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  1. i want a lcp2...for the trigger...my lcp1 pinches my hand/finger + the pull is very long...I have a large hand. If I don't find a used one in a month or so I guess I will buy a new one. About $300 out the door (no a laser). Do you guys think a laser is worth the extra cost? TMc
  2. I am looking to buy one...I have a LCP (first Edition) Just want to upgrade to an LCP II. I guess a good used one is hard to find. I can buy a new one for about $300 out the door without a laser.
  3. Can anyone tell me what a good used Ruger LCP II is worth...With &/or with out laser. I live in the Paris Landing Area.
  4. I have been looking for a KT sub 2000 and I have called lots of gun shops in West & Middle TN. A couple told me that they did not fool with Kel Tec...said they were lots of trouble. One guy said they are made to shoot about 500 rounds and then fall apart. I have done lots of research on the internet re: the KT 2000 and all of the reviews have been very positive. However, none have mentioned the expected life of a KT 2000. I value your opinion and I will appreciate any thoughts, ideas or information you might have. tmck
  5. Many thanks guys...lots of good info. I guess I am leaning to the KT Sub. Mags are not a real concern to me...I am a "Ruger Man" & my 9's are a P95 and a SR9C. That said , I do like the high cap Glock mags for the KT. I have my name on several waiting list for the KT Sub. But, I might me interested in a good used one. Thanks again, tmck
  6. Hi, I am wanting to get a 9mm carbine. I have been reviewing the Kel Tec Sub 2000 9mm and the Hi Point 9mm carbine. I can get a Hi Point for about $100 less than the KT. Thoughts and Ideas will be appreciated. Thanks, tmck
  7. tmck


    Thanks again...my son has an LCP and I will try his with my right hand fire and see it is indeed me or my LCP. TMc
  8. tmck


    Peejman, Thanks for the great ideas...can I change the spring or should I send it back to Ruger? TMc
  9. I have owned and been shooting an LCP over 2 years and have had no problems until recently. I have been doing a lot of "point shooting" an 10-20 ft. No problem with my two hand grip...but about a month ago I started drawing my LCP from my right pocket and as quickly as possible using a one hand grip... most of the time when I fire my right thumb inadvertently bumps the mag. release button and it drops down about a 1/4" and I have a fail to feed. I am afraid if I ever get in a "real" hurry-up situation I will end up with a single shot LCP. No problem with my two hand grip or my left hand grip. Since the LCP is my "carry everywhere gun" I am positive my first emergency impulse will be to pull and fire a right hand only shot. Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated. TMc
  10. tmck

    RUGER SR9c

    Where is Bud's? I live near Paris Landing about 100 miles from Nashville and about 70 from Jackson. TMCK
  11. tmck

    RUGER SR9c

    I have been on 4 gun shops waiting lists for over 4 months for a Ruger SR9c. No body seems to know anything about when the pistol will be available in West TN. Does anybody know anything. Thanks, TMCK
  12. Any idea when they might be coming out? Price? I am on a waiting list at my gun shop, but they had no idea when or for how much. TMCK
  13. J Thanks...she also has an Air Weight Smith in her purse with +P's. I carry an LCP for my everywhere gun. I guess I will keep it for a spare. I really hate to sell a gun during these times. TMCK
  14. My wife can hardly pull the slide back on her LCP. Is there such a thing as a rubber grip or something to attach to the slide so she can pull it back without her hand slipping off. I am afraid if it jams on the first shot she will end up with a single shot LCP. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. TMCK
  15. I am looking for some .380 Federal Hydra Shok 90 gr. I live in the Paris, TN area and my son live s in Franklin, TN. Anything close to these areas would be great. TMCK


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