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  1. TGO David

    for-sale Sig P226 (Glocks are Sold)

    That Sig is a beauty. Someone needs to swipe that before Christmas!
  2. TGO David

    Christmas Avatar Time?

    The forum needed some Christmas lights. We now have some.
  3. TGO David

    New job

    I don't know if Uber and Lyft have "territories" or not but I suspect that a person can make a good amount of money off of them working the airport area, or downtown Nashville, or both. My office is right near the airport and we see Uber and Lyft dropping off and picking up at our building all day, every day. It's like a rotating door.
  4. TGO David

    Sig 365 ?

    I have honestly been thinking about picking one of these up. I'm not entirely sure what the use case is going to be for me, given that I have no problem carrying my M&P M2.0 Compact with RMR, and that I have an M&P Shield 9mm for even more discrete carry. BUT... it has been an enticing, recurring thought none the less.
  5. TGO David

    Christmas Avatar Time?

    One of my most favorite Christmas movies of all times!
  6. TGO David

    Christmas Avatar Time?

    I'm down with this. Sicario Santa says Hola.
  7. TGO David

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    That scenery!!!
  8. TGO David

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    On behalf of myself and the rest of the TGO Staff, I want to wish all of you an early but very Happy Thanksgiving. I am sure that I will be online some tomorrow but, like many of you, I hope to be spending more time with family and food and less time with the Internet on Thanksgiving itself. I hope that each of you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. If you are working, I hope that you are in the company of people who you truly enjoy being around. If you are alone, I hope that it is by choice. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, I hope that you will spend some time thinking about the blessings you have in life even if it is just the continued breath in your lungs. Oh, and if you're out and about on Black Friday, please be a decent human being and turn your phone horizontally if you video-record any riots for cheap televisions and other garbage that people don't really need. Nothing is worse than watching a video recorded in portrait mode.
  9. FOR SALE: Cobra 25 LX CB Radio. New in the box. Never used. Mid-sized radio is perfect for use in modern vehicles with cramped space. I bought this for use in my Jeep Wrangler but never got around to installing it before the Wrangler and I parted ways. I see that refurbished units on eBay are going for $75.00 and similar new units are going for $100+. I will sell for $80.00 FIRM. Available to meet you in Nashville near the airport most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. All other days I can meet you in Williamson County near the mall. I am willing to ship if you are willing to pay whatever actual postage costs are.
  10. This is probably the best thing you will see on the Internet tonight.
  11. My wife said it best the other day, when she and I were discussing this: The Left has abandoned anything near-centrist. They have stopped trying to hide the evil methods bu which they have been trying to sneak evil agendas into fruition over the past six-decades (give or take) and are now just putting it all out in the open. They can finally do that because society's morals and ethics are no longer moral or ethical and are now based entirely on self-gain, self-promotion, and all other manner of self-centric ideals and objectives. The greater good is no longer esteemed.
  12. Meh. I'll offer two possibilities: 1.) Maybe he is? GOOD. The GOP is rotten and needs to be destroyed and rebuilt or replaced with something truly conservative. 2.) Maybe he isn't? Maybe you're just disenfranchised or are speaking with Republicans who are? The Republican voters that I know love what he's doing.
  13. Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/democrats-plan-to-pursue-most-aggressive-gun-control-legislation-in-decades-1541791440?mod=e2fb&fbclid=IwAR1KvZ3ELUIlyGgj-tfOEyMgdceU4a56z4pjyAf75VNgln_GqfqQt2yMskA By Reid J. Epstein Updated Nov. 9, 2018 3:02 p.m. ET WASHINGTON—Democrats say they will pass the most aggressive gun-control legislation in decades when they become the House majority in January, plans they renewed this week in the aftermath of a mass killing in a California bar. Their efforts will be spurred by an incoming class of pro-gun-control lawmakers who scored big in Tuesday’s midterm elections, although any measure would likely meet stiff resistance in the GOP-controlled Senate. Democrats ousted at least 15 House Republicans with “A” National Rifle Association ratings, while the candidates elected to replace them all scored an “F” NRA rating. “This new majority is not going to be afraid of our shadow,” said Mike Thompson, a California Democrat who is chairman of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. “We know that we’ve been elected to do a job, and we’re going to do it.” .... Hit the link at the top of this post to read the rest of the article. A threat of dark days ahead looms over us, it seems.
  14. TGO David

    Glock 19 Holster Discussions

    I had a Fury for my VP9. It was very similar to the Phantom.
  15. TGO David

    ad closed Wanted: CZ P-01 LNIB

    $500 range for this?? That's what Spock said he wanted to spend so I'll give him first right of refusal but I'll put $500 cash in your hand today for that gun.

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