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  1. Holosun is killing me with the delays on the 508T V2 being available. It played out like this with the first gen 508T also, though. They announced it nearly a year before it actually made it into stores and then it was only available for about 6-7 months before they stopped producing them to ramp up for the V2.
  2. I am very sorry to read the news, Hipower.
  3. Be the gray man. Be the gray man. Be invisible or at the very least not noteworthy or deserving of attention, have an exit strategy, and let the police the lunatics until you have no choice to handle them yourself.
  4. I can't even count the number of times we had to ban people from coming here and stirring up drama about people on that site, who weren't even TGO members, because of bad deals. Or the occasions when we would be alerted to the fact that some scammer over there was using photos and descriptions of firearms listed for sale on TGO to post bogus ads on that site. People would Google whatever the key words were and then wind up here looking at the legit ad and raise hell with the legit ad's poster about whatever scam had happened to them on that site. It took us a few times of that happening before we totally figured it out, but after that it was a 100% block for any URLs going there. That place used to be a complete cesspool. I can only assume it still is.
  5. We have seen so many questionable postings and had so many people show up here trying to hunt down people who weren't even TGO members because of bad deals on that site, that we started blocking their URL just to keep people from accidentally hopping over there. I see that I need to tweak the URL filter a bit more now.
  6. I've given up trying to make sure that TGO email can reach all others. I've done everything I can to make sure that we have all of the right DNS records, that our server is secure, and that we are using a reputable mail-sending service (At a cost of nearly $100 per month I might add). All it takes is a group of unhappy dickheads getting banned from TGO to suddenly start reporting the email they signed up for as "Spam" and we get blocked from Comcast, Verizon, etc. I've successfully had us whitelisted with all of these providers in the past, but it's a never-ending cycle.
  7. FOR SALE: Lockerdown Console Safe for 2010-2020 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Retail Price: $289 Selling to TGO for $150 Up for sale is a like-new Lockerdown #LD2048 console safe / vault for the current generation of Toyota 4Runner. This fits year models 2010-2020 and is made of 12 gauge steel, in Texas, by Texans. This is the only way I'd ever recommend leaving a handgun or other valuables inside of a car as it completely encloses the contents of your center console in an armored shell of steel which is bolted securely to the floor of the vehicle using the factory bolts already present. I've sold the vehicle and have purchased another Lockerdown safe for my new vehicle. This one needs a new home. This model is configured with the four-digit combination lock. Stock photos follow. I can post actual photos later tonight if required. Terms of Sale: Local pickup in the Franklin / Spring Hill, TN area greatly preferred. Willing to ship but you pay actual shipping cost. Payment via cash or PayPal "Friends and Family" only. No trades. Will not hold or reserve. Sorry. No time for that and it's not worth the hassle.
  8. You can turn the audio recording off on practically every dash cam I've seen or used. I turn mine off just because I want maximum capacity on the storage card for video. If I am bugging out of my vehicle, it takes maybe three extra seconds to grab my dash cam and shove it into my pants pocket. Since that camera is evidence of what occurred, it's a worthwhile three seconds.
  9. I am so glad that someone mentioned dash cams. A recent article I read inspired me to not only put my cam back in my car but to upgrade it to a different model that has a camera for the front window and a separate camera for the back window. The article brought to mind that you want factual evidence to support your account of any altercation rather than it be your word against the accounts of conspirators within the mob.
  10. RFTH Scenario Discussion Series: "In Your Vehicle, Surrounded By An Angry Mob" I am going to start a series of scenario discussions using events ripped from the news headlines. These will come as events warrant and justify, and the purpose of them will be to help us think through situations while we have the luxury of time and without the pressure that comes from being in the moment. The intent is to prepare us for things that might actually happen by evulating real-world occurances, dissecting them, and thinking critically about strategies and tactics. As with any structured conversation, there will be some parameters. Guidelines for Participating Discussing the actual event(s) that inspired the topic are fine so long as the discussion is germane to evaluating what went right, what went wrong, and learning from it. Comments should be meant to ask serious questions or provide serious answers. Humor should be used sparingly and appropriately. Comments should pe productive and not solely meant to entertain. We strongly recommend that you remember that the Internet has a long and very indelible memory. Don't make comments here that you would not want your lawyer to have to defend in court before a jury of people carefully selected by the prosecution to maximize the odds of sending you to prison, or worse. Be open to criticism and be able to support your statements with historical evidence or real data. If you are simply offering an opinion, please state such but, again, be open to criticism. The point of this is to make us all smarter and better prepared. Recognize that profiling is a legitimate tool if used appropriately to compare people, the environment, and activities to a baseline of what is normal or conventional for a given place or time. I would refer you to the concepts of the US Marine Corps Combat Hunter program or to the excellent book Left of Bang for more details on this. Profiling deemed to be driven by racism, bigotry, or ignorance will not be allowed, however. In the case of ignorance we willt try to educate, but racism and bigotry will not be allowed. All other TGO rules apply. The Scenario: Recent civil unrest following the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis, MN police and even more recently the death of Rayshard Brooks after being shot by police in Atlanta, GA has proven that mobs of angry people can assemble quickly. These uprisings might catch the unware completely off guard. These uprisings have closed down public roadways and included the destruction of private and public property, as well as assaults on law enforcement officers and the general public. On Saturday, June 13, 2020, rioters said to be protesting the Brooks killing set fire to the Wendy's restaurant that owns the parking lot where Brooks was shot by police. In another part of Atlanta a major interstate highway was shut down when protestors marched onto the roadway. [source: https://www.foxcarolina.com/atlanta-protesters-block-interstate-set-fire-to-cars-at-fast-food-restaurant-where-police-killed/article_e45c6e96-3aef-5cdf-9c8a-f0b2f5fabc51.html] While some reconnaisance ahead of time of an area through which you might be traveling or participating in other activities could spare you from being sucked into some protests, others -- such as these -- can spawn rather unexpectedly and without much forewarning. For this discussion, you are asked to consider that you are driving through an area not necessarily prone to violent demonstrations when suddenly a group of people march into the roadway blocking you, the motorists ahead of you, and the motorists behind you. You are effectively "swarmed" by a mass of very angry individuals who appear to be engaged in a protest of some sort. How would you respond? What would your order of options be and how would you work through them to determine the best option given increasingly escalating hostility around you?
  11. THIS is the way Jeep Wranglers should come from the factory.
  12. I have the RXP version of this. Fantastic gun! If anyone is thinking about this and wishing, "Oh but only if it took an RMR and not the Sig sight", they need not worry about that. CH Precision Weapons makes a series of adapter plates for the RX series. Here's one for the RMR: http://chpws.com/product/custom-sig-pistol-optic-adapter-plates
  13. TGO David

    Steyr M9A1

    I'm surprised TT Gunleather doesn't make something for that.
  14. Check with your nearby Music City Pawn Shop. I use Music City Pawn almost exclusively for FFL transfers and am 99% sure I have used them for a private-party transfer before.

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