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  1. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Another strange one, don't know anything about it other than it looks like WW-1 also.
  2. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Here is another strange one. This WWI Armored Car Had A Propeller To Use In The Desert
  3. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    No gun visible but to neat to pass up. WW1 one-man tank, used to move wire-cutters close to enemy lines
  4. Jeb48

    High Shooting in Texas

    You are obviously right about mass killings in general but it does seem like the frequency has increased. That may just be the 24/7 news slots that need to be filled so we hear about everyone of them and for weeks not a day or so.
  5. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Get out the big guns. M35 prime mover towing 8-inch howitzer July 1944.
  6. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Pull over.
  7. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Confederate Soldier J B White of Tennessee
  8. Jeb48


    Welcome, good to see another NE TN member.
  9. Jeb48

    High Shooting in Texas

    I know it is obvious to those of us here, just don't know why it isn't obvious to others. Guns have been part of this country since the beginning. The school shootings and other mass shootings have only been ramping up the last 10-20 years. If anything guns are secured better than they use to be. I didn't know one person growing up that kept guns really locked up, if they were it was a glass front case with a cabinet lock. My Dad's guns (and mine) were in corners and closets. Bullies have always been around, I never felt I needed to shoot anybody because I was bullied and no one else did back then. So if it isn't guns and bullies, we already know that, what has changed. Make a list. Violent TV, Movies and Games are a good place to start.
  10. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Another member? Spikehorn probably Michigan's most eccentric character
  11. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Must be one of our member.
  12. Last two houses spanning nearly 40 years we have had acres of woods around us so lots of interesting things grow and dig in our yard. Discovered if you have grubs skunks dig holes to get a midnight snack and they make a noise that almost sounds like they are singing. Took awhile to figure out what the strange noise was in the middle of the night.
  13. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    More Power.... One of the 4 Gatling guns Custer refused to take with him
  14. I never was a conformist. My yard is more other things than grass, but it stays green even in a drought.
  15. Jeb48

    Vintage Gun Photos

    Mine is bigger than yours Powder monkey on a Union vessel during the American Civil War

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