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  1. leroy

    Solar Observatory Shut Down

    I like it Brother...! My guess is that the "Astral Overseers" have commandeered it and are using it as a base to contact Elvis, Obama, The Great Gonzo, and anyone who has dirt on Trump... I cant wait ta see where this one goes.. HEHEHE... believin leroy...
  2. Wish I wuz Brother..! This one will be great...! leroy...
  3. HEHEHE... This one will be fun to watch... Another great day for America... laughin leroy...
  4. leroy

    1965 IH Scout 80 Project Truck

    Good luck Brother...! I love these things... They are truly a great machine... IH leroy...
  5. leroy

    Taurus Raging Hornet Performance at 100 Yards?

    Side.. I would live ta have a 10 inch Contender Hornet...! That's where it's at Brother.., Leroy...
  6. leroy

    One of my favorites.........

    I love this guy Bob... These old Blackhawk 45 Colts are, i think, "The Best of the Best"... I have burned powder by the pound thru a brother to this one (...A "Made in the Two Hundredth Year" beastie...) and carried him a many a mile... They are my all time favorite Ruger single action, and that's a pretty tall bar... Thanks for sharing this great photo of a truly great pistola..! This is what colt should have built Brother... admirin leroy...
  7. Dave has hit a homerun shot here... Notice that no one talks about the Pueblo... Feckless foreign policy doomed the Pueblo... When your foreign policies are toothless, you get "Pueblos".... Dave.. Thank you for re-reminding all of us about this sad incident... rememberin leroy...
  8. leroy

    Taurus Raging Hornet Performance at 100 Yards?

    The "hornet", itself, is an ancient cartridge... The ole 22WCF with smokeless powder added... Very few of the old black powder cartridges of the 1800's survived the transition to the "smokeless era"... The fact that the hornet did is a tribute to it's accuracy and versatility... The fact of the matter is that when you shoot that hornet, you are shooting the father of the modern, and very useful 222 and 223... The old 222 used to own the benchrest range... I've shot the hornet in turn bolt guns... The accuracy is superb... The hornet wll shoot as good as you can... Enjoy it... leroy...
  9. Interested... IM sent Brother... leroy
  10. leroy

    New blade design!!!

    I like it Brother... It looks more like the old time hunting knives that i used to see as a kid... It's the exact right size i think... Reminds me of the old Case and Western hunting knives that every outdoor kid wanted in the fabulous fifties... I think ya are on to somethin... Good luck... leroy
  11. leroy

    XDs Gunsmith or "Mechanic" needed

    Did a bit of cleanin here a few minutes ago... Things are definitely better now... I flushed everything in the slide and in the trigger group with a bit of Ronsonol (...that's right... lighter fluid... It is a great cleaner for oily or gummy parts... Learned the trick from a photographer buddy...) and a bit of Blue Lube, then a few drops of Tuff Glide... leroy...
  12. leroy

    XDs Gunsmith or "Mechanic" needed

    Thanks Mike... Here's hopin we dont have ta find out on this little beastie... Thanks again for the great vote of confidence... leroy...
  13. leroy

    XDs Gunsmith or "Mechanic" needed

    Thanks alley... I appreciate it greatly... Been lookin at these too... This is the "Plan B" option... Been watchin the videos... They look a bit more complicated than a Glock... Like UG said, most folks don't find much not to like with the XD trigger... This particular one is long and stacks up pretty hard toward the end... It could be that it needs a good cleanin and inspection... We'll take her down and see what we find maybe here in a day or two... Thanks again... leroy...
  14. leroy

    XDs Gunsmith or "Mechanic" needed

    Thanks UG... I appreciate it greatly... This particular one has been thru the recall... I'm beginning ta think it's time to take it down and see what's goin on... I haven't disassembled it yet, and im anticipating the worse... Im kinda like you, ive never heard much bad about them... Thanks again, leroy...
  15. Brothers n Sisters... I've got a 45ACP XDs that i like alot... About the right size, width, n weight... The problem is that the trigger pull is miserable... I need some recommendations on someone in the east tennessee area that might work on this beastie... Thanks a bunch... leroy

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