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  1. I looked at that guy's website and the gallery of work he's already done. You sure that's the route you want to go? As has already been shown in another thread, it's hard to go back to good from ... not so good.
  2. It can be done but it's generally cost prohibitive. For the Glock, you're probably better off finding someone selling just the frame and buying a new one. Rocket City Stippling has some Glock frames for sale right now, actually. Bear in mind that of course that will involve an FFL and a transfer fee since Glock frames bear the serial number for the firearm.
  3. I never really thought of myself as a "Sig guy" but... here I am. Most days it's my P320X series (3.9" barrel) with Wilson Combat compact grip, Holosun 509T optic and Streamlight TLR-7A WML. Some days it's a P365XL Spectre Comp, some days it's a Glock 19, some days it's my Staccato C2. But most days it's that P320X.
  4. If there is someone in the area that does this work, I haven't heard of them, and this isn't the kind of work that you want to be some newbie's "First" for either. You will probably need to send it off. I've had some work done by this guy and have seen a lot of other examples of what he can do. He's good. Lead Baron Customs | Custom Stippling & polymer frame mods.
  5. I edited the thread title so that people would know what you were selling.
  6. These are really great guns. BIG, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better polymer .45ACP - period. I had one for a few years and it was a tack driver. Good luck with your sale!
  7. Re-Factor Tactical's Brain Box / Kill Zone Target This may trigger some folks, but the fastest way to end a gunfight is to accurately and quickly produce fatal trauma in the central nervous system. This target will hone your ability to do that. Printable_Targets_KillZone.pdf
  8. Big n' Little / Fast n' Slow Dot torture with a sadistic twist. This will force you to learn how to mash down on the gas and pump the brakes, accordingly. Target_Pistol-target-2.0.pdf
  9. More Dot Torture Print out a stack of these and then shoot for speed and accuracy. Don't suck! Target_Kinetic All The Dots.pdf
  10. Red Dot Alignment Tool This target works well for sighting in rifle-based red dots from 50-yards, or sighting in pistol-based red dots at 10-yards (or whatever your poison is). I prefer a 10-yard zero and 25-yard confirmation on my pistols. red-dot-50yd-mod1.pdf
  11. Printable B-8 Target Much like eating your veggies or doing sit-ups, shooting B8's is good for you. This prints the important part on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. B-8-4.pdf
  12. Dot Torture There isn't much to say about this one other than that it takes some work be able to consistently get a clean run. dot-torture-target.pdf
  13. Three-Dot Drills These are insidious. A friend brought these to a team range session a few months ago the group competed against each other for high score. It's more challenging than it looks. Here's how it works: The dots are the size of a bullet hole of the indicated caliber. The white space in the center of the dots is also the size of a bullet hole of the indicated caliber. Aim for the white space in the middle of each set of three dots. Scoring: Your bullet hole touches all three dots = 4 points Your bullet hole touches any two dots = 2 points Your bullet hole touches any one dot = 1 point Shoot all of the sets and tally up the score. Max score is 40-points. 3Dots Drill - 9mm.pdf 3Dots Drill - 40.40.pdf 3Dots Drill - 45.45.pdf


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