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  1. I understand... " People are still people and opportunists are still opportunists "... Everybody learns at their own pace. I kinda fall off the " cynical wagon " from time ta time and get ta thinkin we are a " community "... I always seen ta get this one wrong... We are a microcasm of our greater society... ...This little soliquey aint aimed at you, Brother... Its just a sad musing and a proof of what we are... SIGH... sad leroy, the melancoly curmudgeon...
  2. I love this. ! Thank you " Lebanon Gun Shop " Brothers n Sisters. ! We salute all Ya'll..! SALUTE. !!! admirin leroy .
  3. I think FUJI has point here. I think there is goin ta be a showdown between the various states and the feds RE: " Federal Regulations "... It will be tumultous, but i think ya will see " individual regulation nullification. I think overarching " Federalism " is dead. Welcome to a " Brave New World " where the states run things n the feds continue to steal... Do y'all remember when the " Great Snozz Haslam " spoke in the Obama days about gun regulation..? He said : " We will review this proposed regulation against the Tennessee State Constitution "... Imagine that kind of talk fr
  4. The truth of the matter is that people will always be people... Ya are simply findin out who the "opportunists" n "users" are. Choose your business deals n friends wisely... That us all... watchin n choosin leroy...
  5. I agree as to the intent. The intent is clear. Im guessin that this stuff cant get thru a closely divided house n senate... Remember, there are " lefties " out there buyin guns, and for real good reason. That bein said, i absolutely believe these sons n daughters of perdition need a close watchin... Watchin leroy...
  6. YEAAH... What Mista analog said...!!!! Bravo... We salute ya Brother... SALUTE..!!! admirin leroy...
  7. Remember this: " There has never been a work of art, a literary piece, or a theatrical production that does not project a point of view. " Quit wasting your time trying to " discover " one. Simply recognize that it is there n go on reading to glean any facts (..if there are any. ). Lookin for an " unbiased report " is like lookin for " Rainbow Stew " and Unicorns; there ain't any... Especially now. This has been a TGO ( and realist ) public service announcement. Civic Minded leroy... The news site I watch. http://badblue.bitnamiapp.com/trendr8.htm
  8. Thanks Bill... Ya have settled it for me. I'll install the red dot. Thanks again... leroy.
  9. Thanks Bill... Canya easily pick up the dot on the Holosun..? That's the only reason i hesitated a bit. Old bespeckled eyes... The truth is, i like the sight idea far better than the laser idea. Thanks again... leroy
  10. Darrell just made the " Sedley Butler " case in his opening paragraph... Thank you for being very insightful. I admire heroism... I despise demigoguery... Some things need doin... Some dont. Admirin leroy...
  11. Smedley Butler... Old Corps Marine... Winner of 2 Brevet Medals and 1 Congressional Medal of Honor... By the way, the Brevet Medal was the officers version of the Medal of Honor in the old days... Served in the Boxer Rebellion with Dan Daily and Herbert Hoover. Fought in the " Bananna Wars " n WW1. Advanced to the rank of Marine Corps General, and retired as the result of a spat with then President Hoover... Became a great advocate of isolationism and a proponent of using a plebicite (... Look it up...) to determine when to go to war, and he toured the countryside after his retire
  12. Brothers n Sisters... Picked up a Ruger Charger the other day. Thinkin about a laser... Which ones doya like... leroy...
  13. Late to the party . Fools will always do foolish things. Dont flip em off for being fools . Blocking cars in and opening doors is a very dangerous thing. I'm glad he came to his senses. Everybody is guilty here. Some more than others. . SIGH. sad leroy.
  14. Powerful stuff Brother..!!! HEHEHE... leroy...,


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