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  1. I recently heard about aliengear, and by recently, I mean yesterday and havent looked in to them yet. I have also heard good things about Comptac. Just was looking in to others opinions. 
  2. I just picked up a new toy (G30) that I plan on to daily some, but mostly for stuffing under the seat of my car. I had a G30 a few years back with a Supertuck holster and loved it, comfortable, concealed well for it being such a fat gun. What are some other brands out there that are comparable to ST's  but a little more economical, conceal well, comfortable, and don't have to wait 6+ weeks to receive - yes I understand the quality, I have a few, but again, this will not be my absolute every single day carry.  
  3. I do have to admit, I do think my 220 is pretty freaking heavy to be a compact. I feel like Glocks are uniform completely across all of their models. You pick up a 9mm and it feels like a 45. They pretty much the same feeling just a different caliber. I'm not sure if Sig is the same with all of their different models.
  4. Looking for pro's and con's on each. I have a P220 and looking to start adding to the collection. Just don't know if I should justify the price of Sig's over Glocks.
  5. Good looking guys in here. I can only hope my places yield some of these.
  6. You guys have hit it. I got my HCP for a reason. If I'm out and someone comes at me unprovoked, and is looking like he is set on doing harm, I'm way more than likely going to unholster and keep at a low ready then try to tango and possibly get knocked out and then really get roughed up while I'm out. If they keep coming after seeing the handgun, they will then be staring down the barrel of a .45.
  7. Picking up a Nikon Monarch 4x16 next week in mil dot. I guess I'll just download the spot-on app to my Iphone and play around with it.
  8. Just picked up a 220c today and looking for advice on some comfortable CC holsters. Sorry I made a thread earlier in the wrong section.
  9. Dolo, is it true that on mil-dot, the power of the scope affects the zero? Or is everything plugged in to the turrets and hold it square zero and pull the trigger? I'm just trying to figure out whats the best reticle for hunting and hunting for long range since the 300rum has the capability.
  10. I always carry a .45 on my person. Just wanting to know the best for this situation. Thinking about maybe dropping to a .40 for a little more velocity. But then again, it kind of goes with the velocity vs weight.
  11. What do you guys carry during the cold time with the added layers of clothing? I remember reading an article on here about JHP in .45 either not expanding or expanding on impact with the coat and not penetrating the body? I think I remember reading something about FMJ's were the best bet. Just seeing what you guys carry in the cold weather.
  12. I look at it like this. What good is a car in the garage without gas?
  13. Picking up a P220 from a fellow employee tomorrow. Never have dealt with Sig's before, always wanted to, but just never really had the $$$ to get a few. Anyways, this will probably be my pride and joy so I'm looking to pick up a good "all in one" holster for it. Looking for something to CC very easily and something that is going to be easy and convinient for jacket/coat weather. I had a CB Supertuck and loved it.
  14. Sorry about not replying sooner, I honestly kind of forgot posting this thread...yeahh one of those nights I'm getting closer and closer to pulling the pin on getting some good glass. But I just realized that I'm going to have to also replace the scope on my ML which since its not used that much I'll probably settle for either a Prostaff or Buckmaster. Right now I've really got it narrowed down to a Monarch and a VX-3. Between those two, whats the better bang for the buck? They both come in a good aray of reticles. Just havent quite figured out which one I want yet. But I have determined th
  15. I've not really been looking too in depth for a new scope for my 300RUM since its summer time. With fall fast approaching, I'm starting to get the itch to buy one for the gun. I'm looking for something that is very clear both up close and far away. I'm needing something that is not complicated to work (like mil dot/BDC) that is going to make me miss a trophy, but will also let me be comfortable in slinging one down range that is a good bit away since the 300RUM has the capability. I'm trying to stay around or under $500.


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