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  1. Thanks CMI. I'm going with some level of an additional retention holster. Its the times we live in. I'm likely buying the Level II S.Land ALS that Billy suggested.
  2. I have a Glock 35. I'm looking for a recommendation for a holster that can do double duty: a mild competition holster, that works for a daily OWB holster. "Low ride" at minimum, a little drop would be fine. And availible in Southpaw version. Big thanks, TM
  3. Thanks! I'll get some pics up quick as I can. I need to sell it pretty quick to pay bills. Think it would move pretty quick @ $600?
  4. I inherited a original box stock 70 series, nickel plated, Colt Commander, 1911 in .45 ACP. When I received it the nickel plating looked horrible. Half of it had flaked off and there were a lot of mild, superficial rust spots. (no pitting.) I : cerakoted it Tungsten grey with black controls, etc. upgraded it to standard non-adjustable combat sights (rather than the tiny original sights.) installed a really nice wide profile beaver tail safety installed a long skeletonize trigger. What would be an approximation of its value now? The cerakote and
  5. Thanks everyone. I have ran a right handed mag release all my life.  It;s the location of the safety that makes or breaks me.
  6. Thanks everyone.   The LCP is the most UN-userfriendly for a southpaw I have ever tired to operate.
  7. Greetings, Looking for a compact carry gun.  I'm looking at the Kahr cw40.  I could be happy with the over all package, but would certainly like and prefer a single action trigger pull.  What is comparable in size, say @ a $500 price cap?   Much thanks, T
  8. TresMon’s LONG Range Shooting Class/Seminar! Whether you are a 100-yard deer hunter wanting to shoot @ 500 yards with the gear you already have, or a 600/1000-yard competitor that would like to try a 1-mile shot, or a LEO/Military sniper that would like to give more breadth and depth to your knowledge base, or someone anywhere in between, this class will give you the knowledge to proceed with those desires. “Local" (Middle & East Tennessee) cost is $115 per person pre-registered, $125 at the door. Out of state (States bordering TN) cost is $125 pre-registered, $140 at the door. Place
  9. Class has been booked for the Last saturday in June, the 25th!
  10. http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/tactics-training/56587-tresmons-ultimate-handloading-long-range-bench-rest-knoxville-tn-june-4-a.html
  11. Thank you to everyone who has sent donations, prayers and encouraging words!
  12. Sorry- thanks for pointing it out. It's $115 pre-registered and $125 day of/at the door.
  13. (Mods: Check is inbound for commercial account) All info here for Handloading course: Wilderness Means - Survival Training and Rifle Training
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