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  1. What are yalls input on Glock 45 gen5 I just bought it because I liked the 19x but didnt like the FDE,So I got The 45 in black .TIA
  2. While y'all were hoarding toilet paper and draining the supply chain of affordable ammo again, I picked up this little pup during the first week of the "Safer at Home" response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Sig Sauer P320 XCompact RXP with Sig Romeo 1 Pro Red Dot Sight In all honesty, I ordered it around the first of February and it just took far too long for the retailer to ship it. I naively chose Locked and Loaded out of Pana, Illinois from the retailers that advertise through Gun.Deals due to them having the lowest price available on it. In hindsight I would have paid more just to have not had to wait nearly four weeks, or having had to call my credit card company to start a claim against the retailer for failing to ship it in a reasonable time. Avoid them like the plague. Boy does that phrase take on new meaning in the modern context. But yes, avoid them like you would avoid COVID-19. Anyway, the gun itself is a fine little blaster and the Romeo 1 Pro is a nice piece of kit as well. The original Romeo 1 (non Pro) was pretty frail and fragile as evidenced by Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics bieng able to effortlessly break it far earlier in the test than any other red dot had succumbed previously. Watch that video! Aaron's tests of red dot optics has become a go-to for me when researching new gear, so I was initially pretty wary of the Romeo 1 Pro as well. But those concerns seem to perhaps be a little unfounded, as Sig has beefed this model up and given it a heavy aluminum shroud around the glass. What really eased my concerns, though, is that the Romeo 1 Pro has the same mounting footprint as the Leupold Delta Point Pro... which, while it was also pretty weak in Cowan's torture tests... has been chosen as the footprint du jour for one of Holosun's forthcoming releases. And Holosun has been making some really fantastic, very rugged red dot sights lately. Again, go back to Sage Dynamics' videos for his test of the 507C and I think maybe even the 508T at this point. Regardless, the fact that I should be able to swap the Romeo 1 Pro for a Holosun at some point seemed like a winner of an idea in case the Romeo Pro can't handle real life carry and use. Anyway... let's talk about the gun.... I had a regular plain jane P320 Compact shortly after they came to market and just couldn't love it. The grip design felt like a dry bar of soap in my hands. It wasn't particularly ergonomic, lacked material in the places that would have allowed me to get more of a tight grip on it, and had mateiral in places that kept me from getting a firm enough grasp where it counted. I sold that gun fairly quickly. When the dimunitive P365 came out with the new and improved and grippier texture, I was greatly impressed. And when the P320 X-Series came out with the same texture and a recontoured grip design, I was intrigued. It just took me a hot minute to pick one up. First Shooting Impressions... 1st - I liked the trigger, a lot. I put about two solid weeks of dry-fire into the gun before I was finally able to get it to the range. I was lucky to get to my favorite local outdoor shooting spot on a day that the pistol bays were fairly empty and therefore Chinese Virus (tm) free. I spent enough time there to dial-in the dot and then run a few mags for function checking. 2nd - There is no hiding the fact that it's a Sig with the typical higher-than-seems-necessary bore axis. It flips a bit under recoil, but not too badly. 3rd - While the ergos of the X-Series frame are lightyears beyond what the standard P320 has, it can still be better. The grip texture isn't grippy enough and Sig strangely opted to leave smooth the area where your middle finger falls across the front strap beneath the trigger guard. While that may seem smart from a comfort perspective, your middle finger is one of three that most folks apply the most gripping force with. The other two being their thumb and index finger. I'd rather see some grippy texture where the middle finger falls so that I can really get some traction, especially with that high bore axis trying to flop the gun around in my hand when I put striker to primer. To remedy that, I'm expecting another X-Series Compact grip module soon from Chris over at 3 Golf Gunworks in North Carolina. He's putting their "Autumn" texture on the module for me and it should have a lot more grip as a result. Like the photo below, albeit in all black. Anyway, bottom line? Really nice gun. I like a lot of the things about it. The trigger is good, the shape of the grip is good, the red dot optic seems good and has a nice big open window for quick and easy sighting, and it carries very comfortably in a Werkz M6 holster. I stumbled across Jamison's company while searching for IWB light-bearing holsters for the P320 Compact and the Streamlight TLR-7 combo. Not only is it a design similar to some of my other favorites (SAC Zulu, Henry Holsters Spark) but the M6 is one of their Quick Ship models that goes out in the mail in approximately 2-business days. I've added a pair of Pull-the-Dot soft loops that I had on hand since taking this pic. Werkz offers those as an option in their web store, too. It's a shame about the grip texture, but at least grip modules are inexpensive (about $50 for the X-Compact) and there are numerous places to have them worked-over by competent "Stipplers". Or you can try your hand at it yourself with a wood burning tool, a light touch and a steady hand. And you aren't ruining a perfectly good gun since the grip module isn't the serialized part on the P320. I'm looking forward to more range time with it, but right now I think it's a solid choice and a good option for people who just don't want to recognize the fact that the Glock 19 and Glock 45 share the pinnacle of perfection.
  3. I've decided to spend my stimulus check on a 9mm and ammo, but which one? I'd like a lighter compact with about a dozen rounds capacity, under 25 oz., Condition 1 carry is a big plus, polymer frames are OK, some striker-fired are tolerable, had 2 Glocks (and 2 too many), but I have a carbine that uses Glock mags, so a 19, if cheap might get it. I like the looks of a CZ 2075 RAMI, but can't find one to handle. What do you recommend?
  4. Just wondering, revolver or semi and what kind of caliber? Just casual trail riding in the mountains mostly. Feel free to be specific... Barrel length and other.
  5. I am looking for a thumb piece or cylinder latch release for a k frame. I will need to do a little filing so it can be a used one.
  6. Just read an article that Scott & Webley had done a reboot in India. Article date 2-25-20 on Guns.com site. A new line of top breaks in 32 cal, even a 1911. Any interest in these old top breaks here? I have an Enfield 38 S & W. Have a mould to cast the 200 gr bullet for it but haven't gotten around to loading for it yet. Always liked the ugly rugged look of them. Like the short barrel tanker model also.
  7. bduncan1231

    AMT 50AE

    Scratched an itch I’ve had for a long time. I’ve loved these pistols since their inception.
  8. Supposed to be available soon, MSRP $39.99. Steel aftermarket mag.
  9. Anyone try out that new Glock 44 in .22 LR? My wife owns a Ruger 9mm (LC9s) she does not carry, shoot, or ever use, because it's too 'snappy' for her wrists. We've tried larger frame guns (I carrySW M&P 9C), went through the rental rack at the local store (including .380 pistols), just doesn't like it. Suffers from RSD/Carpal Tunnel type pains from work. Enjoy's shooting. Always takes a turn with the .22 rifles. The Glock brand has an impeccable reputation for good reason, I've shot them. I'm contemplating suggesting my wife get one for carry, if she's not going to carry the Ruger she bought years ago. Yes, granted, it IS a 22, but it's better than the knife she carry's? And the perp on the other end isn't going to measure the barrel diameter, they're just going to see their 'victim' put a Glock in their face. Given the current direction of things, I'd rather her carry a .22 Glock in her purse than nothing? We're both permitted in TN, don't travel much out of state. Thanks.
  10. Garufa

    Ruger PC Charger

    How did this escape notice? New from Ruger, the 9mm PC Charger pistol: https://ruger.com/products/pcCharger/models.html
  11. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a red dot sight for my 12ga semi-auto shotgun which has picatinny rail on the receiver. Hoping to have better scores on duck hunting in twilight at close and medium ranges. I was looking for a couple of red dot sights on the internet and get confused: One of them is this one: CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight with 20mm Rail, only 19 dollars. Second one is this: Ohuhu Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles. It has also charming price, only 19 dollars. By the way, I'm from Turkey/Istanbul. Some of veteran hunters recommend Burris Fastfire series and Docter brand red dot sights for 12ga shotguns, around here. Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black). 195 dollars. Burris 300236 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 8 MOA Sight (Black). 190 dollars. Which one is proper for my desired purpose? I need your valuable comments and recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  12. tercel89

    Ruger 57

    I really like the Ruger LCPII in .22lr that was just released but WOW , I just saw that Ruger released ANOTHER pistol in the 5.7 with 20 rd magazines. Pretty dang neat ! https://www.ruger.com/micros/57/
  13. Seems everyone is going to semi-auto. Anyone still old school wheelgun
  14. Interesting, love my 320's no issues. Dear Valued Customer, Although plaintiffs have not proven their claims, SIG SAUER has reached an agreement to resolve a class action lawsuit alleging that P320 pistols manufactured prior to August 8, 2017, have the ability to fire when the pistol’s slide and barrel are in an unlocked condition. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit claim that the inclusion of a mechanical disconnector in the design of the P320 pistol after August 8, 2017, a feature which is also included in the free Voluntary Upgrade Program (VUP) provided to all owners of P320 pistols manufactured prior to August 8, 2017, prevents the P320 pistol from firing in this condition. SIG SAUER denies plaintiffs’ claims. By entering into this agreement, SIG SAUER is not admitting that any of plaintiffs’ allegations have merit, and plaintiffs have not proven their claims. In fact, it is SIG SAUER’s position that the design of the P320 pistol – both pre-upgrade and post-upgrade – prevents the P320 pistol from firing in an unlocked condition. SIG SAUER has conducted extensive testing of both the pre-upgrade and post-upgrade P320 pistols to confirm its position that the pistol will not fire with the slide and barrel in an unlocked condition. In late 2017, SIG SAUER implemented an upgraded design of the P320 pistol to enhance the safety and performance of its P320 model pistol. All P320 owners who purchased a pistol prior to the design change are able to have their P320 pistols upgraded through the P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program (VUP). The upgraded design and implementation of the VUP was designed to further enhance the drop safety of the P320 model pistol. Although the P320 pistol met and exceeded all U.S. safety standards, it was discovered during additional testing beyond those standards that in some cases, under very specific conditions, the P320 pistol could discharge if dropped at a specific angle. Additionally, as part of this design upgrade, a mechanical disconnector was added to the P320 pistol to enhance trigger feel and consistency, as well as to prevent a “dead trigger” condition when the trigger has been pulled with the slide retracted. Although this disconnector serves as a redundant safety against the pistol firing in an unlocked condition, it is not its primary function and is not necessary to prevent such occurrences. The SIG SAUER P320 pistol continues to meet and exceed all industry safety standards, and it is safe to carry and use in both the pre- and post-upgrade versions, when handled in accordance with the operator’s manual. However, to avoid the uncertainty and high costs of further litigation, SIG SAUER has reached an agreement to resolve this case. The forms attached below describe the rights which current and past P320 pistol owners may have under the terms of this agreement. If this agreement is finally approved by the court, these individuals may be entitled to certain benefits, including continued availability of the P320 VUP free of charge, a lifetime warranty against specific kinds of damage to the firearms, and a potential refund of amounts previously charged to repair firearms or replacement of unrepairable pistols. Please review these documents carefully to determine whether you may be eligible to submit a claim for such benefits. NOTE: IF YOU CURRENTLY OWN A P320 PISTOL THAT WAS MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO AUGUST 8, 2017, AND WHICH HAS NOT GONE THROUGH THE VOLUNTARY UPGRADE PROGRAM, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM TO HAVE AN UPGRADE PERFORMED. SIG SAUER ENCOURAGES YOU TO VISIT THE VOLUNTARY UPGRADE PAGE TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR FIREARM IS ELIGIBLE FOR UPGRADE, AND TO INITIATE THE UPGRADE PROCESS. Completed claim forms can be submitted to: hartleyagreement@sigsauer.com.
  15. Has anyone actually seen or put hands on one as of yet? I would definitely like to see/handle one in person. This may become a "I want one" type things! Can use some after market Glocks parts/OEM parts but is different enough to be interesting. I like the Life Time warranty.
  16. Got tired of staring at the thing...they are surprisingly easy to shoot without a brace and woo-wee what a fireball...but the triggers suck...tons of phillips screws look dumb, and lets just face it having a brace makes aiming easier...however one huge advantage to these is weight...3.4lbs stock....I still need to weigh it but even with the added kit I think im still at 5lbs or less....I got some other plans for later but im happy with its direction.
  17. I've got about 350 rounds downrange with the Masada as of today. Basics: 2 x 17 round magazines, with remarkably stiff springs. Comes with 2 backstraps (small and large), and optic mounting kit with 4 RDS-specific spacer plates and appropriate screws. The optic cut cover and all the mounting plates are plastic. The RDS plates included are for: Deltapoint, RMR, Venom, and Romeo 1. Trigger pull is 4 lbs, about 4.5mm worth of takeup and another 4mm of smooth, non-stacking creep. Ambi mag release and ambi slide release. Steel 3-dot sights. Handling and shooting impressions: Good hand feel for me, I left the large backstrap installed. Trigger has a great pull, but trigger slap does occur on mine. Out of the box, shooting a few mags of mildly hot 9mm earns you a stinging trigger finger. After mounting a RDS, the trigger slap was softened and all but unnoticeable. The Glock-type safety dingus isn't really a problem. I'd put about 100 rounds through it before I installed the Vortex Venom RDS, and the trigger slap was unpleasant enough that I was considering getting rid of the gun. After installing the RDS and putting 250 more rounds through it with considerably tamed trigger slap, I feel like it was built and intended for RDS use exclusively. Sights are very much a "combat hold" setup, where the POI is about where the white dot on the front sight is. I was using a 6'oclock hold at about 10 yards and my group was about 1.5"-2" below the 1" dot that I was resting atop my front sight. Accuracy was about average for your typical $400 polymer combat pistol, about on par with my S&W M&P 1.0s, at least while shooting irons. The rear sight notch is a bit too wide for me, so that likely contributed. With the RDS, accuracy seemed to tighten up to the point I had no complaints. Reloads were not as fast as I'd have liked. The front of the magazine extends up into a "tab" that is prone to catch on the frontstrap side of the mag opening. The mag opening has a pretty good bevel on the rear but not on the sides or front, which are thin; and the recessed area on both sides doesn't do you any favors, either. The mag release button is a bit small and requires me to twist the gun just a bit to hit it reliably, but since this is an ambi mag button, I may just work on hitting it with my trigger finger instead. At least the mags eject briskly. Slide release is large and easy to hit but not big enough to be in the way. The gun doesn't seem all that fat, but the only holster it would fit in is the one for my Steyr M9, which, along with the Beretta APX, has the fattest slide of any gun I own. Fortunately, the Steyr, APX, and Masada all fit very nicely into the same holster, so that what I'll use. Reliability was 100% with my ammo, which are 115 gr coated lead reloads running about 1200 FPS. Summary: An exceptional value at a little over $400. Trigger slap is something to watch out for, maybe it was just my gun, but installing a RDS made that a non-issue. Due to its magwell, mag changes are a little slow. Accuracy and reliability earn an "A" for me. Sights adequate but not optimal.
  18. I have a question for a short discussion. What's so great about the P99? Is it really better than a PPQ? Or just hype? Not sure if I'm looking to be talked into or out of buying a P99 from Classic Firearms. I'm really happy with my PPQ M2, but always hear that the P99 was and is the standard for the Walther lineup. Never shot, nor even held a P99. What say you?
  19. Could someone tell me how to determine turnabout of a 60's model Smith model 37 no dash airweight? Someone said there were some made of magnesium instead of aluminum. Is this true?
  20. My very first handgun I bought it 1972-73 Been a great gun over the years Its starting to show its age as I didnt take care of it proper in my early years. I am looking for the grip. Any place I should try to find one? Thanks
  21. Well, after building the 1892 Winchester in 357, I guess I got horned into 357 and just had to finally spring for a nice wheel gun. My taste is in S&W but I want a nice handling range gun and the K frame is just right as not being too heavy. Besides I carried a M10 S&W as a duty gun for 18 years and became fond of my qualifying scores with that action. Problem is, I think S&W has been giving the shooting public the screws on their K frame magnums for a very long time. Frame cutting, and burned throats aside, That I can understand but I draw the line at poor barrel shank design. Iv seen a few K's with bore bulges just forward the barrel shank threads inside the frame mouth. Its ugly and should not happen. Reason being, they stop the barrel treads into a "root diameter" opening cut of the shank rather than stopping the threads into thread OD. Taurus correctly decided long ago that they would correct this deficiency and that is one main reason why I bought a 669 rather than a 66 S&W aside from the $$$ difference. The barrel cylinder gap on the Taurus is perfect at .004. It needs a trigger job and a forcing cone hone that I figured would be needed but all in all, this particular Taurus 357 is going to be a very sweet shooter. Its a bit beefier in the frame than a S&W 66 and the finish is exceptional for the 5 bones even OTD on a GB purchase. The Taurus shank
  22. Steelharp

    Palmetto PS9?

    Just had a customer tell me about this. Interesting.
  23. I’ve never been a trigger snob and until getting an M&P Performance Center with an absolutely terrible trigger, I never used an aftermarket trigger in a semi-auto pistol. Never needed one really. But I wanted the M&P C.O.R.E. Performance Center gun to be a good range target gun. So I had to replace the Trigger. I used an Apex 100-B54 Sear & Trigger kit. The total for the trigger, assembly blocks and shipping was $223.35. The Apex was, by far, better than the S&W Performance Center trigger. But in my opinion not the magnificent day/night trigger I read about on the forums. I’m not saying its not an excellent trigger, but its not a “breaks like a 1911 trigger”. At least not like my 1911’s. So after buying my M&P 2.0 Compact 4” I kicked around the idea of adding a trigger. At the time Apex was about the only option for the M&P. Now I have stumbled onto Overwatch Precision Triggers. They cost more than an Apex. I have no idea how long they have been around, but it makes me wonder why they are priced higher than the Apex? Are they better or is it a marketing ploy? Anyone have one? https://overwatchprecision.com/smith-and-wesson-m-p-2-0-tac-trigger-system/
  24. My son hit me up at xmas for his 21yr old BD gift, he wants a handgun but couldn't give me any details other then caliber and size. He wants 9mm Mid to compact size. My opinion he will not CCW for a few years ( junior in college) but if I buy him a gun I will insist on a CCW permit even "if" he doesn't even use it. I have been looking at Sig P320RX compact w/romeo1 sight (pkg deal) and FN509. Any insights about those guns or is there something else I should look at? Thanks JR
  25. lock n' load

    Ruger 57

    Just came across this. Looks cool and might give FN a run for their money. What's y'all's thoughts? https://ruger.com/micros/57/

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