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  1. Cannot wait for the Fight at Night class as I have been wanting to attend for awhile. You will have myself and one other coming to the party.
  2. I would like to request that this class come around again. From what all I have heard and read it is a very informative class. This is something that my training is lacking in.
  3. As always when Randy comes so does the rain.  It's almost as if the weather knows he is going to teach and so it's time to get everything wet and muddy.  But if you can handle with how the weather and environment were this weekend you will be good to go when it's a nice and sunny....   This was a great day to brush up on skills and to identify weak points in everything from draw stroke, to grip, trigger control, sight alignment, and many more.  We touched on almost everything that needed to be touched.  It flowed from one drill into the next without it seeming a jumbled mess.  This says something about the how Randy is able to bring it altogether.   Being that I have not added firing under the pressure of a timer this was a wake up call.  For some reason I decided to work at a pace that would make a tortoise proud.  Also, I need to make sure when in that type of environment, or any other type, that my mags are seated so that I can prevent premature magazine ejection...
  4. Now this...this one sounds like a hoot.  All of the training seems to be front loaded for me this year....
  5. Due to amount of people that have messaged saying they would like to attend, but cannot due to the short notice we are changing the date for the class.  To those that have signed up we will have something in place for signing up initially.   This may be for the best as we are working in combination with another to offer a weekend of training.   Thank you to those that signed up and to those that messaged me with questions and concerns!
  6.   He and Claude Werner are two of the most unassuming people you can meet, but once you do your opinion changes quickly
  7. Randy, I will be attending hopefully bring a few others as well.
  8. First let me state that I know this is a little short notice, but the instructor had a last minute change of plans and has this weekend free.  I have been pestering William to come to Knoxville for awhile now, and it just so happens it will be on short notice.   Date: February 28, 2015   Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM   Instructor: William T. April   Subject: Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme   Price : $150 pay at class (cash or check).    Location: Knoxville, TN (once signed up address will be given)   Some of you may know William April, or may have heard him on Ballistic Radio.  But if not here is a quick bio on William:       Course components include intensive, interactive lecture on:   Fatal Choices: Understanding VCAs and How They Identify Victims: In this fast-moving and interactive lecture participants will be led through contemporary theories and current, curated data on the process by which violent criminals select their targets for violent aggression. Particular attention will be paid to the internal mechanisms in play within the criminal psychology, the universe of signifiers around "good guy" behavior, demeanor, and attributes which may actually make selection for attack more likely, as well as considerations for responsible armed citizens to mitigate this risk. Previous iterations of this material have been presented to LE agencies and private citizen groups across the US as well as international LE educational events.     The 5 W’s of Risk: Constructing an Effective Pre-Need Defense Paradigm: Techniques, tactics, and procedures for the active, emergent context of violent assault are as common a topic as the weather, it seems. Abundant material on the aftermath of this sort of event is also available. However the preparatory period, what Craig Douglas has referred to as the pre-kinetic phase, prior to such encounters is given limited, if any, attention by the vast majority of erstwhile defenders. This presentation will review common mental and philosophical errors made by practitioners as they undertake preparation for effective defense against violent aggression. Practical pitfalls and limitations in thinking about lawful violence will also be reviewed in depth. Attendees will be exposed to a practical, programmatic method for undertaking the pre-need decision-making toward a sound self-defense and survival mindset, touching on all areas of the process which the defensively aware must address to maximize capacity for self-protection.     Open-Source Retention/Disarming: A hands-on block of instruction in the art and science of maintaining positive control of your own defensive handgun and of taking one away from an assailant when necessary. No prior experience or training in defensive tactics is required, no special physical gifts are necessary and the material is presented in a from-the-ground-up approach to allow conceptual understanding and physical grasp of an intuitive, robust skill-set in a relatively short time. Please bring an inert training version of your carry pistol, if possible (red gun, blue gun, SIRT, etc.) so that carry gear may be used if applicable.   http://www.mdtstraining.com/william-aprill/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkWhLHaQ7uU     If you would like further information or would like to sign up please PM me and I will answer your questions or put you on the list.  
  9.   thanks for the info and recommendation; the articles sound pretty interesting and will definitely be searched for. as for my score, i am not too worried as i want to use the matches more as training opportunities. starting out with strong side first will be something i give thought to.
  10.   So USPSA it is then. I will probably reach out to ORSA or TAC2 and see how to go about attending a match before actually competing.  This may help to put everything in perspective.  Having never done competitive shooting it will probably be quite bit different than classes I have attended.   Any recommendations?
  11. Over the past year I have wanted to try my hand at competitive shooting, but have been overwhelmed by the choices of events and USPSA vs IDPA.  It is still a bit overwhelming, but I believe I would like to try USPSA.  My question to the forum is if I can carry appendix? And if so can I draw from concealment?   What i would like to do is compete with my EDC gear, or as close as possible.  To those of you that compete or know more about the sport, is this possible?   Thanks again in advance for any replies and have a good one!
  12. Will have a canopy and folding table in the car if it's needed.
  13. Will be there for this TG.  Hoping to get more and more classes in the Knoxville area.


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