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  1. Getting some range time might just be the mental break that you need, dude.
  2. In my opinion, the trigger on the M2.0 is greatly improved and feels fantastic.
  3. Ha! Great thread and very coincidental to my own questions after shooting out in the worst of it yesterday as well. My Carhartt "Force" jacket did pretty good for the first little bit but it was soaked through by the time it was over with.
  4. I am curious. When is the last time you got out and did some shooting? Did you just go to the range for some target practice, were you shooting in a competition, or was it at a class? It seems like a lot of folks that I've spoken with lately are in a slump and haven't gotten out very recently to shoot. Granted, the weather this weekend hasn't been the best for it either but I got out yesterday anyway in the middle of probably the most torrential rain we've had recently and ran a few guns in it just to see how they (and I) would handle less than ideal conditions. No surprises, I and they did just fine. One thing that became very apparent to me in the middle of the downpour -- and I do mean that I shot out in the downpour, not under shelter -- was that the M&P M2.0 grip texture was a godsend and the Sig P320 grip texture left much to be desired. I am glad that I have a grip module out for stippling with a gentleman in Arizona and can't wait to see how it stacks up when it returns. That's really my only gripe about the P320. How about you? I am sure that some of the competitive shooters here and any local infantry grunts (current or former) have shot in the yuck and muck, but do any of the rest of you do this occasionally to test your gear, your abilities and yourself?
  5. I am skipping this one. Access into and out of Atlanta is a nightmare under the best of conditions but the I-85 bridge collapse has succeeded in making it absolutely miserable per good friends who live there. Dallas next year might actually be a thing for me, though. I'm really just going to need to watch the industry over the next 8 months and see if it manages to crawl out of the current slump somehow. Maybe the HPA will gain some traction between now and then.
  6. @Cartel may be the most NFA guy here!
  7. I prefer a nice trigger on a firearm as much as the next guy, I guess, but I swear to God some folks just obsess over trigger feel. There are so many other aspects of a handgun that ought to be given equal or greater consideration, but here we are once again talking about triggers. I've owned a few and shot plenty of 1911s with what I would call seriously terrible triggers. And trigger "feel" is so relative to the shooter's preference that it seems insane to me how folks fixate on it like it's the one thing we can all agree on and should, therefore, be the measuring stick against which all firearms should be judged.
  8. Want! Must seek approval of the domestic area coordinator. Doubt she will sign on for this, but want!
  9. Brass. It wouldn't quit raining brass. That's what you meant to post, right?
  10. Meh. I think the use of the MOAB weapon was equal parts testing it out, having some "fun" with a big ass bomb on some assholes who seriously deserved it, and sending a message to anyone who feels that a demonstration of our might and prowess is relevant to them and their interests. An All Points Bulletin of sorts to say, "Hey check this out... we've still got toys we haven't even popped on scumbags yet. Remember us?" As for Afghanistan, other than keeping ISIS, ISIS-K, SPECTRE, Hydra, HIVE, and any other miscreant organizations suppressed, who really thinks we have an end-game there that includes a stable democracy and a McDonald's on every street corner? That's never going to happen. The best we can hope for is that Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Legion of Doom are either wiped out or kept at bay, and the rest of the country somewhat peacefully goes back to the caveman #### they've been doing for eons. Stuff like growing poppies for opium, screwing goats, subjugating their women, and dressing up little boys to look like little girls so they can screw them instead of goats. Come to think of it, we should probably just rescue all of the women, children and goats, and then nuke the whole goddamn place. We haven't used one of those boomsticks lately either and the world kind of needs THAT reminder too.
  11. So, it's been a week since we blasted Syria with Tomahawks. A lot of folks were pretty adamant early in this thread about some things. Has Russia retaliated yet? I've been busy caring about... well... pretty much anything else and haven't had a chance to notice if Putin came at us or if that was another TGO prognostication that failed to deliver. Let me know how badly we were retaliated against. I'm going back to doing... well... pretty much anything else.
  12. The common answer on other forums and FB groups seems to be to send it to Sig and let them fix whatever's wrong. I think it feels a bit like a blanket approach of "Problem? Send it in." regardless of whether it could be user-serviceable, but it's worth a shot if you are experiencing repeatable issues with it.
  13. I've got about 800 rds through mine now. No problems. Runs like it ought to.
  14. These are GREAT carry 1911s. Good luck with your sale!
  15. https://johnpierceesq.com/what-do-i-need-to-do-regarding-my-nfa-trust-when-i-move/ I Am Moving In-State The good news is that if you are moving in-state then there is no legal requirement that you notify the ATF of your new address. However, up until June of 2013, it was requested that NFA owners send a letter to the ATF when moving in-state so that the NFRTR (registry) could be kept up to date. Since June of 2013, the ATF has returned such letters with a note that they are no longer accepting address changes in the form of letters and requesting that those wishing to report a new in-state address submit a Form 5320.20. In summary … you have no legal duty to notify the ATF of an in-state change of address. If you wish to do so, you should use a Form 5320.20.

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