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  1. Toying with the idea of getting a Shield 9mm. I have a M&P 2.0 .45 that I like. I see used v1.0 Shields for sale pretty regularly at decent prices. Is the v2.0 worth the extra to buy new or lightly used versus the v1.0? Looking because I want to solidify which pistol I am going to cc. Some of my others are large size and probably not a comfortable fit day to day. I have a SR9c that I like the size of, but I promised to sell it back to the buddy I bought it off of since he has gotten over his financial hump. That would generate a bit of free cash though I should gave just told him I am keeping it.
  2. SonnyCrockett

    my new SIG

    1 of 5000,M17s released to the public,...Pretty neat gun..
  3. Steelharp

    Old Colt revolver help?

    . Hey, this guy at work brings me a bag with a completely disassembled Colt .38. The last patent date on the barrel is 1888, and the serial # is 67. Says COLT D.A. 38. Any idea when it was made?
  4. tercel89

    Ruger LCP II

    I've have had a Ruger LCP II in .380ACP for a few months now. Got it new and been carrying it in a DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster. I got to say this is the easiest gun to carry that I ever had. Just put it in your front pocket and go. No big heavy gun belt and no belt holster. I've put 100 rds of American Eagle 95gr though it so far just to check function. So far so good. Big thumbs up ! It comes with the flush fit magazine plate and the "finger groove" plate. I use the flush fit one. This is a very good gun. I've only had one other .380 and that was a CZ83. Loved that gun and it ate any ammo but it was a bigger gun. This LCP is really neat and small.
  5. Citizens Safety Academy

    Ladies-Only Shooting Clinic

    Hi, Folks! It's @Tiffany Johnson here from Citizens Safety Academy. I'm excited to announce that the CSA crew and I be teaching an NRA Women on Target instructional shooting clinic next month in Murfreesboro. Sorry guys, this time enrollment is reserved for ladies only. But please tell your mom, gramdma, sister, daughter, girlfriend/wife, and any female who might be interested in learning a little more about handgun safety and operation. Doesn't matter if they're new to guns, experienced shooters, just a little curious, or totally terrified -- all ladies who can be safe are welcome. No pressure, no macho stuff, just a little fun with the girls. Class: NRA Women on Target Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018 Time: 8am to 1pm Location: Citizens Safety Academy, 752 E. Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 (with live-fire done at the OK Corral) Cost: A modest, measly, mere $40 - and that includes a bag of souvenirs! Click here to download the Event Flyer (please feel free to forward) More Info and Registration: https://citizenssafety.com/event/women-on-target-oct-2018/ (or you can register on Eventbrite) Contact Email: Tiffany@CitizensSafety.com Thanks, everyone! Tiffany (and @aqil ) Citizens Safety Academy
  6. I am frustrated with a new (new to me - it is used) SW22 Victory I bought TUE at BUD's in Sevierville. Good deal price wise at $249 with 5 Mags (all have the TANDEMKROSS extension), and a "T" Trigger, and a "T" Halo , don't know about the Hammer (if it is or isn't a "T"). Guess about $260 in extras by previous owner. I broke it down TUE and cleaned it up and lubricated it. It looked to be in good shape, not a lot of wear indications. I shot it WED or TRIED TO SHOOT it with all the Failures to Eject (say from 3 to 5 per MAG, did get some MAGS to run 7 and one actually did 10). Many, many, many FTE with all types of AMMO (CCI MINI MAG, CCI Blazer Brass, Aquilla High Velocity, Remington Golden). Found out about all the ejection problems and THE FIX (one fix is to bend the ejector). Seems to work for many folks WHAT I CAN'T find is How To Bend The Ejector. And, whether to bend it IN to center of gun or bend it OUT away from center. I think IN or OUT might be a choice depending on how the ejector fits in the gun. Some said it was not gripping the cartridge Rim (bend it IN) -- Some said it was rubbing as bent in too far (bend it OUT). STILL -- How to efect the Bend??? ALSO, see TANDEMKROSS has after market ejector and a .PDF procedure on how to change it. I would surely appreciate a more detailed discussion on the Bend Method (exactly how to bend the ejector). PS: Other than the eject problems (I kept clearing and shooting for nearly an hour). I like the trigger pull, the accuracy including the sight picture. BTW, Sight picture is always a bit of a problem for me (Bifocals). Probably be nice to have some special shooting prescription glasses to make sight picture better.
  7. Grayfox54

    AR Pistols?

    Lately I've been noticing a lot of AR pistols for sale around here. I'm beginning to like the idea. I really like the looks of one. Especially when decked out with Magpul furniture and a blade stock. I'm sorta gettin' an itch here and I'd like to know what the group here thinks about them. Many years ago when I was a young troop in Uncle Sam's Green Machine, my issue weapon for a while was a M3 Grease Gun. I really liked it. So the idea of a sub-gun sized weapon has a certain appeal to me. However, I think I'd prefer one in a pistol caliber. Either 9mm or .45acp. Being a 1911 type guy and with my previous experience with the M3, I'm leaning toward something in .45acp. I'm also a reloader, so ammo cost isn't really a decisive factor here. I've also heard that firing the 5.56 out of such a short barrel has a really nasty muzzle flash and is extremely loud. So another reason to go with a pistol caliber. However, there are several listed locally in 5.56 at what seem to be reasonable prices. So maybe I shouldn't rule them out? Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a AR platform. Just something in that basic size and pistol type configuration. So I am open to suggestions. I've done a bit of checking around the web. PSA is currently out of everything in pistol calibers. Other guns often sell for $1000+. I don't want to spend that kind of money on what will pretty much be a range toy. So I'm open to suggestions. So tell me, what are your experiences with the AR type pistols? The good, bad and ugly? Caliber choices? Accuracy at say 100 yards? Worth it or a waste of money? BTW: there's a gun show here next weekend. I'd like to know what to look for or even if I should bother looking.
  8. bersaguy

    Model 86 Bersa

    I had a friend call me about an hour ago and he has a friend that has a Model 86 Bersa he is considering selling. It's a 13+1 gun black color with wood grips. His asking price is $450.00. I am not to familiar with the Model 86. I know it was discontinued in 1994 when they introduced the Thunder. Can any one give me more input on these guns. I have a Thunder and a model 85 and I gave $300.00 for the 85. I'm thinking $450.00 is to much. I am willing to make an offer on the gun but don't want to insult the seller either. Would $350.00 be a fair offer for the gun. I will get to see the gun tomorrow when they come by here to let me see it. Any information on any one that has an 86 would be appreciated.
  9. Tim_37128

    Sig P229C SAS Gen 2

    I just picked one of these up in trade a week ago in 357 sig. Anyone have any experience with them? Essentially its a 229 frame, with a 224 length slide. I'm not having a lot of luck with online holster shopping. I'd be most interested to hear if anyone has one of these, and has found a holster they like?
  10. Got some guns that have been sitting in the safe for a while. Pictures coming. Will add more to the list later. But for now...... Para Ordnance Limited gun 45 acp $500 Canadian P14-45 Amby thumb safety Tungsten guide rod Beautiful trigger "Got to try it" Tight " For something left over from the Clinton regime " I promise S&A mag well / with flat mainspring housing Half a dozen hi cap mags and a bunch of parts including at least one 10 round mag tube Really in nice condition for something Clinton hated. My limited gun for about 4 years Walther PK 380 $325 Bought it for my wife because the salesman at the NRA show last year said it was the easiest gun to work. He was right, at the time. Since then I ended up getting her a M&P EZ. Only one easier. LNIB Two tone 2 mags and a box M&P 2.0 5" $400 FDE Yea, that stupid turkey turd brown color Haven't dropped it but scared that if I do I'll never find it. Shot it in a couple of matched and decided that I like my 1.0 better 2 mags, 4 palm swells, and a box LNIB Pictures and more guns to come. These prices are firm. So please don't ask. Cash is King here. I've seen enough of that funny paper stuff. If you want to to shoot one, come to the house. I live South of Knoxville off I-75 exit 60 in Tellico Plains.
  11. Garufa

    Ruger SP101 Blued

    Look what Ruger's gone and done. Took them long enough but I like the looks of it. Yeah, stainless is probably more practical but there's just something about blued steel. https://ruger.com/products/sp101/specSheets/15702.html
  12. Has anyone sent their gun back to get it replaced or repaired through this? Times about to expire soon to do it and I have a Pt111 G1 that I'm thinking about sending in. The way I read it they can't repair them, they just have to replace them with a G2. Mine is pretty beat up because I bought a used. But I've bought some extra magazines and even an extra slide for it. So on the fence about it.
  13. Hello guys, I know this gun (H&K usp .357 sig) is hard to find but I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. Please is anyone is selling one or if you know somewhere I can go to find one I would love some advice. I was reading that a member named Creepy was selling his a couple yrs back I wonder if he ever got rid of it? Again some help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!!
  14. bucnball

    Ruger Security 9

    Saw one of these in a local pawn shop today .. Any comments about the gun ? Am not familiar about it's predecessors except the revolver(s).No external hammer, slide release on left side for right-handed person seemed smallish to me. Anyone have anything to say ? Thanks, /?
  15. So, I may be beginning a new career soon, a career in which I trade in my cargo pants and duty belt for business casual. So, I will need to pare down my carry options from my full size Beretta PX4 Storm or RIA 1911 to something smaller and easier to conceal. I currently own a Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel and most often carry it in my original Alien Gear IWB holster at around 4 o'clock (or 8 o'clock if I'm carrying it lefty as a back-up), and as it is that combo disappears on me under a slim button down shirt and dress slacks. My issue is that I want more than 5 shots, so I've been checking out a number of cost effective micro/subcompact semi-autos. My parameters: 9mm, easily concealed under business casual, 7+1 minimum capacity, and no more than $450-500. I've narrowed my selection down to the Ruger LC9s, Ruger EC9S, Springfield XD-S, and Beretta Nano, leaning most heavily toward the Beretta Nano. My questions: 1) What are you opinions on my options? 2) What does everyone think about the Nano? 3) Does anyone have any experience/does anyone carry the EC9s? and 4) Are there any other options that I'm missing?
  16. Grayfox54

    CMP 1911s: Sent in your application?

    I'm just curious if anybody else has sent in an application packet to buy a CMP 1911? I had originally thought that I'd let this year pass and wait to see the guns people actually got. However, I now find that those names who don't make the cut this year will be rolled over to next year in the same order they were picked. Presumably, this will continue for following years. Simply put, if you're number 8001 this year, you'll be number 1 next year. I'm thinking that CMP will get more than enough applications to fill orders for at least the next several years. So its best to get on the list now. My packet went out in today's mail. Anybody else?
  17. Disclaimer -- Much better information and reviews on U-Tube, but I will give you some INFO and My Opinion. As far as I am concerned, a good buy and fun to mess with for a 22 target plinker. And, if you wanted to pocket carry a 22 that is small size - you could. It is a bit heavy (like 24 OZ I think). The Story and INFO: We (son and I partnered ) and bought the Phoenix Kit for PH22A. Son (from GA) did not have a 22 to shoot when he goes to the range (doesn't shoot often as only has indoor range to go to and we all know that expense). So, I suggested he buy a 22 to shoot. Since he does not shoot much, we decided to share the gun (split the cost and he can loan it to me some times). I just wanted to try one and mess with it. I ahve orther 22s to shoot when I go to the range and don't buy every gun I see or want to try. The Kit (delux) includes a lockable case, cleaning tools, a 3 and 5 inch barrel, and 2 MAGs (one short and one extended for pinky finger - both are 10 rounds). He got it for $194 including Tax at GA Dealer in Cumming, GA. Bullseye Marksman. Apparently a FREE Background and has an Hour of FREE range time coming. Son picked it up under his name at the Dealers store (dealer does not carry them in stock -- only online, but the dealer ordered it for him when he went to the store). I kind of wanted to try one after watching U-Tube. Generally, the U-Tube reviews for performance are good. It's considered a cheap gun (check BUD's or other deals online). Some problems reported with frame cracks -- I suspect that due to people running High Velocity vs Standard Velocity. Others complain about some things: 1) Safety has to be on to remove the MAG. That can be fixed, but it voids warranty if you should send it in with the modified part. Some buy an extra safety part and modify that one, keep the other to install if send gun back. (see U-Tube) 2) The Safety has to be off (FIRE) and the MAG has to be inserted to rack the slide, but you can pull the slide back a fraction to check chamber with the MAG out. That can also be modified so you can rack the slide with the MAG out, and can be modified if done in certain ways to not modify the part. (see U-Tube) 3) The slide does not Lock Back when MAG is empty. Need to keep count as not advised to Dry Fire this pistol. However, I called customer service to ask if could Dry Fire with the Hammer Lock Safety ON (has that safety also). Answer was -- they do not recommend any Dry Firing, but Dry Fire after last round should not affect the gun. HMMM !!!! Wonder how many times that dry Fire is allowed (kind of confusing in that you can, but you can't). Anyway, I try to keep count. 4) Lifetime Warranty is for original owner only. 5) One review someplace said -- they could not contact he dealer and did not get responses about a problem. Concerned about that -- I called before we bought. The phone answered, told them my concerns about contacting them for warranty (she said, wel you reached us and we honor the warranty for original buyer - no modifications allowed. Very nice to talk with (maybe cause I was a potential customer?). Anyway, we bought it. 6) Reinstalling the slide (recoil spring) can be a problem if not done properly. I speak from experience taking 30 minutes the first time. Then, I read the manual and they tell you how (hold the spring in place with extra barrel, or with a MAG, or with your finger while you slide the slide back to Lock It with the Safety Switch placed to Fire. The spring is then coiled around the stud and will not come out as long as the slide is locked back. NOTE: By the way, to remove or install the barrel (or change the barrel, 3 or 5 inch if you have both, requires a removal and an install) is DONE WITH THE SLIDE LOCKED BACK. NOTE: Also, when removing the slide which will be locked back when you remove a barrel (have to remove barrel before the slide),, BE CAREFUL when releasing the slide lock as it will be under spring force and the spring will fly out or bend. Hold finger or hand over the top of the spring area when slowly releasing the slide. (it slides FWD) LOT OF INFO There for what it is worth. TOO much to read? Now, my limited range experience which is 80 rounds the first time and 100 rounds the second time. Mostly using Aquila Std Velocity (1135 FPS I think it was), and some CCI Std Velocity (1070 FPS). Phoenix Arms Manual recommends 1050 to 1170 FPS. NOTE: A problem with using Std Vel is that it generally costs more (like around $0.077 per round with tax) VS say $0.055 or less for Higher Velocity (got some HV on an Online Deal $0.04 per round tax and shipping included). That said, I recently bought some Aquila Std at Academy Online for final cost $0.054 per round by ordering 500 rounds to get FREE Shipping, TN Tax included (one day delivery) RANGE Reliability -- One fail after fired the first round and none after. I had taken the gun apart and emory papered some contact areas and lubed it before shooting. ACCURACY -- OK considering my shooting ability, maybe a bit low and to the left (inch or so) using 21 feet and 30 feet (mostly in a 4 inch target). I shot the 5 inch barrel at 20 and 30 feet with about the same spread. I shot the 3 inch barrel at 20 feet and about as good as the 5 inch barrel. The sights are black and hard to see on a black target. I put a spot of white paint on the rear and front. The rear sight is adjusted-able for windage (I have not adjusted as did not have a small screw driver with me). The front sight has notches and any elevation adjustment needed is done by moving the front sight up or down (notches on front sight). The white paint I put on the front sight was at the top notch and the bottom notch (kind of setting the sight between those marks). Pictures if I could, but will not let me and I have not learned the procedure to use.
  18. A coworker has the following gun for sale. I am considering buying it. I think it is a Model 10 with 4" barrel. Does that identification seem correct? I'll admit that I don't know much about revolvers. He quoted me a specific price, which I'll keep to myself for now. Is it a Model 10? What does a decent price seem? Is it worth more in current condition or reblued? I understand that rebluing typically kills any collector value, but since this is already in rough shape and I doubt a rare piece it probably doesn't have much collector value to begin with. If the timing is good and the bluing redone, it could make a good shooter. I assume, if one wanted, they could purchase new/like new grips easily. If I get it, it'd probably mainly be for a project gun. I'm never tried bluing anything and it seems like a fun project.
  19. Ahitchc4

    Kriss Sphinx 9c for $600

    Figured I would share. Saw this at shoot point blank range in Knoxville earlier. It’s used in great shape with box, mags and grip inserts. $660 and 10% off
  20. I just had a couple questions, especially about the CZ-40. Just needed help identifying something. Thanks
  21. Hey Everybody - We're rolling out a new co-ed class from Citizens Safety Academy called After the Permit (ATP). It's two levels, and we've got level 1 scheduled for early October in Murfreesboro. ATP-1 is a four-hour course that continues where the TN Handgun Permit class ends. This course was designed by @aqil Qadir as a stepping stone between the basic TN permit class for more advanced classes like NRA Defensive Pistol or other full-day or two-day classes with higher round-counts and holster work. Hope some of you will come out. Company: Citizens Safety Academy Instructors: @aqil Qadir and @Tiffany Johnson (and the CSA crew) When: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, 9am to 1pm Where: CSA HQ, 752 East Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 (live-fire at the OK Corral in Woodbury) Cost: $55.00 More Info & Registration: https://citizenssafety.com/event/atp1-oct-2018/ (or you can register on Eventbrite) Contact Email: Aqil@CitizensSafety.com Let us know if you're interested. Thanks! - Aqil and Tiffany
  22. What started this was I stopped by Knifeworks (Hwy 66 Sevierville) just looking around. I spotted three GSG Firefly (like old Sig Mosquito) and took a look (at $189.99 nice gun with threaded barrel extended past frame). Spent some time looking at reviews (U-Tube) and ran into U-Tube on GSG 1911 22LR. Back at Knifeworks and asked if they had any 1911 22LR? Guy said yes, it's an American Tactical. He got it out to look at and it was a GSG 1911 22LR (American Tactical of Summerville, SC is the importer -- gun comes from Germany). I like the features on the Firefly feel and features (it's similar to 1911 with easier controls and is 4 inch barrel, but with extension measures 4 5/8 barrel). That said, I liked the idea of owning a 1911 even if it is only a 22LR (can afford to shoot it is a nice feature over say a 45). Also, the reviews on U-Tube I felt give it a better rating (still it is recommended to use HV AMMO -- 1250 FPS as is the Firefly). All that, I decided I just wanted to own a 1911 and at $239.99 (not bad price). Mostly going to target and plink anyway. So, shot it today about 130 rounds using 4 different AMMOs. Scared me the first two shots as it failed to load (that was with Blazer 22 LR 1235 FPS). Then shot 28 more - no fails. It's lead nosed AMMO. Final result summary. I had a COUPLE MORE FAILURES (4 all together with 47 rounds) using the Blazer AMMO. 1250 FPS I had NO FAILURES with American Eagle Hollow Point Cooper Coated AMMO. Don't Know FPS I had NO FAILURES with some Remington lead nosed AMMO. Don't Know FPS I had Four FAILURES with Federal lead nosed AMMO (probably some bulk low priced I had). Don't know FPS. All and all I was pretty satisfied with new gun (first shooting). I did take it down the night before and lube things (it was very dry). Accuracy for ME SHOOTING (20 feet and one target at 30 feet -- all sitting on chair and elbows on table) was satisfactory (most shots well within a 4 inch target and many with in 3 inches). I am not a marksmen at 80 years old. It did take me a couple shots to know where to set the sights (front on back dots and aim a bit below the bulls eye) I like aim below target to see target and turns out that is the way it was out of the box. The gun comes with four sets of front sights (to adjust elevation). The rear sight does not have the normal windage adjustment -- you can adjust by loosening the hold down screw and rotating the rear sight (windage seems right on for me). Trigger pull is real smooth and very little take up. BY THE WAY --- Lifetime Warranty that passes to nest owner per American Tactical. I called them as manual said 2 years. They said they had changed that and I was seeing an old manual. This web site stopped me from putting pictures in on a previous post -- I will try. Could not as says only allowed 40.9KB, mine are 49KB to about 70KB.
  23. I was interested in a 380 maybe to carry, but do not like the itty bitty carry ones (they do have their advantages). Anyway, I sort of gave up on a medium size 380 to carry cauise of cost, weight, etc.. That said, there are some that would work, EX: Bersa make a Carry Model of the Bersa Thunder. Anyway, that search led me to Hi Point (USA Made in Ohio) for a fun target gun (It would be large and heavy to carry at 6.75 inches and 2 1/4 Lbs with 8 RD MAG loaded). After reviewing (U-Tube - mostly positive performance) and seeing price I bought a 380 ($129.99 plus tax and background at Bud's in Sevierville, TN). This one had only one clip (in the gun), a Ghost (peep) sight as extra, and a decent Plastic Hardcase (I did not realize I was getting a hard case when I made the buy as they show a gun, one with a commentator (that one comes with an extra 10 RD MAG), and one with a hardcase on web site -- prices vary on options). Can buy accessories online (E-Bay) and at Hi Point. I bought an extra 8RD MAG at Floyd's in Sevierville for $19.99 plus tax (that is high but decided to help a local dealer who also had 380 AMMO,brass, on sale at $8.99 plus tax). Then just ordered a 10 Rd MAG from HI Point for $19.50 free ship and no tax. I bought the gun SAT, shot 86 rounds thru it SUN. I ahd one fail to load (nose dive) after firing the very first round (second one nose dived). Then all the rest worked GREAT (no failures). I had lubed the gun SAT Eve (parts I could as I did not disassemble cause you have to punch a pin out to take slide off). I made some adjustments to the sights (probably most of it was me anyway, but it shot a bit low, 2 inches, and right, 1 inch, at 15 foot). Eventually got the last group in a 3 inch target at 15 foot (good for me). The gun is a bit as I call it (Clunky) at 29 OZ and 36 OZ with loaded MAG. It has some funny features (there is not a slide release button, it locks back after last round and you have to remove the MAG and jerk the slide back and release it to close it). Not a big deal, just an unusual thing. Once you load a MAG in it and pull slide back to load a round (the trigger pull has a sligh move to firm and then a decent release) - same on auto loads. I PRESENT all this as an opinion that it is a decent gun (reliable based on U-Tube and my limited use so far) for a VERY Reasonable Price (say around $129.99). I also notice they have Carbines in mid $300 range in all calibers (380, 9MM, 40, 45, 10MM). I am not interested, but some might be. GO TO THEIR WEB SITE. My first two Groups (Adj sights a bit between 1st and 2nd group). I wanted to post the last group all but one in black of a 3 inch target at 15 foot (one was just out of the black). Like I said, I am not a competition marksman, but did good for me after adjusting rear sight Up and to Left. This site would not allow the extra KBytes (over 49KB).
  24. GlockSpock

    Glock Magpul Maxwell Video

    These guys crack me up. Perfect recreation of the old QVC videos, etc. I literally just found this today, I'm sure it's a bit older; Those Magwells have been out for a while.

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