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Found 192 results

  1. Guess they are trying to salvage that model after the issues. https://www.sigsauer.com/promotions/myp320-photo-video-contest/?utm_source=Sig+Emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MYP320-CONTEST&utm_content=P320+Contest
  2. Sig P320 vs Glock vs S&W M&P

    I've had a fair pile of Glocks over the years, a fair number of S&W M&Ps, even went to armorers courses for both. For one reason or the other I have been a bit removed from handguns for the last couple of years. Is the P320 equal to or better than Glock or M&P in terms of simplicity, accuracy and durability? Any major metro PD's dumping their Glocks in favor of the P320?
  3. Fell into an 11.4oz S&W 340PD

    Visited an old Army buddy last week and ended up with this, a 11.4oz S&W 340pd. I have some Buffalo Bore and Speer ammo on order that should allow me to shoot this without breaking my hand, as well as prevent flame cutting or cylinder face erosion.
  4. A few years ago, well, many years ago, I delved into the realm of the Ruger Bisley. I had this one made up from a Ruger Blackhawk, a .45 Colt: A friend of mine also got into the Bisley, but in a much bigger way. He went so far as to orchestrate some custom models, such as this one here: After Skeeter Skelton's death, he bid on one of Skeeter's Bisleys, and got it: The one at the top belonged to Skelton. Here, with authentication from Skeeter's widow: This gun was displayed in the photograph of Shooting Times with the article introducing the Bisley. My friend was Tommy Russell, and some time later Tommy's wife died and I have lost contact with him. Bob Wright
  5. in the spring of 1946 my older brother returned from WW II, when I was about nine years old. Among his souvenirs was this Mauser M-1910 .25 ACP pistol. The caliber designation read "6,35 mm" and none of us knew what that meant. My Dad took the gun to old J.G. Schmidt's in Memphis and learned it was .25 ACP. He bought a box of cartridges for it and we went down to an uncle's farm in Mississippi: We got some cans from the trash pile and set them on a fence post. After we each tried our hand and the box was expended, the can still stood unscathed. I kept one live round, the first of my cartridge collection, and determined then and there I would learn how to shoot a handgun, and to learn everything I could about them. Still learnin'. Bob Wright P.S. After my brother's death the pistol was passed on to his son. Shortly before his death, my nephew gave the gun to me.
  6. Do pistol shotshells damage barrels?

    Got some CCI 9mm shotshells. Can they damage, say, an FNS barrel? Or any barrel?
  7. CZ P10C

    Through a series of fortunate trades with the same guy beginning 5 years ago, I now am a proud owner. Initial impressions: Grip contour and shape is very similar to a 75B and my Bowie Tactical G19/26 with grip reduction. Slight palm swell, front and rear checkering is more agressive than I like, more of a personal preference vs. negative attribute. Ambi controls are awesome, especially for a lefty who has always had right handed pistols. Internet reviews state slide stop release is stiff, it is. I have to use my thumb and trigger finger and actuate by depressing both sides of the stop. I like the forward slide serrations from experience with my P01 SDP. Upgraded 3 dot trijicons. I prefer 3 dot vs. the Kahr "dot-the-I" and Heine straight 8. The trigger in dry fire seems too good to be true. Resting position with the small back strap is about the same as my 75B Omega in SA. Pulling to the break point is smooth and reset is shorter than my Omega with almost no take up. First run at the range, 250 rounds of assorted flavors, no malfunctions and acceptable accuracy. Rides great in my old generic holster, I love repurposing.
  8. If you have ever held a Smith & Wesson M&P and wished it were the size of the 15-round Glock 19 instead, your wishes are coming true. These are being announced officially on Monday 9/11/17 but have already leaked to the Internet.
  9. Where do you shop?

    This from several years ago at the old Shelby County Rifle and Pistol range: We, the old hands there, often got there well before the 10:00 am opening time and exchanged stories, news, and man talk in general. One day a very pretty, young blond lady joined us. She was, well, noticeable, petite, blond, well shaped, make-up just so. And above all. personable. She had a little .45 ACP, a Springfield of some sort as I recall. Since we were not permitted to wear sidearms while on the range, she removed the pistol from a holster. She wore black fitted pants and black sweater with a Wrangler denim jacket. The jacket covered a small hip holster, and she very smoothly drew and cleared the pistol. As she did so, she remarked that was her shopping pistol. "Where do you shop?" asked one of the men. She smiled sweetly. "Anywhere I want to," was her reply. Bob Wright
  10. Just got an email from Rural King that says for this week they have the Taurus G2 for sale for $199. I am in the market to finally get a semiauto 9mm and the price is to good to pass up that you would be tempted to buy two of them but, it's a Taurus, which can be hit or miss. So, does anyone have any experience with this one? Thanks.
  11. I’ve attached a link to the Outpost Armory's online store that’s in Murfreesboro, Tn. They are running some great specials. I recently picked up one of these P220 Scorpion Elites but they are even cheaper now. $659 plus when you buy a new Sig right now you get two mags and a range bag through their rebate. They have other good deals too under sale/clearance. https://www.theoutpostarmory.com/sig-sauer-p220r-45acp-scorpion-elite-fde.html
  12. My Smith & Wesson phase.....

    It might come as a surprise to some that I went through a double action revolver phase. In an attempt to learn all I could about the handgun, I tried the DA revolver for awhile. One of my favorite .357 Magnum revolvers is the S&W Model 586, the Distinguished Combat Magnum. The first I bought was a 4" model as soon as the model was announced. I quickly put on a pair of S&W combat stocks: I liked this gun so well I decided on a 6" companion to it: These grips, incidentally, were on a K-22 that was in the shop. I commented that they were handsome enough to buy the gun for those stocks. I went back a few days later and the .22 had been sold, but the purchaser put rubber Pachmayrs on it and left those grips. Asking price was $10 so i went home with these grips. After a couple of weeks, I bought this gun to put them on. I had gone through a few Model 29s and ha Smith & Wesson make me one up with a 5" full lug barrel. This became my favorite .44 Magnum DA revolver: This was my first Model 29 and was one of the early Model 29s. I had many troubles with the gun and finally S&W told me to return it and they would install an "endurance package" to correct my problems. While they had my gun there I asked them to fit a full lug barrel. They told me they had just made an 8 3/8" full lug barrel and they put that on my gun. This gun shot like a .30-30 rifle out to about 100 yards or so, but it was heavy and unwieldy, and I later had Ed Mason gunsmiths cut it back to 6": After the surgery: Been an interesting study for some sixty years or so. Bob Wright
  13. GEN 3 Glock Grip and Short Fingers

    I've struggled to shoot the Glock 19 consistently in regards to where the rounds hit the target. My rounds are grouped, but often are left of and slightly lower than the bullseye on a target. I don't have that problem with a 1911 style handgun. I'm starting to wonder if it's not the combination of my short fingers and sort of a fat pad below my thumb, that does not work with the grip on the Gen 3. My finger just reaches the trigger without being able to really curl it around the trigger. I assume that what I'm doing is pushing the gun slightly to the left, as I pull the trigger? I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is enough difference with the smallest grip of a GEN 4 to make a difference. I'm going to take my Gen 3 to a store to compare to a Gen 4 and/or 5, but thought I would see if anyone has experienced the same issue.
  14. I like the .45 Colt...

    My first handgun was a .45 Colt New Service, and I've had a lot of respect for that caliber ever since. Here, some of my .45s: The .45 Colt round has been around a long, long time. I believe the first cartridges were made by the old Union Metallic Cartridge Co. for Army trials. Soon Frankford Arsenal began production of the .45 Colt round. These were inside primed, copper cased cartridges: Though the .45 Colt round didn't last too long with the Army, as the Army adopted the shorter .45 S&W round shortly after. But the old round was, sort of, resurrected some years later for the Colt New Service M-1909 revolver: Old as it is, the old .45 keeps on truckin'. Bob Wright
  15. There is something about the smoothness of a 92FS that I will always love fondly. I sold mine years ago to fund a CZ purchase. I had to reevaluate my tastes this morning when I saw you could pick up a 92FS for $450 shipped. http://palmettostatearmory.com/beretta-92fs-9mm-js92f300m.html I think I'm going to stay away from this one, but it is a great deal for something usually $100-$150 more.
  16. Perfecting my carry gun

    Getting closer to the perfect carry package. Folded it is 19", open it is 29" with the muzzle being just over 26" so it is VFG safe. Sight radius is now 13" and the AR sight works very well with AK front sight. 4 piece comp works the best with this short barrel., very little concussion. Reworked, crisp 2.5 pound trigger.
  17. How Many Guns Do You Own?

    I'm getting my first gun right now, but I think I already want another I think I'd be okay with just my SKS in a period of civil disorder, but I need something a little more "controversial" before it gets banned. My stupid state keeps adding more "features" to the so-called "assault weapons" ban every year. It currently allows many tactical feature. Does anyone know of something like an SU-16 Cal but that isn't cheaply made? I like the idea of readily available 30 round mages, if the need should arise . . . A lot of hunting informations here-https://lifeundersky.com/
  18. A word about color case hardening....

    There is a lot of palaver here, and elsewhere, about color case hardening. So here's my take on the matter: The old case coloring used on the original Ruger Vaquero was a chemical application, from what I've heard, was almost like a decal or coating. And could be easily washed off with harsh solvents. Here is my Vaquero, dating from 1996. It has had about 3,500 rounds fired through it and cleaned with Hoppe's No.9 solvent and oiled after each range session: This is my Cimarron/Uberti Model P. Not fired so heavily (yet) but cleaned in the same way. Uberti uses a hot salt bath to obtain the colorization, it is not the same process as Ruger used: Here is a Ruger Super Blackhawk color cased by Doug Turnbull. He uses a heat process with bone and/or other charcoal additives to obtain the color: This is a Colt New Frontier, which, so far as I know is truly case hardened. Case hardening alone leaves a dull gray finish (think mill files) unless additives are added to produce color. Current Single Actions from Ruger and others are made of steel hardened through and do not require case hardening, so only a color treatment is necessary on these guns. As to durability, all case hardening, regardless of method used, will fade when exposed to sunlight and wear. Which is best? The one that suits your fancy. Bob Wright
  19. A tale of two guns.............

    Last year I bought this Ruger New Vaquero, a .45 Colt, at a local gun shop: I had no use for a 7 1/2" barreled, fixed sight .45, but I did like the grips. So, I took those grips off, bought these, put them on the gun and sold it: Now I had no gun that those grips would fit, since they were the New Vaquero with the old style XR-3 grip frame. So I was forced to buy this .44 Special Flat Top: Now I had a gun for my new grips! Things seemed to work out pretty well, I think! Bob Wright
  20. I'd like to see...............

    ................some photos of custom revolvers, especially Single Action revolvers. If you've got a customized Colt, Uberti, or Ruger that's been to your 'smith's, post a photo of it here. Here is one of mine: This is a Colt Single Action Army, .357 Magnum. The brass backstrap is from an 1851 Navy, grips home made, S&W rear sight, Ruger front sight. This was done by (the late) Ed Mason & Sons gunsmiths. Yours? Bob Wright
  21. .45 Colt/.45 ACP again..............

    The question apparently never will be settled "Can I fire .45 ACP in my .45 Colt revolver?" Now, I'm speaking of the Ruger Blackhawk, .45 Colt with auxiliary cylinder. An unaltered cylinder. So, here it goes: The .45 ACP will not work in the longer Colt chamber. Since it has no rim, it will slide down into the chamber too far for the firing pin to reach. Half moon/full moon clips? If used, the resulting thickness will be too thick for the cylinder to be inserted into the gun. So, inserting the ACP cylinder, can I use .45 Auto Rim? No. The rim thickness is too thick for the headspace of the revolver. But: Of late, I salvaged some old .45 Colt cases with mouth splits, and cut them to the same length as the .45 ACP. These work fine in my ACP cylinder, and will work in the .45 Colt cylinder. As to their working: While I call my cartridges the .45 Xtra Short, it has already been done as the .45 Special and the .45 Cowboy, and brass is available for loading. But I chose to just salvage my old .45 Colt brass. Bob Wright
  22. Sig M11-A1

    Well I finally went and done it. I had narrowed my selection process down and I had gotten to the point where I was still trying to decide between Sig and Beretta. I've owned a Sig here and there throughout the last several years, and I already know that I like Beretta. So.............I ran across this here Sig M11-A1 last week. Went ahead and jumped on it. Wasn't sure how I'd like it. Someone suggested that the 229 platform would be better for concealment. That's true if you're talking about hiding barrel length. However, I've been carrying my son's 92FS lately and have been loving it, and had not problems with concealment. In fact, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. So I laid the M11 atop the 92FS and whaddaya know, the 229 frame ain't a bit more concealable in the BUTT-TOX area! Maybe 1/8 inch difference (more or less). Overall thickness between the two is pretty close (no, I didn't break out the calipers). I took it out to run a few rounds through it Saturday afternoon at my friend's range. Using my highly scientific testing methods at a precisely measured range of somewhere around 30-35 yards, I discovered that the M11 is at least consistently minute of bouncing tin can accurate, as well as minute of stick. Not bad. Having owned both on several occasions during my life, some observations: Lots of folks become extremely enamored with Sig, praising Sig's quality over all others and such. I do believe that the quality is there, but I do NOT believe that there is two-farts-in-an-outhouse worth of difference in quality between Sig and Beretta. I do like Sig's short reset trigger on this M11. This is the first time I've experience the SRT and it is satisfactory. But I believe that the reset can be improved on the 92FS with Wilson's trigger bar. I don't have a shot timer, so I can't really tell if there's any difference in my "speed o' shots" between Beretta and Sig. But I'm not competing against Jerry Miculek or Earnest Langdon anyway. I do like Sig's decocker over Beretta's safety/decocker system. For me, a Wilson low profile single side lever solves that problem though. I happen to be one of the folks who really likes Beretta's locking block system and direct feed from the magazine. But I can say that this M11 locks up tighter'n a Swiss bank vault. Good job on the manufacturing. Accuracy? I can't speak to the mechanical accuracy of the two, but can only say that I am more accurate with the 92FS. Could be because I'm not used to the M11 yet. Grip: The 92 seems to nestle into my hand better, but I may try the E2 grip on the M11. So, in a strictly controlled environment of "outside" and using my highly scientific testing methods which I am certain will garner the accolades of the "experts" and the OCD crowd (if nothing else, I can keep the jerks busy on their mission to disprove everything I've said), I have reached some conclusions (simply my own non-expert opinion)(not that anyone would listen to me anyway): Beretta needs to quit being bull-headed and start producing a two tone 92G Centurion. Even if it's just for me! Short of that, I might let this thing go (unless my son decides he wants it)(why not, my boys have all my others), save up some more to go with it, and finally buy my dream gun - a Wilson 92 Brigadier (and contrary to what seems to be the norm, actually use it). Or at least get back on course and get a Brigadier Inox. So if you, like probably nobody else, have enjoyed this well written and professional gun review, feel free to let me know. Now that cooler weather has arrived, I just may start doing a once-a-month gun review. And, as expected, never tell anyone about them.
  23. MPA30DMG

    I found this firearm by reading this article, seeing the firearm listed, and thinking "What the heck is that?". https://jalopnik.com/idiot-couple-snapchats-themselves-shooting-guns-blindly-1818976058 https://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpa30dmg-9mm-pistol/ As soon as I saw the picture of the firearm, I thought "That's a Glock magazine!". One of these with either a brace or turned into an SBR seems like it would be awesome. Does anyone have any experience with any of these?
  24. Red grips...............

    When I was a young tad, my Dad took me to a rodeo. It took place at the Memphis Fairgrounds, where the high school football field is now, Ken Maynard was the star of the rodeo. During intermission, Dad took me to the concession stand for a coke and hot dog. While we were there I saw a cowboy, dressed in Levi's and leather chaps, and wearing a holster and gun belt, in which he had a "red handled gun" as I remembered it. Single Action or not, I can't say, as for a few years after I was born I did not know too much about guns. But those red grips!! I determined then and there I would have a gun with "red handles." Many years apassed, but then one day, from Don Collins of Collinscraft Grips I got these: They are for a Ruger Super Blackhawk grip frame, and are vermilion wood from Africa, i think. Bob Wright
  25. Latest acquisition.........

    I believe I have stated here abouts that I have a penchant for the Single Action revolver. I do have a few, and just recently got this one: I really wasn't looking to buy one right now, but this came up on GunBroker and I submitted a half-hearted bid. Well, my bid held and I became the proud owner of another Colt New Frontier, a 7 1/2" .45 Colt. The grips that came on the gun were not original, of course, and I believe the previous owner had one-piece grips, maybe ivory, on the gun. But I had a pair of Colt walnut grips somewhere in my parts box, so swapped them out right quick. First shooting went O.K., but the trigger pull was atrocious, so its at Keith Warner's right now for an action job. Hunting season is about to open, so don't know when I'll see it again. Bob Wright

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