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  1. Sears Ad, they use to be a profitable company.
  2. I decided I had as many guns as I needed about a year ago. I have only bought two since then
  3. No idea what these two vehicles are but they look interesting.
  4. Jeb48

    What would TGO do?

    I have never shot the 41 but bought my Mark V SS Target soon after it came out and love it. I added a rail and a red dot. I have sold a Hunter and a standard Target for Ruger by letting friends try out mine. My favorite .22 handgun.
  5. Guns & Knives - Bathgate Ave Police Station 1949
  6. You're probably right. When I still lived in the socialist state of NY I was at a friends house for dinner that is liberal but still owns one .22 that he shoots, so nut a complete lost cause. I had been to a gun show earlier in the day with a mutual friend but purposely didn't bring it up so we wouldn't get into the whole gun discussion. My wife makes an off hand comment that I had been with Brian earlier in the day and the conversation went downhill from there. He asked how many handguns I had and I told him 4, he wanted to know why. In NY you have to have a carry permit to even own a handgun and they are listed on a card you have to carry with you. Another friend at the same gathering reached in his wallet and hand the host his gun card, the whole side was full, as it was being handed back he flipped it over and the other side was mostly full also. That ended the conversation, he was outnumbered. Just to stay on topic. I have decided I have "almost" enough guns, not real interest in selling any I have. I'm lucky in that my son has given me orders that anything I decide to sell I have to clear with him first to be sure he doesn't want it. When no relatives or friends are interested in can be a problem. An acquaintance of mine in Ohio that was a big gun collector died earlier this year. His gun safe was a special built room that was probably about 15'x20' that was furnished in leather easy chairs and a large desk and lots of guns on the walls and cabinets (around 500 was his estimate). They all went to a very large gun auction. I unfortunately didn't hear about him passing till the guns were gone, I would have made the trip just to watch. He did have one gun that my Dad sold him I might have tried to buy.
  7. As for guns you don't want to get rid of and may not be safe to shoot. I have three wall hangers, two are not safe to shoot and one was my father's first shotgun he bought when he was around 15, I assume he used his dad's guns for hunting before that. The two unsafe guns. one just looks neat and has very little value, my Dad had it in his collection and the other a gunsmith gave me when I was about 10, it is a neat little Sevens Little Scout pack .22 with a bad barrel and he took the firing pin out to be sure I didn't do something stupid. Back in those days I use it to play cowboy's and indians and the neighbors didn't blink an eye. The other benefit to having 3 long guns hanging in the living room is the comments from the occasional liberal visitor. My favorite was "those aren't real are they". I told her yes and explained that two were not operational and the other was a single shot shotgun that was my Dad's. I didn't tell her she was sitting about 4 feet from an open door that had a loaded pump shotgun behind it.
  8. You will shoot your eye out.
  9. This looks familiar, I think I have another from the same location from a different angle.
  10. 50 % of paint and steel targets. I use their paint for my steel, it has a high pigment content and covers fast. https://www.rangestore.net/

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