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  1. yeah i might just end up tearing it back down and trying to fix it again .. but last time i spent a solid couple of hours taking the gun apart and putting it back together a good 10 times  .. testing the safety to see if it worked this time and starting over .. that's the real headache is that you have to take it ALL the way apart to get at the safety mechanism ... and there's only one real way to put it back together ... then put it ALL the way back together to dry fire the weapon and see if it functions (the switch clicks in place like it works even though it doesnt) ... that's why i ended up just leaving it, because i couldnt for the life of me figure out what i was doing wrong, even after watching several disassembly/reassembly videos on youtube and google searching the issue
  2. i understand some people would have an issue with it, that's why i make sure it is clearly posted and remind them again when they offer a trade just in case they skipped past reading that part  .. some people are going to have issues with the fact that it's a gun to begin with so i can get over that lol ... what im looking for is if anyone can verify that there is a law stating that selling or trading it in private circles would be illegal ... as far as the switch "marked" safe/fire .. there are no markings just a switch on the tang of the shotgun .... and how would it be any different than the "kits" i mentioned in my original post that change certain model handguns from safety/decocker to decock only ... isnt that intentionally removing a factory installed external safety? and wouldnt it put you in the same or worse position because it was intentional? and those are sold by the gun makers 
  3. i just dont see any moral issue as long as the other party is informed of the "problem" ... personally i have zero issues with no safety on a gun as i dont rely on them anyway and always assume in my mind that they will fail ... i dont really feel like fiddling with the thing myself .. and honestly the gun is a shooter and FAR from a safe queen so not really looking to invest in any gunsmithing work on it only to have people lowball me anyway lol
  4. and also if that is in fact the law ... would the fact that i have it listed for trade only and not for sale make a difference?
  5. i have a Mossberg 590, and when i first got the gun i had to take it apart to fully clean it and when putting it back together i couldnt get the safety to work, so i just treat it like a Glock or any gun with no external safety and rely on the one between my ears ... i posted it online for "trade only" with a trade value and a few trade interests ... well a guy i dont know messaged me and offered me over $100 less than my trade value and "informed" me that is is in fact ILLEGAL to sell a gun with a safety that doesnt work ... i replied that i found that hard to swallow since many guns are made with no external safety whatsoever, and it wasnt like i wasnt being up front about the fact that the safety doesnt currently function ... he said he agreed that it didnt make sense but that he had his FFL and knew it to be the law... my question is does anyone know if this is true or is it just a line of BS to try and get a gun on the cheap? ... and if it is a law would it only be for FFL's or also private sales? ... i've seen people sell pistols with the magazine safety removed .. and i know certain gun manufacturers sell "kits" to change their safety/decocker models to decocker only  .. so i dont know im just confused at this point lol    thanks in advance for any help
  6. thanks for the input guys and i have looked into the Glock 43 and the Kahrs .. but like i said im paranoid and she will be new to carrying and likely purse carrying at times (i hate the idea of purse carry but i guess it's better than not carrying) .. so if i go with a striker fired gun i really would prefer one with an affirmative safety i.e the shield 
  7. i have to chme in on the M&P side .. i've owned a handful of Glocks (.21SF, 19, 26, 22, 36) but i just never took to them, but i still have my full size M&P 9mm and .22LR pistols and im currently looking into getting a shield, to me they are neck and neck on accuracy and durability with the Glocks but they edge out the Glock when it comes to ergonomics and aesthetics .. but again that's just another opinion lol 
  8. x2    with alot of the newer micro 9mm pistols there really isnt much size or capacity difference when stepping down to a .380 anymore 
  9. although i'm new to the world of pocket guns i recently traded into a Sig 290RS it's a very nice little gun imo 
  10. i've owned quite a few 9mm pistols but almost exclusively full size or compact, and im looking to skip right past sub compact to the micro or "pocket" 9mm .. my wife recently expressed an interest in getting her carry permit so i'm trying to have a few options for her to get some trigger time with (already picked up a LCR in .357) and i recently acquired a Sig 290RS in trade and im impressed with the little gun .. but she doesnt care for the "feel" of it very much, and the slide is just a touch stiff for her as well, i'm seriously considering giving a M&P Shield a chance (she really likes my full size M&P 9mm and .22LR) but was hoping for a few suggestions to look into, she's very responsible and safety conscious BUT i'm very paranoid and she would be new to carrying lol ... so i would prefer either a long double action trigger pull, a very affirmative safety, or a da/sa gun with decock like the CZ2075  
  11. thanks for all the info guys, i did end up going the route of the KLCR in .357, slightly heavier than the .38 but not so much so that you can really feel any difference in the pocket holster ... and now she's really wanting the LCR in .22LR to get some trigger time on our back deck using CCI Quiet ammo lol 
  12. i've always avoided any DAO handguns like the plague for fear of the long heavy trigger pull, but my wife wants to get her carry permit and i've been looking for a good deal on a Ruger LCR ... mainly because i had a recent transaction with a gentleman and had an opportunity to dry fire his LCR and i REALLY liked the trigger on the gun, but i'm wondering if there is anything else similar in size and price range (like the S&W bodyguard) that i should be looking for as well .. i'm not a big revolver guy and even less so when it comes to the light weight pocket variety so any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. hopefully this is appropriate to post here but recently there have been some attempted child abductions in my area, and as a father it has me thinking what i can do for peace of mind and i cant seem to find a deffinative answer to this question online ... all i can find is that TN has no restrictions on age to buy pepper spray, so does that mean there is no legal age limit on carrying it?
  14. i've had the trigger assembly out a few times and im still baffled, honestly i dont know much about the internal workings anyway but i had a few friends who also own SKS's check it out and they all seem just as stumped as i do lol 
  15. im having a kind of strange problem with my Norinco SKS when i charge the weapon it's like it doesnt set the trigger .. just nothing at all no click, just a dead trigger.. i dunno what happened here .. one day it was working and the next it just wasnt, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and maybe if there is an easy fix that might save me some $ instead of having a gunsmith check it out, thanks in advance for any help guys


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