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  1. I have lately taken up old west shooting in earnest and wonder if there are any ranges that support BPCR and silhouette in middle TN. I know a couple SASS clubs hold side matches but I'm more interested in real long range events. There was a club near Nashville but I guess they got shut down a few years back. I'm in Clarksville if anyone up this way is interested in it.
  2. I have been trying to get ahold of Jim Riley and Terry Labbe about the TN State Pistol championships and bullseye pistol shooting more generally. Anyone know if Match Masters at the Last Resort Gun Range is still a thing? Bullseye is dead here in Clarksville as far as I can tell.
  3. The CAS/SASS bug is back and I have some buckaroos to think of now. I am looking for side-by-side coach guns in 12 gauge and .410 for this purpose. Tuned up guns are a plus. Well used but not broken guns are a plus too. Stoeger makes some pretty good ones and I'd settle for their youth stocked Uplander in .410 (22 inch barrel, short stock) as well as a dedicated coach gun. Their 12s are fine too and I'd prefer the nickel plated gun. I have a LOT to trade with or just cash outright. You tell me.
  4. Dang missed it because I wasn't paying attention. I think I have these notification settings figured out now though. Anyone else with some spare Large Rifle Magnum primers? I need about 2k
  5. I need 1-2k Large Rifle Magnum primers for a 30 Nosler project and can trade LR, SRM, LP match, or SP match primers besides a variety of other things if you prefer. Or cash. Prefer Fed GM 215M primers, Tula/Wolf, Fed 215M, and then any other. Hit me up.
  6. Trip to Memphis canceled but I still have a few things left.
  7. Heading toward Memphis on Friday. Hit me up if you need anything delivered along the way.
  8. Bump for Friday. Heading south and back again today.
  9. It's a great place to be. Retired from the Marine Corps and settled here. I have a whole schtick on why we chose it. Do you like to shoot service rifle/pistol competition by chance? Vintage stuff? Hit me up!
  10. Got plenty in Clarksville. Selling some. PM me or check my listing for more info.
  11. Bump. Added different powders, adjusted pricing, added ammunition.
  12. Still some left. I will be at the local Clarksville gun show at the National Guard Armory today for anyone that might be coming through. PM for linkup.
  13. Traveling back from Talladega today. If you are south of Nashville, hit me up. Bump
  14. Added trade options and modified pricing. Bumperoonie.
  15. Nah I'm good. One weird media collection is plenty and I have three already
  16. Glad to know we are good then. So bump it up I guess. If it's all the same, I'd prefer to be PM'd regardless.
  17. Bump. Will be in Nashville today and tomorrow.
  18. I'm on a mission to have the best vintage Laser Disc collection in the great state of TN. I'm pretty sure I've got Montgomery County licked but there is always more to accomplish. If you have this format of media, players, or associated electronics, I'm interested. Will trade for 2A items, other Laser Discs and vintage media, a pretty nice 2003 Grand Prix GTP, whatever.


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