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  1. If ya like a semi auto rifle, there is none finer... GLWS... Admirin leroy...
  2. It dont matter... Pick one. If ya can shoot straight, the critter ya shoot will never know the difference... leroy...
  3. Maroon. RE...Recommend a trickler? ... I like the RCBS trickler. They used ta be cast aluminum. Plenty heavy enough n smooth. Have trickled a bunch of 300 win mag loads thru em .. leroy.
  4. An old time problem with stick powder and these powder measures. We always threw em a bit light, then trickled em on the scales to the exact weight... All the vari volume powder measures have this problem... Sigh... leroy
  5. Rob... I load 173 grain semi wadcutters in 38 special cases for my 357 mag Ruger sheriff with 12.0 grains of 2400 regularly... It is my "carryin load " for this pistola... Its a variant of the old 38 special hi speed loads used before the 357 wuz introduced. They work like a charm. Avout 1100 fps out of the Ruger... leroy...
  6. Now that's a " Frog Sticker " ya can count on Bruthah..! I like everything about it... Great job..! Admirin leroy...
  7. RE: " Optics" ... Can't give a good answer here... My 450 is iron sighted...That bein said; I would pick the one i liked... I like the low power long eye relief scopes ya use on big pistols and dangerous game rifles... They will stand the recoil just fine. I would stick with Nikon, Burris, Bushnell. leroy
  8. Dirt... If ya really want ta use Green Dot ta use it up, i would use the 38 special data and simply ratio it up by the ratio of the case volumes. I use this trick from time to time with the 38/357 and other pistol calibers... By the way... DO NOT TRY THIS WITH RIFLE CARTRIDGES... I would start on the low side of the 38 special values and work up till i wuz satisfied by the performance of the recipe. The math based form of what i am sayin is this... (the 38 special recipe powder amount in grains) times (the 357 case volume/ 38 special case volume)... Another way is to look for an ol
  9. Like Raoul said, nickel rifle brass is ok. A bit of extra slickness to make sure it feeds reliably in your weapon of choice... I used ta use it quite a bit in 222. Got a bunch of 300 BO now for my AR pistola. leroy.
  10. Got one myself Brother. I like em because they are essentially a 454 Casull that ya can handle as a rifle. Im sure that, killin power wise, they are deadly as a drugstore. There is a pretty good selection of both ammo n reloading components available for em. I've got some prepped brass ready ta load myself. Gonna load em with some 300 grainers n Lil Gun.. Now for the bad news (...Which is minor...)... Ya need the ejection port milled out a bit on your upper if ya use a regular AR upper, or ya can just buy a pre milled one from AERO, if ya can find one. Ya also need a 450 Bushmast
  11. The truth of the matter is that you do, in fact, have the right to keep and bear arms... That said, it is on you to learn how to handle firearms safely and use em effectively if need be. One of the baser things about our capitalist system and the gun community and certain of those populating it is the tendency of " experts " to try to feather their business nests by proclaiming that " you aint responsible nor trained enough to handle a gun "... The inferred point us that they, in fact, are and they can help you for a FEE... This is called " salesmanship " and is OK... I say, in the old
  12. CK.... If ya are goin for " light packing pistols ", look for the old 4 5/8 " original new model "blackhawks. They have the aluminum grip frames. Shortest barrel, lightest overall. They may be easier to find. The vaqueros have steel grip frames, as does my bisley blackhawk. Good luck. leroy
  13. I never cease to be anazed at some of the things i see here... Sigh... I miss " the good ole days " too... leroy.
  14. Yeaah..! What Mister seez52 said..!!! " Metoo " leroy...
  15. Brothers n Sisters... Muzzle Brake for 300 Blackout... Recomendations... Which muzzle brakes do ya like..? Or, do ya like one at all...? Would be for a 10 inch pistol... buildin leroy...
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