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  1. Just a couple of weeks to go!
  2. ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!
  4. Quick reminder that this one is coming up in about 3 weeks!
  5. There's really 2 different questions here. "What accuracy standards are we training to be able to achieve?"... and ..."what accuracy standard do we train with to achieve that?". For me personally (and professionally) we try to direct everything into the diaphragm to neck area (nipple to neck triangle) and/or the face (eyebrow to nose triangle) and that runs the complete circumference of the target ....front, back, sides. Those are vital zones and areas most likely to MAKE people stop what they are doing....not just hurt them and leave the decision to stop up to them. I'm not at all saying other areas don't hurt...I'm saying all we know about anatomy and biology leads us to those two areas being the most likely to stop people. As to standards to practice? I like smaller targets. The 3" shoot n see" targets are what I normally use in class as the "optimum" with an 8.5x11" sheet of paper behind it as "still acceptable". By using that we focus on a smaller area and are then most likely to keep even our "misses" in the vital zone area or at a minimum in the torso / minus 1 zone on an IDPA target or C zone of an IPSC target. In my own practice I personally use the pasters from the "shoot n see" targets as my target to aim for and anything within a hand span of that is acceptable which gives about a 3/4" target and a 6" Acceptable Zone. For distance (15yds to 50yds or farther?) I use a 45% IPSC steel target which pretty much covers diaphragm to neck or chin and inside the nipples on most people. By shooting smaller targets you get a better grasp of sight alignment and trigger control and can apply the same skills to hit at much farther distances. After a day of shooting at 3" targets at 5 yards a torso sized target at 25 is easy.
  6. THIS ONE IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Many of us spend a good deal of time in our vehicle sitting in line for the ATM or at stop lights or in parking lots. So it makes sense to be not only prepared to deal with carjacking but to also train for it. This class fills in some of those gaps in training and gives you the opportunity to shoot from your own vehicle so that if you ever do have to do it for real you will not be having to figure it out on the fly. Hope to see you there!
  7. TWO Weeks to go on this one!
  8. One day to go!!!!!!
  9. DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO APRIL 29-30 !!!!!!!!
  10. ONE week to go! Remember to bring a blue gun (or red or orange or yellow) and training knife if you have them and of course your flashlight . Looking forward to this !
  11. ONLY 3 days to go!
  12. I was not trying to convince anyone one way or the other as to whether to eat there or not. In fact I still pick up pizza to go there (Ooltewah) once in a blue moon on the way home. If people are trying to eat only at pro gun establishments that is going to drastically limit your options... I was merely explaining why they might "seem to be very anti gun for some reason."
  13. Because Lupi's historically has been owned by and staffed by tree hugging hippies ...and tree hugging hippies are generally by political association and due to their child like worldview very anti gun. I actually like their pizza and salad and I ate there quite a bit in the 90s when I lived down town. But like many "boutique food" places like that, the college age kids who tend to work there are on the liberal end of the spectrum. Back during that time I worked the door at the Sandbar and I knew a lot of people that worked in food and entertainment businesses down town. That is not a "conservative" industry at all. Gun owning Constitutionalists are not exactly lining up to work in pizza restaurants (or bars for that matter) and most people of the age group that work in those places are at the very least fashionably liberal if not "true believers" in the liberal cause.

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