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  1. And I'm sure that after the last 4 years we all believe everything the mainstream media and FBI tell us ? Russia collusion was real too..... right? I stand by what I said based on first hand report from someone who was there. The Capital police let the peaceful protesters up onto the mezzanine and were talking and joking with them. Then a small group of "obviously not peaceful" protesters arrived and that is who breached the building. The heretofore peaceful protesters followed them into the building .
  2. It takes only a tiny bit of forethought to realize that these are a TRAP and a perfect place/opprtunity for an Antifa false flag operation to take place. The protesters at the capital essentially got "rolled" by Antifa . That was who actually breached the building according to accounts from people I know that were there. All the conservative folks who go to work everyday and basically keep America humming along were completely played by people who protest and organize for a living. Once the building was breeched and the "regular guy " type protesters followed the armored and helmeted pipe
  3. Forcible entry into the vehicle to assault the occupant is generally going to be viewed as something you can use lethal force to repel. We can argue that since dude was not visibly armed that pulling a gun on him was not warranted but we can also make an argument that a reasonable person would be in fear of grave bodily injury or death from someone who took those same actions and assaulted him in his vehicle. The totality of the circumstances plays in favor of MarkS. But again, the assault might not happen if there was no bird flipping.
  4. I'll second (or third?) the thought that flipping someone off is never going to de-escalate a situation. What exactly were you trying to accomplish by flipping them off? No one in the history of mankind has been calmed down or had their poor behavior corrected by someone flipping them off. But it has led to a lot of fights. And just because YOU (and most normal people ) might not be willing to cripple or kill someone over an insult there are "feral people " out there that absolutely are. Jail is full of people who do not "act like normal people" who have killed people over seemingly minor
  5. The G26,27,29 and 30 had the double captive recoil springs 14 years before there was a “Gen 4”. Those guns never had a “Gen 3 “ recoil spring. It was always the double spring. The original G30 had the finger grooves and checkering on the front and back strap with no rail. I guess that is arguably a Gen 2.5 The G30 was released in late 1996 / early 1997 before there was a Gen 3. They added those features and the rail to the midsize and full-size guns to create the Gen 3 in late 1997-1998. Incidentally the G21 also has a Gen 2.5 version with finger grooves and checkering but no rail.
  6. Yeah I didn't really think I needed to qualify that but maybe so.... If you put a 16" upper on your SBR lower then you can take it out of state with no 5320.20 form. But you cannot also take the SBR upper along with you too. That would be what they refer to as "constructive possession" - assuming that because you have the sbr upper you are going to assemble the rifle with it. Now there are some murky legal waters in regards to that and Thompson Center won a case against ATF on that but the smart thing to do if travelling outside the state is to either file a 5320.20 form or put a 16" uppe
  7. Just a week to go on this one! We still have a few spots available don't miss out !
  8. We still have spots available in this class . If you want to learn to efficiently and effectively use your snubby revolver then get signed up!
  9. SATURDAY DECEMBER 19 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TN / GA / AL Training Group Christmas Extravaganza ! Subject: Shooting , Shooting and more Shooting and the Christmas Death Match for the Intergalactic Championship ! On Saturday Dec 19 we will hold our 2020 Christmas meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group! Instructor: Tier 1 Suarez Int Staff Instructor Randy Harris Instructor Bio Location: Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL 35765 Time: 9AM CENTRAL time - 3PM CENTRAL time Price: $80 - pay a
  10. This one is almost full. If you are interested you need to contact me , get your deposit in and get on the list !
  11. I will be offering the Harris Combative Strategies Snub Nose Seminar one day class on Sunday December 6th at the Ridge in Dayton TN. The class info is as follows.... Date: Sunday December 6th Instructor: Randy Harris (Randy's Bio) Price: $150 ($50 Deposit will hold a spot in class can be paid by paypal or check) Location : The Ridge - Dayton TN http://www.theridgeshooting.com/index.html Time: 8:30AM to 4:30PM EASTERN For more info and to sign up email Randy@Harriscombative.com or call 423 827 9133 One of the most commonly carried (and most misunderstood) pist
  12. Saturday NOVEMBER 21 will be the next meeting of the TN/GA/AL Training Group. Subject: Practical Application of Medical Skills in a Team Environment. Shoot, Move ,Communicate and Plug Holes. Date : Saturday November 21, 2020 Location: 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL (35 min from downtown Chattanooga) Time : 9AM- 3PM Central Time Price : $100 Pay at class check or cash. This meeting of the training group will cover both shooting skills and basic tac med skills in a team environment . Guest lecturer will be Jeff Bishop ( USMC, Louisville KY Fire, Police and EMS)


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