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  1. You got that Right, he is a master of the AK47, I still absolutely love the one I got from him and if I had the funds I would Jump on this in a second
  2. The fear from this Election to the future of the 2nd amendment has already made one of my Distributors close their doors to small businesses, the folks I get my Benchmade knives from also sell Firearms, which I do not have an FFL, so due to overwhelming orders of Firearms and firearm accessories I cannot get anything from them for the foreseeable future, there however is still a wing and a prayer that this Election may be seen for what it is I am worried about the ability to buy ammo, Pistols everything else so I think the NFA items may become a thing of the past
  3. Well with the current election craziness, Last week I did my Blue Label order direct to Glock for my G45 with Ameriglow Bold sights and 2 extra 17 round magazines, since this is my first Direct order with Glock I don’t know how long it will take, I understand they have up to 180 days but I hope to have it by Christmas
  4. They are now Discontinued, I may be able to get a couple black ones from my distributor, if so with my Best Wicked Edge and perfected blade shipped to your door $260.00 this will be a brand new in the box knife with a highly polished bevel much sharper than by the factory, if you want one PM me quickly
  5. don't send it to Benchmade send it to me ill take care of you
  6. This make me very happy, they will have one of the best Shooting ranges in the entire county
  7. Folks, I just got word the Adamas auto knives are being discontinued and no longer will be made, I now own 4 of these so I’m good, if any of you want one LET ME KNOW ASAP My distributor has some that will sell out quick, this is sad as in my opinion it is the best knife Benchmade ever built
  8. Guys, I will be sending in a order in a couple of days if any of you want a light let me know, they have a great new WarriorX Turbo model with 1k Lumens with 1000 meter throw I may get one for myself
  9. If you guys think that one looks cool, you should see the ones that my dealer cost is $3.00 for I actually put one in the order from one of my distributors, when I put it in my Wicked Edge jaws, clamped down and started with the 100 grit diamond stone, it started coming apart LOL they are absolute junk probably made out of sardine cans steel from Pakistan
  10. By that logic I guess all weapon lights and red dots are not trust worthy?
  11. I currently have 50 30 round Gen 2 and 3 windowed Pmags for my Tavor, I bought a case a few years ago and kept a bunch I make it a rule to own 5 magazines for each Handgun High capacity and at least 10 magazines for each rifle my AK47 now has 7 Circle 10 30 round magazines and a few steel ones I agree their will be a shortage that is the main reason I started stocking up
  12. A while back I had a couple of folks request a Tan Adamas Auto knives, I can now get them for a limited time, Price is $250 shipped and will include my best edge that is 4 times as sharp as the factory does and corrected even bevels on both sides rumor has it that these may soon be discontinued which would truly be a shame as they are my favorite automatics send me a PM if you want one


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