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  1. Nice rifle, If I did not just get my Ruger Marlin, I would have jumped on this. GLWS
  2. Allright, Dave is going to make the sample as discussed, Pearl Push Button 3 bullet Holes in the circle on the handle, as soon as he is done, I will post pictures
  3. I totally agree that is what I am going for, it will give the knife the perfect look
  4. On the blade itself, Protech and Strider small images are mandatory Back to the handle, If you all would just like the design like we did on the Godfather, just the 3 bullet holes, I think that would look the best personally Let me know if you want that, Much more discreet and refined in my opinion
  5. I am thinking about making the Marlin 1894 in .44 magnum my next purchase, I love the Ruger made Marlins
  6. Most Definitely, the can I get for it will work on a lot of my guns
  7. I am, looking to get a Dillon precision setup in the next few months
  8. I was all set and ready to buy the SBL model. truth be told the shiny polish and rail on the SBL was what made me decide to get the trapper. I will have this when I get home. I am looking for ammo suggestions, I have wanted a 45 70 for many years... I am looking forward to this!!
  9. Dave has sent me some test pictures. One with our Logo on the blade, the other with the Logo on a black handle. Keep in mind these knives will be the OD Green like in the picture I posted earlier, Dave assures me that the Logo will look amazing on the Green, so I prefer the logo on the handle as opposed to the Blade.
  10. Those of you who in the past that got in on these should know, Dave will knock this one out of the park, he is taking his time trying to put the best logo configuration together, these knives will be badass!
  11. Well my 4.25 Anaconda and my 2nd Python Combat Elite are waiting at my FFL for my return home, I will do my sight upgrades and new grips for the Anaconda and post pictures after I do
  12. he is going to see which one will look the best, I will post pics when he gives me the choices
  13. I wanted the SBL, but after seeing this decided I like the Trapper Model better, I have one of these coming and I am looking forward to it!


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