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  1. well i took it to a range/dealer and they said to do nothing. So we are good! Thanks everyone
  2. Hello, new to this forum and new to concealed carry. Live in Nashville. So I know the requirements for the new "No Firearm allowed signs" have to include "as authorized by tca 39-17-1359" etc. I have seen a few establishments that have a small 3-4 inch sign with the gun and a red circle slash through it. This is obviously an older sign on the door and doesn't necessarily meet the requirements by state law. Would this be an acceptable place to carry since the sign "technically" isn't legal?
  3. I appreciate all of the info everybody. This was an honest question. My wife, again is from georgia but is a tennessee resident as of the last couple of years. Honestly we did not even think about the whole state to state thing considering this is her first handgun. I now realize that it most definitely needs to go through an FFL to get it into her name so its not a "loaned' weapon from her father. If its going to actually be owned by her ill take it to get it transferred. Again, I thank everybody for their input and I am just trying to do it correctly!
  4. thanks for the info! I was thinking about taking it to royal range and asking them anyway.
  5. So you're saying he doesn't have to be there? The only reason I'm wondering is again, he lives 7 hours a way and we only see each other on holidays. So it would be a royal pain in the ass to have to get him up here for that.
  6. Thanks for all of the info yall.
  7. Sounds like currently its legal as long as its still a "gift" and not officially transferred. But getting it into her name will still have to go through the FFL. Which means I will have to give the gun back to the father in law in Georgia, and have him ship it to TN....OR have him in TN and we both go together. What a royal pain in the ass
  8. agreed and that is what i plan on doing. Do you know if her dad has to be present here? since we are in different states?
  9. Okay, so seems like it has to be transferred to official be hers and "legal" other than a "temporary loan" of the gun. So, what do I do? Does my father in law have to be up here in TN and get it transferred here locally? Can we do this without him and just go to an FFL and get it transferred? Or do we have to give the gun back to him in GA, have him ship it to a TN FFL?
  10. Thats basically it. Georgia resident father gifted the gun to adult daughter who lives in TN. We now have the gun here in TN. So this is legal?
  11. No money changed hands at all. He purchased a gun as a gift for her, and we went and picked it out with him. He purchased from the dealer and then when they boxed it up etc he gave it to her. However, we live in TN and are going to get our carry permits. So I just want to know if any further action is required for her to legally carry this gun that was purchased by her father in law in another state.
  12. Also, would we both have to be present for that? He lives like 7 hours away and that would be very difficult to get him up here. I'm just trying to make sure I am 100% legal carrying a gun from my father in law that was purchased by him in another state.
  13. But again, we were in GA at the time, her dad is a resident of GA and the dealer definitely knew he was buying this for my wife. She even picked it out. I believe on the application he checked the box that asked if the gun was being transferred to someone else as well. They took her ID as well. Just wondering if I still need to go through any hoops in TN
  14. So I just need to go to a dealer in TN and pay for an official transfer correct?
  15. Another question I'm confused on...My wife's dad purchased a gun in GA at a dealer, we were there with him, he filled out all of the paperwork for transfer/background check etc. Anyway, he gave it to us and we are in TN, is this handgun legal for us?

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