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  1. Real World Rifle Skills - Combative use of the rifle Date June 24 2017 Instructor : Randy Harris (https://suarezinternational.com/randy-harris/ ) Location:The Ridge in Dayton TN (http://www.theridgeshooting.com/index.html) Price $150 Cash or Check ($50 Deposit holds your spot) Time : 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM This class is a 1 day immersion level class that will work to bring your rifle handling and shooting skills up to speed . Whether you are looking to use the rifle for home defense, Police patrol, Military, or 3 Gun Competition, this class will improve your shooting and gun handling skills. With just a small amount of lecture time we will spend the majority of the day on the range honing skills with both dry fire drills and live fire. While there is no prerequisite for this class, students need to have a SOLID grasp of the fundamentals of firearm safety and be familiar enough with their rifle to safely load , fire ,and unload it. What to bring? Modern magazine fed semi auto rifle or pistol caliber carbine. Pistol. Ammo: Rifle 250 rds Pistol 50 rds Eye and Ear Protection and any other gear you want to bring like knee pads. Ancillary gear: Belt and holster and mag pouch for pistol , sling for rifle, at least 3 rifle mags, at least 2 pistol mags (or speed loaders if you use a revolver), and a way to carry rifle mags. This can be in your pockets, in belt mounted mag pouches, in a bag of some type or in a chest rig. This is not a contractor class so if you show up with hard armor and 18 magazines you'll be a little over dressed unless that is what you normally wear in your day job. Police officers/security personnel are encouraged to wear their duty gear. As a side note, if you have armor and want to wear it that is perfectly fine...but no whining if it gets hot. Use common sense on holster set up. If you are using a chest rig and or armor then NO AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) unless you have a truly small chest rig and there is absolutely no conflict between the rig and the gun coming out of the holster cleanly. For safety sake I want no conflict between chest rig and holster when drawing the pistol . IWB or OWB belt is fine...as long as it is not impeded by a monstrously big chest rig. Drop leg holsters are fine. Just make sure you can safely get your pistol out of your holster without having to fight your chest rig for it. Some stuff we will cover.... SAFETY Combative use of the rifle (context of combative use vs competitive use) RULE #1 - Don't get shot! (use of cover and movement to keep from getting shot) Position Shooting to conform to available cover. Marksmanship - Quickly hit what you aim at whether standing, kneeling, prone or moving Use of APPROPRIATE sighting methods for the distances involved Clear malfunctions QUICKLY Keep it loaded (Both reactive and proactive reloads and why and when to use them) Transition from Rifle to Pistol (When , Why and How) Practical application of skills we learned For more info either PM me here at TGO or email me at Cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com
  2. This one is coming up in just about 3 weeks !!!
  3. Only about 3 weeks to go!
  4. TN / GA / AL Training Group On SATURDAY June 10 we will hold the first summer meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group! Instructor: Tier 1 Suarez Int Staff Instructor Randy HarrisLocation: The usual place- Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah AL 35765 Time: 9AM CENTRAL time - 3PM CENTRAL timePrice: $60 - pay at class cash or check. What you need to bring: Pistol, pistol magazines and at least 200 rounds of ammo. Revolvers are welcome if you want to party like it is 1899. We will work on smoothing out our pistol skills and will shoot several challenging drills and work to be more competent and confident with the weapon we carry most...our pistol. Rifles are awesome but they are not always close by. The pistol is far more likely to be the weapon you will have in hand be it robbery, terrorism or whatever. This will give participants a chance to shoot some timed and scored drills and get a feel for where their skill level is and see where they can improve.
  5. One week to go on this one!
  6. Well that sucks. I'm guessing you've already contacted your card company and disputed the charges?
  7. Just a quick reminder that this one is coming up the first weekend in June!
  8. Just a few weeks out on this one. CRG is the class that put SI on the map and the class that covers the most likely encounters where people use pistols to defend themselves. There is a reason we call it our "flagship" course. Hope to see you there!
  9. Working on a date now......will post it up as soon as it is finalized.
  10. For those coming , in case you have trouble finding the location my # is 423 827 9133
  11. And a quick reminder....the range is right where the time zones go from Eastern to Central. The range is on CENTRAL TIME....so if you get there expecting class to start at 10 eastern you will be an hour early.....
  12. Coming up TOMORROW!!!
  13. The next meeting of the TN GA AL Regional Training group will be held on Sunday April 9. It will be a RIFLE DAY ! So grab your rifle and your gear and come on out! Date: Sunday April 9 Time: 10AM to 3PM CENTRAL TIME. Price : $60 pay at class cash or check.Subject: Real World Rifle Skills (a study in robust manipulations and scoring fight stopping hits under stress) Equipment needed:A rifle. Any rifle is fine, but you'll be better off with a magazine fed semi auto with a couple of spare mags. But if you want to roll "Old School" with a lever gun or bolt gun you are more than welcome to join us. We'll be focusing on the zero to 75 yard distance and using steel targets for some drills so no green tip or AP ammo please. A pistol. Whatever you REALLY carry....preferably the way you really carry it. Ammo needed: 200 rds rifle (NO Green Tip or Armor Piercing ) 50 rds pistolLocation: The usual place .....763 CR 332 Pisgah AL 35765
  14. Glad you finally got this project worked out. Any chance you'll be bringing it to the training day this Sunday?
  15. The dems asked...no...they DEMANDED this happen by refusing to confirm someone they ALL voted for on the appeals court and who has a legal resume beyond reproach...they are now simply refusing to support him because he is not a flaming liberal.............so since they have forced this rule change to get a guy with Gorsuch's qualifications on the court (and who will not upset the balance of the court but is essentially only replacing Scalia) once Gorsuch gets confirmed then the next nominee Trump puts up should be so far to the right to make Scalia look like Ginsberg ....and it will only require 51 to kill the filibuster. Again..the dems ASKED for this by not simply confirming Gorsuch. And if the dems want to whine and complain that they can't stop anything in the Senate and that this is not fair then they can direct those complaints to Barry Obama and Harry Reid who first made this possible so that the republicans could not stop Obama's lower court judge appointments. Of course the Republican controlled Senate could always change the rule BACK to 60 votes required before the next election........just in case the dems regain control.....

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