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  1. Wording on event site changed to reflect TN code 39-17-1311
  2. Wow! A sensible response. Maybe hope is not lost within the "executive" community.   I hope we see such wording on their site and at the gates.   CR
  3. Thanks dawgdoc. I'll be speaking to one of Chattanooga's councilmen in the next day or so. He is definitely on our side as far as carrying goes (though I've tried to dissuade him from small-of-back carry position). Not sure what or how much pressure he can bring to bear in chambers but, it's worth the effort in any event. If he attends the venue, he will be carrying. Be interesting to see if they check him at the gate.   As an aside, I've got no idea if they plan on just asking if you look wrong (or right?), or if they plan on "wanding" all patrons...   CB
  4. Just aheads up: Seems they will have the same "weapons" bans as at Riverbend From the website: <http://www.chattanoogaunite.org/> "Pets, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, roller blades, laser pointers or weapons of any kind are not allowed at the event."   I guess handguns are in the same category as schnauzers and poodles? :yuck:   Celticroots
  5. Oh well. Saw it on the Leg. site and had hopes. Forgot the bit about 'death by adjournment'. Got to push for it next go-round then. Something like this would certainly go a ways to influence the corporate suits who wish to protect us from ourselves.
  6. From the Tennessee General Assembly website: Time to write your legislators, especially any who may be members of the state Senate Judicial Committee which is the current entity reviewing this bill.
  7. LP, no offense taken. Having, and being able to express, ones own opinion is something we can also thank our forefathers for.   Only thing I might add is: If you can consistently hit a one (1") inch square at 100 yards from a steady-hold position (standing, sitting/kneeling or prone) with a rack-grade rifle, then you ARE a marksman and you don't need what an Appleseed shoot might teach you. Other than, perhaps, "the rest of the history" that they did not teach us  those 45 (or a bit further back in my case) years ago.   Happy and accurate shooting in any case, maybe we'll meet on a range somewhere, Celticroots
  8. ttocswab, I'll be there as a shooter this go-round. I'll start exercising my newly gotten orange hat at another shoot soon.   Lowpower, the cost is not at all steep when you consider all that can be gained by attending one (or more) of these shoots. You will not only hone your skills as a rifleman, but you will learn some very important history of how our country came to be, and the principles that drove ordinary British citizens, who happened to have been self-governing for their entire time on these shores, to stand against the government that was about to turn them into slaves of an overbearing monarchy. The $80 two-day fee, or $50 single-day, is a small price to pay.   Loon160T, very happy to make your acquaintance, CelticRoots (aka: crankybones)   
  9. OK! Just a status report. I had a great!  :up: time this last weekend. Weather coulda been a LOT worse. Great people, good lessons, well worth the drive. Manchester (Arnold Range) is sold out for April, June and on still open for registration, lots in the neighboring states in April and May too. If the ammo situation still hasn't improved too much, don't worry. They'll cater the shooting to supply available individually. I think we only shot about 350 - 400 rounds over the two days. Weather did eliminate one (or more?) of the fun shoots at the end of Sunday though. I heard something about a couch and TV target  :stunned: ...   Get on out to one of these shoots. You will not regret it!!  :usa: 
  10. Photoguy, the word that came back to me from the Shoot Boss is that we probably will be shooting less than 500 rds due to the ammo shortage. Though, I suppose, if you've got' em - you can shoot 'em. They definitely will cater the event to supplies available. That said - If you really want to come (and can make it for Saturday, Sunday, or both) I will/can bring some extra .22 ammo from my stock. Will sell at my cost, for shooting at this event only.   Dress warmly, bring raingear! It ain't spring yet!!! BTW: I'm one of those 'over-the-hill' guys. But I still get out and play in the mud! (I just bitch about it so it doesn't hurt so bad)
  11. Celtic Roots here. Joined back in January but never said hello. Parents probably spun in the grave. Moved last year from Connecticut, originated long ago in the Chicago area. Back when guns were, mostly, OK. (But after Capone left the scene). Been shooting since age 8 or so. Kinda let it all go by the wayside as CT got more and more miserable.   Now a plea! How about some of you guys and Gals taking a chance on the weather and coming to the Appleseed shoot in Puryear on March 23-24? Come on now, it can't get THAT cold and wet! Might even be a bluebird day. I'd 'Hate' to have all those instructors and the range all to myself! (and me with no centerfire any more).
  12. I'd think it would 'Absolutely' be worth another shot. I'd first go direct to the upper echelon of Appleseed, show them what you have, and get any/all support documentation you might need from them. Then go back to ORSA and 'present'.  I think you'd also want to ask ORSA if they would give a rental rate deduction to Appleseed as a 501[c]3 non-profit.   As an aside, ask if the local Chamber of Commerce would be willing to advertise/mention the event in their publications. That's how I found out about the shoot in Manchester [and therefore Puryear]. (Monteagle CoC)
  13. East Tenn, Go to this page: <http://www.appleseedinfo.org/host_appleseed.html>   Find a range or other facility that fits the requirements and will agree to participate.   Fill out the form and email it back.   Contact Appleseed directly if you have questions.   More power to you, make it happen!
  14. I'll try to make it. Sounds possibly entertaining. Any idea if the location will be posted [39-17-1359.  Prohibition at certain meetings -- Posting notice]?
  15. Here is the link to this year's TN Clinics. <http://www.appleseedinfo.org/search-states-display.php?qstate=TN&statename=Tennessee>   Not expensive. Good instruction. Lots of fun (or so I hear). Next month in Puryear, most of the rest in Manchester at the Arnold range. I'm going to Puryear and probably one of the others mid/late summer.

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