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  1. LMT L2BPG grenade launcher - Cut off??
  2. We bought our place before the Kudzu started greening up and I saw lots of vines and thought it might be the case but the seller made it out to be no problem. The way Kudzu propagates it is nearly impossible to kill it completely, the best you can do is control it. Goats are one of the best methods if you can fence in the area. I had a local goat farmer that was interested in using part of my property but in the end decided not to because of a seasonal stream running through it that he thought young goats might drown in and some trees that the older goats may girdle and kill. What I gave done to control mine: Mowing regularly if possible, I had a large area terraformed so it could be mowed once a month. I smothered one hillside with some old tarps I had that I spread out and weighted down with rocks and let the sun cook it for a coupe of summers. I also buried a bunch under shale fill where I wanted to extend a flat area over a drop off. In the deeper woods I noticed what looked like hoses running through the woods then up trees, turns out the Kudzu would make runs till it saw a little sun then go up. I spent a lot of time with clippers and bow saw cutting the vines to kill the Kudzu that was spreading out over the tops of the trees. Some were 2-3" in diameter. Now for the real control method when you have areas you can not do any of the other methods. Trycera herbicide, I asked the people that control Kudzu for the power company to keep it from climbing the poles and ripping down the wires. They use a very strong mix with a truck mounted tank and sprayer and the Kudzu starts wilting with in hours. The active ingredient is Tricolor: 3,5,6-trichloroethane-2pyridinyloxyacetic acid 29.4%. I us a generic version called Crossroad from the farmers Coop. I mix it 8oz to the gallon which is about twice what the jug says but way less than the professionals. On a sunny day the Kudzu will be wilting by the next day. I used a lot of this the first couple of years with many heavy sprayings each Summer. Even hired a pro to do massive spraying to the worse areas twice. Now 6 years later I spray about 6 gallons (mixed) along a ravine that is not mow able and I do not own both sides of along my driveway and the edges of my woods. I do this level of spraying early when it is just getting leafed out and again in July. I do extra touch up spraying of about 2 gallons each time a couple of more times each Summer. Of course I continue watching and clipping new shoots or spot spraying as I see them. I'm convinced that if I just stopped I would be back where I started within 5 or 6 years but the Trysera and mowing has it controlled. I started with it being solid Kudzu on both sides of about 800' of my 1200' drive, about 1/2 acres beside the house a couple of acres out in front, and hit and miss around the rest of our 7.5 acres. Seeing what "bobsguns" posted while I was typing this long message, Roundup does not work well enough to bother with. The Trysera if used carefully will not kill grass and such but will turn it brown for awhile, it is a broadleaf herbicide.
  3. Since live ammo should not have been on the set, since it was declared cold since he was not pointing it an actor when he shot, seems like a murder plot from a bunch of TV shows.
  4. A friend did just what you are talking about. They have a near perfect location for solar and have one big system and two small. The big one feeds a 10KW LG power wall. The two smaller ones run other systems in the house when the sun shines but pulls from the grid or the power wall if they want to run those when the sun isn't shining. They generate about half of their total power in normal use but if they went into conservation mode could probably generate 100%. They have a second 10KW wall ordered to have more reserve for cloudy days. Big buck system but they wanted back up for power outages without a generator. I admit it is tempting but I live in the middle of a woods. I would like a power wall as backup.
  5. Once you have invest in a generator I have found that the best way to make sure they start when needed, which. may be months or years apart, is to use the right fuel. I run 100LL aviation gas. AvGas has a shelf life of 10+ year with no needed additives added for storage. I also drain the carb after each use. The worse gas to use in the corn gas most stations sell, shelf life less than 6 months. At the very least use the alcohol free gas, shelf life a year or two with additives added. I keep 5-15 gallons of AvGas in a backyard shed. I also keep 5-10 gallons of alcohol free gas in the shed for other small engines that get run regular. The only corn gas on the property is in our everyday vehicles. I refill each kinds of gas when I open the last 5 gallons. In a long term outage I will burn what's available including corn gas that I syphon out of everyday vehicles. When the outage is over, if I burned anything but AvGas I will drain what's left and fill with AvGas and run long enough to flush the system, then drain the carb and put it away. Using this method, when I have an outage I turn on the gas and either wait a few minutes for the carb to refill by gravity or I do a few slow pulls on the starter rope then a few quick pulls and it is running. A friend went a different way and bought a tri-fuel generator and runs it on LP, it has an almost unlimited shelf life but unless you already use LP and have a big tank it can be hard to store enough 20Lb tanks to last you long. He has a 500 gal buried tank for his furnace that he taped into.
  6. Rhodesian Bush War If this looks photoshopped I didn't do it.
  7. Jerusalem, Palestine, on Nov. 22, 1945


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