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  1. Female partisans Milan 1945
  2. Saw this on another forum just happens to be one of my local shops that I stop into regularly. Was just there last week and the prices were a bit higher.
  3. Gatling Car, see your local Chicago dealer.
  4. Freedom Ammunition has been hovering around 32-34 cents around for 9mm brass with tax and shipping. I'm still using my supply I bought before the current spike so not low enough to jump in for me, but not bad if your getting low, my son bought two cases to get him by.
  5. German Sniper in a Trench on the Western Front During World War I
  6. One of the reason I brought my 6' V-blade snowplow with me and keep it where I can hook it up to my tractors frontend loader. Figure if I'm ready it will be scared away. We did't get Minnesota snow but lived where we got lake effect snow from Lake Ontario, only 2 miles from the lake. Welcome to TN.
  7. I agree with no relocating, the couple I have trapped over the years died of lead poisoning. Interesting trying to get rid of what attracts them. I have a mouse problem and decided to try and eliminate some on the outside . Trying not to poison other animals I took some scrap PVC pipes and put the baited cubes in the tube. Every morning they would all be empty usually six of them. Decided there wasn't that many mice so I set up a trail cam to watch. It was a large fat raccoon. Six rat cubes didn't seem to phase him and he did it night after night. I tried staking them to the ground the coon just pulled out the stake. I finally staked and then put a cement block on the tube to keep the raider from stealing my rat poison. He still came back every few days for a long time checking if he could lift the pipe.
  8. I have shot both but don't own either. After shooting both I was ready to buy the Wrangler (just felt better) then I decided to spend a bit more and get a Single 6. So I would go with Wrangler but now you have a bunch of variations to chose from.
  9. Before the move I used to go to a live gun auction every few months if there was something interesting listed. After watching one auction and sitting on my hands because I was tempted and afterwards realize it was a good deal till you added on buyer fees and tax. After the first time I printed out the online list and marked what looked interesting and what my top price was minus fees and taxes. Then when I would inspect what I was interested in I would mark what I was still interested in. Bought a new G19 Gen4 well below retail, and a few others nice guns over a few years. Also lots of over priced deals go by. One particular auction I remember well they had five new .22 youth rifles up for auction, top bidder took as many as they wanted and then they would auction again. The bidding was pretty low because everyone thought with 5 they would get one even cheaper. I knew the guy that won the bid and I knew he had a bunch of kids, I think 7+, he took them all.
  10. Bachelors are very resourceful.
  11. About what I paid for my used G26 Gen 3 five years ago. Looks like a deal to me.
  12. Actors should be easy what movie and guns?


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