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  1. Because you have already had the gun permit in In., you will not have to pay the $115. I believe, but am not sure, you will have to pay the renewal rate or a little more. Welcome from a born and raised Hoosier. I love it in TN.
  2. Welcome from another ex Detroiter. City or suburbs? I lived in the city for 40 years. Happy to be in TN. Now you can start your gun collection.
  3. Women and Guns magazine I believe Pax has a couple of books out.
  4. Just a reminder. If you use your weapon, lethal or less lethal, prepare to be sued in civil court. In this crazy world we live in, the criminals often win. It seems that you should be able to defend your property, but then, only our own lives and those of our loved ones are worth another's life or injury. IMHO
  5. None apply to me. I have had a permit for several years, but have only carried a few times. I would carry more often, but would like to have a more easily concealed pistol.
  6. I took the class from Top Guns, sorry to say that I can not remember the instructor's name. I believe that we were all comfortable with the class and that the presentation was good. I am looking forward to the range time on Saturday. I already have a CCW from AZ, but thought since I am now a TN resident, I should have one from here.
  7. Last night at my HCP class in Cookeville, we women out numbered the men 4 to 3. What a nice surprise. Ages ranged from the thirties to late sixties. It was great seein so many women shooters in one place. I wonder if we are increasing in numbers and if so, why? I think most of us are thinking in terms of self defense, but I do love the challenge of the range.
  8. I have only recently moved to TN and do not have my TN HCP. I do have an Arizona CCW. I am lusting after a Kimber for carry, but that will have to wait a while. I have an XD 40 SC which I find a bit large for carrying. Hope to see some of you at a shoot one day soon. I see plans for a June meet.
  9. Gondola's restaurant in the mall is good. I especially like the baked sphagetti and the Chicken Fetticini. I do enjoy Chicken Chef, but it is not anything special. Of the two, I believe your wife would prefer Gondola's. Enjoy your stop in my little town.
  10. I was a new shooter and started with 9mm semi autos. I loved them, and the worst problem was loading the mags. I preferred the glock 19. I now have a XD 40 Service. Some say that the XD has a smaller grip than the glock. I tried the wheel guns and was not comfortable. Let her try your guns and anything that she thinks she might like at a range. Even a 45 with the smaller grip would be okay. She will only shoot if she is comfortable so even a 22 is alright as a starter. We had a woman in my carry class with one. She can graduate to the higher caliber for self defense as her skills and comfort grows. Believe me, it does not take long. Shirley
  11. My mother did not like guns and preferred not to have any in the house. My dad honored her wishes for the most part. When I was very young, he had a rifle and did some hunting, but it did not last long. As a teen, I knew he had a 32 semi auto. I would take it out of the draw and handle it, never pulling the trigger. In college, I joined the rifle club and spent some time on the range, but never competing. Except for being allowed to shoot rifles and hand guns of friends, I had little experience. That changed when some friends took me to a range where you could rent handguns. I was hooked Luckily they had ladies days with free lanes and rentals, just buy the ammo. It was not long after that I enrolled in a class. I soon had my carry permit, but still did not have a weapon. I had to make a 1200 mile trip to buy my first handgun. Yes, it was worth it. Shirley
  12. Another woman shooter joining you. I have been shooting for several years and hold a CCW permit from AZ. I will be getting a one for TN. Just moved to the state from MI. I love the challenge of the shooting sports. I do not have a range near me and plan to try out the nearest one when my knee replacement works better. Wish that I could practice more.
  13. It is probably too late for this reply, but here is my two cents worth. Take her to range that rents pistols and let her try a few. One major problem is a grip that is too big. Try revolvers and semi's of different calbers. Let her tell you which she likes. She will need to practice and if she does not like the pistol, she will not. Buying is not enough, how about a class or two? You need to build her confidence in the pistol and her ability to defend herself. I have probably repeated much what has already been said.

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