than $150 off the best retail price for this kit. Terms of Sale: Cash only. No trades. Face to face in Middle TN preferred but will ship to your FFL at your expense. Local buyer must show valid TN carry permit. Remote buyer, you'll deal with your FFL. Price is firm. See text at bottom of this post. (This photo was taken before fiber optic front sight and Combat rear sight were installed) (This photo shows the new sights. Inforce APLc light not included in this deal. Sorry.) Reason for Sale: There is nothing wrong with this gun. It is, in fact, one of the finest DA/SA guns that I have ever owned. I am, however, a non-repentant fan of striker fired handguns and am slowly but surely whittling down my collection to only include Glock and M&P striker fired handguns. Consequently, this P-07 never sees any carry or use. The rave reviews about the P-07 are all true, however. It is incredibly accurate, has excellent ergonomics, is built for war, and yet for some reason has only recently surged in popularity. IF I were going to stop carrying striker fired handguns, this is the one that I would choose. Period. If it doesn't sell for exactly my asking price, I won't be unhappy to keep it. Therefore, the price is firm.
  10. TGO David

    The Moon

    I debated it for this very reason alone and even told MacGyver, "He's generating traffic, at least". BUT... I felt like the account was questionable at best when I figured out the screen name was a sniper character in a video game and that he was posting almost verbatim the same threads over on INGO but with about a 2-week head start there. Their users seemed to be getting tired of him for some of the same reasons we were skeptical here. I figured it's foolish to watch someone make a mistake and then not learn from it and avoid it, so...
  11. TGO David


    I can pretty much guarantee that I won't install Tapatalk on TGO ever again. Not only was it an immense hindrance when it came time to update our software, but on at least one forum software it was found to be accessing users' private messages and sending private messages and spamming them for advertisers within the Tapatalk network that weren't advertising on any particular forum. We just won't tolerate that.
  12. TGO David

    The Moon

    They can have him.
  13. TGO David

    The Moon

    After reading a few threads over on INGO, it looks like they're slow to ban. I'm going go with the fact this guy isn't a member under this name on RMGO (Rocky Mtn Gun Owners) and the only two places he's surfaced are here and INGO, and just cut bait. @MacGyver, I owe you a cup of coffee.
  14. TGO David

    The Moon

    Ol' Karl signed up for an account in INGO a few days before signing up here and is a prolific contributor there as well... https://www.ingunowners.com/forums/members/karl+fairburne.html

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