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Found 352 results

  1. IdRatherBeFlying

    Handgun Carry Question/ Insight

    A while ago my dad had bought a handgun for himself while living here in Tennessee, when I got out of bootcamp and got my handgun permit, he gave it to me as a present ( I was 19 at the time also there is no bill of sale/ paper trail because he just gave it to me) he has since moved to Alabama but I have still have and carry that same handgun today. Is that OK? Am I allowed to carry that gun purchased by my dad who was a tn resident at that time but has now moved to Alabama?
  2. m16ty

    Glock 43 vs Shield 9mm

    Well I've been looking for a more compact carry gun. My Glock 19 is may standard winter carry gun and and general carry gun when I'm not trying too hard to conceal. In the past I'd carry various pocket .380s when I needed better concealment than the 19 offered, but these small .380s aren't doing it for me anymore. I'm just tired of fooling with them, and my accuracy is awful shooting them and any distance. I was pretty much set on picking up a G43, that was until a friend of mine let me shoot his Shield, now I'm torn between the two. I really like the way the shield felt in my hand and the way it shot. I've only held a G43 and haven't shot one but the Glock did fit my hand pretty well also. I've searched the web and have seen several comparisons between the two firearms already, and the conclusions of all I've read is there isn't a nickle's worth of difference between them. I just though I'd throw it out there and see what TGO had to say.
  3. LINKS2K

    Buds has P365 in stock

    $599.00 Team Buds members 45 available as of 9:25 4/11/18
  4. Brothers n Sisters... I've got a 45ACP XDs that i like alot... About the right size, width, n weight... The problem is that the trigger pull is miserable... I need some recommendations on someone in the east tennessee area that might work on this beastie... Thanks a bunch... leroy
  5. Garufa

    M&P M2.0 3.6" Compact

    Smith & Wesson has announced a 3.6" barrel version of their wildly popular M2.0 Compact (4"). Available in both 9 and 40. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/mp-9-m20-36-compact
  6. Springfield Armory Announces TRP 10mm with Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/1911-trp-10mm-rmr/ From their web site... The Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR – one with a 5” barrel, and one with a 6” barrel – are now available with a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight specifically milled into the slide of Springfield Armory’s most elite production 1911. Springfield Armory chose Trijicon, the proven leader in rugged red-dot optics, for its ability to stand up to the power of the formidable 10mm round. The sight is crafted from 7075-T6 aluminum to mil-spec standards and has a patented shape that absorbs impacts and diverts stresses away from the lens, increasing durability. The 5” and 6” TRP 10mm RMRs feature forged National Match frames and slides, precision-fit to match-grade stainless steel fully supported barrels. Frames and slides are Black-T finished to withstand heavy use and harsh environments. The front strap and mainspring housing are checkered in Posi-Lock™ for a firm yet comfortable hold. A SA Magwell/Grip System allows for rapid mag changes under stress without adding any more bulk to the contour of the gun. Once the ambidextrous safety lever is flipped, the Springfield Armory Gen 2 Speed Trigger, calibrated to a crisp 4.5- to 5-pound pull, provides an amazingly clean break. Recoil is managed through extra mass in the reciprocating assembly and frame, making the power of the 10mm round easy on the operator. Each TRP 10mm RMR is shipped with two 9-round magazines. Take Springfield Armory’s most elite production platform, the TRP, and add a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex optic, and you’ve got a critical-use 1911 like nothing else – the new TRP 10mm RMR. The 2018 NRA Annual Meeting has not disappointed for new product releases, at least.
  7. Cazelle24

    USP9 or MK25

    I’m in the market for a full size 9mm and narrowed it down to the HK USP or Sig MK25. Pros and Cons please any advice will be grateful.
  8. Palmetto had a deal I couldn’t pass up. Anybody have experience with buying weapons from them ?
  9. gregintenn

    Sparta gun show score

    I bought a pre war, heavy frame 22/32 with awesome stag grips for a song. It pays to attend local gun shows.
  10. What started this was I stopped by Knifeworks (Hwy 66 Sevierville) just looking around. I spotted three GSG Firefly (like old Sig Mosquito) and took a look (at $189.99 nice gun with threaded barrel extended past frame). Spent some time looking at reviews (U-Tube) and ran into U-Tube on GSG 1911 22LR. Back at Knifeworks and asked if they had any 1911 22LR? Guy said yes, it's an American Tactical. He got it out to look at and it was a GSG 1911 22LR (American Tactical of Summerville, SC is the importer -- gun comes from Germany). I like the features on the Firefly feel and features (it's similar to 1911 with easier controls and is 4 inch barrel, but with extension measures 4 5/8 barrel). That said, I liked the idea of owning a 1911 even if it is only a 22LR (can afford to shoot it is a nice feature over say a 45). Also, the reviews on U-Tube I felt give it a better rating (still it is recommended to use HV AMMO -- 1250 FPS as is the Firefly). All that, I decided I just wanted to own a 1911 and at $239.99 (not bad price). Mostly going to target and plink anyway. So, shot it today about 130 rounds using 4 different AMMOs. Scared me the first two shots as it failed to load (that was with Blazer 22 LR 1235 FPS). Then shot 28 more - no fails. It's lead nosed AMMO. Final result summary. I had a COUPLE MORE FAILURES (4 all together with 47 rounds) using the Blazer AMMO. 1250 FPS I had NO FAILURES with American Eagle Hollow Point Cooper Coated AMMO. Don't Know FPS I had NO FAILURES with some Remington lead nosed AMMO. Don't Know FPS I had Four FAILURES with Federal lead nosed AMMO (probably some bulk low priced I had). Don't know FPS. All and all I was pretty satisfied with new gun (first shooting). I did take it down the night before and lube things (it was very dry). Accuracy for ME SHOOTING (20 feet and one target at 30 feet -- all sitting on chair and elbows on table) was satisfactory (most shots well within a 4 inch target and many with in 3 inches). I am not a marksmen at 80 years old. It did take me a couple shots to know where to set the sights (front on back dots and aim a bit below the bulls eye) I like aim below target to see target and turns out that is the way it was out of the box. The gun comes with four sets of front sights (to adjust elevation). The rear sight does not have the normal windage adjustment -- you can adjust by loosening the hold down screw and rotating the rear sight (windage seems right on for me). Trigger pull is real smooth and very little take up. BY THE WAY --- Lifetime Warranty that passes to nest owner per American Tactical. I called them as manual said 2 years. They said they had changed that and I was seeing an old manual. This web site stopped me from putting pictures in on a previous post -- I will try. Could not as says only allowed 40.9KB, mine are 49KB to about 70KB.
  11. I covered Keyholing on my Heritage Rough Rider 22 six shooter revolver under a topic I had started previously (started when buying the gun). a Heritage Rough Rider 22 It's as you know a rather cheap gun (paid $119 for it). I have been happy with it as fun to shoot, play cowboy, loading and unloading one at a time, cocking the hammer to fire single action. Just like Wyatt. HA! Anyway, I decided to expand the Keyholing events with a New Post regarding in hopes of getting more information about causes. There is some info on Internet search (GOOGLE) under the word Keyholing. You also get some U-Tube (of course). A friend of mine is somewhat of a gun expert (did some gunsmith work as more of a hobby) and also provided some inputs. Just wondering if any other inputs from YOU ALL? In my case, none or very little evidence of Keyholing but sometime ago I saw elongated holes in targets VS nice round little 22 caliber holes. A couple days ago at the range -- it really was BAD. Showed up, but accuracy not bad at 20 foot (4 inch target). Then went to 30 foot and had only three in 4 inch (rest within say 6 inch) and of course elongated holes (Keyholing). Hopefully, I can show pictures here. I could not on the previous post due to limit of 40.9KB. GROAN First Picture is at 30 foot and 4 inch target (keyholing very evident). Like I said, I had also shot at 20 foot target and msot all in the black, but obvious Keyholing there also. I have reduced the pictures to like 15KB files -- see what happens. DANG, now says can only use 10.2 KB (WHAT IS THE DEAL ON THESE LIMITS?). Reduced to 9.0KB (might be too small to see) - it allowed that. However, pretty small picture, think can still see how the holes are not little round 22 Caliber Holes and accuracy is way off (14 rounds at 30 foot 4 inch target).
  12. Dolomite_supafly

    So I bought a 19x, another one

    I recently bought a 19X and the rear sight was a little farther off to one side than I like. It zeroed fine but that is a pet peeve of mine so I sold it. Went back to the store and inspected every single 19X they had and found one that is about perfect. I have yet to shoot the second one but it should be no different than the first one and be amazingly reliable, it is a Glock, as well as surprisingly accurate. I will say I have not been a fan of Glocks despite carrying them for work and every day carry. But with that being said I really like this one. For those that don't know the 19X was Glock's submission to the military service pistol program. The only difference is the submitted version had a manual safety and the civilian version doesn't, which I like. But beyond that it is identical to the gun submitted to the military for trials. Even though the 19X is a generation 5 gun it does have some slight differences from other generation 5 Glocks. What makes the 19X different than any other Glock is it has a 19 length slide on a full size, 17 frame. I hear of people saying Glock should have went with a longer slide and a shorter frame and that this is the worst gun ever but I think it is great, especially for a EDC. The shorter grip frame of the 19, as well as the compacts, do not allow for a full grip and without a good grip accuracy suffers. Another problem with the more compact guns is the magazine capacity. I know you can use a full size magazine with the compacts but if you are going to use a full size magazine why not have the full size grip to go along with it. I hear people saying it is not concealable but I beg to differ because most people are oblivious to their surroundings. If they are going to notice the grip of a full size pistol they are going to notice the grip of a compact but 99% of the people will have no clue a person is carrying a full size pistol. The slide being shorter has some benefits. Me, like most people, spend a lot of time sitting each day. And with a longer slide that can get uncomfortable as the gun is pushed up. With the shorter slide it is a lot less of a problem. The 19X is a perfect gun for those who spend most of their day sitting without giving up magazine capacity. People are screaming the 19X has a short sight radius, these are the same people carrying the super compact Glocks that have an even shorter sight radius. One difference I noticed from other generation 5 Glocks was that the front of the grip extends down to act as sort of a magazine protector. Standard Glocks have a cut out so a person can drag the magazine out easily if it doesn't drop free, the 19X does not have the cut out and instead has that extension to the grip. I like it because it gives you more grip. The 19X also has a maritime spring cup which helps it fire after being submerged in water. It comes from the factory with tritium sights that are bright and easy to see. It also comes with a lanyard loop but it is easily removed like any grip plug. The generation 5 Glocks have an ambidextrous slide release, 19X included. I am not a lefty but I like the idea of an ambidextrous slide release. The one thing that the ambidextrous release does that I do not like is it exposes the internals to crud unlike previous versions. Probably not a big deal but you can look in and see the trigger bar moving. The genreation 5 Glocks also have replaceable backstraps. I currently use the largest backstrap with a beavertail. I do not have large hands but with the large backstrap it feels better, and shoots better, in my hands. It, like most generation 5 Glocks, seem to shoot better than any other generation of Glock I have ever shot. I have used and shot every generation except the first generation pistols and they have shot well enough but this thing surprised me with the accuracy. Touching holes at 7 yards was simple. Glock is bragging about their new "Marksman Barrel" and it is unlike any other Glock barrel because they are not polygonal anymore. The newest generation Glocks also have an integrated magazine well to help with magazine changes. I feel the 19X is a great deal in Glocks. It is $600 but it has tritium sights that are easy to see and seem brighter than most tritium sights I have seen. It comes with three standard G17 magazines in FDE, two of the magazines have +2 extensions raising their capacity. The one thing I HATE about the gun is the color. If it had been black it would have been a home run but instead it has a FDE grip and a burnt bronze/baby poop colored slide. One thing most people are not going to like about the generation 5 Glock is no parts, other than magazines, will swap with the previous generations. The barrels are different and the slides will not interchange. Not sure about trigger parts though. Speaking of magazines the 19X will use previous version magazines but will NOT work with other generation 5 magazines because of the base plates. Swap base plates and any magazine work. Another option is to remove the grip extension on the front of the grip. This is Glock's version of a "commander" pistol.
  13. DaveTN

    CMP 1911’s

    CMP 1911’s This is amusing. http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/1911-information/
  14. robin48


    Picked up a Glock 19x today.
  15. Has anyone sent their gun back to get it replaced or repaired through this? Times about to expire soon to do it and I have a Pt111 G1 that I'm thinking about sending in. The way I read it they can't repair them, they just have to replace them with a G2. Mine is pretty beat up because I bought a used. But I've bought some extra magazines and even an extra slide for it. So on the fence about it.
  16. First, the Bersa. I have a Bersa 9mm Thunder Pro that shoots like dream. Heavy double stack, but VERY reliable. The .22 not so much. Was using cheap bulk ammo, but almost every other round failed to eject and feed a new round. Shots that fired were pretty accurate for a short barrel, but lordy, it was a pain to have to keep trying to make it eject properly. Disassembly and cleaning was easy. The S&W Victory, now what a sweet firing gun. Using the same bulk ammo, if fird, ejected and fed like its supposed to, with nary a single hiccup through 200 rounds. I have the one with the threaded barrel for a can I dont have yet, and the sights on this one are fiber optic front and rear. VERY easy and quick to acquire a sight picture. Id love to have these sights on other guns. Suck to have to use a tool to field strip, but cleaning still easy once you use the tool. Cant wait to get a suppressor for this one.
  17. Ronald_55

    Simerling LM4 .45

    Anyone ever saw one of these? Neat things and a neat story. 5 shot .45 that is hand cycled. At its widest point, the gun is 0.8125 inches across. Overall length is just 5.3-inches with a respectable 3.75-inch barrel. I am thinking that since it was for deep cover that the hand cycling to eject the brass might be to avoid leaving evidence. Size comparison to a Khar PM45c The story. http://www.amderringer.com/lms.html http://www.guns.com/2013/05/17/the-semmerling-lm-4-pistol-sleek-strange-secretive-sought/
  18. Have a new holster on order for my Dan Wesson ECO from a guy that has already made me a couple of customs. Considering the makeup of this forum I think you guys will like it This is just a sneak peek he sent me, still has a few steps to go.
  19. Gotthegoods

    For you 10mm guys

  20. cybernorris

    If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    If budget or some other constraints were to lock you into only having a single carry gun, what would it be? Right now I'm leaning toward the Glock 26 ... more capacity (10) than a single stack, but still concealable in the summer. What's your opinion on this subject?
  21. C.lunn

    Cz addition

    GnL got this in today Cz75 shadow SP-01. I really like it. Any recommendations for grips or parts? The next question is do I keep my full size m&p 2.0 or sell it.
  22. Gotthegoods

    Walther CCP

    Saw one at SMKW for $299 nib Seems awfully discounted. Caught my attention when first released, the internet doesnt have any real follow up reviews, just the initial splash stuff. Weird niche gun that never did anything?
  23. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/04/26/holy-grail-guns-made-company-sells-4-5m-pistols-made-from-4-5-billion-year-old-meteorite.html Talk about out of this world. Cabot Guns, a high-end weapons company, is selling the most expensive guns ever made, a pair of handguns made from a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite, SWNS reports. The pair is priced at $4.5 million. Known as the "Big Bang Pistol Set," the guns were forged from metals found in the Gibeon meteorite, which fell in Namibia and is named for the nearest town after it was discovered in 1836 by English captain J. E. Alexander. US MILITARY'S MYSTERIOUS X-37B SPACE PLANE SPOTTED BY SATELLITE TRACKERS Rob Bianchin, founder and president of Indiana-based Cabot Guns, said the guns have received plenty of attention for how they were made. "I have been told by many collectors and experts that The Big Bang Pistol set are the 'holy grail' of collectable firearms," Bianchin said in comments obtained by SWNS. "These will be the crown jewel of any collection — they will appeal to both firearm collectors as well as those fascinated with space and engineering." Bianchin noted that, "Gibeon meteorite [metals] exhibit the most desirable crystalline pattern and are the most desired of all iron meteorites." Other items have been made from the Gibeon meteorite, including rings, bracelets and earrings. The M1911 military-style pistols, similar to weapons used in WWI and WWII, are coated with a tanned-metallic rock and have the "Widmanstätten" on it. They are said to be attracting interest from far and wide, including a "hedge fund billionaire, a tech mogul, an industrialist and a royal." "Man has been crafting weapons since the dawn of time, it predates speech," Bianchin said. "I don't believe anything more outrageous or complex in a pistol can trump this."
  24. xsubsailor

    Browning 1911-380

    Does anyone have one of these or have any experience with them?
  25. It seems you have two choices in handguns these days : “tacticool” weapons that are functional and practical for edc or works of art that are generally destined to stay in the safe only to be brought out to show your buddies with white gloves on. In the modern world of alloys , I wish we could find something to bridge the gap. Being a smaller framed guy , I consider 20 oz-ish and about 1 inch width to be about perfect for carry . That leaves me with polymer pistols as my choice (don’t get me wrong , I love polymer for lots of reasons). However , I’m one of those crazy guys that likes “pretty”. I like it in my house , my vehicles, my clothing , my women and yes, even my weapons. I like elegant firearms with elegant old world styling, beautiful high gloss metals and fine wooden grips . If I could find one that was reliable in a major defensive caliber, it would not be sitting in my safe but rather on my side or inside my waistband (in fine hand tooled leather , of course , rather than kydex ). I know this can be done (lots of manufacturers have used alloys to make very light metal firearms that are stronger and lighter than polymer ) but they won’t make anything that encompasses my wish list. I guess it’s likely financially without benefit. Maybe I’m just an odd shooter in my wants.

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