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  1. Visit the Store link, click on the Manage Purchases link. You probably have an invoice for renewal that has expired. You can use it to reactivate. Let me know if this doesn't work, and thank you for continuing to support the site!
  2. Opinion without facts to back it up.
  3. The first gen frames aren't strong enough to hold that much awesome. True story.
  4. ^^ This guy knows how to troll a thread to get a reaction. Bravo.
  5. I think your hatred of Trump is biasing your opinion of things as much as the hatred of Obama biased so many other people over the past 8 years.
  6. Answers to your questions about Form 20 and suppressors can be found on this blog actually written by an attorney: https://www.guntrustlawyer.com/form20
  7. @DaveTN post a photo of your gun, please. Left hand side of the slide. If it doesn't look like this, I'd be surprised to learn that your gun really is a Performance Center model. And if it doesn't look like this, have you tried emailing S&W photos along with the serial number to have them validate whether it is a PC model or not? Maybe you didn't buy what you think you bought. Ported version: Non-Ported Pro Version
  8. Nice job on the part of the homeowner. One less to do this to someone else again!
  9. Same here. Removable = scales.
  10. Will she be keeping her Tennessee driver's license and have an address of permanent residence in Tennessee? Car registered in Tennessee? I really see this as no different than a person who lives in Tennessee but travels for extended periods of time for work out of state. Until you establish residency in the other state, obtain a driver's license there, set up a permanent address there, you are not a resident of that state. As always, I am not an attorney. I'd ask one.
  11. Basically, he fabricated a ring that goes between the tail cap and the body of the flashlight so that the tail cap cannot be screwed down far enough to activate the "constant ON" state of the light. It's the shiny silver piece in his photo. The 6P is like many lights where you have a Constant On feature that is activated by tightening the cap, deactivated by loosening the cap, and a Momentary On that is activated by a pressure switch on the tailcap.
  12. Smart solution!
  13. Never have. I use Menzerna Power Lock paint sealant mostly, but have started playing around with Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax too. Both vehicles are disgustingly filthy from having not been washed for a month. I've gotten to where I refuse to spend the time and resources to do it of it's just going to rain or snow within the next few days. And lately that's all it seems to have done.
  14. These things are beautiful!
  15. Wife drives this more than I do. Honestly, I love the speed and the handling, but hate getting into and out of it. I bang my head on the roof of it every single time. I think another SRT Jeep is in our future.

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