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  1. Get ya a good burro Brother. They hate coyotes and will stomp em dead. All my ole buddies in East Tennessee have em in with their cattle… leroy…
  2. I wouldn’t worry about the primers… It’s hard ta hurt them. As others have said, check the powder for clumps or an acrid smell. If the powder looks like it should ( ..light graphite..), is loose, and smells a bit like acetone it should be good. leroy….
  3. It needs neck anealing Brother. Google a bit and ya will find the " put the case in water " and tip it over method. The necks of the cases are work hardened from the neck being stretched. Ya will most likely need ta trim em too. leroy.
  4. A Brother " True Believer ". ! I love em too. A genuinely fabulous 44 special collection Brother. Admirin leroy.
  5. Take a look at Cherry's Fine Guns… Good luck with the hunt. leroy…
  6. Mogli has hit the center of my concern RE " reloading ": "...The condition we are facing many change the discussion in the not too distant future. What I am seeing is the price of primers has doubled from reliable vendors ..." Since our buddies at CCI have been gobbled up by the big cartridge guys, i have been of the opinion that primer production for reloading would go to " zero "... That is exactly what has happened. I don't look for any " alturistic outreach " by the big ammo manufacturers to us reloading curmudgeons. I hope i'm wrong; but i can't help but notice alturism n good will among corporations seems to be waining a bit. CCI was the greatest friend the reloader ever had... The big cartridge companies, not so much... In recent times, the Ruskies were better friends to the reloader with their Tula primers than the americans... SIGH... sad leroy...
  7. Gray… I absolutely love these old heavy duties… I made a grave error in not rounding some up when they were plentiful. I’m 75 years young, Brother; and I still remember handling my dear Uncle Clarence’s heavy duty. I was all of about 10 years old… I never forgot gettin ta see and handle it. It wuz responsible for my love of large frame smiths that continues to this very day… Thanks for posting these great photos… admirin leroy…
  8. I like em..! Excellent pistola... Wish you wuz closer... GLWS.. leroy...
  9. I understand... I remember the soft cast hp round now. I never paid much attention to em. They seem ta be close to the old time standard 38 special loads. That said, the standard 38 specials were far from being a slouch; they were simply thrown away by the new wave thinkin that semi-autos were inherently better than revolvers because they held more rounds between reloads. Remember the words of the late shooting master, Col. Jeff Cooper: " They are all pretty much the same to the first reload "... We did reload the old 148 wadcutter load for " J " frame use from time to time... We most always shot the 38 hi speed loads in our model 13, 27, or my new favorite, the 357 sheriff... leroy...
  10. What Mista Mowgli said..! I use the ole time173 grain LSWCs in 38 special cases ta duplicate the 38 Special Hi Speed loads for my Ruger Vaquero Sheriff. 12 grains of 2400. 1200 fps. Deadly accurate. RE " FBI Load ". Pretty standard 158 hard cast SWC. About 950 fps. It ain't in the runnin with the old 38 special Hi Speed load. leroy...
  11. Got em both.., A Glock 27 ( ..40 ..) and a Sig 938. Like others have opined, ya cant tell much difference as to recoil. That said; the SIG conceals lots easier. I wouldnt turn around for the difference in em, unless concealment is a big deal. leroy
  12. Wish ya wuz closer Brother..! This is a great size and style of shotgun... The smoothest pump ya will ever handle... Nothin out there better, no matter the price. There is one sittin by my bed now... GLWS..!!! leroy...
  13. Seen one headed west on I40 in Knoxville monday. I like the lines, but it struck me as a bit small. Maybe my aged eyes need a re-calibration... SIGH... leroy...
  14. These " Bad Boys " are the ultimate 45 target revolver . They owned the bulls eye target shooting range for many a year.. GLWS Brother. leroy..
  15. I like em too Brother... Weve burned lotsa powder thru the old Smith Model 27s... I'm sure the new light ones are great. leroy...


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