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  1. I decided to go ahead and renew with the lifetime permit. And I didn't have to wait what seemed like forever when I first applied for my hcp back in 2009. The lifetime permit renewal came in the mail in about a week.
  2. I always look for the gunbuster signs but some places it isn't visible until you're already in the first set of doors. Does this mean it's properly posted? BWW in Tullahoma isn't posted but isnt it corporate policy? If a gun free zone makes the mass of sheep feel safer, then it makes us who know the truth feel unsafe. But anyone with a brain knows criminals don't always read or care. Seems like a lot of mall and cinema owners are brainless idiots.
  3. Sorry gordon, seems like your "family" has forgotten what really should matter. I would do the same if I were in your shoes though.
  4. My first pistol was a g23 3rd gen. I still have it. I went to a 9mm shield as my edc a few years ago simply due to the fact that I prefer to conceal rather than feel like I have a huge brick on my side all the time. And if you're a good shot, you rely more on shot placement over number of rounds anyday. I usually have only 8 rounds in my edc, so yes it's not quantity, but quality shooting if necessary. So I have both, I still use the g23 as a backup and as a carry pistol when I'm offroading. But get whatever you feel comfortable shooting.
  5. Well, for one. He lives in Atlanta and there is no way in hell I'm leaving it in the car in that city. I don't have to have it on me all the time in his house, but I feel a lot safer knowing it's within my easy reach if needed. I have not mentioned it nor has he asked about it so I'm keeping my mouth shut on this with him and her. Secondly, I'm not here in my vehicle. I'm with our father in his vehicle. No kids in the house and no danger of it falling into the wrong hands while here still, there is that chance. As for his "hood". Well he lives in an older neighborhood in kirkwood,Atlanta. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm used to smaller country towns where you know most people you live around. I don't know anyone in his neighborhood and since he just moved here this summer, it's only my second time visiting him at his new place. But I don't think there would be a home invasion while we are here but these days one can never know.
  6. What if my level of feeling protected by a gun is complicated by their views of them being anti gun and I have to be around them. In a perfect world I would choose to be around like minded people but I'm talking about a few family members who are liberal and yes its my brother and his wife. Do I conceal and not let them know I carry or do I just leave it in my vehicle until I leave? I'm leaning toward not telling them as if it is concealed then nobody should know but me.
  7. I worked for walmart back in 2013. Just Manchester's walmart until i found a closer to home job. I unloaded trucks and did hear about some instances where the TLE (Tire, Lube Express) employees had forgotten the drain plugs on cars they had changed oil in, had removed a car door to access a tire( ????) and had just dont some pretty stupid things to make any person with common sense wonder how they got hired in the first place. But remember, it is however walmart. And it isnt just some employees that you wonder about,but the higher ups that make you wonder the same thing.
  8. I'm sure not all walmarts have the same service problems as what Dolo has encountered. But I wouldn't trust my vehicle or any vehicle with the people at the tire and lube department. It does make me wonder if someone has a problem with any one store, regardless if it's walmart or another big chain, That they keep going back to the same store, doing the same stuff and expecting different results.   Dolo, IMHO it sounds like the walmart you have all these problems at needs to restructure its employees and start from scratch. Maybe they should just shut down and implode. Who knows.   Store number would be appreciated to know so i will make sure whenever i'm in the Knoxville area to avoid that one.
  9. The galaxy s6 is probably the better deal. The s6 edge costs $100 more and you'll run into problems with not enough cases available for it.   Don't get me wrong, I'm an Android Samsung fan over the Iphone. But the S6 packs a much better camera than the Iphone 6. The edge is going to be for those who want fashion more than function.   Both the s6 and s6 edge have the same features, just i wouldn't pay the extra $ for the edge. About the only thing i don't like about the new Samsung Galaxy phones is that they only have internal memory. No external micro sd cards anymore. But the Iphone don't have it either.   Probably the 32 gig is the better deal unless you plan on storing a lot of music or take a lot of photos and never delete them.
  10. Northern tool has similar driveway graders a lotcheaperthan the DR power grader. I kept getting those flyers in the mail and put a stop to it when I moved. No gravel here, just Concrete. But i'm not 3/8 of a mile from the road either.   I'd look into the ones from Northern Tool, especially if you don't have the means to build your own.
  11. Wyldk2

    Helmet Law

    I know it's a whole other vehicle but atvs require those under 18 to wear a helmet or face a fine that about equals the cost of a good quality helmet.   Now as an adult, I wear a helmet when i ride my atv, simply because I know what can happen if youre not wearing one. But i believe if you're responsible enough and have enough riding experience, nobody should be able to tell you that you have to wear one.   Same as a seat belt, if i don't want to wear one, then i shouldn't have to wear one. Helmets for motorcycles, the same.
  12. Hey, don't put every employee of wal-mart into that group. I worked for Wal-mart last year. Granted it was unloading trucks and on a modified second shift, but it was honest money coming my way.   With all the ammo thefts, i convinced the store Manager to have all ammo locked in their store cage until it could be sorted and sent to the Sporting goods under lock and key.   A lot of people work wal-mart as they do offer flexible hours.
  13. Wyldk2


    I went to Dolly wood for the first time this past october. Probably going to be my last time as well.   Not because of anything bad, but i can have my own roller coaster rides out on the trails at Windrock atv park. ( thankfully no loopty-loops).   But i have found out some tricks to getting your money out of dollywood. If you go after a certian time into the park, you get the next day for free.   Buy the refillable souveiner cup, it's free refills all day long.
  14. Your avitar has the biggest Asshat in it.   Actually, Obama is just an ASS.
  15. Good to walk the other way. I know words hurt and sometimes worse than cuts and bruises but Karma has it's way of paying back.   But i know how good it would have felt to put him in his place. Just know, you are the better man. Now if he was threatening you or you felt your life was in danger, then let the lead fly.   I'm not one to start a fight, people can call me names till they are blue in the face but Like JWC said, I see someone else being picked on, it's like a switch goes off in me. I can't stand people teasing others due to race, handicap, or religion or anything.   There has to be something wrong with that guy. Like TGO david said, Normal people don't act that way.

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