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Found 61 results

  1. I'm going to get a new pistol for 3gun and general range fun, and I like the way the 5" M&P 9 Pro feels in the hand. I've read some conflicting reports about the accuracy of the older ones. How are they now? I'd be interested in opinions comparing it to the VP9 and full size P320 also because I'm considering them as well. I have plenty of Glocks and love them all, but I just want something different this time.
  2. So I have been bitten by the PDW bug and on the advice of several of our members, assembled this Sig MPX 9mm with SB Tactical pistol brace and Vortex Razor 3MOA red dot sight on an ADM riser. Enjoy.
  3. What are my options for a Target/Competition M&P? The trigger on this gun is ridiculous; it feels like its rolling across rocks in a parking lot. Don’t tell me to send it back to S&W; it’s been there twice in my three month ordeal. A high Point has a better trigger than this so called “Performance Center” POS. But that is neither here nor there; it just has to be replaced. I have done plenty of action jobs on revolvers, but have never had a trigger on an M&P so bad it had to be replaced. Is Apex the only option? I see a lot of options on their web site. Which kit do I need? This will not be a carry gun or a home protection gun in any way; it will be dedicated solely to target shooting at the range. I won’t say money doesn’t matter, but I already have a bunch invested in this gun and a Vortex Venom optic. So I don’t want to invest more and then wish I had done something more.
  4. Like I said in the other thread, I went ahead and ordered the Smith and Wesson Model 60. Well, I went to pick it up today. As I was checking the action, I could see it had a pretty decent trigger for a "straight from the factory" gun. But, when I went to check the single action, the hammer wouldn't stay back. Wouldn't lock on single action. Probably something wrong with the sear. Dave at TN Gun Country was on it immediately. I can say after years of doing business with them that they do take care of the customer and I like those guys there. I have zero problem with them. They were apologizing for it, but that was nothing they could have controlled. Dave is sending it back to Smith. Sort of leaves a sickening feeling, but I know between Gun Country and Smith it'll be taken care of and made right. I'm just anxious to get it back. Anyone else ever had this happen with a new Smith? I'm curious as to what would cause that.
  5. In my case, I guess not. I would have to say my favorite handgun is my PPQ... but the one I find in my holster most often is my SR9c. I think the flexibility is the thing. The Ruger is really 3 different sizes. With the 10 rd mag with the flat baseplate, it fits perfectly in the Sneaky Pete I had made back when I had a PPS. Yeah, it fits in the same place a single stack 6 rd pistol did. With the pinky extension, it's easy to conceal the butt, and it feels like a full size grip, all 3 fingers have support. With the 17 rd mag, well, it IS a full size 9. Regardless of anything else I've ever had, I keep coming back to it.
  6. Just got an email saying that Grabagun has the TAURUS 709 SLIM for $185. Regular price is $329. http://grabagun.com/taurus-709fs-9mm-7rd-3-bl-1-mag.html
  7. One of the guns I got recently from an online auction is a Glock 42 .380. I bought it with a couple others because I wanted to try a Glock and the price was really good. Already had a .380 so ammo was already in stock at the house. It came with the box, test fire envelope, lock (wrong keys though..ooops lol), and one mag with Pearce mag grip extension. Looks totally new and was oiled really well. I am guessing was a backup gun maybe but no info from the source as to history. The only issue I have so far is that the slide is HARD to rack. I am not a weak guy and I have to work at it so much that I might not get the slide fully racked the first time. I can rack my other medium to small size semis just fine. Some are almost new and some are pretty worn in. Anyone else have this? Any chance maybe the previous owner swapped a spring out? Maybe all Glocks are this hard until broken in? Never had one before. Thanks in advance for the input.
  8. Have a Colt Anaconda 44 mag my niece wants to sell , was left to her by father but is too much for her . Trying to find a fair price for her Gun Broker prices are not always the standard
  9. I'm looking for thoughts on Grand Power pistols. In particular I'm looking at the K22 X-Trim and the K100 X-Caliber. I know it's a difference between a 9mm and a .22, but I figured for the price I could try either. I figured the K22 I could let the kids have fun with and plink suppressed and the K100 would be more for me. Your input is appreciated.
  10. Handguns under 150
  11. I am super close to sending my 75B Omega to Cajun Gun Works. Recent side by side shooting and carry as compared to my P01 SDP, I shoot the stock Omega better and don't gain that much by downsizing to the SDP. Before I spend all those pennies and go back to my original EDC does anyone have 1st or 2nd experience with CGW? Thanks for any and all feedback. Jesus loves you
  12. I was just wondering what you think of it.
  13. Good morning! With what seem to be multiple good Handgun Carry class options in the Nashville area, I'd appreciate any comments/thoughts on the strengths (or, if appropriate, weaknesses) of the different offerings. Thanks. C. Andrew Dunning
  14. I am wanting to pick up a .22LR pistol. I would prefer to go with a 3 inch or less revolver. I am having a hard time finding one that is not a RG (or similar quality ), a H&R (or similar) antique, or just as expensive as a .38. I also want to avoid the mini revolvers like the NAA models. I may have to settle for a semi, but thought I would ask first. So any suggested models? Just in case if you have a recommendation for a semi, toss it in too. Thanks guys and gals.
  15. Does anyone know why there are no aftermarket Guide rods and Springs for the Springfield XD .45 with the 4" barrel?
  16. Today, I went to the range. I took my the whole arsenal. I'm loving shooting with P320. It's so nice. The trigger is the best non 1911 trigger I've handled. Then I went to shoot my Kahr beloved CM9.... So long and squishy. I dont like having such different trigger experiences. Thinking of the P938... The P320 sub compact is a bit too thick for EDC. What are your thoughts on the P938?
  17. I recently acquired a Tactical Sport Orange, I was on the fence as to spending the extra for the Orange model over the traditional Tactical Sport model. With a lot of the same features as the Czechmate, I didn't feel the need to spend the money for the Czechmate. I don't have any plans to run this as a competition gun since having 2 jobs leaves me little time to do competitions, my wife likes seeing me from time to time. One thing I didn't like was the Orange grips and mag base plates, so I cerakoted them black to match the pistol the day I got it. Overall I'm happy with the pistol as far as it feels in my hand. It was a good replacement for my 75 SP-01. I wanted to get some reviews from guys running this in 3-Gun matches before I gave it to my sponsored shooter to run in his off-season since STI would likely frown upon him shooting it in matches. So what are your thoughts on it, if you're running one? I've put 20 rounds through it so far and am pleased with the results. With that being said, I'm waiting for a disc replacement in my neck and currently can't feel much with my right hand so shooting right now is a bit iffy for me as far as accuracy goes. One thing I liked about the SP-01 over this was the safety size. The tactical Sport Orange has some oversized and lower safeties than the SP-01 did and found myself bumping them a little when I shot. Hopefully this will be mitigated after the surgery and can feel what's going on better. For anyone looking at CZ and if you're in the Clarksville area PM me and I'll set up soemething for you to try it out. The pictures are a before and after, getting rid of the Orange . I'll do a better review after April on this. The SP-01 is there for comparison purposes, I was talked out of it a few weeks ago.
  18. I'm starting my studies on the 226. I've owned one before, but it's been a long time ago. I'm thinking I want another one. I'm going to gather my Glock 19 FDE and all the crap together at some point and get ready to put it toward a Sig (or?). Looking a while down the road. I have owned somewhere north of 1,459,726 1/2 Glocks (it seems) of various calibers over the years, and I've been issued Glocks for the last 20 years, and I've gone through the Glock armorer's course. So I KNOW the Glocks. I know there mostly reliable, and I know there have been some problems. (Thought I'd get all that out of the way first) But I am TIRED of them! And I mean really tired of them. So tired that I seem to be developing some kind of angst agin 'em that's been gathering steam for quite some time (years) now. So maybe it is time for something different. I like the Beretta's I've owned, and there's certain things about them that I dislike, just like any other gun. Pretty well know the platform. I believe I like the Sig 226 or 228 better. And, of course, when my lustful eye falleth upon a CZ 75 I get a........well never mind that, but I really like them. I'd have to decide between the standard and omega systems. So, my choice is twixt these three. I know there are fans of the newer Sigs, and fans of the older west Germans. Amongst the Sigs, what do I need to look for, and which ones do I need to stay away from? Or would I be better off just concentrating on Beretta or CZ? Obviously I just thought I'd come here and vent and be considerate enough to allow ya'll to take part in my misery.
  19. I love the M1 Carbine in .30 Cal so much that I started looking for a handgun in the caliber to match. My search led me to both of these. An AMT/IAI Automag III and a Ruger New Model Blackhawk - both in the awesome .30 Caliber Carbine.
  20. I had posted awhile back about the Taurus PT-111 9mm I had bought. I have taken it to the range on several occasions and fired several hundred rounds through it. I have enjoyed it immensely. The trigger does have a rather long pull before firing (training gets one used to the pull) but it does have a short reset and follow-up shots are easy. Even one-handed shots are comfortable. I did replace the stock dual recoil spring assembly with an all stainless steel version from Lakeline, LLC. I am considering buying some tritium night sights from them to put on the gun. It has been a reliable pistol. So much so that I bought me a Alien Gear Super Cloak 3.0 iwb holster for it. It conceals really good with my new holster. I will say that wearing the gun next to the skin with an iwb can be slightly uncomfortable with the aggressive texturing on the grip. I have read a lot of great reviews (albeit a few negative ones) about this gun. I had been reluctant to consider Taurus pistols as a purchase due to the negative reviews I have read and heard about them. Their QC seems to have improved with the PT-111 Gen 2. If you are looking for a decent 9mm compact pistol which can hold 12+1 rounds then I highly suggest giving this gun a try. I paid roughly $280 for it at my local Bass Pro store. I have seen them on PSA for $209.
  21. I've consolidated most of my calibers and got rid of all my 1911s and while I like my glocks they just don't fit my hands like a 1911 does. I want to stay with 9mm and I'd like to get another 1911. I've looked online at the EMP but from what I've read, due to the composite frame(?) you can't shoot +Ps thru them. Also, I wonder if the smaller frame will fit my hands? What other 9mm 1911 options are out there? I know there is costume shop stuff in the $2k plus range but that's out of my league right now. I'm in the dreaming stages right now, due to unexpected medical bills.
  22. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/L9q6lvQ
  23. Has S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms etc... stopped making a .327 Magnum with a 2" to 3" barrel? I have looked everywhere I know to look and can't find one. I've found several 1.8" and 4" barrel revolvers but none in the 2" to 3". I can't even find a used one!!
  24. Just a heads up. Tennessee Gun Country had a Sig P320 Tac Ops, operative word is had! $703 before taxes and background check. Also Academy in Clarksville is carrying the new Canik SF Elite model. Titanium colored slide, $430 before taxes and background check.
  25. So i found a really good deal online on an arizona "classifieds" website.. contacted the person using the email address from ad... seems kinda fishy, dunno why but doesnt seem right... is there a way i can ensure im getting the gun before i pay this individual... just seems to good to be true

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