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  1. You taking donations, I have a brand new Beretta shoulder holster I think it's on thier website for well over a hundred that I can't seem to give away maybe you would have better luck. I work in Lebanon off the 840 maybe we could meet in the one morning
  2. I have an ad up for some I am close at work. I live in Baxter but I have a truck route so I am in Lavergne Smyrna and Murfreesboro every day Monday through Friday it's Sig brass and Federal premium Match Large rifle primers. I will sell for $350 7 bags of 50 of the brass for 350 pieces and 1000 LRP
  3. Man I can't believe how great that Remington 700 turned out. Looks like it is catching on
  4. Thanks for Kennebec is there a distance I can grow them from other crops to keep them safe from potato bugs
  5. I'm with Garufa one looks longer almost like one is 22 mag and the other 22lr
  6. I am new to gardening I try something new every year and I really want try potato's this year. I feel like they are the ultimate prepper food just not sure how they do here. Has anyone been successful keeping the potato's over the winter to start your next years crop. I have also been wiped out by bugs every year since I moved to Baxter. Has any one found a clean solution to bug problem or am I just gonna have to use chemicals.
  7. Has anybody had success with potato's around here. I feel like they are the greatest asset if there ever was a time you couldn't get food from stores. Has anybody been able to save some from the years harvest for next years starts. I have been successful at this with cucumbers but don't think they have the nutrients to keep you healthy year round. I also have had a lot more problems with insect destruction ever since I moved from Murfreesboro to Baxter. I had very little room in Murfreesboro but was way more successful with harvests. Really trying to keep it closer to Organic anyone have a good bug deterrent.
  8. I have for sale a Howa 1500 24" heavy barreled 308 there is a small mark on the barrel not sure where it came from that shoots great with factory ammo I have only shot Federal Match ammo through it in both 168 and 175 grain and both were very accurate It is in a Bell and Carlson Competition stock with an adjustable cheek rest I put a PTG bottom metal to accept AICS type magazines I use the magpul short action 308 magazines and they function flawlessly it has a threaded barrel and a DPMS Jerry MIkulek muzzle brake It has a Crimson Trace Series 3 Tactical Rifle scope 5X25X56 34mm tube FFP MR1-Mil reticle I have some ammo to go with it Rifle without scope $950 total package $1750 any questions call or text 224-402-4433 sorry no trades and thanks for looking
  9. I have a bunch of no longer needed components to reload for a 308. I have 6 unopened brand new bags 50ct Sig brass cases and one open but nothing is missing. I dont think I have ever bought a bag of Sig brass that didn't have 51 pieces no guarantees but that has been my experience. I have 2 boxes of 250ct 168 grain Nosler Custom Competition one is sealed from the factory the other is opened but nothing is missing. I have 2 boxes of 100ct 175 grain Nosler Custom Competition one is sealed from the factory the other has some missing but can't be much because it is very full. I have 2 boxes 100ct 165 grain Hornady SST bullets both factory sealed. Last but not least a brand new unopened 1000ct Federal Large Rifle Match Primers. Selling the entire package for $500 any questions call or text 224-402-4433 I live in Baxter but I am in Lavergne, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro Mon-Fri Thanks for looking


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