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  1. I didn’t say that, you inferred it... Why, I don’t know. I ain’t interested in a spitting contest with you or anybody else... Be a big boy n use what ya want... Don’t presume to chide me about my choices n opinions... leroy
  2. I’m 73 and have burned lotsa powder... Probably in the high thousands or low 10,000’s of everything from 222 Remington to 375 H&H thru turn bolt rifles. I don’t know what a jammed bolt gun looks like. I ain’t ever seen one, but that’s just me... I’ve seen folks try to shoot bad reloads or not fully resize or not trim their brass n not be able to close the bolt on a round. I’ve seen fired hot loads stick in the chamber and the extractor jerk a chunk out of the rim and block the action. All these are reloading problems with the ammo, not the rifle... We used ta reload and shoot only neck sized brass target loads in 222, 223, 308, and 300 win mag without any jamming problems as long as the same rifle was used, it’s an old target n bench rest trick that basically tailors your brass to a particular rifle’s chamber. I’ve never seen correctly loaded and sized rounds not chamber. If they will pass a SAMMI gage, they will chamber n fire... To believe that somehow, someway, a bolt gun is less reliable than a semi of any flavor is to believe a fairy tale... Your mileage may vary. leroy.
  3. I like the idea of a short, light, powerful rifle with a good set of sights; albeit irons or low power optical stuff with long eye relief. I like the turnabolt idea for several reasons: 1. The action is short... It takes an additional cartridge length plus for a semiautomatic action... Shorter, lighter. 2. A turnbolt simply doesn't jamb. 3... Great accuracy. 4. Did ya ever think..? Professional game hunters. Turnbolts and double rifles only. The first shot had better be good. The hide ya save could be your own... I find the semiauto rifle " crude n vulgar " for the abovelisted reasons... HEHEHE... " Bawana " leroy...
  4. What Mr Bill said..! Ya simply don’t know... RE.. Shooting... It is, indeed, sad... leroy.
  5. HI... What an absolutely lovely story... Genuine kindness n empathy in action... It’s great that the God of the Universe arranges these meeting just when we need em most... Thanks for sharing this blessing Brother... leroy.
  6. The " Rarest of the rare " Brother... I grew up with a few regular grouse hunters. Grouse are wily and live in extremely rugged terrain. They are masters of camouflage and hiding, and they use their extreme skills very well. If you know a grouse hunter that regularly brings some home; ya know a real, seasoned, in shape bird hunter. leroy
  7. Thanks a bunch aknife..! Let me ruminate a bit... leroy.
  8. RED... I am, at heart, a pistol n shotgun junkie... I like the doubles because they are compact n easy to handle. I've got a pile of pump riots... 97s, Ithaca 37, Model 12's in the safe, too valuable to tote about; and a couple of Browning slugsters in strategic corners... Not ta mention real hunting scatterguns. I would like one to tote about a bit if the notion strikes me... The short double is the most compact scattering ya can find for that purpose... leroy
  9. TN makes a great point... It is a dammable lie that the ammunition makers make better ammo than handloads done by experienced reloaders... They simply don't... Ask the old time benchresters, long range target folk, n black powder men... leroy
  10. Brothers n Sisters... Another mania has struck me... I am thinkin about roundin up a double barrel coach gun of some flavor... Recommendations, thoughts, and observations are appreciated... I ain't picky about the gage, but most likely a 12 due to ammo availability. Please think about it a bit and post your thoughts. Thanks in advance, Scattergun leroy, the ancient desparado.
  11. The best " no cost " solution by far...! This little pistola, bein stainless, has a bit of a tendency ta be " sticky " anyway... Clean it all the way up n lube as Mr Garufa recommended..
  12. Amen... It's a variation on " What the eye does not see, the heart does not yearn for (...or fear...)"...
  13. This looks ta be a neat little shotgun... It also looks ta be a small frame... It makes it lots handier to handle... GLWTS... Admiring leroy.
  14. RU takin a good grip on this little pistola..? Try to take a good solid grip and don't change it between shots and see what happens... leroy
  15. Like Mac said, it's hard ta beat a low power, long eye relief scope of any flavor. I like the illuminated reticle idea and no more than 2 power... Got an old Burris 1 3/4 on my 458 #1... The word has got around; ain't seen no rampaging elephants in the last 40 or so years.. HEHEHE... Bawana leroy...

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