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  1. This is genuine tragedy... That said, it baffles me that anyone could believe that toting a gun to school and tussling with policemen could lead to anything other than a bad end; or that bystanders n interested parties could third base this tragic outcome by blaming the actions of those sworn to protect others. It is simply beyond my ability to empathize with anyone who could envision such fantastic ending. These people are simply living in an alternate universe... A bunch of lives have been affected for the worse and the community as a whole has been damaged as the result of this sense
  2. East Knoxville has pretty much been " Little Chicago " for about the last year or so. There is evidently gang war goin on that has its epicenter at Austin-East. These kids have been killin each other n takin potshots at everybody else for several months. The real tragedy is that the neighbors, the PoPo and the current " city mother " and " PoPo Czarinia " seem to be powerless and relatively unconcerned about it. SIGH. watchin leroy.
  3. Windbaggery for " The Children of Lower Estate "... watchin leroy...
  4. What Quavodus said. Use the blue or purple low strength stuff ta seal the gap... leroy...
  5. DING... DING... DING.... We have a winner...! Thanks Brother... leroy...
  6. Im sure the thugs n gang bangers approve of this proposal... Lets make sure and keep the inner city commuity on the plantation... leroy...
  7. Glock 40 MOS if ya can find one. A 10mm of the striker fired flavor n polymer grip frame is hard ta beat if ya need or want one. I only have two Glock 20's...HEHEHE... That said: Ya need ta be a reloader or interested in starting. Lots easier on the ole purse. Good luck... 10 mm leroy.
  8. " The King of Browning Shotguns " ...!!! GLWS... admirin leroy...
  9. Thanks Ken..! Ive been hopin for a report on these guys... leroy...
  10. To go down this rabbit hole a bit. I agree on the 1911 carry thing. Used ta tote one myself. If ya got the $ s, get a threepersons holster on a good belt. That will do a lot to solve the weight problem. The " budget " solution is hip pocket carry in your carhartts or orher dungaree type pants or your trusty overalls. It works like a charm. leroy...
  11. Thanks Jamie..! I appreciate it greatly... They are DG bullets. Got em commin now. They are a green coated color with a flat nose as i remember. leroy...
  12. Brothers n Sisters... Am gettin ready to reload some 9mm for the first time in a long time... Ive ordered some 147 grain coated pills and would like to see about 950 to 1000 fps from them... Im thinkin that the AA published data will get ya there with AA#7. Does anyone else have any recipes they like for Unique or Blue Dot... My guess for Unique is 900 ish... Blue Dot would probably hit the 1000 mark. These will be shot thru a glock 19 and a ruger charger pistola... Thanks a bunch... luger leroy... " Ruger smeisserman "...
  13. Carry em both... Remember... " The quickest reload is a second pistola..! "... " Woodswalkin leroy ", the hillside tactician...
  14. Ya will enjoy it... Got a an old 650 myself bought from a friend who wuz downsizing. A few new parts n it wuz back in service for another 20 years or so... loadin leroy...


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