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Found 85 results

  1. Seems weird to me, dropping back to a double/single action hammer pistola, while claiming it's uber "intuitive". What's more "intuitive" than striker fired, with same trigger pull each time, no need for decocker? And no cocked and locked either. (edit: wrong, it can be cocked and locked). Seems sort of like a step backward to moi all in all though, but what do I know, probably sell like hotcakes. http://www.springfield-armory.com/xde-features - OS
  2. I am, and have been looking for, a CZ75B SA in a 9mm. Everybody, keep your eyes and ears open if you hear of a gun shop that has one for sale.
  3. Now that the law is defined, who makes the best arm brace for a Draco? If you have one pics are appreciated.....
  4. How many of you folks like not so main stream pistols? I have CZ's, kind of main stream to some, RIA 1911 9mm, Canik SF Elite 9mm and C-100 9mm, Witness Poly Series small frame 9mm and compact 45 ACP, Sar Arms B6P 9mm. I like these pistols, they work well and do not cost as much as better known name brands usually. I also have a Beretta APX, Kimber Stainless II and Sig 1911-22. All are fun to shoot. What do you have?
  5. Does anyone know if this is were I can renewal my carry permit in Oakland, TN. Oakland Drivers Services Center 160 Beau Tisdale Dr. Oakland, TN 38060 Thanks
  6. I am wanting to pick up a .22LR pistol. I would prefer to go with a 3 inch or less revolver. I am having a hard time finding one that is not a RG (or similar quality ), a H&R (or similar) antique, or just as expensive as a .38. I also want to avoid the mini revolvers like the NAA models. I may have to settle for a semi, but thought I would ask first. So any suggested models? Just in case if you have a recommendation for a semi, toss it in too. Thanks guys and gals.
  7. Well, I'v been wanting one of these for a few years and finaly did it on Gun Broker. Oddly, I was the only bidder on the $300 auction with $15 to ship and my dealer here gets $25 to make it happen so it comes to $340 OTD so to speak on this Stoeger import. Any one know when Stoeger dropped the Uberti Stallion line? The gun was advertised as new old stock but it did look like it had a cylinder or so fired threw it. The colors are really nice on this particular gun along with the over all fit & finish. I do need to do a little work on the trigger since its a tad creepy and its only 1.5 lbs away from a Bang! This is the first 30 rounds fired at 40 feet off a rest. If not for the one flyer (me), its holding 1.5". I'll tune the sights in better but now I'm after a Mag cylinder and then I'll decide on any sight mods. The second pic puts the Stallion along my JP Sauer 44mag. Great guns with about as close to Colt fit & finish as your going to get without Colt stamped on the barrel.
  8. I want a revolver that will be used only for hunting. I am limiting my choices to either a 460 S&W Mag or 500 S&W Mag. I currently have a BFR with 7.5" barrel in 500 S&W mag. The other gun I am considering is a S&W 460 XVR. My BFR is not set up to take a scope. So my choices are either have the BFR drilled and tapped for a scope or sell it and get 460 XVR. Thoughts or opinions?
  9. Heads up Guns & Leather in Greenbrier has Berretta APX and Canik SF in stock. The APX felt good in my hand and of course everyone in the store said it was a good shooter. Comes with 3 mags. $509 and change before taxes and back ground check. They also have the Canik SF in stock, did not get the price since I have a SF Elite. Both pistols are black in color.
  10. Thinking of taking advantage of the Smith & Wesson rebate on the shiel. Who's got the best price out there? I see Guns and Moore in Smyrna for 309 but that's a little bit of a drive for me. anybody in the Nashville /North Nashville area close to the same price? 319 or so?
  11. I have gun money burning a hole in my pocket and just can’t find anything to buy. Don’t you hate it when that happens? One thing I have kinda thought about is a micro gun. I have never pocket carried and probably never would. But if I wanted something really small what would you recommend? I already have a Kahr MK40 (Good size but heavy) and a Shield .40 (Nice, but not really small), a S&W Model 36 (not really looking for revolvers). My requirement has always been .40S&W, if I went down to 9mm would it open up any good options?
  12. Just picked up my first 1903. These are cool little guns. This one was made in 1913. Not bad looking for 104 years old. The 1903 is a .32. The 1908s, which look the same, are .380. I will probably end up getting one of those also. The slide is tight and a little sticky. I need to stip it and give it a good cleaning and then off to the range.
  13. I am a tried and true Glock convert, with that said I found a great deal on a M&P .45 compact, so I bought it, took it to the range, and I hate this pistol!! Well not really the gun itself. It's the trigger, this thing has so much play in the pull and no feel on the reset. IDK if it's just that I am so use to my G30 or what? Anyone else have this problem? I've never had a trigger job done on one of my guns but seriously thinking about it on this one, and recommendations would be appreciated.
  14. Looking at the Colt website it was made in 1918. The brown spots on the front of the gun appear to be something like shellac and not rust.
  15. This thread is dedicated to photos of your Dan Wesson 1911's gents (and ladies). Post them up. I'll start with . . . . . The Twins - Dan Wesson Classic Bobtails - CBOB's - 10mm & .45 ACP (yea, I'm a lousy photographer)
  16. My friend (who is not a gun guy but likes guns) just bought some from an elderly acquaintance. One is a full sized, pre lock Smith, 4" barrel, full shroud, beautiful factory "target-like" grips, adjustable rear sight. I thought it was 686 or equivalent. Until I saw it chambered in .22LR I've never seen it's like, any idea what model it could be and value? It is too clean to have more than 100 rounds through it.
  17. Just sent off my 75B Omega off to David and his team. My buddy used them and was pleased. CGW is the only one obviously advertising specialty Omega work as compared to Automatic Accuracy or CZC. $31 via UPS, second day air. Machined parts for a work bench. I spoke to David prior to; he talked about quality, attention to detail and providing what the customer is expecting. Honest too, "we make sure your gun is right before it leaves, but sometimes they have to come back." 6-8 week lead time. The cool thing is David sends a second mail after your initial inquiry; they manage accepting new work to deliver the finished product in a reasonable amount of time. It also helps them stay focused on the work on the bench vs. a huge back log of guns waiting to get on the bench. Second email received with clear instructions on how to ship, David includes a copy of his FFL so you know he's legit in the eyes of the BATFE. They received my gun on Friday and I received an email notification (as promised) Having no cosmetic work, only visible difference will be a new hammer vs. the OEM ring hammer.
  18. I am wanting to give one of my handguns to my father-in-law, who lives in Georgia. I want to make sure that we cross every "t" and dot every "i" legally in the process. Can we simply meet up at an FFL in Georgia and do the transfer there? Or does it have to involve an FFL on my end here in Tennessee as well? Thanks!
  19. I really wanted the compact when I bought my subcompact but am happy with purchase, but I would like to get some after market sights to help out a little. Has anyone else here changed out their sights yet? I understand most stock sight tools wont work for the rear sight on this model of gun, has anyone run in to that issue? For those that have changed out the sights what did you end up upgrading to on your gun, and has anyone bought the upgrade kit yet to a larger size? Thanks Ron
  20. Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 For sale. Like New Condition with box and manual. Purchased in Feb 2017. Taken to the range once, fired about 225 rounds of various FMJ and JHP ammo. All ammo ran flawlessly. The gun was surprisingly accurate but the trigger bit my finger more than I was comfortable with. None of the You Tube reviews mentioned anything about this so I guess I was the odd man out on this. Anyway, I'd rather sell it and get something that doesn't pinch my trigger finger. $180 + bill of sale to TN resident and DL or Carry permit.
  21. So I have been bitten by the PDW bug and on the advice of several of our members, assembled this Sig MPX 9mm with SB Tactical pistol brace and Vortex Razor 3MOA red dot sight on an ADM riser. Enjoy.
  22. Nevrmind… back up to $700 now. Thought I was really going to take a bath on mine if I decided to sell it; but either some folks got a heck of a deal or it was a misprint.
  23. Just got an email saying that Grabagun has the TAURUS 709 SLIM for $185. Regular price is $329. http://grabagun.com/taurus-709fs-9mm-7rd-3-bl-1-mag.html
  24. Does anyone know why there are no aftermarket Guide rods and Springs for the Springfield XD .45 with the 4" barrel?

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