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  1. I'm looking to trade my ammo for your handgun. I have assorted 9mm, 45acp, 22lr & wmr, 233, 5.56, 12ga slug & 00buck... Also a limited supply of 300blackout, 357 and 44 magnum. Looking for an xD9, will consider all variants and barrel lengths. Lady Radtekk and I have several xD's in both 9 and 45 so are familiar with the platform. Also interested in a 22lr pistol. NOT a Sig Mosquito. I'm NOT looking to sell ammo, even at today's r@pe pricing. I'm in Jefferson City, minutes from exit 417, not traveling any farther than 30 minutes from there in any direction. I'm new he
  2. Narrowed it down. I am looking for a Taurus Raging Judge 513 with 6.5" barrel. If you have one and willing to sell, please let me know. Thanks.,
  3. Wanted for Trade: Gold & Silver Coins or Bullion. I have many firearms, ammunition, parts, etc to trade for Precious Metals. Thanks for lookin'.
  4. I have a Ruger 10/22 WMR with .920 bull barrel and need a new stock. PM me if'n you got one. Thanks
  5. Looking for a full size USP45. Preferably in good condition. Thanks
  6. I am looking for another Marlin 336 in 35 Rem. I sold my hunter earlier this year due to COVID and heart attack. I would now like to find another to replace it. The picture is not mine. Just one I found on the web. Blessings. Doug
  7. I'm looking for a tool chest kind of like in the link below in and around the Knoxville area. I really don't need a new shiny one I just need one to do some organizing so I figured I would see if anyone here has an old one that they would want to part with and turn into a little extra cash. Let me know! - Matt https://www.harborfreight.com/26-in-single-bank-red-top-chest-64160.html?cid=paid_google|||64160&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_content=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw28T8BRDbARIsAEOMBczZygMsE0VimSudSKwTOPVinZWY0il4Xux3gJE_Kq5_kq05sw
  8. Looking for a Gen 5 Glock 19 in Chattanooga. MOS or regular version.
  9. This may be considered a rather odd request, but I'd like to find an identical (or rather similar) mower to what I have. I purchased used about three years ago a Model #917270810 Craftsman Tractor. It's been a great mower but over the few years I've had it I've had to replace rather a few parts, carburetor rebuild, etc. It still runs great and I just mowed with it yesterday. The more time I invest in it the more I learn about it and thus become more confident in fixing it. Over the weekend I tore apart the wiring harnesses, fixed some of the connections, installed a new starter motor, and have
  10. This might be a long shot, but I'm currently on the hunt of collecting all the different crates of Soviet factories that made 7N6. So far, I have 270 (Voroshilovgrad), 60 (Frunze), and 539 (Tula). I'm looking to make a neat wall-hanger that will showcase all the factory codes. I'm currently still needing: 3 (Ulyanovsk) 7 (Amursk) 17 (Barnaul) 188 (Novosibirsk) 711 (Klimovsk) Shoot me a PM if you have any of the above available. Preferably looking for just the crate in nice condition or will buy the delicious spam cans too if necessary.
  11. Hello TGO, I'm looking for 4 - 8 Glock 17 round 9mm magazines. I could pay cash, trade ammo or trade brass cases (9mm/.223). I would prefer a cash for used magazines deal. Let's see if we can work something out. Thanks, TheoTN
  12. Bought a Micro Roni kit that won’t fit my M&P 2.0 compact. Need either a FS M&P 9 (1.0 or 2.0) or a Glock 19/17. Not interested in anything else. Honestly, I don’t care if it’s a well used gun as long as it is mechanically sound.
  13. Anyone got a gen 5 glock 26 that they would trade for a gen 4 glock 19?
  14. Wanted: Benelli M2 Tactical Mossberg 930 Tactical Other High Quality Auto Loading Tactical Shotguns CZ75D PCR FTF East Tn. Thanks.
  15. Headed out of town next week to chase elk in New Mexico and thought i would check on here to see if anybody happened to have a double sleeping bag or a outer shell from the Army sleeping bag system. The latter may be the better option as im not sure i want to have my wife put her cold a$$ feet on me in 40 degree weather. *** FOUND ONE THAT I THINK WILL KEEP US FROM FREEZING TO DEFF**
  16. Hi, all... I’m looking for a Ruger sp101 in either .327 federal or .22lr. If you have a .327 federal, I’m only interested in the 3” barrel model (part number 5784) if you have a .22, I would prefer a 3” barrel (I’m not sure this even exists...I think I remember one from years past)-the longer barrel is fine, though. Im ONLY interested in a Ruger sp101-found some old accessories and I’m looking to use them. I’m only interested in the caliber and config listed above. I have cash or I can offer some trade fodder including a very nice Glock 19, gen 3, ammo, mags,
  17. I know no one wants to sell them IF they have one... Just giving it a shot. Thanks
  18. I would like a decent shape marlin 995, I know its long shot here but if anyone has one I'm a very serious buyer.
  19. Might be a little hard to find these days, but looking to buy a couple of lowers (stripped or complete) for a couple of AR builds. Not needing anything super special. Cheaper the better.
  20. Still looking...but only if you'll take PMAG's Prefer stock and LNIB if possible. Cleveland area. W ill trade any of them items I have for sale/trade. Let’s make this happen.
  21. I’ve parted with a few around here...kind of got the bug again. Anyone have a Sig P6 they want to part with-preferably not refinished and preferably with 3 or more mags? Neither preference is a deal breaker. I have trade fodder or cash.
  22. Anyone have some 7N6 surplus 5.45x39mm ammo in sealed crates around the West TN area? Shoot me a PM if you have some available. Thanks!
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