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Found 443 results

  1. Hello guys, I know this gun (H&K usp .357 sig) is hard to find but I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. Please is anyone is selling one or if you know somewhere I can go to find one I would love some advice. I was reading that a member named Creepy was selling his a couple yrs back I wonder if he ever got rid of it? Again some help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!!
  2. A friend of mine sent me this from the Bersa gun forum and I found it very informative and had some interesting stats. The man that made the survey spent a lot of time creating it and I think it seem pretty accurate. Makes a good read on a rainy day. I know there will be a few pesimists to this so after some folks have read it maybe we can have a non argumental discussion. https://www.buckeyefirearms.org/alternate-look-handgun-stopping-power
  3. cybernorris

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    My primary carry is a Glock G19 (Gen2). I plan to add a G26 for something more compact, but still with decent capacity. Do I keep the Ruger LCP (with upgraded trigger) and/or the Remington RM380? We all know the LCP fits in a pocket very easily. The RM380 is a bit bigger but also pocket sized. It also seems to get on target and is easier on the hand & wrist. Of course I don’t have to get rid of either. Anyone got any thoughts or opinions on the subject?
  4. Steelharp

    Old Colt revolver help?

    . Hey, this guy at work brings me a bag with a completely disassembled Colt .38. The last patent date on the barrel is 1888, and the serial # is 67. Says COLT D.A. 38. Any idea when it was made?
  5. I say toy as my use will be plinkin' and target shootin' at slow pace (reduce AMMO use with fixed cylinder load 'em one at a time). Maybe play like a cowboy cause it is old time cowboy weapon replica in 22LR or 22 MAG caliber. Taurus bought Heritage MFG, but the guns are made in Miami, FL. I am pretty sure based on U-Tube Reviews (basically good gun for the money) and MY WANTS (sometiems wants are needs HA!), that I will buy one tomorrow at Bud's as best price currently around here $119 and includes 1/2 HR FREE Range time. It's a Wants & Needs Thing. So, just posting this for your Information and any KNOWLEDGABLE EXPERIENCEEd COMMENTS -- I probably should wait to buy, but going to jump the gun and do it FRI - maybe SAT. That said, there are a couple issues from reviews per U-Tube: It can be off and only sight adjustment is file / bend front sight (it is old style western fixed sights - like old 45s). Also, saw one bad review when a guy supposedly had one new with cylinder alignment off to point he got lead back in his face (fired 5 rounds before he decided it was a problem - seems strange). Also, only 1 year warranty. By the way it has a safety that keeps hammer from hitting firing pin in case you should drop it or bang the hammer. So, can load all six rounds safely. Also, can get a 22MAG Cylinder to use in same gun for extra $29.99 (interchangeable with 22 LR). List price for Basic 22LR with 4 or 6 inch barrel is $179. Two dealers (Knifeworks and Floyds) in Sevierville, TN has them for $129. Just found out Bud's (Sevierville, TN) has them for $119 and includes 1/2 HR Free Range time. Have heard Sports Academy has Black Friday sales on these every year for $99. Their in stock price today was $179. FORGET THAT.
  6. Earlier this evening I was riding around with my wife and little girl listening to Guns And Leather Radio Hour. My little girl got to talking loud and I only caught a little of they said , but they were saying that a certain Taurus semi-auto in 9mm would go bang every time you pulled the trigger. I don't think it was the larger Taurus shaped like the Beretta 92 , I think it was a smaller 9mm. They were talking to a caller who asked how the smaller 9mm guns were selling and the Taurus was mentioned. Anyone know which one they were talking about ?
  7. jgradyc

    Anyone tried the new Taurus G2C?

    It looks to be nearly identical to my Taurus Millenium G2. I'm wondering if there is enough difference to warrant an upgrade to the G2C.
  8. DaveTN

    What Revolver Scope do you use?

    I’m kicking around the idea of scoping a revolver. Curious to see what set-ups others have used. I was going to do it with one of my center fire revolvers, but they are not drilled and tapped for it. My 617 is, so I may do it first. I’m looking at a conventional scope. I already have a Vortex Venom Red Dot on a pistol. I’d be interested in what scope and mount you chose. Pictures would be great.
  9. I am frustrated with a new (new to me - it is used) SW22 Victory I bought TUE at BUD's in Sevierville. Good deal price wise at $249 with 5 Mags (all have the TANDEMKROSS extension), and a "T" Trigger, and a "T" Halo , don't know about the Hammer (if it is or isn't a "T"). Guess about $260 in extras by previous owner. I broke it down TUE and cleaned it up and lubricated it. It looked to be in good shape, not a lot of wear indications. I shot it WED or TRIED TO SHOOT it with all the Failures to Eject (say from 3 to 5 per MAG, did get some MAGS to run 7 and one actually did 10). Many, many, many FTE with all types of AMMO (CCI MINI MAG, CCI Blazer Brass, Aquilla High Velocity, Remington Golden). Found out about all the ejection problems and THE FIX (one fix is to bend the ejector). Seems to work for many folks WHAT I CAN'T find is How To Bend The Ejector. And, whether to bend it IN to center of gun or bend it OUT away from center. I think IN or OUT might be a choice depending on how the ejector fits in the gun. Some said it was not gripping the cartridge Rim (bend it IN) -- Some said it was rubbing as bent in too far (bend it OUT). STILL -- How to efect the Bend??? ALSO, see TANDEMKROSS has after market ejector and a .PDF procedure on how to change it. I would surely appreciate a more detailed discussion on the Bend Method (exactly how to bend the ejector). PS: Other than the eject problems (I kept clearing and shooting for nearly an hour). I like the trigger pull, the accuracy including the sight picture. BTW, Sight picture is always a bit of a problem for me (Bifocals). Probably be nice to have some special shooting prescription glasses to make sight picture better.
  10. red dirt

    Sig 365 ?

    Curious if anyone has any opinions or had any range time with a Sig p365 ? Looks like an interesting sub-compact.
  11. BlessTheUSA

    Best sight pusher (at reasonable price)

    Hi, whats the best sight pusher in the <$100 range? Looking at a couple and it seems the general rules about build quality and fit/finish apply. Wondered if there's one that's considered the go-to. Thanks!
  12. Grayfox54

    AR Pistols?

    Lately I've been noticing a lot of AR pistols for sale around here. I'm beginning to like the idea. I really like the looks of one. Especially when decked out with Magpul furniture and a blade stock. I'm sorta gettin' an itch here and I'd like to know what the group here thinks about them. Many years ago when I was a young troop in Uncle Sam's Green Machine, my issue weapon for a while was a M3 Grease Gun. I really liked it. So the idea of a sub-gun sized weapon has a certain appeal to me. However, I think I'd prefer one in a pistol caliber. Either 9mm or .45acp. Being a 1911 type guy and with my previous experience with the M3, I'm leaning toward something in .45acp. I'm also a reloader, so ammo cost isn't really a decisive factor here. I've also heard that firing the 5.56 out of such a short barrel has a really nasty muzzle flash and is extremely loud. So another reason to go with a pistol caliber. However, there are several listed locally in 5.56 at what seem to be reasonable prices. So maybe I shouldn't rule them out? Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a AR platform. Just something in that basic size and pistol type configuration. So I am open to suggestions. I've done a bit of checking around the web. PSA is currently out of everything in pistol calibers. Other guns often sell for $1000+. I don't want to spend that kind of money on what will pretty much be a range toy. So I'm open to suggestions. So tell me, what are your experiences with the AR type pistols? The good, bad and ugly? Caliber choices? Accuracy at say 100 yards? Worth it or a waste of money? BTW: there's a gun show here next weekend. I'd like to know what to look for or even if I should bother looking.
  13. I'm just curious. A Gen 4 G19, hardly shot, steel sights, grip plug, 8 mags (one 10 rd, one happy stick). $600-625 fair?
  14. Murgatroy

    Pietta 1873

    So, I bought a Pietta 1873 in .357 Magnum this afternoon as my Christmas gift. My wife says I have to wrap it up and have it under the tree by Christmas. I however took it to the range this afternoon after purchase. After the first box of Remington UMC .38SPC I started having failure to fire 5/6 rounds on the second box. I am not sure it this is ammo or gun. I saved the brass from all rounds, and I can't tell a difference in the primer strikes from the good to the not good rounds. The pin is extending into the chamber area maybe 1/16 of an inch. I guess I will take my only other .38SPC that I know is good, a RIA M206, and try to fire off the rest of the box of Remington UMC, and try a known good box of Winchester .38SPC in the Pietta and see how that goes. Anyone have an experience with these? It is a range gun for fun, but that doesn't mean I don't want it to be 100% functional and reliable.
  15. I need help? My husband has want to take the handgun carry class and get a small concealed weapon for some time now and I have been his detourant... I know shame. He's a sportsman hunting fishing etc. But nothing small... I want to change that for Christmas! But I have no idea what to get or ask for or if I'm being ripped off? Can someone please help?
  16. Just in case some of you have one or know someone who has one. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/walther-issues-urgent-recall-for-select-pps-m2-pistols/?utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=20181123_FridayDigest_201&amp;utm_campaign=/digest/walther-issues-urgent-recall-for-select-pps-m2-pistols/
  17. p220

    Tulster holsters?

    https://www.amazon.com/Tulster-Sig-P320SC-Holster-Profile/dp/B0765K46N2?th=1&amp;psc=1 Anyone have any opinions on this one? Any recommendations on IWB/APPENDIX holsters like it?
  18. Gotthegoods

    New to me RAMI 2075 P

    Wasn't looking, considering it would have cheaper to buy a 9mm barrel for my recently acquired P224. Being heavy in CZ mags, I justified the purchase of a nearly identical firearm based on current ownership and positive experience with CZ, private, local sale at a fair price and mag compatibility. It's weak, but I think this is going to be a dandy little gun.
  19. Tim_37128

    Sig P229C SAS Gen 2

    I just picked one of these up in trade a week ago in 357 sig. Anyone have any experience with them? Essentially its a 229 frame, with a 224 length slide. I'm not having a lot of luck with online holster shopping. I'd be most interested to hear if anyone has one of these, and has found a holster they like?
  20. ken_mays

    New Brownells 1911

    Now.... this! BRN-1911 Inspired by the Classic Custom 1911 of the '80s - Built by Ed Brown & Available ONLY from Brownells The Brownells BRN-1911 Retro Custom Government Pistol is the first handgun in our Retro line of vintage-inspired firearms. We developed it in partnership with Ed Brown, a legendary name in custom 1911s, a maker of second-to-none 1911 parts, and a longtime Brownells partner. The BRN-1911 harkens back to classic custom 1911s of the 1980s, when customization of the "Forty-Five" moved beyond simply installing target sights and really took off. The BRN-1911's classic '80s features include the two-tone color scheme, Bo-Mar type adjustable sights, fine checkering on the front strap, crisply checkered double-diamond Cocobolo grips, and an overall uncluttered, elegant appearance. With the BRN-1911 you get a full-size Government Model with a match-grade 5" barrel. The slide of blued carbon steel looks like a classic military 1911 slide with the skinny, vertical serrations at the rear - but forget about the looseness and sloppiness of an old G.I. 1911! When it comes to fit and finish, the BRN-1911 slide is pure Ed Brown. To underscore our pistol's clean appearance, there are no markings on this slide. It's topped with a fully windage/elevation adjustable Bo-Mar rear sight (still the best in the eyes of many 1911 aficionados), paired with a square-profile front sight with crisp anti-glare serrations on its rear face. 416 stainless steel frame 4140 carbon steel slide, blued finish 416 stainless steel match-grade barrel & bushing Adjustable Bo-Mar rear sight Adjustable target trigger Internal parts: all Ed Brown, all the time! Two 7-rd magazines included Comes with padded pistol case Down below, the frame of natural-finish stainless steel contrasts handsomely with the slide, a popular look in the 1980s. The frame and ALL of the internal components are CNC machined - no penny-pinching MIM stuff here! Of course, the fire control group parts - hammer, trigger, sear, disconnector - are ALL Ed Brown, resulting in one sweet trigger pull. The high-grip extended beavertail grip safety protects the web of your hand from dreaded 1911 "hammer bite," while the 25 lpi checking on the front strap gives you excellent "purchase" for recoil control. Each BRN-1911 Retro Custom Government Pistol ships in a Brownells Signature Series pistol case. Modern-day raceguns offer still more bells-n-whistles, but we dare you to find a 1911 that is more comfortable - and fun! - to shoot. The pride of ownership in possessing a superb custom 1911 from one of the premier custom shops is just a bonus.
  21. Jaysan60

    New to me High Standard

    I picked up a Sport King M recently. Haven't got to shoot it yet but hope to soon. Anybody got info or pictures of theirs?
  22. Has anyone sent their gun back to get it replaced or repaired through this? Times about to expire soon to do it and I have a Pt111 G1 that I'm thinking about sending in. The way I read it they can't repair them, they just have to replace them with a G2. Mine is pretty beat up because I bought a used. But I've bought some extra magazines and even an extra slide for it. So on the fence about it.
  23. Quavodus

    EAA and Taurus revolver

    I was just wondering if anybody knows about EAA or Taurus revolvers? The Windicator looks like it might be good. Just looking for a good vehicle/beat around gun.

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