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  1. Thanks for all comments. I wound up at $400 by telling him that I would continue with the price he has been paying. I also told him he can be there until at least the end of 2021. If I want to stop leasing I will give him at least a year's notice.
  2. Oh, and by the way, he had 4 hogs within the first two weeks of the year. Not sure what his current count is.
  3. Thanks guys. I added 8 people that he knows to the hog exemption, so I am assuming he's got at least a few of them splitting the cost. Again, I'm not doing this for revenue, but this does have value. Maybe the easiest way to go about it is to tell him to pay me whatever he was paying the previous owner. If he short changes me, he can worry about if his conscience gives him peace. I won't loose any sleep over it.
  4. Great! Just remember you can ignore "no gun" signs on private property in IN when you visit them. Signs are not protected by law. If the owner sees you carrying, you have to leave if told, otherwise it becomes trespassing. However, if you are trying to instill proper submission to your 5-year old, you have to leave your gun in the car when said 5-year old points out that sign.
  5. Why can't anyone ever have a sell on 10-, 15-, or 20-round mags. I have 20 of these 30-round mags, but I need more smaller cap mags for shooting prone.
  6. Martin, Sorry for your bad experience. I'm one of those "up north" people, but I'm as conservative as they come. Think of me as someone offsetting the influx of blue-state people into Nashville. I am not leasing as a source of revenue, but just because I don't want to uproot this hunter (like happened to you). I don't mind IN (we have pretty good gun laws and maybe even constitutional carry soon), but I needed more land to shoot on. $8k an acre in IN or $1k in TN. The beauty of KY/TN with cheaper land drove us south, but no state income tax in TN sealed the deal. Most of my money doesn't get spent on goods (rather tithe, mortgage, retirement savings, etc) so paying 2% (sales tax 7% vs 9%) more on goods, but saving 5% on total income (Indiana state + County) is a no-brainer.
  7. Hey guys and gals! I purchased 150 acres in Fentress County in January, and construction has begun on the house. So we hope to be moved by August. I am coming from northern Indiana. I don't list my guns or share pictures on the internet, but I had enough that caused that unfortunate boating accident. I'm getting up to speed on the conceal carry law differences. I'm not a fan of TN allowing signage to hold the law (in IN we can ignore no gun signs), but I will survive as I'm sure those signs are less prevalent in TN. I know I have to get my TN permit (what do you call it in TN, CCW?) within 6 months of moving, but I don't know if I have to take a class since I have both my IN and out-of-state UT permit (UT required a 4-hour course, IN didn't require any course). Perhaps that will be a new thread I start unless anyone has an idea in this thread. Thanks for reading! Juston
  8. Martin, This hunter seems to be a good guy and keeps me up to date. He installed a steel cable across a path to keep anyone from driving down it and called to make sure I was OK with it and knew where the key was. Again, access to the property is essential limited to the road that I will eventually have an eye on for more than half of my waking hours. He has leased the property for I don't know how many years before I bought it, so he must not have a huge problem with other people coming in, or he wouldn't keep coming back. I think he lives at least an hour away from my land because I haven't been able to meet up with him yet on the several trips down there. What do you think about the lease price? I don't know if the hog hunting should affect the price. I was thinking $600 for deer season, but I have been letting him hunt hogs for free because of his services of my previous post. But, like I said, those services will no longer have value once I'm there. Eventually I'm gonna be shooting that free pork!
  9. Also, property lines shouldn't be a problem. My property is bordered by 800 acres and that is bordered by the East Fork Obey River. People would have to put a lot of effort to gain access to the property outside of the road that my office will be pointing at.
  10. I was hovering around $600. Is that reasonable for deer and year round hog? I still want access to the land, so I will see how our schedules jive this year to see how we proceed in the future. I work from home and my property is along a 3/4 mile long dead end road that my property extends both sides at the dead end. There are 2 neighbors. I will see any time a car drives by that shouldn't be. So, I will be a presence that will deter any riff or raff. While I have yet to go hunting, I do enjoy shooting. Guns and signs should be enough to keep the unwanted away.
  11. Martin, we've only talked a couple times and I made mention that I would continue the lease for now, but without outright saying it implied my intentions. I don't live there yet and I don't have a hard date of when I will stop leasing. I'm sure there will be a transition time if he's up to it, for him to let me hunt with him for a reduced lease since I have had no one to take me growing up. I did buy this property for privacy, but getting acclimated and settled to keep that much land private will take at least a couple years.
  12. I bought 150 acres in Fentress this year (January). The guy I bought it from leased it to a hunter for deer season and placed said hunter and buddies on the hog exemption. I renewed the exemption the day after our purchase and kept all 10 names already on it. So, come deer season, what is a reasonable price for the lease knowing they also hunt hog year round? Eventually, within a couple years, the land will be strictly private, but I don't want to kick this hunter out in the mean time. He even has a small shack on the property. He and his buddies are keeping unwanted visitors at bay and keeping trails knocked down. They keep the area clean and even pick up trash left by others. I will officially be moving there around August, so these services won't hold any value at that time.

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