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  1. I tried the small one once and it seemed too small to me. I'm a sucker for bigger knives.
  2. FOR SALE: Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) Large Sebenza 31 Insingo Sprint Run Alright TGO... this is one for the record books as I am not aware of any other CRK Sebenza ever being offered up for sale here. For those of you are into knives, this is truly a case of "If you know, you know". These routinely go for $600-700 on the secondary market, especially with the much sought-after Insingo blade design. This CRK Sebenza with Insingo blade is BRAND NEW. It was produced in December of 2021 and is the new and improved model Sebenza 31. It was sold to me in January as part of a sprint run by Urban EDC Supply and features the new glass-blasted titanium scales which have a luxuriously soft sheen and texture to them. The blade is 3.61-inches of tough, high-end S35VN stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 59-60. Building on the storied pedigree of the Sebenza 21, the Large Sebenza 31 introduces a few small but critical innovations. Firstly, the Large Sebenza 31 features a ceramic ball pressed into the end of the hardened titanium lock bar. Ceramic is harder than titanium, will not wear out as easily, and moves better in contact with steel. Combined with the tried-and-tested Reeve Integral lock, you get the signature warm 'click' and 'bank-vault' action of the Sebenza. Next is the off-set pocket clip, which reduces the preload on the lock bar, along with the improved ergonomics of the handle. Subtle adjustments were made at the front of the handle and around the finger grooves for better handling and grip. The Large Sebenza 31 no longer has the hole on the presentation side (which was used to secure the scale in place). Overall, the precision of this knife is legendary, even among fans of CRK's work, and the action is smooth and has a reassuring bank vault-like lockup. It is designed for hard work but is beautiful enough that it can be the crown jewel in your knife collection. Technical Specifications: Glass blasted sprint run New and improved Sebenza 31 S35VN blade steel Insingo or tanto blade shape Reeve Integral Lock with Ceramic Ball Interface 6AL4V sandblasted titanium handles Unique glass blasted finish Off-set clip design Overall Length: 8.40" (213.36mm) Blade Length: 3.61" (91.69mm) Blade Thickness: 0.12" (3.07mm) Weight: 4.7oz (133g) Made in Idaho, USA Included in the Sale: This includes everything that CRK provided. All parts, all accessories, box, paperwork, etc. The knife has NEVER so much as cut paper. It is 100% new, unused and in 10/10 condition. Terms of Sale: $525 is the price, shipped to you in the Lower 48 US States. Shipping will be insured. I'll let you choose USPS, FedEx or UPS depending on what works best for your location. Payment is via PayPal Friends & Family. If you want to use PP Goods & Services, add 3% to the cost to cover the fees. I will ship the next business day after the sale closes. Prefer Local Pickup? Local pickup in Franklin / Spring Hill, Tennessee is possible. I will cut $20 off of the price if you wish to do that. In-person meet up will be during daylight hours in a well-trafficked, public location. More Pictures? Of course. Click the photo for a higher resolution version.
  3. Politicians on both sides use caskets as podiums, only when it suits their agendas. It nauseates me.
  4. I am white and I do not live in a bad neighborhood, so I am speaking way out of turn on this one... but I have a suspicion that there are a LOT of people in those bad neighborhoods who are more sick of that #### than any of us on the sidelines are. Because they live with it daily and often are somewhat captive to it. Who is killing whom is best answered by saying it's criminals doing the killing and sometimes it's other criminals who get killed, but often it's also innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The elephant in the room that no one is ignoring, if you talk to good people who live in those neighborhoods, is that there is a pervasive culture that glamorizes violence. And those good people are sick of that #### too. I don't have any answers. Just observations and sympathy for the people who want out and can't seem to find a way.
  5. I think that's kind of like saying Jack Daniel's is the standard for American whisky. They have presence from sheer volume of sales, but aren't necessarily the best of the bunch.
  6. I've got a bottle of Traveler and am probably 3/4 way through it. Good stuff. Never really considered it to be a Canadian blend but apparently it is because of the inclusion of other spirits. https://thebourbonculture.com/whiskey-reviews/traveller-whiskey-review/
  7. Reportedly there are some good ones!
  8. @Johnny Rotten, I honestly had no awareness of the fact that Fireball was a Canadian whisky. I learned something new today.
  9. Just saw this. Sorry. I will check on that. It should be easy enough to re-submit the design and open another ordering session.
  10. I think I've had a few Canadian whiskys over the years but couldn't tell you what they were or if I liked them. My collection of American, Irish, Scotch, and Japanese whiskeys and bourbons borders upon "stupendous" so... I want to branch out a little. Recommend a good Canadian whisky, if you will.
  11. Summary Upgrade to Marc 2024 forum software release. Explanation Invision Community 4.7.16 Released 03/12/2024 Key Changes This is our March maintenance release. This release also includes an important security related fix for Commerce users. https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/4716-r128/
  12. On the one at the first part of this thread I am using a Holosun 509T. On my most recent build (linked below) I am using a Holosun EPS MRS.
  13. They got mine back to me much more quickly than they estimated. I think I posted an update in this thread afterward, but if memory serves me correctly it was 3 or 4 weeks. Still not a great buying experience. Edit: It took them 4-weeks to send it back after they received it. Five weeks total, including transit times.
  14. I've got a few with Apex triggers in them and actually prefer the stock 2.0 trigger in this one, albeit with the Apex plunger safety installed. I would like to get my hands on an Agency M&P trigger someday to try one out,


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