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  1. On Sunday May 16th I will be offering the Harris Combative Strategies Real World Shotgun class. This class is designed as a primer in defensive use of the shotgun. It is not how to win a 3 Gun or sporting clays match class, instead it is all about running your defensive shotgun as an individual in a combative environment from home or business defense to natural disaster. How to set up your shotgun, Ballistics, Fight stopping hits, Use of cover and concealment, Proactive and reactive reloads, Transition to pistol and much more is covered. Date: Sunday May 16th Instructor: Rand
  2. I will be offering the Harris Combative Strategies Snub Nose Seminar one day class on Saturday May 15th at the Ridge in Dayton TN. Date: Saturday May 15th Instructor: Randy Harris (Randy's Bio) Price: $150 ($50 Deposit will hold a spot in class can be paid by paypal or check) Location : The Ridge - Dayton TN http://www.theridgeshooting.com/index.html Time: 8:30AM to 4:30PM EASTERN For more info and to sign up email Randy@Harriscombative.com or call 423 827 9133 One of the most commonly carried (and most misunderstood) pistols for self defense is the snub nos
  3. Harris Combative Strategies Technical Pistol Skills This class is a compressed 1 day learning experience where students will explore the essential skills for operating their pistol in a safe and competent manner and placing accurate hits on target. Whether we are training for a pistol match or for self defense the skills we cover in this class are applicable. Some topics covered are.... "The 4 universal safety rules", "Gun Safety as a Lifestyle", "The 4 Count Drawstroke", "The Secret to Pistol Shooting" , "Draw quickly, Shoot Carefully, Reholster Reluctantly"
  4. Harris Combative Strategies TN / GA / AL Training Group! On Saturday April 24 we will hold a meeting of the TN/GA/AL Training Group in the Oak Ridge area ! Subject: HOW QUALIFIED ARE YOU ? Instructor: Randy Harris Randy's Bio Location: Windrock 720 Windrock Rd, Oliver Springs, TN 37840 Time: 9AM EASTERN time - 3PM EASTERN time Price: $100 - pay at class by cash or check or Electronic payment by paypal or venmo. Paypal - cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com Venmo - www.venmo.com/Randy-Harris-47 What you need to bring: Pistol, at least 2 pistol m
  5. I haven't seen it either but I heard that on the radio and was curious as to whether anyone else knew anything about that.
  6. So is there truth to the rumor that it will eliminate "gun free zones" ?
  7. This one is just a little over a week to go . We still have a few spots available for both days. Hope to see you there!
  8. In reference to catalogs.... Most people don't realize that companies like Natchez use printing companies to print their fliers- they are not printed in house. Those fliers have to be submitted to the printer 3 MONTHS in advance of when they are to be printed. The products in the catalogs are not IN STOCK when the info is sent. It is all based on PROJECTED DELIVERY TIMES from the manufacturers. That is why the catalogs run for a 2-3 month time frame because they expect the manufacturers to send that ammo to them some time within the time period that the catalog is good for. The problem i
  9. This one will be a combo pistol and shotgun day culminating in a two gun man vs man (or woman) battle for intergalactic domination ! After a quick "pulse check" shooting drill to see where your cold skills are we will work on shooting on the move with pistols and work on shotgun skills and then finally test your skills in a 2 gun intergalactic death match shoot off.
  10. The target is a B-27 and there is no time limit. I use a B27 center with the red x ring . It is a purely accuracy intensive test that is supposed to be shot cold (no warmup).
  11. Did a private class for a student this past Sunday and one of the diagnostic drills I use is Rastoff's Challenge. We have discussed it here before but the course of fire is 4 rounds at 3 yards 6 rounds at 5 yards 6 rounds at 7 yards 4 rounds at 10 yards All rounds must be in the X ring for a perfect score. I put up an extra target for me and shot it cold.......
  12. And that is why we don't act like jackasses to other people in public because #1 it is not cool, #2 it does nothing constructive and #3 you never know exactly where someone is mentally and you could end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back and #4 you never know who is primed and capable of delivering a biblical level of retribution. What is it Spaide said as he shot Mrs Goy in the head? "You should've kept your f&^%ing mouth shut!" Seems pretty clear what the motivation was.....
  13. Their brains were in "DVR mode" not in "self preservation mode". That is what happens when you experience something you never thought you'd see or never thought was even possible. You stand there taking in the scenery recording info instead of doing something. As I say in class all the time...the FIRST time you see it should not be when it is for real. You need a page in your mental rolodex for that so if it happens you will have at least considered it in advance and have at least a vague plan to deal with it. Novelty will cause hesitation or even disbelief. But if you have seen someone


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