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  1. No I have not, sorry been a while since I used an Olight I am a big Modlite fan these days and it is nice to have an American maker making lights as good as Modlite does
  2. not sure what happened?
  3. Tim Thurner made this one for my Kimber .357 Magnum Ostrich Leg Trim Everything the guy makes me is perfection
  4. Does anyone here on here have a Seiko Marine Master 300m? That will be my next
  5. After shooting my Kimber with the wooden grips, I will get some good wood ones for my King Cobra
  6. My favorite day date Ball GMT
  7. willis68

    Kimber K6S

    I shoot this better than I do my Colt King Cobra, I am fond of dovetail Sights this was my first 12 rounds of Speer Gold Dot plus P short barrel .38 special at 5 yards
  8. willis68

    Kimber K6S

    A Kimber was my very first 1911 a stainless Ultra carry. Honestly I did not think they could make a wheel gun this fine. I will shoot it in the next couple of days I bought snap caps for it and just by dry firing and holding it, I am amazed by how nice it is I hope they make a .44 magnum in the future if they do I will get one
  9. willis68

    Kimber K6S

    I have had my Colt King Cobra for a couple of weeks now and could not have imagined a better snub nose .357 for carrying Yesterday my Kimber K6S came in and I have to say without question it is the finest revolver I have ever handled I will be installing night sights on this gun I changed the stock grips out for the Kimber Combat ones as they fit my hands better This revolver is truly a work of art and needs to be handled to be truly appreciated, the trigger is simply amazing
  10. I picked up my 2 inch Colt King Cobra a couple of weeks ago and thought it could not be topped, today my 2 inch Kimber K6S came in and I have to say it is by far the nicest revolver I have ever handled. The factory grips were too small for my hands, I knew this before buying it so I bought a set of the combat grips from Kimber. Tim Thurner TT Gun leather is making me very nice Holster for it as I write this this revolver is truly one of the finest firearms I have ever seen I will change the sights out for night sights but in my opinion this is the best revolver in .357 Magnum currently for sale
  11. Very nice S&W and grips as well I have owned several sets of VZ 1911 grips over the years and loved all of them, it should not have been a surprise to me that I love their revolver grips just as much the folks at VZ are all good people as well
  12. So the VZ Operator 2 grips fit my King Cobra like a glove, absolutely perfect grip for my favorite revolver I have ever owned


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