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  1. I used this just to zero it and carried for a couple of weeks on a p365xl. Decided to continue to kick it old school with irons for now. Mt. Juliet area FTF or I can ship if you want to paypal. Going to leave this up for a few days here before I post to dreadful ebay. Thanks for looking.
  2. Glock OEM 3-dot night sights removed from gen 5 Glock 45 9mm slide, same size as Glock 19 slide... I think they work with plenty of other models as well but you probably know more than me. I'm in Mt. Juliet and can meet relatively close or happy to ship for a couple extra bucks. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, up for sale is a gen 5 Glock 19 with Ameriglo Bold sights with a little more than 1500 rounds through it. Comes with original box with standard Glock stuff, 3 15-round magazines. This has the half moon cut out in the grip which was never noticeable to me but the internet gun man used to talk about quite a bit when it came out. The photo doesn't show it very clearly. FTF cash sale reasonably close to Mt. Juliet with TN handgun carry permit holder. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hey all, up for sale is like new gen 5 Glock 17 with Ameriglo Bold sights that came with from factory. Comes with original box, 3 17-round mags. FTF cash sale reasonably close to Mt. Juliet with TN handgun carry permit holder. Thanks for looking.
  5. kip12


    price reduction.
  6. Appreciate that. I dig these sights as well. That front sight just jumps right into focus for me.
  7. Reluctantly selling (every gun sold feels this way I guess) Glock 43, bought new in Dec. '19, maybe have 150 rounds through it. Carries very comfortably and discreetly in Vedder LightTuck holster which comes with this package. With everything below, you would have had to spend quite a bit more even before this mess we're currently in. You get the following: Original Box and all the fun stuff in the box AmeriGlo Hackathorn orange outline front sight, blacked out rear serrated. I have packaging for AmeriGlo sights that are housing original Glock plastics which I'm sure you won't do
  8. Thanks Ronald, I'll check that one out... sounds like just what I'm looking for.
  9. Hey all, I purchased my first AR a few months ago - 11.5 BCM AR Pistol - and wondered if anyone had any recommendations on a range bag that wasn't made in China or super cheap on Amazon. Have my eye on the Haley Strategic Incog Carbine bag but $170 seems high enough to make sure I'm not missing a better option for the same or lower price. I'd prefer not to have to take it down to fit... then again I do like the idea of it not looking like an obvious gun case. Maybe you can tell why this isn't going well for me. I stumbled across a First Spear Skirmisher on YouTube that looked great but the p
  10. New condition, model 3b large latch. With opened package. $40 shipped. $35 in person near Mount Juliet. Thanks.
  11. I'm all set and purchased from asu174, but thanks. Forgot to close the post.
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