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  1. Only an 1" difference and now 15rds of 9mm....the P365 is gonna be hard to topple. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p365-micro-compact-15rd-9mm-magazine.html?utm_source=Sig+Emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=P365+15+Rd+Mag&utm_content=P365+15+Rd+Mag
  2. NickinTN

    Dan Wesson ECP

    Picked this one up yesterday to replace the ECO I parted with to help fund a motorcycle purchase. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but hopefully soon!
  3. Due to start shipping out to retailers the end of this month. Let's hope they've ironed out the issues from when S&W had the license to manufacture, have always wanted one. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/01/15/the-iconic-walther-ppk-ppk-s-is-now-u-s-made-and-ready-to-ship-this-month-photos?fbclid=IwAR1JOaVyT_enbwNQUKZ_BfFT_noYsIQe89vi_qVw-7AmNWAkqQYX4s5s_uI
  4. tercel89

    Stoeger STR-9

    Just saw that Stoeger has a new polymer pistol out called STR-9 . Looks very interesting. The internals look very Glock-like. I am very interested. I had 2 of their Cougars when they came out around 11 years ago. Seems they have a MSRP of $329 so store prices could be well under $299. We are living in some great times with all these new guns coming out and prices being lower on some like this and the Mossberg , and others. I am very interested in this STR-9 . Just thought I'd share this. Seems pretty neat to me . I know some don't care for another polymer pistol but my older Stoeger Cougars were darn nice. They were built on the old Beretta Cougar machines. But if you look close at the frames on these new STR-9's , you can see some of the Beretta APX pistol resemblance. https://www.stoegerindustries.com/str-9
  5. This past week I moved from VA to TN. Prior to my move, I was offered a deal I had to take. My final act as a Virginia resident was a deal I worked with a gentleman to find a new home for this beautiful, unconverted gun. Bluing is beautiful, grips are beautiful, couple nicks here and there. Nice plum color on the loading gate. Serial number 31610. Overall, very pleased with this one. This particular Old Model Flattop configuration is rare and not your average Ruger. Very excited to take this bad boy out!
  6. If you haven't been able to tell yet, I love my wheel guns! And the wheel gun that I first fell in love with was the Ruger Single Six! Have quite a few of these, but these are my favorites. This is a 1958. And this is a pair of 50's vintage. The one on the left is a flatgate 1956 and the other is a 1958. Another of the flatgate. Frame is starting to "plum". Anyone else a Single Six fan?
  7. Capbyrd

    Ruger Wrangler

    Looks like Ruger is going budget to compete with the Heritage Rough Rider with a new revolver called the Ruger Wrangler. Aluminum cerakoted in three color combos to start. MSRP is $250. Looks like I'll be selling a rough rider and upgrading to a Ruger for my niece and nephew. https://ruger.com/products/wrangler/models.html
  8. I took 2 handguns to the range today and fired 50 rounds each. The first is a S&W 642 revolver. As expected, it functioned flawlessly. The second is an I.O. Hellcat II .380. It's an LCP clone made in North Carolina. I.O. primarily makes AK's and they've stopped producing this pistol. It was unfired except in the factory. I fired 44 Federal FMJ rounds and 6 Hornady Critical Defense that found their way into the bag. I had one failure in each of the last two magazines. One failure-to-eject and one failure-to-feed. I've heard that sometimes handguns need a break-in period. What would be considered normal? Thanks in advance.
  9. AmmoMan

    Glock 48?

    My wife has a Glock 19 that she occasionally shoots. Her only issue is the grip is a little too wide for how small her hands are. Yesterday I let her hold and fire my Glock 43. While she loved the narrower grip of the single stack vs double stack 9mm, the short barrel and lighter slide creates a snappier kick. (which she did not like) Not to mention if she ever needed to use it in a self defense situation, the shorter sight radius and 6-round magazine could be a disadvantage. I think the new G48 might be the best of both worlds for her - longer sight radius and barrel, heavier slide, and a 10 round magazine. It just might be the perfect combination of the G19 and G43. However, she doesn't want me buying one for her until she can shoot a few rounds through it along side her G19 to make sure it is exactly what she wants. Does anyone around the Crossville area have a G48 that she test fire? We do go to Nashville and/or Knoxville every now and then too, so that could be a possibility.
  10. I got carried away on my Hi-Point Topic regarding this trade and reason I did and an evaluation of the Spectrum ( I have not shot it yet, just notice the scratch trigger pull - double action in case you did not know that). Summarize part of the reason for the trade was because of the $35 rebate on the Spectrum (by Taurus) and Smoky Mtn Gun did offer to trade. Not much offer, but $75 for the gun, case, extra Mag. So, final cost cash from me was $79.66 for the switch. Then thought I should start a new topic on the TAURUS SPECTRUM 380 based on my evaluation at this point. Maybe, someone has some experience with the firing pin (removal) that I don't. HMMM!!! Just realized be easier to go copy from my Hi-Point post to paste it here than to retype it. I did and came back to edit this post. I add an evaluation with out having shot the Spectrum 380. U-Tube reviews in general are good. It Is What It Is, a low priced small pistol primarily made for easy Concealed Carry, and not a target pistol although some folks do pretty good shooting it. I have not shot it, but did break it down, lube it and have racked it hundreds of times (cheap break in with out AMMO). By the way, a very easy break down, turn one screw head 1/4 turn CCW and pull slide off, put slide back on and the lock screw resets itself. Barrel and spring with rod is easy out also. My main issue not having shot it is the Trigger Pull, it is double only so a long pull before break and a long reset. The worst thing is the trigger is scratchy during the long pull. Having the slide off I noticed the trigger pull is very smooth with out the slide (only the trigger parts and not setting the firing pin in the slide). I then moved the firing pin back (manually) on the slide and you can feel the scratchiness. I took the spring and short rod (it's in the rear of the slide) out of the slide and you still feel the scratchiness when moving the firing pin by hand. Removing the firing in beyond what I did is a DIFFICULT procedure with a number of small springs and a pin involved per U-Tube posts (check U-Tube for Taurus Spectrum 380 Firing Pin Removal). There are only two posts and they are not complete.: One guy is misled in thinking the firing pin is the rod in the spring. That rod is not the firing pin, it is rod to guide the spring. He does at least show how to remove that spring and rod from the slide. The other guy's presentation is more informative as he did have his firing pin out at one time (he says). HOWEVER, he dose not show the removal. He points out that the main block in the slide where the firing pin is actually located (call it the firing pin assembly) can be removed. However, he points out he had a very hard time getting it back together as total of three little springs to deal with and a pin he nearly lost. I had not researched U-Tube before looking at mine (dumb), but at least I did not go so far as to remove the block (firing pin assembly). I did remove the rear spring and rod. I did then manually slide the firing pin (call it the tip the trigger moves) by hand and could feel the scratchiness. SO, IT IS IN THE FIRING PIN ASSEMBLY. The black tube 'thingy' I slid back reaches a stop, but there is a button (Thin about 1/4 inch) in the slide near the rear that releases that black tube 'thingy' and allows it to slide back another 1/2 inch. That exposes a bit more of the firing pin, a metal portion shows up that appears to have some wear (remember this gun has not been fired, but dry fired maybe 10 times at most). The black tube 'thingy' that seems to contain the firing pin is blocked from coming any further. SO, NOT MUCH ELSE can be done in that position. I AM GLAD I DID NOT GO FURTHER as not knowing what I am doing. I would like to maybe Emory Paper it smoother if I could gain access to it after a closer look. I will just go and see if it shoots at this point. Hope I did not mess anything up. ANYONE have any experience with the Spectrum 380 (in particular the firing pin and trigger scratchiness)?????
  11. I inherited a original box stock 70 series, nickel plated, Colt Commander, 1911 in .45 ACP. When I received it the nickel plating looked horrible. Half of it had flaked off and there were a lot of mild, superficial rust spots. (no pitting.) I : cerakoted it Tungsten grey with black controls, etc. upgraded it to standard non-adjustable combat sights (rather than the tiny original sights.) installed a really nice wide profile beaver tail safety installed a long skeletonize trigger. What would be an approximation of its value now? The cerakote and upgrades have just been done. The pistol has zero blems now. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am aware that Tennessee has the castle doctrine extended to a person in legal possession of a vehicle. I am also aware a person over the age of 18 can possess a handgun but not purchase. I can not find a clear answer to: Can an 18-21 year old have loaded handgun in a vehicle they legally possess? or any references? Thanks
  13. I found a good deal on a Beretta 92-FS Compact from Gunprime, so I ordered a pair of them. They shipped out quickly, and my FFL got them in just a couple of days. I've been looking for a 92 Compact for a while. But most of the places around here were either out of stock, or else they flat out wanted too much. I got these for $428.99 each, brand new in the box. A hell of a deal. They shipped with 2, 13 round magazines, and are Italian made guns. I replaced the plastic grips with the factory Beretta Walnut grips that I picked up from Gnarly Gorilla. The Walnut grips really richen up the looks of these Beretta's. I also got a few of the X-Grip Magazine Adapters from Greg Cote. They allow the use of the full size 15 and 17 round magazines in the compact's without sticking out of the bottom of the gun. And they're not much longer than the 13 round magazines supplied with the pinky rest. Now both my wife and I will each have our own. So all in all it was a good day. These are some pictures of them as they came from the factory. And with the Walnut grips and magazine adapters installed. https://gunprime.com/product/beretta-92fs-compact-92-fs-js92f850m/ https://gnarlygorilla.com/beretta-factory-replacement-part-beretta-92-96-compact-wood-grips-drop-in-replacement-walnut/ http://gregcotellc.com/cart/xgrip-adapter-by-fdi-c-142/xgrip-beretta-92fs-compact-xgrip-xgbr92c-p-1555.html
  14. Steelharp


    I have been told by someone that knows the region well and the language that the correct pronunciation for Canik is JAN-ick. That's all.
  15. Picked up one of these S&W EZ 380s from Academy a while back for 329.00. This is the version without thumb safety. It does everything a .380 is supposed to but easier: 1) shoots fast to point of aim (recoil is negligible) 2)reliable 3) mags are the easiest center pistol mags I have ever loaded 4) You can rack the slide with two fingers. It is not as small as my Keltec P32 but it is so easy to grab and shoot. I can't begin to recall all the small handguns I have owned, including various ultra light revolvers. This thing beats them all in terms of ease of use. I am not getting younger. A review: https://dailycaller.com/2018/06/28/gun-test-sw-mp-380-shield-ez/
  16. I got this in a trade a while back. Kind of rare PPC, being it is .357 GP100 with Mascot sight rib, unknown gunsmith. It is an early serial # GP100. The trigger rolls so nice. It is fun to shoot from cupcake .38s to fullhouse .357s.
  17. I always wanted a Sig P250. I have eyed them for years and past on one or two that I later wished I would have bought. I won one on Gunbroker for what I thought was an amazing deal (about $250 OTD). It is used but in very good condition. It’s a 40 subcompact and only came with one magazine and no box. I picked it up yesterday to be surprised by the excellent condition and half-life night sights. Call me crazy, but I actually wanted a .40 since my department has vowed to stick with them for a lot longer and I am swimming in .40 ammo. I seriously have about 3k rounds with most being hollow points. Well, I went to the range today and was less than impressed. My groups were the size of my fist at 10yards, but the failure to feed rate was about 5% or about 10 failures in 200 rounds. I’m thinking it may be the magazine as the spring actually feels weak. I was actually wanting to trim a compact grip to work with a subcompact slide; some of my attraction to this model. I plan to try a Glock spring in the subcompact Sig mag tomorrow. I am tempted to go ahead and order a new compact mag and a compact grip hoping I can make it run. Anyone around Chattanooga got a P250/p320 mag I can borrow for testing?
  18. I just purchased the Ruger Mark IV Hunter to replace the Ruger Mark IV Target that I sold to my business (so my clients can use my personal awesome competition gun to qualify, if they don't have their own gun). The Hunters' weight is in between the Target and the Competition. I felt I liked the balance of the Hunter better than the front heavy Competition so I went with the Hunter for my new competition gun. Here are my initial findings. Very pleased overall. It came with 2 mags, slab grips, TruGlo fiber optic front sight, V rear sight. As new, it felt very tight and a little gritty, so I cleaned and lubed thoroughly before shooting it the first time. It felt a lot better after that! In two short range sessions, I tested 5 types of .22lr ammo, at least 2 magazines of each. I used both the two new magazines and several older magazines I used for competition with my Mark IV Target. I did not mix ammo in individual magazines. All ammo and magazines tested ran flawlessly! Remington Thunderbolt, Aguila Supermaximum Hyper Velocity, Winchester Wildcat, CCI Stinger, American Eagle 38 grain. I realize these are some hot loads, they were what I had around the house. I have more more brands to try at my next range session, a little less hot. The front sight came loose near the end, and I did not have a proper wrench with me so I ended the session. This seems to be common with these particular front sights on the new guns from the factory. They need to be checked and tightened. I am not sure about the V rear sight. I need more range time with it. I felt like I was shooting better with my Target square rear sight, so I might have to switch them if I don't start taking to the V sight soon. I hope you enjoyed my review! I am in the process of building out my website blog to include more reviews and information like this in the near future. https://akvat.com
  19. I've made some changes to my formerly-stock Gen5 Glock 19 and more changes are on the way... I had good intentions of leaving this one stock. And then I had the frame stippled by Jeck at Rocket City Stippling. That was clearly the gateway drug to yet another pile of OEM parts left lying on my workbench.
  20. Defender

    Keltec CP33

    Using the search feature on the front page showed no results for this. Has anyone seen/shot the new Keltec CP33 .22LR pistol? I picked up a S&W Victory earlier this year or late last year and have not been in the market for a new .22 since then, but this little pistol looks sweet. Just watched a video of it on Hickok 45's youtube channel and it looked awesome. Comes standard with 33 round mags and has an add on for a 50 round capacity. Has a threaded barrel and his ran flawlessly pretty much for the most part. I understand they are in short supply, of course, and not sure of the costs but supposedly under 350 or so.
  21. Okay, since they make the 92G and the military M9 there, am I safe in assuming I can get a 92 marked Gallatin? I don’t want to pay hundreds extra for that marking as in the 92G Tennessee gun. So you Beretta guys school me. What’s the difference in an M9 and a 92? I just want the Gallatin marking in the 92 style and don’t care about any military stuff. Also, If I’m buying a blue/black gun, I want it to be a high polish blue/black; not some crummy matte or painted finish. Does Beretta do that at Gallatin on a standard gun? This would be a range toy that would get used. I’m not going to try to carry it, and I’m not looking for a collectable. Which Beretta do I need?
  22. I don't know why but I have a burning desire for a Colt King Cobra. Somebody slap me! Talk me out of it or talk me into it. Or just talk.....
  23. swiley383

    Taurus G2C

    Have been at Taurus G2C for my wife’s EDC anybody have any experience with these good or bad? She finally agreed to start carrying so doing a little research on this gun. I like the 12 rounds capacity just just not sure about the Taurus brand. We are going today to let her put her hand on a few different ones like the shield and maybe a G26 or a Sig. I really like the price of the Taurus but if it won’t work when needed it not a deal.
  24. We've been talking about this for a few days over on the Shooters Nation Community (Facebook group). I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. Glock 48. 10rd, staggered or single stack, approximate in size to the Glock 19 but with a slightly longer slide.
  25. Does anyone here have a 3" GP100? I was curious if they shoot dead on with 38's , I have one with the 4" and adjustable sights and it shoots really good.I didn't know how much difference there would be with one with fixed sights.I saw one I was thinking about getting.

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