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  1. Real gun or a prop for the photo? Looks strange.
  2. I have several guns (pistols and long guns) with red dots but none are home defense. I have fun with them shooting targets but I'm much slower getting on target. It is fun hitting the more distant targets, I have them zered in so if the dot is on the target it hits it. For speed I like open sights. If you go forward practice a lot.
  3. I have the latest Henry version fun little gun. Not sure why I bought it other than I got it cheap. Local dealer took it in on trade in original box with few if any rounds shot.
  4. Welcome to TGO and East TN. I'm even further East so my FFL is to far from you. Lots of Knoxville members here so hopefully one will have a suggestion.
  5. Welcome to TGO. Think hard about being an absentee landlord from 2000 miles away. Plus the real estate taxes out there and the capital gains tax you will have to pay when you do sell if you don't take advantage of the breaks for just selling and buying a different primary residence. Might want to take advantage of the sellers bubble now since you will be buying into the bubble. You will love living in a free state.
  6. I had a boss back in the 70s that had one. The engine gave a lot of problems because of the process they used to put steel liners in an aluminum block. The car rusted badly almost from day one. So I guess if you plan to swap the engine and drivetrain and it came from an area that it hasn't already rusted away you might be ok.
  7. Early German anti-aircraft gun with spotlight attached
  8. Actor is easy, Steve McQueen, revolver looks like it should be easy but drawing a blank (puns intended)
  9. I went the other way. I have plenty of 30 rd mags that are still in the original packaging. I have a few 10 and 20 round mags because I like my guns loaded in the safe and the shorter mags store easier (regular mags are on the safe shelf to grab). I decided it would be a good idea to have a few more 10 round mags just in case. I think I may be right because a lot of 10 round mags were out of stock already, mine should be here next week, had to pick my second choice of manufacturer and color.
  10. Hatfield Clan In 1897
  11. My heat pump does well for the majority of the days but have an LP furnace and 500 gal underground tank for back up when it gets to cold or if the heat pump fails. The tank also powers the demand hot water heater and a fireplace. We normally use around 100 gal of LP a year and do a Summer refill, but nice to have the reserve if needed. The LP fireplace has saved us in a couple of power outages since it doesn't need AC, we have a remote control that you can set the temperature you want and lay it so it points at the fireplace and it turns the fireplace on and off as needed and heats most of the


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