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  1. I'd be tempted to take a look at some sort of mount for a red dot of some flavor on a levergun i liked... Bigger, brighter, the better... The Aimpoints always come to mind here, or possibly his brother a Vortex of some flavor... Mount him ahead a bit and out off the way of your irons so ya can take him back off and use filler screws when ya dont want him on there... If ya like pistolas, get a bigun with a baby reflex mount of some flavor... I like 'em too... Been thinkin about addin one to my Glock 20... leroy...
  2. outside pet electric blanket

    This is near and dear to me... My beloved old Golden Retriever, Jake, was an an outside dog... We had a wind sheltered location for his Doggloo and added a nice, soft dog bed in it for him... In winter, we would hook up a 150 watt heatlamp all the time... The lamp was positioned outside the doggloo... Jake would lay outside the doggloo in relatively temperate weather and enjoy the warmth from the heat lamp... In really cold weather, he would go in the doggloo... I always kept the vent closed on the doggloo... The dog's body heat evidently heated it up very well... Jake loved the outside... The main thing is to protect em from the cold wind... The doggloos are well insulated... Hope this helps... leroy...
  3. Thanks for the great kindness Brother... I figured willis would fix ya up... Remember this:... "Wisdom comes from experience... Most experience comes from bad experiences..."... I know; i've had the problem... I know ya will enjoy your "Baby Strider"... I sure do... leroy...
  4. National Reciprocity?

    Remember the words of the great William T. Sherman... "...If nominated, i will not run... If elected, i will not serve..."... Thanks for the kindness Brother... leroy...
  5. National Reciprocity?

    My opinion is that the less this trashy congress fools with this, the better... leroy...
  6. Here is my recommendation Brother... I'd almost bet willis can beat this price... I've got one of these little beasties... It's great... http://kershawguy.com/products-page/pt-automatics/pro-tech-2307-pt-auto-black-handle-with-super-grip-knurl-black-blade-plain-edge/ Good luck in the new job... Go forth and do good... leroy
  7. A .32-20 Thread.

    Interestin stuff Brother... When i was a boy, about 60 years ago or so; we used ta see lotsa these pistolas in both Colt and SW flavors... They were pretty popular around here in East Tennessee, for the reasons ya indicated, i think... Lotsa folks used them for hide hunting foxes and coons... Ltttle holes... Little damage to the pelt... They are a great thing... leroy...
  8. So We Sit and Wait.....

    I wonder about this myself... There is some stuff out there that seems to say that China is trying to appeal to Ki Jong's good sense... I think the Chinese are the only folks that can affect anything with North Korea... leroy...
  9. So We Sit and Wait.....

    Here is the most interesting thing that ive seen RE: "the North Korea" thing... The chinese cuttin the bridge... Here... This is interesting... https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/china-closing-main-road-connection-with-north-korea/2017/11/24/322f9f24-d107-11e7-a87b-47f14b73162a_story.html?utm_term=.d4619038fe21 These are the only guys that can do anything with North Korea... leroy...
  10. Ya need to remember just how the Second Amendment got to where it is... The Second Amendment was, in fact, the second amendment as written originally until after the Civil War... Reconstruction state houses in each state passed restrictions on the second amendment in order to disarm certain non favored classes of folks... That's why most every state constitution has words similar to the Tennessee State Constitution that read kinda like this... "....The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, BUT, the legislature shall have the power to regulate the wearing of arms with an eye toward keeping the peace"..., or some such other platitudinous baloney... "The regulation of the wearing of arms" thing in the state house effectively put the control of the LEGAL wearing of arms and the Second Amendment in the hands of the state house politicos... That's why it's so important to watch what the state house does on this issue... That allowed the Federal Gubmt (...Federal Courts...) to "hands off" and defer judgements on the Second Amendment at the state level... The Federal Court will not outright allow the banning of arms, but they will give every leeway to each individual state legislature... That is why ya have to watch the state house actions on this issue, and that's why (...i think, at least...) these other cases were not taken by the Supreme Court... leroy
  11. Let's see those vintage lever guns.

    Luv them Savages Brother...! The pinnacle of the lever gun..! Nothin greater... Admirin leroy...
  12. Coat shopping for carry

    Hip length coat... Preferably a Carhartt or one of its brethern... Hip length and plenty big enough... I like em about a size too large... leroy
  13. Amateur Radio Help

    RE: Mobiles... Recently got a couple of these guys... They work like a charm... https://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/fm_txvrs/0281.html leroy
  14. What do you do about mold

    Pick... If ya can, a tiny bit of warmth... Whether a tiny light bulb or some sort of small heating device will stop this problem... Take a look and see if ya can easily get some heat into your safe someway... It just takes a tiny bit to dry the air enough to stop this sort of thing... Drive the humidity down a bit, and the mold will go away... leroy
  15. Owners of SIG P238 with Failure to Feed Issues

    I would replace the recoil spring and see what happens... leroy...

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