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  1. What Mista Whisper said..! Buffoonish behavior from two of the usual suspects. leroy ...
  2. Darrell... Hate ta hear about your bad luck. We always used the setscrew style pins on the hard kickers. They will stay put. I simply don't like the spring latch pin setup for heavy duty use. leroy...
  3. " Forward Scout Vehicle ".... 2015 XTerra.... 138k miles. A great little machine. leroy...
  4. I've used em all... The one I like is the " Original ". I'ma thinkin it's about 11 inches wide by 8 inches tall by 1.5 thick. I like this one because he will easily carry a big pistol or revolver, which is what I got him for. As I remember, there is one that is a bit larger volume wise, which would work great for carrying first aid n edc stuff. If ya are smaller across the chest, they make a " stubby " which is a bit shorter. It will easily hold a subcompact pistola. I've carried the Glock subcompacts ( 26, 33, 27 ) in him easily. These bags work exactly as ya would think, are of a bombproof build quality. There is nothing bad to say about em, other than they are pricey. Price is the main drawback, especially now that others are copying the concept. I would look at the 511 stuff too, but I haven't tried their chest bag. Hope this helps a bit. leroy...
  5. Hill People Gear. Expensive, but ya can't beat em. I've got several. Google em. https://hillpeoplegear.com/Products/CategoryID/1 leroy...
  6. I think this is very interesting... RE: Reward... I agree... leroy...
  7. The sizing die simply is not re sizing the case neck. Check this out... https://sierrabullets.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/how-important-is-neck-tension/. I ain't sure why, but it isn't. The seating due simply pushes the bullet into the case and adds a crimp. It will not help resize the neck. leroy...
  8. The sizing die is supposed to make the neck smaller than the bullet so ya get neck tension on the bullet. Neck tension is what holds the bullet in the neck, the crimp is just " the icing on the cake ". I think you measured the expander ball at .220... A 223 bullet is .223 or .224 diameter. Three to 4 thousands larger. This " interference" is what adds the " neck tension " to hold the bullet in the case mouth. The bullet can only fall thru into the case if the neck has not been resized after firing. leroy...
  9. I'ma thinkin my buddy's lower is a TN Arms... leroy...
  10. Been watching this a bit. As others have opined, I think the sizing die is not sizing the case neck. You could have a bad sizing die or the die is adjusted wrong. The guys that tell ya to run the sizing die all the way to the top of the shell holder are right. With the ram down, adjust the die to touch the top of the shell holder. Run a case thru and check the shoulder space. Adjust further down from there by trial and error about 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time to get the shoulder spacing right using a case gage. That should fully size the case neck. I would also take another look at the expander ball. It could be too large. If the rounds you are loading are for an AR, I would recommend a RCBS Small Base sizing die ( if they still make em ) if the above die set up won't work. leroy.
  11. Greg has spoken a great truth here... I've believed for a long time that " the justice system" ain't about justice at all. It's a financial enterprise. The more trials n hearings, the more lawyer fees. This works just fine until ya get a genuine killer like this guy. Ray Charles could tell ya this guy was headed for this end. We need to stop plea bargains and judicial deference. The people running the " justice system " by and large are not honest nor wise enough for " bargains " and " deference "... leroy...
  12. I've got a buddy that has used one for years without any problems as well... leroy..
  13. Naah... But I had a buddy that got a chunk of two with a custom 40 caliber round ball rifle... leroy...


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