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  1. How to get Banned from TGO: The Email Edition

    Correct. The way email works in 2018 with most providers, especially the big ones like GMail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. is that they send a spam report back to the sender's organization whenever a user flags email as spam. This even works with email programs like Outlook, Postbox, Apple Mail, etc. because the software these days does the report-back automatically behind the scenes. I can show you a list of 40 people that have been banned for this already. All for the exact same reason. Fortunately the VAST majority of them are folks with zero posts to their name, many of whom signed up during the boom after Sandy Hook and never contributed anything to TGO.
  2. How to get Banned from TGO: The Email Edition

    Considering that the software bans people automatically, and you aren't banned... the math is kind of easy.
  3. One of the things a member has the choice of when they register for an account on TGO is whether they wish to receive any emails from the community. This includes not only the emails that the software sends out but also the emails that we periodically send out to our members to alert them to various things. For anything that we send as a "newsletter" there is always a link to use to unsubscribe. It's quick and easy. There's also a way to adjust the emails that you receive by changing your notification settings here on the forum. The link to that is here. However, using your email system to report the mailings as spam is absolutely the wrong way to unsubscribe. It is also a quick way to get banned from TGO entirely. The forum software will ban you if you take that approach rather than unsubscribing properly. Here's the deal, folks... if you don't want to receive email, that's fine. I get a lot of email that I unsubscribe to also. BUT... reporting our email as spam when you opted to receive it, causes problems for the other members. One of the most common issues I have to spend time with is when someone says they aren't getting the emails we send that they want to receive. Claiming our email is spam (when it isn't) just hurts everyone and complicates that situation even further. Just something to keep in mind.
  4. When we sat down to record this episode of the Shooters Nation Podcast with Ian Strimbeck of Runenation last week, we had no idea what would unfold at the Waffle House in Antioch during the early hours this morning. 50% of your waking hours are likely spent in places where you cannot legally carry a handgun. How do you defend yourself in Non Permissive Environments like that? Give it a listen. https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/008-ian-strimbeck-self-defense-in-non-permissive-environments/ *** NOTE! We built in a few pauses so you can stop and resume listening. There was no way to do this show in just an hour.
  5. Waffle House Shooting-Nashville

    No one would know who Briley was if his boss hadn't screwed a cop. Now he wants to screw the law abiding gun owner. Figures.
  6. Photos sizes

    We primarily require people to link to their photos from elsewhere and not expect that TGO will pay to host those photos for them. The only place where we do that is in the Trading Post forums for items that are for sale/trade, and only then for the Benefactor members who have the ability to start new threads. Everywhere else, you are expected to host with something like Photobucket, Imagur, Smugmug, etc.
  7. Can't Attach Pictures or Files

    We primarily require people to link to their photos from elsewhere and not expect that TGO will pay to host those photos for them. The only place where we do that is in the Trading Post forums for items that are for sale/trade, and only then for the Benefactor members who have the ability to start new threads. Everywhere else, you are expected to host with something like Photobucket, Imagur, Smugmug, etc.
  8. Steve, these knives are absolutely amazing in every way. This is the pinnacle of what you've been able to do for TGO with Pro-Tech and I can't thank you or them enough. Anyone who opted to sit this one out for any reason other than having to meet other obligations first, should just hate themselves for skipping it. I am completely blown away by the quality of this knife. Wow. Just wow.
  9. Password / Email issues

    That orange banner is just going to have to be ignored for the time being. There may be an issue with the software that the authors need to look into. My question wasn’t about whether it was here or on your end; it was about here or on Shooters Nation.
  10. So I bought a 19x, another one

    You know, I had seen some pics of a Gen 5 mag base-plate that had a dingus on the front edge that filled in the notch on the frame. For some reason I thought those were stock. Turns out they aren't.
  11. Shooters Nation Podcast Episode 007 Now Available!

    Yep, that's Mike Sisino. Mike is a really good guy and knows his stuff. Mark has known him far longer than I have, but in the few years now that I've known him I have found him to be exactly what he is on that podcast episode. Very low key, very professional, very knowledgeable, and very hesitant to criticize others and never does it to elevate himself. When he was saying that there are a lot of good trainers out there that you've never heard of, that was the closest you will ever hear him come to promoting himself -- and he did that in a very roundabout way. I can't wait to take a class with him.
  12. Listen Here! https://www.shootersnation.com/podcast/007-why-you-really-do-need-an-ar15-with-mike-sisino-part-2/ Why You Really DO Need an AR15 - Part 2 David and Mark sit down with 31-year veteran Law Enforcement Officer, firearms trainer, and subject matter expert Mike Sisno to conclude this particular discussion of the AR-15 rifle and why Yes, You Really DO Need One as a Civilian. The guys wrap up with a range of topics including: More misconceptions, myths and lies about the AR-15 The AR-15's place in your home defense tool-kit What gear makes sense for a home defense AR-15? The AR-15 and recent mass shootings. Politicians and the Media aren't good sources of information! Connect With Us After the Show: Interested in taking a class with Mike Sisino or hosting him for a class at your local shooting range? Email him at pointman612@gmail.com Got an idea for a future episode? Let us know at https://www.shootersnation.com/idea Newsletter with Special Offers! Be sure to sign up for the Shooters Nation Mail Blast newsletter by visiting https://www.shootersnation.com/mailblast and adding yourself to our mailing list. How are we doing? We want your feedback! Hit the following link for a quick listener survey to help us do the best job possible for you. https://www.shootersnation.com/survey01 Sponsors: Squared Away Customs Quality Custom Kydex Holsters and Carry Gear Be sure to use discount code "SHOOTERSNATION" when ordering! Like what you're hearing? Want to support the podcast and help make future episodes possible? Every dollar donated helps make this show possible. https://www.shootersnation.com/donate
  13. Password / Email issues

    Are you having issues HERE or there?
  14. So I bought a 19x, another one

    This is purely my opinion and worth nothing, but I think Glock shot themselves in the foot with the "Gen 5 Baseplate" since hitherto the mags from pretty much any Gen worked in any other Gen. The slight exception being the ambidextrous mag release cutout in the mag between Gen 3 and Gen 4, but Gen 4 mags still work as long as you're a right-handed shooter and have the mag release configured as such. These Gen 5 mags with the "lip" have fragmented their ecosystem somewhat, and Glock's claim to fame has been standardization.
  15. I wonder if this is a restriction per-State or if all States do it the same. I don't want to assume. Good idea! Hahahaha I'll see if we can work that in.

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