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  1. Nov 13-14 TECHNICAL PISTOL SKILLS and HANDLING TRAUMATIC INJURIES On Saturday Nov 13 we will be offering Technical Pistol Skills at The Ridge in Dayton TN. Harris Combative Strategies Technical Pistol Skills Date: Nov 13 2021 Time: 8:30PM - 4:30pm Eastern Time Location: The Ridge Dayton TN. (http://www.theridgeshooting.com/) Price $160 ($50 Deposit to hold spot - See details below). Instructor: Randy Harris Instructor BIO This class is a compressed 1 day learning experience where students will explore the essential skills for operating their pistol in a safe and competent manner and placing accurate hits on target. Whether we are training for a pistol match or for self defense the skills we cover in this class are applicable. Some topics covered are.... "The 4 universal safety rules", "Gun Safety as a Lifestyle", "The 4 Count Drawstroke", "The Secret to Pistol Shooting" , "Draw quickly, Shoot Carefully, Reholster Reluctantly" , "These things generally work better when they are loaded", " If it stops working fix it and get back to work", "Grip might be why you are missing," , "We are shooting a pistol here not milking a cow", "There is an easy way to get better " , "You can be as good as you want to be...." and many more. This will essentially be a "1 day Technical Shooting Skills class". Several of you have been asking for a " basic shooting class" and we all know someone who NEEDS a basic class (whether they know it or not) and this is a great opportunity to get them squared away. This class is all about learning good safe solid combative gun handling (drawing, shooting ,reloading , malfunction clearance) and learning to shoot as efficiently and effectively and as accurately as possible . I'm going to limit this to 12 people so that everyone gets the best experience and the attention they need. If you are interested yourself or you have a candidate for this class in mind let me know. This is your chance to learn it the right way from the beginning or to further hone your skills if you are an experienced shooter. Then on Sunday Nov 14 we will be offering our Handling Traumatic Injury class. Harris Combative Strategies Handling Traumatic Injury Date: Nov 14 2021 Time: 8:30PM - 4:30pm Eastern Time Location: The Ridge Dayton TN. (http://www.theridgeshooting.com/) Price $160 ($50 Deposit to hold spot - See details below). Instructor: Randy Harris Instructor BIO What to bring: Note taking material ,Whatever first aid kit or blow out kit you have, Eye and Ear Protection, Handgun and carry gear and about 10 rounds of ammo . Bring a round of your carry ammo if you want to see how it actually performs when shot through meat. This class will be a study in first aid in a combative environment and treating traumatic injuries most likely suffered in street altercations. This is not a Red Cross first aid class. It is also not an austere environment surgery class. It more closely resembles Military PHTLS (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support) or TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) with an eye toward treating the kind of wounds typically seen in stabbings, shootings and mass casualty events. This class is a deep dive into the use of direct pressure, tourniquets, hemostatic agents like Quick Clot and Celox , chest seals, pressure bandages and much more. This life saving material is appropriate for treating not only common injuries caused by gunshots, knives and impact weapons but also virtually any penetrating trauma, puncture wound, laceration or cut. This one will be limited to 20 students. My good friend and medical skills mentor Jamie Jackson will be assisting with this class. Jamie brings over 40 years of experience in the medical field and is a wealth of knowledge. He has worked in healthcare for 48 years. Jamie was a Navy Corpsman (non-combat) '73-'82. Served with Marine Security Guards Embassy Duty. ICU and ER RN 1982-2021. CCRN, TNCC, ACLS, PHTLS. CONTOMS course at Angola and member of Louisiana Tactical EMS long ago. He taught immediate trauma treatment, wound packing, TQ application and precepted all new Nursing staff as a part of his ER duties at Methodist Hospital.
  2. OCT 30 My First Knife Fight HALLOWEEN SLASHER EDITION ! On Saturday October 30 we will hold a meeting of the TN/GA/AL Training Group at Subject: My First Knife Fight ! Instructor: Randy Harris Randy's Bio Location: Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah Al 35765 Time: 9AM Central time - 2PM Central time ( There is NO TN football game that weekend so come out and train ! ) Price: $80 - pay at class by cash or check or Credit Card (+3%) Electronic payment by paypal or venmo. Paypal- cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com Add 3% or use the "friends and family" option to avoid the fee. Venmo - www.venmo.com/Randy-Harris-47 If you have noticed there has been a worldwide uptick in knife attacks by religious extremists over the last few years. Knives are far more easy to procure than a gun and easily concealed. Most people never get any training in dealing with knife attacks and if they are involved in one survive it is largely more due to luck or the ineptitude of the attacker than any skillful countermeasure from the victim. This class deals explicitly with reacting to those close range knife attacks and gives you skills and strategies to deal with them should the unthinkable situation arise. What You Need to Bring: NOK trainer knife. I have several NOK Trainer loaners. You will also need eye protection. Shooting glasses are fine. Also a good idea is to get 2 "thigh wraps" or "back wraps" from Walmart to use as cheap forearm guards. They are not mandatory but they are a really good idea as they will save you a lot of forearm soreness later. Snacks and drinks. NO AMMO is needed so there's no ammo expense, so all you need is a NOK training knife (loaners are available) eye pro and back wrap . If you want to purchase your own NOK trainer you can get them here...https://shivworkspg.com/product/nok-training-knives/ get the "Hummingbird" they are about $25 and delivery is fast...maybe 2 or 3 days. The primary skills we work on will be empty hand vs knife - keeping the bad guys from turning us into a pin cushion - accessing our own tools (knife ?, gun?, sap?, blackjack?, hand grenade?) and then using it to keep your attacker at bay. IMPORTANT LUNCH INFO Last time we decided to go straight through instead of stopping for lunch. We then did a long and LEASURELY lunch afterwards at a local restaurant. So I'm going to suggest we eat afterwards. Just bring something to snack on and we will take a 30 min break to eat and rest during the normal lunch time.
  3. Harris Combative Strategies Defensive Concepts for Low Light Environments Date: Friday October 22 Time: 5:30PM - 12AM Eastern Time Location: The Ridge Dayton TN. (http://www.theridgeshooting.com/) Price $160 ($50 Deposit to hold spot - See details below). Instructor: Randy Harris Instructor BIO THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER CLASS . Students should be able to safely load, unload, draw from a holster and safely handle their pistol in close proximity to other people. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PLEASE CONTACT RANDY AND DISCUSS YOUR PREVIOUS SHOOTING EXPERIENCE. This class will cover some critical skills which include shooting with and without the help of flashlights in low or no light. We will work both proactively challenging unknown potential threats and also reacting to unexpected close range attacks in low light settings. You will see just how much light you really need to accurately shoot by and how much light you actually need to ID targets. We will also cover manipulating the pistol in the dark both with and without a light in our hands. We will load , unload and clear malfunctions with and without flashlights. A fair amount of time will also be devoted to using the flashlight as a tool to help you get deselected in the "pre fight interview" , use the light as a distraction device and impact weapon, and as a bridge from less lethal to lethal force. Range Gear and requirements : Handheld flashlight (Surefire 6P, G2, Streamlight Scorpion or similar). Extra batteries. Pistol and holster designed to be worn on the belt. Two spare mags (3 total minimum) and a mag pouch. Range Safety gear (eye and ear protection) . Clothing appropriate for weather. Snacks and drinks. You are welcome to bring something to eat for dinner. There are also several close fast food places like Taco Bell or Subway to grab something if you chose to do that during our dinner break. Ammo: Approximately 150 rounds. If you want to shoot more you are certainly welcome to bring more and shoot more but we will be focusing on shooting with accountability not mag dumps. If you have a weapon mounted light for your pistol and want to use it for some drills then please bring it too. If your carry pistol has a light that is fine too just make sure it fits your holster. If you have a "blue gun" or airsoft gun and training knife or inert "trainer" pepper spray you want to bring feel free to do so. We will be doing some interactive exercises where students will play the role of both good guys and bad guys to get a better feel for just what each experiences when the techniques are applied in low light. If you don't see it from both sides you only know about half of what is going on.  I can take a $50 deposit through either Venmo, Paypal or by check mailed to me or over the phone with a CC (+3%). A $50 deposit will hold a spot for you in this class. Balance due at class. You are also welcome to pay in full in advance too. We are limiting it to 16 students. To register or for more info either PM me here at TGO or email me at Randy@harriscombative.com. Deposit Payments can be made with a check (contact Randy for details) or through... Credit Card payments accepted (contact Randy for info) Venmo at www.venmo.com/Randy-Harris-47 Paypal at Cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com (+3% or use friends & family option with no fee)
  4. TN/GA/AL TRAINING GROUP On Saturday October 2 we will hold our next meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group! Instructor: Randy Harris (Randy's Bio) Location: Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL 35765 Time: 9AM CENTRAL time - 3PM CENTRAL time Price: $80 - pay at class cash or check . If you need to pay with CC I can handle that too. What you need to bring: Pistol, pistol magazines, carry gear and at least 200 rounds of ammo. Revolvers are always welcome if you like to party like it is 1899. We will shoot "Randy's Redneck Rogers Course" where you will shoot some of the same type drills as the Rogers Shooting School , just without the moving target system. We will then do some shooting on the move and then finish up with some deviously designed Man on Man Duels as we test our skills with the weapon we carry most...our pistol.
  5. That is exactly how some other states define it. The same as the BAC to carry gun as to drive. Pennsylvania is one of those and we don't read about drunken gunfights in bars in PA.
  6. The incident in the cafeteria apparently was due to the officer fiddling with the gun while it was in the holster doing "partial draws" . At least that's the latest I have heard on that one. And another incident of one firing in the holster was with an officer using a 320 with a light with a holster NOT designed specifically for the 320 with a light on it. Apparently he was using a holster for some other gun and light combo ( you mean ALL guns with lights are not the same?) and the gun was able to move around in the holster. It's kind of important for guns and holsters to be made for each other....just sayin". The word on the Sig 320 is this... The gun was initially designed without a mechanical disconnector to make the trigger as "shootable" as possible. When the military did their drop testing they drop them on the muzzle and on the side . They did not drop them on the back plate and because of that the issue was not discovered in the military testing. Later when it became apparent that 320s could possibly fire when dropped on the back end Sig announced a "voluntary upgrade program" and would retro fit them with a lighter weight trigger (less likely to keep moving to the rear if the gun gets dropped on the back end) and a disconnector to make them less likely to fire accidentally. There are essentially 5 types of 320 at this point. Guns made before 4/18 Guns made before 4/18 but retrofitted after 4/18 Guns made after 4/18 Guns made for LE after 4/18 Military M17/M18 The ones made before 4/18 and not retrofitted are unsafe to carry. Period. And Sig does maintain different SKU #s for civilian vs Military and LE . Some people find it a bit disturbing the LE/Mil guns come with mags made in Italy by Mec Gar and the commercial civilian guns come with mags made in the US by Check Mate and another unnamed company. It is almost as if Sig puts more care into the LE/Mil guns and not as much into the commercial guns for civilians. Having said that, Glock maintains Blue label (LE) and Red label (commercial) lines but they all come with mags made by GLOCK. The other 320s made or retrofitted after 4/18 are all mechanically safe to carry but if the trigger is pulled they will fire. Just the way they were designed to. So if you cannot keep your finger off the trigger (or if you put it in your purse and something gets in the trigger guard) it will fire.
  7. I was there when it happened and will post something later. Ronnie was a good friend and a mentor over the years. It is hard to imagine this happening. You just never know from one moment to the next what may take place. We always plan for medical emergencies like heat injuries, slip and falls or accidental shootings in shooting classes but we rarely think about something like an ATV rollover happening at the range. I'm sad beyond words. RIP Brother Dodd.


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