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  1. For what it's worth, I've tried the comp idea on my MR920, a Glock 43x, and my trusty Smith MP EZ 9 With defensive loads from 124 to147 grains. I can barely tell any difference. These are excellent comps and my hands are 78 plus years old. I would simply buy a " non comped " gun. They are cheaper n easier to conceal. I'm like several others have opened. There simply ain't enough gas generated nor velocity to have a very meaningful recoil or muzzle rise reduction. leroy...
  2. Greg is right... Check this out... https://patriots.win/c/TheDonald/p/17te9pKIWx/ The " Trans Kids " are deeply troubled and are a danger to themselves and others... We need to quit believing the fairy tale that this is just a passing phase... Check out who some of Kyle Rittenhouse attackers were...SIGH... leroy ...
  3. I like Target Sports alot. I tend to buy in about 100 to 150 dollar increments as I have funds. They have a deal called " Ammo Plus "... It's a yearly subscription that gives 8 percent off n free shipping on a yearly basis.. This works well for me, because I tend to order in a monthly basis... The subscription is in the 100 dollar range... That's about 7 15 dollar shipments... Highly recommended... Take a look on their website... leroy...
  4. Wish you wuz closer n I wasn't broke Brother... GLWS... leroy
  6. WHATTA TRUTH BROTHER..!!! Well said... leroy...
  7. I'm guessing ( and it is a guess ) that they think that the Supremes have gutted any meaningful chance at tighter gun laws ( which I think is right ) and they are doing exactly what Brother Hozzie opined. They smell a big win here that could last a decade... leroy...
  8. I wish ya wuz closer Brother..! SIGH.... GLWS... leroy ...
  9. To each his own, but I never thought the open carry thing wuz a good idea unless ya were goin hunting, working on the farm or woods, or goin to a shooting event. To me, it's a relic of times passed and it opens the door to lotsa potential problems; not the least of which is panic calls from the " less reasonable and informed " to police that an armed madman is on the loose. I would much prefer that my pistola(s) be much like my sainted mom's petticoat slip n bloomers; very demure and out of sight of prying eyes... leroy...
  10. The difference in me and you ( and the families ) is, Indeed, that I'm not " intimately involved "... That, I will grant. I can ( and do ) have empathy for them. That said, I believe that this is an issue of substantial public safety interest having considerable, social, political, professional, and institutional ramifications that does not need to be hidden nor swept under the rug under the guise of protecting the feelings of those involved. Those " involved " will, sadly never recover from this tragedy; and I understand that. That does not lessen the need for these issues not to be fully aired. leroy...
  11. With all due respect; let me translate this pronouncement: " We know best, how dare you ask these impertinent questions "..! It's the usual " Were experts n we know best. You are not mature nor smart enough to ask these impudent questions "... Some institutions and possibly personalities are being protected here, and it ain't the devastated families who lost loved ones here; nor the blueprints n floorplans of the Covenant School. I find the " morbidly curious " pronouncement to be a bit over the top. When you do that; you've moved from debate to defamation. That's never a good look. The questioning the details of what this poor demented child thought with an eye toward prevention of these tragedies is, in my view, a reasonable and fair question to be answered in the public forum. Your mileage obviously varies. leroy...
  12. I think (. That means I do not know .) the judge is shielding the mental health " professionals " that watched this tragedy unfold and said nothing... leroy...
  13. Thanks Moped... The weight is the biggest issue for me too... I am convinced it would have to be carried as a belt gun... A Smith model 36 is about the heaviest all steel revolver I think ya can pocket carry; and it's a bit heavy, unless ya wear overalls or dungarees. Thanks a bunch. leroy...
  14. Moped: I love the old Smiths too. I wish I could find an old Smith model 10 Heavy barrel or a model 13, but they are just too valuable n useful for most folks ta turn loose of. I've got a couple of em I can take to shoot, but I hate ta carry. I really appreciate all those who took time to opine on the Taurus Revolvers. That said, I'm moving to phase 2 of my " Mania " ... I'm thinkin very strongly about rounding up a Ruger SP 101. I really like them in the 3 inch version. Twenty seven ounces and plenty of grip and holster options. I'm also in a conundrum about goin all the way back to the ole single action. The Son has recently acquired a Cimarron Arizona Ranger in 357 that is out of this world. Smooth, four clicks, shoots like a house afire. The only problem is the heft. About 40 oz, and that's a bit too heavy I'ma thinkin. Here's hopin all the wheelgun men will opine on the little Ruger 101 pistola. They have been around a long while, are hell for stout, all stainless, and appear to be relatively simple to work on ( if they need any work ). Again, many thanks to all have opened... leroy ...
  15. It's no wonder to me that " TN does not honor the Second Amendment "... They have not since Post Civil War Reconstruction... Polititians do not like to cede power to the " Delightful Rustics " who vote n work for a living. TN does, however, do a pretty good job of letting us " Rustics " go armed... leroy ...


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