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  1. Updated what's still available and pricing to include shipping.
  2. Sale withdrawn. Colt government M1911A1. Serial number indicates this was manufactured in 1943 on Colt’s serial number search page. It was rebuilt in 1965 to national match standard by the U.S. government Springfield Armory. According to an American Rifleman article chart listing the nation match pistol rebuilds, this has all the correct markings and parts. It is in good condition but shows use as the original purchaser (the grandfather in law of my brother) was a competitive shooter. I’m including a spare NM barrel, NM barrel bushing, eight magazines and a hard case. $1800.00. As shipping with FedEx and UPS has gotten very difficult, a face to face meeting in the Greeneville/Johnson City area is needed. I am a FFL-03 license holder so I’ll have to have your Tennessee ID, log any sale in my book and sign a bill of sale. Thanks for looking!
  3. This is a CMP correct grade H&R M1 Garand in excellent condition with a few dents and dings but no rust or other problems. I have all the documentation from the CMP for it and includes the sling, CMP hard case and a bayonet with scabbard. I have put 300-400 rounds through it in the years I've owned it but can't speak to before that. $1600.00. As shipping with UPS and FedEx has gotten too difficult, a face to face meeting in the Greeneville/Johnson City is preferred. As I'm a FFL-03 licence holder, I'll have to see your Tennessee ID and enter your information in my book and sign a bill of sale.
  4. As I've stated in other for sale posts here, I'm selling off my C&R collection and have already sold my K31 and surplus ammo I had for it. I taught myself how to reload Swiss GP11 berdan primed brass and was left with a couple thousand reloads and pieces of prepped brass that buyer didn't want. I'm pulling down the reloads and selling the primed and processed brass. These WERE NOT de-primed using that RCBS can opener tool so none of the anvils are damaged. I have about 1600 pieces of once fired and about 700 pieces of twice fired, fully prepped and ready to load brass. Most are primed with Tula KV-7.62N and some have Dynamit Noble 5620 primers. Again, this is berdan primed brass. These were all full length sized with Redding K31 dies and will only chamber in a K31, not K11 or other model of rifle. I did re-neck size the pull down once fired brass. I "can" resize the brass with standard dies so they will chamber in any Swiss rifle but I have to lube the cases by hand so as to not damage the primer, add $.10 per piece for my time. $.50 per piece for once fired brass, $.40 per piece for twice fired brass. I will ship but I have to use UPS and as primed brass is considered loaded ammo by the USPS. Cost will be actual shipping charges plus $10.00 dollars handling as I have to have UPS pick up at my location, the service center is 40 minute drive. Can meet in the Greeneville/Johnson City area. Thanks for looking!
  5. As I am selling off the rest of my C&R collection, I have a bunch of surplus .30-06 available. Most of it is Greek HXP in sealed spam cans and is all M2 Ball, Garand safe ammo. I would prefer a face to face transaction in the Greeneville/Johnson City area. Except for the 20 round boxes, price includes shipping to the lower 48 states (CONUS). Shipping to only where legal to ship, sorry Cali, NJ, NY, ect. One HXP-74 spam can, 240 rounds - $300.00 shipped Three HXP spam cans, one HXP-68, two HXP-78, 192 rounds in clips and bandoleers - @275.00 each shipped. Three HXP wood cases w/ two 240 round spam cans, one HXP-68, two HXP-69 - $600.00 ea. case shipped. I will split the crates up for $300.00 each spam can shipped. 15 boxes of HXP in twenty round boxes - $20.00 per box plus shipping as I don't know how much you'd want. One 192 round spam can of LC AP. I don't know if these are black tipped as the spam cans are still sealed but it's marked as AP. - $450.00 shipped without the crate. (Why does this image flip upside down and not the others?) (One spam can is sold). Thanks for looking!
  6. I recently retired and am selling off my C&R collection. This is a 1903A3 that I believe to be a Greek return. It's in great shape a great shooter. I replaced the stock with a new CMP stock as I didn't like the look of the original. I will include the original stock with the rifle. I is stamped and has the matching serial number. Also will include a sling and hard case. $750.00 As shipping with FedEx and UPS has gotten very difficult, a face to face meeting in the Greeneville /Johnson City area is needed. I am a FFL-03 license holder so I’ll have to have your Tennessee ID, log any sale in my book and sign a bill of sale. Thanks for looking!


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