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  1. willis68

    Gen5 Glock 19

    Thanks but not a fan of front serrations,
  2. willis68

    Gen5 Glock 19

    So, For my next handgun, I am pretty sure Ill get a Glock 19 Gen5, I have a GSSF certificate I plan on putting my usual Trigicon HD sites on it but also the Zev Pro magwell, as I am not a fan of the cutout on the Gen 5 19, and I love the look of it on an all black gun, I love my 19x with no finger grooves, so more than likely I will love the Gen 5 just wondering if any of you have put one together like this?
  3. https://grabagun.com/magpul-industries-pmag-moe-223-window-30rd-blk.html?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=Daily Email if I did not own 100 already, I would jump on this!
  4. I always wondered why you did not like yours, mine must not have had the same problem,
  5. willis68

    Glock 19x

    The color, the lacking of front cocking serrations, the 19 round magazines it comes with 2 it also comes with night sights but that is not an issue for me all my Glocks have Trigicon HD sights
  6. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I have always carried my Glocks with one in the pipe, honestly if you have a good holster that protects the trigger area I do not see a problem with it, but to each their own i am honestly surprised at how easy I can conceal the 19x with a 19 round mag in it, I have no problems using my TT leather holster I never planned on carrying this but I love it and now rotate it
  7. willis68

    Glock 19x

    You got one heck of a deal my friend
  8. willis68

    Glock 19x

    You and me and nearly everyone else I know, I did not think I would like it enough to warrant keeping one after getting it, now I feel the need for 2
  9. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I never thought I would say this but I think I will bypass a Glock 45 and get a second 19x down the road, I absolutely love that pistol and now that I have it set up the way I like it truly for me anyway is Glock perfection
  10. willis68

    Glock 19x

    Honestly if I did not shoot the Glocks so much over the years, if my M&P compact was my first gun that size I probably would never picked up a Glock, the ergonomics are amazing on my compact much more than my 19 Glocks are but I am so use to them that they are second nature to me
  11. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I have an M&P 2.0 9mm along with a carry package made by TT leather, and while I absolutely love the Apex Flat facing trigger and the Yellow Trigicon HD sights, I tend to shoot my Glocks much more accurate for the life of me I can’t figure out why so I never carry it and only carry my Glocks now
  12. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I get it once upon a time I was a 1911 guy and hated Glocks but I went to the dark side and I don’t think I will ever return!
  13. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I just installed Trigicon HD XR Orange and replaced the lanyard with a Vickers Tool and plug and received my 3 xtra 19 round mags, this pistol is good to go!
  14. willis68

    Glock 19x

    I honestly thought that this would be the only stock Glock that I would not put sights on as they are steel night sights, however after shooting it for the first time I have realized that I have been spoiled by the Trigicon HD sights I have on my other Glocks and these simply will not do, I ordered an Orange front HD XR set that my MGW Sight Pro will take me 5 minutes to do, I also ordered 3 Factory 19 round magazines and a Vickers tool plug to replace the lanyard plug, this should be all the upgrades that I will do, I ran about 55 rounds through it as fast as I could and the pistol felt excellent in my hand and I really liked the trigger I am glad I picked this up I honestly do not understand the hate for it that I have seen on the web, in my opinion this pistol should have won the MHS contract hands down

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