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  1. Sig is doing a P320 pic and vid contest

    Right? I mean, leave it to the Germans. Theirs is one of a few languages in which you can shout "I LOVE YOU!" at someone and it sound absolutely terrifying.
  2. Sig P320 vs Glock vs S&W M&P

    I can relate to this. 20-something years of shooting the Glock 19/23 platform is really hard for me to unlearn despite how good other guns have felt in my hands. The M&P and the CZ P-07 come closest to feeling/pointing as naturally for me as the Glock does. I should have mine next week but you'll just have to trust me on the review. I doubt I'll be loaning it out, but you're always welcome to shoot it at the range with me sometime.
  3. Sig is doing a P320 pic and vid contest

    I think we used to have a member here who went by that as his screen name. Might still. It's such a great word. Edited to add... Yep, he's still an active member! @Schadenfreude
  4. Guns N More Burglarized

    What ever ended up being the cause behind that fire? Any idea?
  5. ad closed CZ P-10C (P10C) 9mm

    Thanks to all of the interested parties! I knew that this would go fast at that price since it was a heck of a deal. The P10C *has* sold.
  6. M&P 2.0 9mm 6 mags holster

    That's the full size.
  7. Guns N More Burglarized

    Thanks. That puts my mind at ease. The Guns & More folks are good people and I really hate that this happened to them. Unfortunately, events like these set the stage for us to to have discussions that I would *hope* lead to improvements for everyone in the future. Obviously we have quite a few gun shop owners and personnel on TGO, even if they don't announce themselves as such. What I hope that we don't become guilty of is simply Monday Morning Quarterbacking things or being critical for the sake of just being critical.
  8. Guns N More Burglarized

    Please don't put words in my mouth. I said there are costs associated with being in business. For gun shops, some of those costs are currently optional. The more prolific these robberies become, and the trend does seem to be on the rise, I predict that those costs will be made mandatory by either the BATFE or by those underwriting insurance policies. Like I've said repeatedly, I am not throwing rocks at Guns n' More. This same thing has happened several times lately to other shops. Everything Weapons had draw-across security gates on their shop and a couple of scumbags took it upon themselves to defeat that by ramming a van through the storefront. The only way to make that more difficult is by putting stanchions in concrete across the building facade. And even then a determined crook is going to find a way in if he really wants in. My point is: Make your guns more difficult to obtain than some other nearby target of opportunity. How expensive is it to buy a length of steel cable and route it through all of your firearm trigger guards and then bolt that down to something in each display case, or anchor it to the floor or to the wall? But, being critical of what I saw in those photos of their shop, they have rifles hanging on peghooks on walls. I would guess they were too bulky for a quick getaway, and that's the only reason handguns were reportedly stolen, and not rifles. If you're not going to have any more physical security than plate glass windows, you probably should figure out other ways to make your firearms less movable.
  9. Sig is doing a P320 pic and vid contest

    Oh, I can't see this going terribly wrong for them at all. My suppressed schadenfreude is already tingling at the idea of YouTube videos exploiting the "drop-fire" issue for comedic value.
  10. Guns N More Burglarized

    Here's my thoughts on this: It costs money to be in business. If you're going to be in certain businesses, it costs more money in certain additional areas than it does to be in other businesses. Online retailers are going to be a competitor practically regardless of what business you are in. That's a fact of life in the year 2017. Anyone who tries to ignore that should look at how former retail behemoths like Sears and K-Mart fared against online businesses by ignoring their potency. As for the subject of gun shops... ANY gun shops... being broken into and firearms being stolen from them: Any time it happens, more guns go into criminal hands and that plays into the narratives of bureaucrats everywhere. The same goes for folks who leave guns in their cars and don't take additional precautions to secure them in some way. If you're going to leave a gun in your car, there are ways to secure it against quick smash n' grab robberies. The same goes for firearms in stores or firearms left in your house when you aren't home. Again, I am not throwing rocks at Guns n' More. I have this gut feeling someone's going to accuse me of that sooner or later. Their misfortune is simply the impetus to talk about this.
  11. Guns N More Burglarized

    A possibility for sure which is why I am not jabbing at them, but this has happened a lot lately to several stores. Guns and More is the latest. If I were a building owner, I'd insist that a gun shop in my property had enough visible security in place to deter people from wrecking my building for a casual smash n' grab like this. Of course not everyone thinks like I do and some building owners might throw a hissy fit about the necessary security facilities being put in place.
  12. Guns N More Burglarized

    This is not a jab directed specifically at Guns and More but I am seriously coming to the point where I feel that any gun shop that doesn't secure their building from simple smash and grabs with draw-down security doors and other barricades are just as negligent as anyone who leaves a gun in their vehicle for it to be stolen. I can't believe that any insurance company will even write a policy for a gun shop that doesn't have adequate security in place to prevent quick break-ins like this.
  13. NMO HAM Radio Antenna Installation in Nashville

    As soon as I get my radio installed in the truck, I need to get involved with WCARES. The radio has been boxed up in storage since I parted with my Jeep Wrangler, so this project is long overdue. Back to my original inquiry, I've ordered the necessary hole saw, antenna mount and other gear and will probably tackle this one myself very soon. While the idea of drilling a hole in the roof my my truck almost literally makes my plums ache, I have come to the realization that if anyone else screws it up, it's just as screwed up. I trust myself to measure a dozen or so times before putting drill-bit to metal.
  14. ad closed CZ P-10C (P10C) 9mm

    The stock trigger is excellent. The Theta is downright amazing.
  15. ad closed S&W M&P 2.0 Compact NIB 9mm

    This didn't go as agreed. If anyone else has one that they want to sell, let me know.

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