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  1. tercel89

    LCPII : Is it a high mileage gun ?

    I have a Ruger LCPII and it's been great. I am wanting to know if it's a high mileage gun like some guns that go maybe 20,000 rds or so ? I reload and I am thinking about getting some dies to reload the .380ACP to shoot more with my LCP . I just didn't know if these guns are limited to a certain amount of rounds before they start wearing down .


    I know many hate TAURUS. I know many (or some) like Taurus. And, some don't know what to think. I don't know what to think, am not sure myself. My Spectrum 380 bought in Dec 2018 experience is bad (gun sent in for fail to fire from the first 50 rounds or so I shot thru it - many fail to fire on first trigger pull), then my Millennium G2 9MM experience bought in 2016 is good (maybe near 1000 rounds thru it been very reliable -- trigger is not the best, but get use to it). This TX22 (I think new for them, it's news to me) sure sounds good. Be nice if it works and is priced (low) as their other guns are. https://taurustx22.com/
  3. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2019/01/daniel-zimmerman/breaking-mossberg-announces-the-new-mc1sc-subcompact-9mm-pistol/
  4. How many of you have different versions of the same pistol? For example, I have a FNH FNS9 that I really like and I was thinking about picking up a FNS9C for CC. So I could have both versions. Do any of you do that or am I an oddball.
  5. A.J. Holst

    Cajun Gun Works

    Hi all, I wanted to share a recent experience with this organization, which started 3/2017. My 75B Omega needed to be fixed, I decided on CGW based on reviews and was curious to compare the finished product to my CZC SDP. Side note: prefer the Omega trigger, the SDP is standard so I can't give an unbiased comparison. The triggers and frames are just different enough that it is mood vs. preference in selection. CGW manages imbound work to ensure promised turn and delivery times. I was notified about 6 weeks after initial contact, "if you are still interested, we are ready and will deliver in 6 - 8 weeks (for my project) Received it back 6/2017; they installed their Omega kit. GtG was happy. Recently ran it through a Randy class, still happy EXCEPT, one occurrence of: DA trigger pull, hammer cocks and drops to half cock, release trigger to reset, hammer falls to rest. Tap and rack, last I thought of it. Popped off a few hundred more rounds of dry and live fire, above malfunction repeated more than 5, less than 10 times In dry fire, I tried to make it fail, increasing / decreasing speed of and number of trigger pull strings (did fail) Shoot an email off to CGW. Response within 24 hours, we think we know what the problem is (DA Roller) here is a FedEx label, send it in. Excellent customer service. My expectations; 6-8 weeks, place me in order with your work flow and I don't expect to bump someone who waited patiently like I did. Wait time was maybe 10 days, receive a call from Scott. Ready to go and will have it 6/28. Exceeded expectations as David and team are prepared for after the sale service work. It was the DA roller, just one of those things. Fitted a better sized and machined part. Fitted in that Scott took an extended period of time troubleshooting to find the optimal size roller by dry firing to ensure his gunsmithing was spot on. Very apologetic it had to go back, but who cares, since he told me the DA is now "pretty darn good." Shows the level of professionalism, trouble shoot, don't just replace parts. Another GtG win in this scenario. CGW met service expectations on the original project, exceeded expectations on the service work and quality is top notch. I asked Scott what else could be done to the pistol. Figured since they had it, I was willing to let them make some money off me. Other than a barrel bushing for 25+ yard accuracy, sights, grips, and refinishing, it's done. Will update after I use it up this weekend
  6. cybernorris

    Keep or sell the .380s?

    My primary carry is a Glock G19 (Gen2). I plan to add a G26 for something more compact, but still with decent capacity. Do I keep the Ruger LCP (with upgraded trigger) and/or the Remington RM380? We all know the LCP fits in a pocket very easily. The RM380 is a bit bigger but also pocket sized. It also seems to get on target and is easier on the hand & wrist. Of course I don’t have to get rid of either. Anyone got any thoughts or opinions on the subject?
  7. Brownells just advertised a Hi-Power clone and it is not of our TGO member @hipower Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember seeing anyone mentioning it. http://lp.brownells.com/index.php/email/emailWebview?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTXpRMlpUVmlOamd6TnpJNCIsInQiOiI0M2x3SVlBVCtydDRUUzVjRlhLQk5nb1JWNzZkclkyNlJzZWJIMDNkQUVMcXMxMUlRamxuXC9cL0xGQ0tRWFBUYk1icUhrSFwvWVZqdWd2V1IyY0YrY0pKS1pGc2NRWHRTK1pialJyTkdFK2dqcWszbGFDSkxrU2lMZTVhSXhHQU5cL2kifQ%3D%3D
  8. Steelharp

    Colt 1911 help??? ASAP!

    Got a customer. Inherited a Colt 1911, ser number dates the frame to 1918. The Uncle was a match shooter, and had the gun converted for competition shooting. It has a slide from Colt with the number 7790314, NM on the bushing. Adjustable KENSIGHT rear sight. Any idea of value? I have no idea how to find it.
  9. Looks like S.A. is "reintroducing" the old Gen 1 XD series by selling them for $339 MSRP by deleting the extras and just having one magazine. They call it the Defender series. This may give the Ruger Security 9 folks some competition. Palmetto State Armory has them for sale for $299 now . Pretty neat I think. The XD platform is well tested and proven. I'd buy an XD any day over a brand new design like the Security 9 or any other new design that hasn't been proven yet.
  10. AmmoMan

    Glock 48?

    My wife has a Glock 19 that she occasionally shoots. Her only issue is the grip is a little too wide for how small her hands are. Yesterday I let her hold and fire my Glock 43. While she loved the narrower grip of the single stack vs double stack 9mm, the short barrel and lighter slide creates a snappier kick. (which she did not like) Not to mention if she ever needed to use it in a self defense situation, the shorter sight radius and 6-round magazine could be a disadvantage. I think the new G48 might be the best of both worlds for her - longer sight radius and barrel, heavier slide, and a 10 round magazine. It just might be the perfect combination of the G19 and G43. However, she doesn't want me buying one for her until she can shoot a few rounds through it along side her G19 to make sure it is exactly what she wants. Does anyone around the Crossville area have a G48 that she test fire? We do go to Nashville and/or Knoxville every now and then too, so that could be a possibility.
  11. I've got a soft spot for revolvers and just recently picked up Taurus 617, 7 shot, 357 mag. Anyone else have one? What holster do you use for carry? It's an odd frame size.....slightly larger than a S&W J-Frame but not quite the size of a K-frame. Interestingly enough, an internet search hasn't turned up a lot of holster options for the Taurus 617. Thanks
  12. tnron

    22 tcm updates

    is anyone else reloading for the 22 tcm ? i have been for around 5 yrs now . so what powders and bullets do you like ?
  13. CBOW

    Revolver suggestions

    Hey everyone. I am needing a recommendation for a 4” revolver. I am looking to buy my wife one for her birthday. Her favorite gun to shoot is my Dan Wesson model 15 short barrel but I think she will really like something longer. I had a smith model 19 that I liked but would like something 357 capable, she likes heavier guns and stainless. Should I be looking at the 686 or GP100 only? What are your thoughts? Under 1000 price range
  14. tercel89

    Beretta APX single stack

    I was watching some reviews and in the next video I watch where some guy was watching Beretta's Youtube channel and in the background was an APX in a very thin single stack configuration with no light rail. Someone was test firing it in the background while the speaker was talking about trigger pull on striker guns.. He said he went back later to try to screen shot the picture of it and the video was taken down. I sure hope they go with more than 6 or 7 rounds. The APX double stack 9mm is an awesome gun. The only polymer pistol I'd say was up to Glock 17 standards and I'm a big Glock fan. Mine feels very thin even though its a double stack. I guess we will see in a few months.
  15. downtown

    Glock 19 Gen5 cut out

    Not a fan of the cut out on the lower front of the grip for the magwell on the Gen 5 G19. Today I saw a G19 Gen5 MOS and it didn't have the cut out. Does anyone know if the standard G19's have switched to the "no cut out" frame? Thanks.
  16. I say toy as my use will be plinkin' and target shootin' at slow pace (reduce AMMO use with fixed cylinder load 'em one at a time). Maybe play like a cowboy cause it is old time cowboy weapon replica in 22LR or 22 MAG caliber. Taurus bought Heritage MFG, but the guns are made in Miami, FL. I am pretty sure based on U-Tube Reviews (basically good gun for the money) and MY WANTS (sometiems wants are needs HA!), that I will buy one tomorrow at Bud's as best price currently around here $119 and includes 1/2 HR FREE Range time. It's a Wants & Needs Thing. So, just posting this for your Information and any KNOWLEDGABLE EXPERIENCEEd COMMENTS -- I probably should wait to buy, but going to jump the gun and do it FRI - maybe SAT. That said, there are a couple issues from reviews per U-Tube: It can be off and only sight adjustment is file / bend front sight (it is old style western fixed sights - like old 45s). Also, saw one bad review when a guy supposedly had one new with cylinder alignment off to point he got lead back in his face (fired 5 rounds before he decided it was a problem - seems strange). Also, only 1 year warranty. By the way it has a safety that keeps hammer from hitting firing pin in case you should drop it or bang the hammer. So, can load all six rounds safely. Also, can get a 22MAG Cylinder to use in same gun for extra $29.99 (interchangeable with 22 LR). List price for Basic 22LR with 4 or 6 inch barrel is $179. Two dealers (Knifeworks and Floyds) in Sevierville, TN has them for $129. Just found out Bud's (Sevierville, TN) has them for $119 and includes 1/2 HR Free Range time. Have heard Sports Academy has Black Friday sales on these every year for $99. Their in stock price today was $179. FORGET THAT.
  17. This may have been posted here before , heck I may have posted this before but anyways , I just watched a few of the Mossberg pistol videos and everyone is so happy of how you don't have to pull the trigger to disassemble it. My question is this : Why the heck are so many people scared to pull the trigger to disassemble an EMPTY gun ? I have never understood this. It' so bad that some people wont buy Glocks and others like them. It isn't rocket science. Just clear the gun and take it apart. But now the new generation has taken over and making newer guns with things to where you don't have to pull that DANGEROUS TRIGGER. I honestly want to know what the big deal is . Clear the gun and you're good to go . Ok my rant is over .
  18. All the tauruses I ever owned have been fantastic. In fact, I have been trying to hunt down another TP 809 and the damn things are impossible to find. And no one has the TH9 instock as well. Just trying to figure out why all the animosity towards the brand.
  19. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-scorpion-evo-3-s2-pistol-micro-w-brace/ According to the 2019 SHOT reps...this is finally at the front of the line and will be released first quarter of this year...after an 8 month delay.....was gonna get a scorpion but the money I would spend modifying one to look like this might as well wait for this one.
  20. Fourtyfive

    Anybody own a Sig P320 X5?

    I’ve been thinking of getting one but I see the current one is being discontinued for a newer milled slide that will take a DPP, RMR instead of just the Sig Romeo. Are the reflex sights being made not a generic style mount? Can anyone out there verify this? The newer model will end with R2 in the model number from what I have read on-line. The older model has dropped to around $650 on-line and from what I see the newer one will be at $800’s. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to pay for the newer model.....
  21. We've been talking about this for a few days over on the Shooters Nation Community (Facebook group). I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. Glock 48. 10rd, staggered or single stack, approximate in size to the Glock 19 but with a slightly longer slide.
  22. owejia

    Beretta 3032 Tomcat inox

    After research on this model, may look at getting one for cc. Good, bad and the ugly opinions please. Arthritis creeping into my hands, making racking slides more difficult. Have no problem carrying 32's or 380 pistol as self defense guns. Wife's hand are worse than mine so would be a good night stand gun for her also. Really like the simplicity of the Tomcat model.
  23. I got carried away on my Hi-Point Topic regarding this trade and reason I did and an evaluation of the Spectrum ( I have not shot it yet, just notice the scratch trigger pull - double action in case you did not know that). Summarize part of the reason for the trade was because of the $35 rebate on the Spectrum (by Taurus) and Smoky Mtn Gun did offer to trade. Not much offer, but $75 for the gun, case, extra Mag. So, final cost cash from me was $79.66 for the switch. Then thought I should start a new topic on the TAURUS SPECTRUM 380 based on my evaluation at this point. Maybe, someone has some experience with the firing pin (removal) that I don't. HMMM!!! Just realized be easier to go copy from my Hi-Point post to paste it here than to retype it. I did and came back to edit this post. I add an evaluation with out having shot the Spectrum 380. U-Tube reviews in general are good. It Is What It Is, a low priced small pistol primarily made for easy Concealed Carry, and not a target pistol although some folks do pretty good shooting it. I have not shot it, but did break it down, lube it and have racked it hundreds of times (cheap break in with out AMMO). By the way, a very easy break down, turn one screw head 1/4 turn CCW and pull slide off, put slide back on and the lock screw resets itself. Barrel and spring with rod is easy out also. My main issue not having shot it is the Trigger Pull, it is double only so a long pull before break and a long reset. The worst thing is the trigger is scratchy during the long pull. Having the slide off I noticed the trigger pull is very smooth with out the slide (only the trigger parts and not setting the firing pin in the slide). I then moved the firing pin back (manually) on the slide and you can feel the scratchiness. I took the spring and short rod (it's in the rear of the slide) out of the slide and you still feel the scratchiness when moving the firing pin by hand. Removing the firing in beyond what I did is a DIFFICULT procedure with a number of small springs and a pin involved per U-Tube posts (check U-Tube for Taurus Spectrum 380 Firing Pin Removal). There are only two posts and they are not complete.: One guy is misled in thinking the firing pin is the rod in the spring. That rod is not the firing pin, it is rod to guide the spring. He does at least show how to remove that spring and rod from the slide. The other guy's presentation is more informative as he did have his firing pin out at one time (he says). HOWEVER, he dose not show the removal. He points out that the main block in the slide where the firing pin is actually located (call it the firing pin assembly) can be removed. However, he points out he had a very hard time getting it back together as total of three little springs to deal with and a pin he nearly lost. I had not researched U-Tube before looking at mine (dumb), but at least I did not go so far as to remove the block (firing pin assembly). I did remove the rear spring and rod. I did then manually slide the firing pin (call it the tip the trigger moves) by hand and could feel the scratchiness. SO, IT IS IN THE FIRING PIN ASSEMBLY. The black tube 'thingy' I slid back reaches a stop, but there is a button (Thin about 1/4 inch) in the slide near the rear that releases that black tube 'thingy' and allows it to slide back another 1/2 inch. That exposes a bit more of the firing pin, a metal portion shows up that appears to have some wear (remember this gun has not been fired, but dry fired maybe 10 times at most). The black tube 'thingy' that seems to contain the firing pin is blocked from coming any further. SO, NOT MUCH ELSE can be done in that position. I AM GLAD I DID NOT GO FURTHER as not knowing what I am doing. I would like to maybe Emory Paper it smoother if I could gain access to it after a closer look. I will just go and see if it shoots at this point. Hope I did not mess anything up. ANYONE have any experience with the Spectrum 380 (in particular the firing pin and trigger scratchiness)?????
  24. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/01/15/new-more-contemporary-hi-point-pistol-promised-for-shot-show?fbclid=IwAR1iKHieqY5SPoPa8wXJN-KALmOQwBI6KK8fyBxfZNFPlckKn9pBR8mYlq8
  25. Capbyrd

    Hudson nearing the end?

    Hudson was originally supposed to display at SHOT Show but their area is empty and they were removed from the exhibitors list. Recoil reached out to them to ask about it and they responded that they couldn't afford to make the trip. They do mention being sued and having a dispute with a parts supplier. Recoil also found the lawsuit. The part supplier is claiming that they were not paid over 300,000 dollars for parts that they delivered. Hudson also lost an investor just before they were supposed to receive that funding. Hudson could be in serious trouble. Please read the article at the link to see more. Apparently they can't fix warranty guns and return them right now either. https://www.recoilweb.com/recoil-exclusive-hudson-responds-to-shot-no-show-145454.html

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