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  1. If I'm not too tired Friday when I get Stateside, I'll update this thread with pictures of the Prototypes
  2. Be very careful buying knives from Amazon, check what store it comes from and research them, I have had 2 knives to sharpen over the last year that were clones, the one was a Spyderco and the second another brand,Sog I believe Both bought from them
  3. I'm going to have to update this Picture when I get home, I now have Two Tormek machines and a Gen 3 Wicked Edge
  4. I'll post pics at the end of the month and give the deadline and build schedule
  5. Folks these are going to be awesome, I was supposed to sell these for $240.00 Dave was cool enough to let me sell to you TGO folks for $225 you will NOT find a better out the front knife in this custom format for that price anywhere, this will be a truly Wicked knife!
  6. Folks, I just talked with Dave, I have 2 ProtoType knives at home awaiting me with engraving choices, but these knives will be $225.00 Shipped to your doors Priority Mail and for what you are getting this is a steal! The knives will have Black bodies, Black DLC coated double edged blades, Black lip Mother of Pearl push buttons and will be totally Wicked out the front knives Claim your knives in this thread, ONLY post in this thread if you wish to purchase at least One knife I will update this thread and post pictures of the prototypes when I get home at the end of May If you want to Pay VIA Pay Pal friends or family to badassblades@comcast.net if you want to Pay by Check or Money order, PM me for my shipping address
  7. Folks, This will definitely be happening, Im offshore just crossing the Equator for the 4th time in my career, en route to Brazil from Gran Canaries Spain anyway a package arrived at my home from Protech that I was not expecting, I am guessing it will be the TGO Dark Angel Prototype, I will be home in 3 weeks then I will know pricing and launch the official thread, God Bless you all!
  8. Affinity tool works is the USA importer for Tormek, I need to give them some serious praise this my friends goes beyond Customer service! Sadly a few weeks back my brand new Tormek T8 had a unusual noise starting to be a regular issue, I called the company I bought it from, they put me in touch with Affinity tool. Just through email I let them know all was well a couple of days earlier as the noise appeared to go away, A lady from the company called me and said they would like me to send my Machine to them, while on the phone, I started the machine and sure enough the noise was back, this noise was there with everything removed so I knew for a fact it was the motor, possibly a bearing they sent me an overnight Fed Ex shipping label that they paid for, I told them I needed my machine back ASAP, they overnighted me a brand new T7 to use while my new motor comes from Sweden, I still have this T7 setup and I love it, i started thinking it would be great to have 2 Tormek I could keep my Black stone that I use for sharpening on the T8 and put the Japanese water stone on the T7 last week I asked them what they would charge me if I kept the system, $499.95 was the answer, this is a great price, so I said I'll think about it. I sent them an email asking what would they charge me just for the machine as I never used the standard stone, I never received a reply. Today this AM I sent an email saying I really did not need another system, so I would be sending their T7 back once my T8 arrives. She replied saying that is fine if I want to send it back, but her offer still stands. I asked again what if I kept the machine and send back the stone and other items I do not need, what would my price be? She replied $0.00 please send the stone back and keep the T7 your T8 will ship back to you next week, Happy Easter! Needless to say I am overwhelmed by this, sorry I just had to share!
  9. I'll let you all know this knife will have a Black Body, Black Ion Bond blade, Black Lip mother of Pearl push button and Dave is doing a few engraving of the TGO logo, I will let the majority rule on choosing the one we go with
  10. Just got off the phone with Dave, he is awaiting the blades to get back from Ionbond then he will build the Prototype im looking forward to this knife, it will be very cool
  11. They are still working on it, I'll post pictures here when I have them and I'll start an official thread when I have times and pricing
  12. My company is Badass Blades INC. I am a part time professional Knife sharpener as well as an authorized knife dealer for Rick Hinderer, Dave Curtiss, Protech, Southern Grind and a few other USA quality knife makers. I have what I consider the finest Sharpening station money can buy, my Generation 3 Wicked Edge is fully loaded as well as my Tormek T8 The Following Hinderer knives are all $425.00 Shipped Priority Mail to your door, they are brand new in the box straight from the Ranch, my price is the same as all Authorized RHK dealers but if you buy one of mine, I will for the same price put the finest laser sharp Mirror polished Wicked Edge on your knife, if you would like to buy one of these or want a knife sharpened please email me at steve@badassblades.net X1 XM18 3.5 Non Flipper Slicer Grind in Battle Bronze X1 XM18 3.5 Non Flipper Slicer Grind in Battle Blue I also have 2 Generation 2 Eclipse models Stonewashed Finish X1 Gray and Black G10 scale X1 Orange G10 scale
  13. I have mastered my Tormek, in fact I re sharpened all of my Pocket knives just to be sure and its awesome If you want a knife sharpened $20.00 Includes Priority Mail return shipping, this is for a Razor Sharp Utility Edge My Wicked Edge prices will be the same as they were
  14. I absolutely love this system, I sharpened every fixed blades that I have and they are Wicked Sharp, I ordered the Black stone to replace the stock one, it will sharpen graphite coated steels and cuts through the super steels with ease, when i can ill buy the Japanese Waterstone, my friend in Norway who makes the absolute best fixed blade knives I have ever seen advised me to get it as it will put mirror edges equal to my Wicked Edge he is the one who convinced me to buy the T8 and following his advice I have the skills to do all knives now
  15. Here is my Tormek T8 next to my Gen 3 Wicked Edge, the two best sharpening systems on the planet

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