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  1. If you are wanting to get 357 Magnum velocities, Green Dot is not going to get you as high FPS as other powders. It's burn rate is too fast and the volume needed to get 1400-1500 FPS will not be safe. Green Dot is between Titegroup and Zip, Titegroup being the fastest and looking at http://reloadammo.com/357loads.htm, Zip can get you to 1307 FPS. Winchester 296 is a slower burn rate, more volume but gets you over 1500 FPS. I know you want to use what you have and as long as you are OK with 1200 FPS (my WAG) you should be able to make it work.
  2. I'm selling my Weathertech Floorliners and Cargo Liner from my 2011 Toyota Highlander. Should fit 2008 to 2013 Non Hybrid, with 3rd row seats but please double check. In very good condition, Floorliners are black (PN #44115-1-2), cargo liner is grey (PN #42328). Sold
  3. I have Pyntek IWB Compact holster 10 deg cant with claw made for Springfield XD 9mm Subcompact 3". Used for about a year and still in great condition. $25 Face to face in or around Fairview, or $30 shipped. If shipping, payment by Paypal gift.
  4. No, No, No.....they are perfect for your tactical mandolin case.
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