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  1. I hear what you're saying but that would quickly become a matter of scale when you have thousands throwing rocks, it becomes a little harder to "shoot them all". Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a thousand duck-sized horses? It's that annoying question.
  2. The revolution is more likely to start because of a character death on The Walking Dead. I think we've finally turned the corner and the majority of Americans simply care most about all of the wrong, most inconsequential things. Idiocracy wasn't mean to be a documentary film, but here we are.
  3. That's just never going to happen. The only reason is happened in 1775 is because the honest-to-goodness Three Percent weren't 2017-Vintage Americans. They were the real deal. I'm going to say that 99.9% of the modern Three Percent are full of crap.
  4. Sorry but that's not possible. It's not the way the software is designed.
  5. Posted earlier today.
  6. Did you mean to close the ad itself?
  7. That is very cool. I would imagine that a lot of shoppers would have passed it over because of how it looks but, as you pointed out, that is perhaps the one thing about it that makes it so very unique.
  8. Well, some good does come from Tapatalk after all if that's how you found us. I am not sure what the deal is with it not showing pictures and such. I'll email the developers and see if they offer any support this time around.
  9. This is an interesting read. I guess it surprises me that I had never considered that this might become a thing, to be honest. http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/02/10/the-world-first-jihadi-private-military-contractor-syria-russia-malhama-tactical/
  10. Just testing this out. Might see about adding it to TGO officially. Feel free to give it a spin, but be warned that the statements made within may be unfiltered and may express views and opinions that are not necessarily those of Tennessee Gun Owners, the Owner or Staff of TGO or their respective employers, etc. https://discord.gg/MFjNhue I'll be hanging out in it some this evening.
  11. I may have just figured out how to kill that.
  12. I've upgraded to a newer version of that ridiculous software against my better judgement. See if it works now, please.
  13. I don't know why I continue trying to provide access to TGO via Tapatalk. It is such utter garbage.
  14. I see a revolver as your profile picture. I don't understand what you're reporting?
  15. Folks; The new Classifieds are really taking off and I am very glad you all are enjoying them. As with any new thing, sometimes we need to let folks use it for a while before the need for tweaks and adjustments becomes obvious. Now that we have all had some time with the Classifieds, I want to mention a few things: Price Your Items Accurately It is important that you price your items accurately. I have seen cases of items being listed for sale for $0.01 or for $100,000 only to find out by reading the ad that the prices were just fluff or "placeholders" and the real prices were inside the ad. From now on, whenever I or a moderator sees that, we are going to delete the ad and you can do it over. List your prices accurately please! One Item Per Ad Unless It's a Package Deal Unless you are selling multiple things as a package, list each one separately. This relates back to the previous heading of pricing accurately. The price listed in the ad should reflect the one thing or the package deal being offered. We shouldn't have to click into your ad to figure out what you're selling and for how much. Again, whenever I or a moderator sees this being done incorrectly, we are going to delete the ad. I realize that these two things are "just the way it's done on XYZ other gun buy/sell/trade page" or on Craigslist or whatever. Well, we aren't those places. TGO has always offered a better trading experience than those places and the advent of our improved Classifieds section isn't going to be any different. I am sorry if this seems harsh or over the top, but I do appreciate you helping us in the effort to be a cut above the other buying/selling/trading venues. Thanks!

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